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OSG Bikini Body Boot Camp


Good morning! Happy 1 day til Friday. Today is a busy day for me! My mom and stepdad arrive tonight and the house is still a dusty mess. Eric and I were up cleaning last night until 12:30 and I will be cleaning most of today. I can’t wait to see them. They live out […]


OSG BBBC Challenge to Nate


Good morning! I started my morning off with some laughs over at Yourself In Five Years. OSG was featured in Nate’s post ‘This Week In Blogs’ Roundup. Please go over to read this post. It is seriously funny. But come back. My OSG Bikini Body Boot Camp  [In case you are wondering, yes, every time I […]


On The Glo Cookies


Little did you know that my question last night was a trick! Ok, not really a trick, but I was looking for a new recipe to create in the kitchen! And who better to get my inspiration from than all of you? :) A healthy Cinnamon Roll was insanely popular in the comments! And trust […]


On The Fly!


Wow, do you guys ever love a good sale!!! I spent about 9 hours doing all of my On The Glo bar orders today….man, I am pooped! ;) I treat my customers well. :D I’ve also been known to throw in a few free goodies into orders… Does anyone ever feel like this some days…lol… […]


Keeping Our Eye On The Prize: Video Post


Good evening! In an effort to save my poor, rickety fingers from exhaustion…I present to you a video for tonight’s post…or as some call it…’VLOGGING’! :D The topic of the video is on Keeping Our Eye On The Prize– How To Stay Motivated in times of trial! I talk about my exercise slump What I’ve […]


It’s Going To Be a Good Friday


Last night I was freezing. We have been turning the heat down even lower than usual to save some money. I just couldn’t get warm! I took a comforter off the bed and wrapped myself in it before we watched 24. It was so comfy. We watched the first episode of season 7 last night. […]


Interval Train With Me!

summer glow boot camp copy

Hello Boot campers! :) This afternoon I decided against my run, since I went on a run yesterday. I keep reminding myself not to push it with running, even when I really want to go for a run. I reasoned with myself today- the weather is supposed to be nice today and tomorrow, so I […]


Healthier Peanut Butter Cups


I’m really sorry to do this to you on a Monday morning, but I just couldn’t help myself. Just look at these gooey wonders! Healthier Peanut Butter Cups: Take 1 It is now my quest to create a healthier peanut butter cup. We’ve all drooled over the Reese Cups before, but what about trying to […]


Green Grapefruit & Twice Baked Tofu


I have never been a grapefruit fan, that is, at least without sugar on them. I had a sip of the Tropicana 100% grapefruit juice that is in our fridge and I thought, ‘Hmm…not bad…’ It was tart but not as tart as I remembered. Maybe my taste buds for sweet things are slowly becoming […]


Fueling Before + After Exercise: Q&A


Hello, Happy Hump-day! This was me at midnight last night, finally done my day! Eric was also hard at work… He did the first coat of paint in my workout room!!!! :D Check out his blog this morning (around 9am) for the finished product! Also, you still have 1 day left to enter the amazing […]


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