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Green Grapefruit & Twice Baked Tofu


I have never been a grapefruit fan, that is, at least without sugar on them. I had a sip of the Tropicana 100% grapefruit juice that is in our fridge and I thought, ‘Hmm…not bad…’ It was tart but not as tart as I remembered. Maybe my taste buds for sweet things are slowly becoming […]


Eating Clean And Green


  I have been a busy bee today! After I did some more organizing in the kitchen, I put together my friend’s stagette gift! I had some fun valentine’s day garland leftover so I used that for my inspiration. I got her some sexy lingerie! All I can say is that her hubby to be […]


Beating Blisters: One Step At A Time


I had so much fun reading all of your comments on my blister plea! So much great information! Here is a quick recap of some suggestions that seemed to be popular: MOLESKIN (by far the most popular suggestion!) Body Glide stick/lubricant Lace Locking Bigger shoes No cotton socks- use double layer socks Running technique/heel striker? […]




Day 50 (May 15): To start the weekend off on the right foot, we’re going to do raised leg side planks today! These are super challenging for me and I will admit, I can’t hold them very long. That is ok though! If you need to put your leg down in regular side plank form, […]


BBBC Day 53 Changes & Survey Results


I decided to do my measurements again today for the BBBC! With only 10 days left I figured another recap was in store. At Day 53, I have experienced some good changes with an overall loss of about 5.5 inches.   Starting date Measurement 1 Measurement 2 Body Part March 26, 2009 April 30, 2009 […]


On The Glo Cookies


Little did you know that my question last night was a trick! Ok, not really a trick, but I was looking for a new recipe to create in the kitchen! And who better to get my inspiration from than all of you? :) A healthy Cinnamon Roll was insanely popular in the comments! And trust […]


Books, Bars, Berries, Butts, and Body Talk


  This morning I had my green monster with my two favourite books. Our wedding album and Sketchie album. :) Both are albums that we made on If you haven’t checked out before you MUST do so! You can design your own high quality photo albums for very little cost. Our Sketchie album […]


The Last Weekend: BBBC Plan

Copy of Untitled-51

I ended up doing yet another evening workout last night! It was a great workout because I was feeling fairly energetic and I had my Shuffle tunes playing loudly. :) I was also thinking about some exciting news that I got yesterday and that kept my mind busy! The workout: Duration: 1 hour treadmill incline […]


Bikini Body Boot Camp Results! Part 1


I had the best of both worlds this morning for breakfast! A lovely Green Monster:    Ingredients: 1 1/4 cup Almond Breeze 3 organic kale leaves 1 T peanut butter (SO GOOD!) 1 scoop Hemp powder 1 Peppermint tea bag Garlic 1/2 frozen banana ice And a special treat for ending the BBBC!   The […]


BBBC Before + After and My Hip T Contest Giveaway!

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Missed my BBBC Results Part 1? Taking Before and After pictures is scary enough without having to post them on the internet for all to see! I hope you guys appreciate this because I was NOT going to do it!!! :D It takes a lot of guts to see pictures of oneself on the internet…LOL. […]


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