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Beating Blisters: One Step At A Time


I had so much fun reading all of your comments on my blister plea! So much great information! Here is a quick recap of some suggestions that seemed to be popular: MOLESKIN (by far the most popular suggestion!) Body Glide stick/lubricant Lace Locking Bigger shoes No cotton socks- use double layer socks Running technique/heel striker? […]


Bikini Body Boot Camp Results! Part 1


I had the best of both worlds this morning for breakfast! A lovely Green Monster:    Ingredients: 1 1/4 cup Almond Breeze 3 organic kale leaves 1 T peanut butter (SO GOOD!) 1 scoop Hemp powder 1 Peppermint tea bag Garlic 1/2 frozen banana ice And a special treat for ending the BBBC!   The […]


Blown Away….By Tofu!?


Fur is flying in our house this morning! Man, some of the battles these cats have is unreal. All three of them are male so I guess they are fighting for dominance and territory. Yeesh. And I thought the dust was enough to clean up! I had a good 8 hours of sleep last night […]


Book Buddy Giveaway Contest!


Mr. Sandman doesn’t like me lately! :( I STILL can’t sleep. I believe I had the worst sleep last night known to man!!! Maybe 3 hours? Since I was lying awake last night, I narrowed down my sleep troubles to a couple things: 1) Increase in caffeine (loose leaf Sencha Green Tea) 2) Not unwinding […]


Books, Bars, Berries, Butts, and Body Talk


  This morning I had my green monster with my two favourite books. Our wedding album and Sketchie album. :) Both are albums that we made on If you haven’t checked out before you MUST do so! You can design your own high quality photo albums for very little cost. Our Sketchie album […]


Boys ‘n Brew


See what the boys put me up to! Ok, ok. For the record I didn’t have my first beer until my order was finished! I don’t drink on the job. :) Unlike some people… My baking was a success today! Thank goodness. If I had another disaster like yesterday I would not have been a […]


Chocolate for Breakfast: Take 2


  Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica Can someone please find me that clip off You Tube and send it to me? I am DYING to watch it again! Oh, the look on Jim’s face. Thank you Valerie!!   I made a totally new combo of Glo Bar goodness this morning! I actually can’t believe that it […]


Cranky Butt Be Gone!


Good afternoon! I had a great workout this morning. It was just want I needed to kick my cranky butt to the curb! I always feel better after a heart-pumping workout. Workout details: Duration: 57 mins. Walk/run intervals (walk = 4mph; Run = 4.5 mph) Max heart rate: 165 bpm Avg heart rate: 138 bpm […]


Eating Clean And Green


  I have been a busy bee today! After I did some more organizing in the kitchen, I put together my friend’s stagette gift! I had some fun valentine’s day garland leftover so I used that for my inspiration. I got her some sexy lingerie! All I can say is that her hubby to be […]


FAQ 22 + Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


  FAQ Installment 22 179. Lara asks, “You look just as pretty this morning without the makeup and lashes! What’s YOUR #1 beauty trick?! :)” Thanks Lara! My #1 beauty trick? That is a tough question! This sounds cheesy, but it’s true- a smile! I love the saying ‘you are never fully dressed without a […]


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