Easy Vegan Caesar Salad


Hey there! Hope the start to your weekend is treating you well. The good news is I am almost ready for tomorrow’s farmer’s market…the bad news is that I didn’t have time to do any desk work, HST research, bills, etc. I will have to set aside some time Monday for catch up I guess. […]


Simple Tricks To Inspire A Workout


Good morning! It’s Day 2 of the Oakville Organic Farmer’s Market!  This morning, I had something that lured me out from underneath the covers at 5:30am… I mixed up the VOO last night and then threw a frozen banana in the processor for a minute or two this AM. But it wasn’t just any frozen […]


Oakville Organic Farmer’s Market: Day 2 Recap


Hello! Preparing for and working at a Farmer’s Market is never a dull moment!   Before market open, you practice with your team….    Not really, we are just dorky. New friends across the ‘pond’…pond took on a literal meaning today, actually. This is Colleen from Enfleurage Organics. She makes the most delicious smelling handmade […]


Undercover Blogger


Good morning! Yesterday, I played the role of an Undercover Blogger as I spent all of my ‘blog time’ working behind the scenes answering emails and I did not have a chance to post. I am sure you all appreciate a break from my ramblings now and then! I know I do. I am about […]


Will Run For Cherry, Banana, Coconut Butter Bread


Enter, bait: Cherry, Banana, Coconut Butter Bread. Now we’re talking. I think I should add FOOD to my list of inspiring workout tips. Some days, it’s just about the food, isn’t it? Today you could slice the air with a knife. We get all kinds of sickening humidity in Southern Ontario. However, I say, when […]


Sweat Equity


Good morning! After my post on inspiring workout tips on Saturday, many of you were asking me if I could elaborate on the workout piggy bank idea. I decided what better way to talk about it than to just start one up myself! A workout piggy bank can be used as a motivational tool. While […]


Is Your Desk Job Harming Your Health?


Good evening! The Farmer’s Market bread returns for its’ last hoorah! It was a bit stale today, so I made sure to warm it in the micro for 15 seconds and put extra Earth balance on it! Perfecto.   As for the whole wheat loaf I purchased, I tried freezing it. I have doubts it […]


The Girl Eats Weeds And Likes It: Take 2


Another morning, another cuppa Japanese Sencha Green Tea! Or should I say POT! I finally got around to trying out my Purslane weeds that I picked up from the Oakville Organic Farmer’s Market on Saturday! The thought of eating weeds excites me. Remember how crazy I was about Dandelion last summer? Good times. Fun Purslane […]


The 7th Inning Stretch


Goooooood afternoon! Great discussion going on in the ‘Is Your Desk Job Harming Your Health?’ post! It was interesting to read everyone’s experiences. I was asked about what kinds of stretches to do at a desk and I came across this awesome visual guide that you can print and put in front of you! Click […]


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