Operation Hydrate

by Angela (Oh She Glows) on April 24, 2010


After another trip to Swim & Sports, Eric ended up getting the same goggles as me, except in men’s. The TYR Nest Pros are great fitting goggles!


I got Finis ear plugs:


We also found out that Swim & Sports rents wetsuits so we will probably rent a wetsuit from them for our Try-a-tri. Unfortunately, I think the Costco wetsuits are the kind made for water sports and not triathlons.


Sketchie watched the little bunnies outside! They are all around our house and I think they live under our deck! Sketchie talks to them through the window…almost like a gasping meow (his mouth moves but no sound comes out!).

I actually didn’t get my work accomplished today because we ended up doing a bunch of boring errands. Errands are such a weekend time suck! We had to go to Home Depot, Canadian Tire, and Home Hardware (my 3 worst nightmares!) and get groceries too. I am going to have to double up tomorrow and have an extra long day of work.

I was longing to go swimming all day. Luckily the pool had another adult length swim on early this evening! I was looking forward to it all day. Eric decided to sit this one out as he is quite stiff from last night’s swim.

I am loving the TYR suit so far! It doesn’t ride up at all, which is a first for me and swimsuits. It stays put and is very comfortable. Two thumbs up!

IMG_0459 (2)

I decided to play ‘let’s see if I can beat last night’s time’ for a fun game.

Today’s swim:


Last night it took me 40 minutes to do 30 lengths/15 laps/750 m and tonight it took 28 minutes! I still stopped quickly after each length to catch my breath so I wasn’t pushing too hard, but I definitely pushed harder than yesterday! My arms are feeling it tonight…hopefully I can bake tomorrow.

What I learned, Day 2:

  • Try not to look at the bottom of the change room floor or the pool floor…ignorance is bliss! I won’t tell you what I saw on the change room floor tonight. ;)
  • After the swim: Shower first and then go in the sauna so you can dry off before getting into clothes
  • Baby powder on the inside of the cap + ear plugs help (no water logging tonight)
  • Create games or challenges in the pool to prevent boredom
  • If you feel a hair on your body, pretend it is a phantom hair
  • Meditate while in the sauna and zone out
  • I need double the amount of shampoo + conditioner after swimming as compared to just washing my hair at home. Must be the chlorine!
  • Make sure you don’t go on a hungry stomach
  • I dearly miss MUSIC while swimming!!! Are there any gadgets to listen to music in the water?

It was a great workout! I came home absolutely famished though. Next time I will make sure I have more fuel in me an hour before leaving.

All I wanted when I got home was FUEL + WATER!

Operation hydrate quickly became the theme of the meal. Eric told me to go on ahead because he was doing work outside.

I had a chilled green tea

IMG_5007  IMG_5026 

A delicious bowl of Cheesy Savoury Oats (for recipe see here):


I just love these savoury oats! The key is to have lots of flavourful toppings. I particularly enjoy tomato sauce.


1 English Cuke + salsa + Ground pepper:


And half a grapefruit. I bailed on the grapefruit because my tummy was a bit water logged! In all honesty, what I really want is dark chocolate, so I will probably have some while relaxing later tonight. The grapefruit can wait until tomorrow. ;)


It was the perfect post-swim meal!



  • New Green Monster recipes are up
  • I now have a category on the left sidebar called ‘Triathlon: Try-a-tri training’. I will be filing all of my triathlon training posts under this category

I’m off to do a bit of work on the website re-design and start laundry (gulp!). Eric and I have a movie planned while snuggling on the couch later. I can’t wait to just relax. :)

Have a wonderful evening!


“If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.” Tom Krause

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Carolyn April 26, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Hi, writing from Australia here. Your site was linked on Fitsugar.
I swam in a squad for years and years, too many injuries to go on now. Just wanted to reiterate the anti chlorine shampoo suggestion. Also I always used a layer of product over my face before I got into the pool. The brand will be of no use to you but if you ask a pharmacist they will be able to head you in the right direction.
Perhaps even some type of barrier cream designed for babies bottoms would suffice.Just keep it away from your eyes.
A much cheaper and more effective alternative to the ear plug is Blu tack (according to the internet you have something called Elmers Tack) It moulds really well and is very waterproof.
Good luck with the swimming.


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