Hunger and Exercise: How Does It Affect You?

by Angela (Oh She Glows) on September 3, 2009

Good morning!

I. was. tired. last. night.


I was so tired I didn’t even have the energy to read my Marathon book! I didn’t nap, but I just rested my eyes for a bit. ;) I watched Nanny Diaries with Eric too. Anyone else LOVE that movie? It is one of my go-to chick flicks. :) Love it!

It took me a while to fall asleep last night. I ended up having my Glo Bar around 9pm for a snack as I got hungry again. I thought I would be fine until morning, but when I laid down to go to sleep my stomach started growling! It was quite hard for me to get to sleep. I try to avoid eating right before bed at all costs because when I do, I find that I wake up with bad stomach pains. I think I managed to get 7 hours though so I guess that isn’t too bad.

I’ve heard many of you who have run long distances say that your hunger comes and goes in an odd way, and now I finally get what you mean! I ate a lot of food yesterday and that still wasn’t enough to tame the beast.

Want to hear some good news though?

I’m not even sore today! It’s incredible. Now that I am paying proper attention to fueling before and after my runs, I fully believe 110% that nutrition affects everything from performance to recovery. It is really incredible what the body can do when it is treated with love!!!

Back in the day, I used to rarely pay attention to that sort of thing- and I paid big time for it with injuries and burn-out.

Today I am enjoying a wonderful REST day and I just feel so much better than I ever did before when I was pushing myself too hard.


1) Green Monsters make it big!

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How is your hunger affected by strenuous workouts? Long runs? Races? Tell all in the comments section! I think this is such an interesting topic. :)



See you later for my thoughts on food blogging! Does it change the way I eat?

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Susan September 3, 2009 at 5:25 pm

I actually keep a pretty good handle on my hunger on high exercise days. For example, I can burn around 1200 calories on a long bike ride. So I make sure I eat a lot of calorie dense foods before the ride, during the ride, then a giant smoothie after. Add in a post-ride dessert (I gotta!) and all my calories are taken care of, and out of the norm hunger never really appears. However, I find I get really hungry when I’m active outside my workouts. I moved this past weekend, all the heavy lifting turned me into a hungry beast!


Jenny September 3, 2009 at 5:38 pm

can’t blame ya for crashing — you are the busiest chica I know!


Sarah September 3, 2009 at 6:14 pm

When I trained for a marathon, I would only crave a HUGE salad when I got done (I would fantasize about it while I was sucking on those sweet, tasteless pieces of barley sugar or ‘glucose jelly beans’), and the day of a long run I would have a fairly normal appetite. However, the next day I was RAVENOUS! It was like I couldn’t ever be completely full. I know my work colleague was the same way. Very interesting how it doesn’t always affect you the day of, but the day after is crazy! I was also always tired the day after as well. The last few really long runs (I used the Jeff Galloway method of marathon training) really pushed me over the edge, but it’s amazing how you can get so used to running long distances!


Kristin September 3, 2009 at 6:15 pm

After long, slow runs? STARVING. Like – if I see a small child with an ice cream cone walking in front of me, that kid better know karate because he/she is dooooooomed. I could easily (and have been known to :)) graze and drink water / tea all day after a long run.

Intervals? Salt. Give me more salt. What is that – you have salt? GIVE IT TO ME! I get screaming headaches… and the hanger. As such, intervals are usually timed so that the hanger won’t affect my work-life balance… or at least they are planned so that I have one metric tonne of (salty) food for lunch.

But, after races? Usually not that hungry until the evening. Likely a combination of adrenaline and exhaustion? Who knows. :)

We’re all an experiment of one, aren’t we!


gliding calm September 3, 2009 at 8:11 pm

hehe! you are so cute! and I totes agree….nutrition is KEY to a speedier recovery!!!!! :)


Tay September 3, 2009 at 8:49 pm

I know lots of people who say long runs kill their appetite and I was always shocked. I am a huge huge bottomless CANYON (yes canyon, not pit) the whole day. The next day I’m also extra hungry but not as much as the day of. After my long 20 milers I would seriously be starving 2 hours after a giant meal. It was crazy!! I actually really liked it. :-) And I also used o wake up in the middle of the night starving and have to come down to eat.


Kerrie September 3, 2009 at 9:19 pm

I got an error trying to get to the calendar link?


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