Pick My Brain (and Yours): Get To Know OSG Readers!

by Angela (Oh She Glows) on August 20, 2009

I am typically not one for quizzes and surveys. I don’t know why, but I always cringe when someone sends me one to fill out.

But today I thought it might be fun to play a little ‘get to know you’ game! Click to read more…

You guys know a lot about me, but I don’t really know too much about my readers so I thought this would be a fun game. I also think that it is important to reflect on things that are meaningful to us each day.

I’ll go first:

I Am – a girlie girl with a tom boy edge.
I Want – puppies. And a kitten. And the end of animal abuse on all levels.
I Have – a lot of love in my life.
I Wish – for children to grow up in a better world.

I Hate – the feeling of hate itself. It is toxic.
I Fear – not meeting others expectations.
I Hear – Eric clicking on his computer. Sketchie is scratching his post. :D
I Search – on Google. For everything. It has taught me so much. Remember encyclopedias? ha! I Wonder – What is in store for me. What possibilities lay before me and just what I am capable of.
I Regret – hurting loved ones in the past. Why do we hurt the people we love the most?
I Love – people’s quirks. Screw the idea of perfection. Quirks are ‘the good stuff’. When I think about what I love most about people in my life, it is the quirks about them that make them lovable.
I Ache – when I hurt someone I love or let them down. Nothing is worse.
I Always – try my best to help anyone in need and make them laugh at the same time. 
I Usually – am happy, but I tend to have a couple days a month where I feel crappy about myself and nothing brings me up.
I Am Not – ever going to be everything you want me to be.

I Dance – and I feel freedom. I occasionally break out the ‘Elaine Dance’.
I Sing – all the time. While baking, at my desk, in the car, while running.
I Never – say never. I used to though. Never brings a closed door, but ‘possibly’ opens it.
I Rarely – wear flat shoes. It’s all about the heel baby!
I Cry – much less than I used to. I cried more in 2008 than I ever have in my life. I don’t feel the need to cry much anymore and that is a wonderful feeling.
I Am Not Always – a healthy eater. Last night I had chips and the other day I ate way too many cookies for my own good.
I Lose – patience with the war.
I’m Confused – about tax, but I hope the course next week helps.
I Need – love and more friends that live close by.
I Should – start a gratitude journal on OSG
I Dream – of being on Oprah (don’t we all?) ;)
I hope– for so many things to change in this world. We complicate things that should be simple. I feel- overwhelmed when I think about everything I want to do.

I appreciate– That I have so many awesome readers to ‘talk’ to each day and share ways of improving our lives one day at a time.

Few things I have learned this year:

  • Green Monsters rock
  • Listen to my body and it will thank me
  • Meanness often is a result of fear
  • Coconut oil rocks
  • Always follow my dreams and silence the inner negativity

That was FUN!

Now, what about you? I can’t wait to see what you guys put. You can do as much or as little as you like!

You can copy and paste this into a comment below, if you’d like:

I Am –
I Want –
I Have –
I Wish –
I Hate –
I Fear –
I Hear –
I Search –
I Wonder –
I Regret –
I Love –
I Ache –
I Always –
I Usually –
I Am Not –
I Dance –
I Sing –
I Never –
I Rarely –
I Cry –
I Am Not Always –
I Lose –
I’m Confused –
I Need –
I Should –
I Dream –
I hope-
I feel-
I appreciate-

What lessons have you learned this year?



PS- New Green Monster recipes are up!

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Whitney August 20, 2009 at 12:57 pm

Fun! You are chock full of good ideas!

I Am – a good friend
I Want – a long happy life, filled with people I love
I Have – a wonderful family
I Wish – for peace
I Hate – hatred, pettiness
I Fear – other’s perceptions of me
I Hear – ‘One Man Army’ – Our Lady Peace
I Search – Wikipedia, for laughs
I Wonder – What it’s like to know the future
I Regret – Not making some life changes earlier
I Love – My family and friends
I Ache – When I feel that I have disappointed someone
I Always – Try to make people laugh
I Usually – Succeed in making people laugh. At my own expense.
I Am Not – a singer. Or a painter.
I Dance – badly
I Sing – badly
I Never – say never
I Rarely – cry
I Cry – when I am hurt
I Am Not Always – happy go lucky
I Lose – my car keys. ALL THE TIME.
I’m Confused – about my future
I Need – God. All the time.
I Should – pray more.
I Dream – about the future and what is in store for me.
I hope- that the world sees peace one day.
I feel- loved.
I appreciate- The blogging community

What lessons have you learned this year?

I love spinach.
I am worthy.
No friends are better than false friends.


Jolene August 20, 2009 at 1:03 pm

I Am – A teacher, a student, a certified wedding coordinator, and a blogger! BUSY!
I Want – to travel
I Have – a wonderful, supportive, and loving husbamd
I Wish – that I knew exactly what I wanted
I Hate – how this whole summer has been cold and crappy :-(
I Fear – spiders
I Hear – a guy working in my basement (we are finishing it)
I Search – for recipes
I Wonder – what I will be doing in 5 years, 10 years …
I Regret – Talking back to my mom/ yelling when in highschool
I Love – my friends and family
I Ache – after walking the strip in Vegas too many times
I Always – brush my teeth before bed, and wash my face too, have to. Don’t think I have ever gone to bed without doing both.
I Usually – worry too much
I Am Not – a runner :-( … yet
I Dance – like a crazy woman … love to dance!
I Sing – in my car
I Never – say I “hate” someone
I Rarely – Eat cereal
I Cry – when I am stressed to the max
I Am Not Always – perfect
I Lose – my patience sometimes
I’m Confused – about what I want in life/ career
I Need – to be busy
I Should – move somewhere else for a year
I Dream – of having a big family someday
I hope- that I do well on the tests I have coming up
I feel- overwhelmed
I appreciate- that people read my blog

What lessons have you learned this year?
– I have learned that time is going to move on whether I like it or not, and I just need to accomplish what I can, when I can, and not beat myself up about not finishing things in a certain amount of time.


Nina August 20, 2009 at 1:04 pm

I Am – strong, even if i’m not at my goal weight
I Want – to finish my 5k under my goal time
I Have – a husband who loves me no matter what my size is
I Wish – I didn’t care what I looked like when I ran
I Hate – the word hate.
I Fear – failing at my goals.
I Hear – Giada D on foodnetwork
I Search – for clothes that fit me (i’m in between sizes)
I Wonder – if I’ll ever be happy with the way I look
I Regret – wasting some much time thinking “what if”
I Love – my family and friends
I Ache – for people to get along in the world.
I Always – sleep in too late
I Usually – miss the bus
I Am Not – a mean person
I Dance – rarely these days…i should get on that
I Sing – at the top of my lungs
I Never – eat meat.
I Rarely – drink milk
I Cry – often. it’s a stress reliever
I Am Not Always – perfect, and I make mistakes
I Lose – weight slowly. :(
I’m Confused – about whether or not i’m eating too many calories or not enough calories
I Need – a workout buddy
I Should – buy new workout clothes to make me feel pretty
I Dream – of having a family someday
I hope- that my family and friends remain healthy for a long time
I feel- sore after my run
I appreciate- the little things in life

What lessons have you learned this year?
I have learned that I am in control of my own destiny; it’s up to me if I want to do something. I also learned that I have some really great friends, and some not so great friends. I also learned that I am the luckiest girl in the world in terms of having an extremely funny and supportive husband who loves me no matter what I do.


Shelly August 20, 2009 at 1:12 pm

I Am – extremely strong and capable.
I Want – to write a good novel, to stay healthy and happy, and to someday get married and have children.
I Have – a wonderful life.
I Wish – I could see into the future.
I Hate – anger, spiders, and raisins.
I Fear – uncertainty and change.
I Hear – the buzz of my space heater.
I Search – for ways to make my life more meaningful.
I Wonder – what this year holds for me.
I Regret – that very sad things have happened to me in the past. It’s not fair.
I Love – my family, my boyfriend, my friends, and my pets. And chocolate.
I Ache – when I push myself to hard.
I Always – am taking on a new project or hobby.
I Usually – don’t stick with it. (I’ve made, for example, one square for a quilt.)
I Am Not – a night owl.
I Dance -very poorly, but with a big smile.
I Sing -Christmas Carols and Patsy Cline songs in the shower.
I Never – go very long without washing my hands.
I Rarely – eat red meat.
I Cry – at the drop of a hat.
I Am Not Always – as dilligent as I would like to be.
I Lose – my keys constantly.
I’m Confused – about taxes, paperwork, and filing.
I Need – new running shoes and a nap.
I Should – stop wasting time goofing off on the internet when I’m at home in the evening.
I Dream – vivid weird dreams that I recall with bemusement.
I hope- I have a nice evening today.
I feel- pretty tired right now.
I appreciate- the positive changes I’ve brought to my life in the past few years.

What lessons have you learned this year?


Shelly August 20, 2009 at 1:13 pm

What lessons have you learned this year?

I can do just about anything I put my mind to!


SarahF August 20, 2009 at 1:14 pm

I Am – happy with the choices I have made to get me to where I am today.
I Want – it to be lunch time because I am hungry.
I Have – a wonderful life that I need to take more time to appreciate.
I Wish – that I got to see my boyfriend more than just the weekends.
I Hate – feeling inadequate or needy.
I Fear – being hurt or burnt by love….and spiders.
I Hear – my co-worker coughing and the air conditioning blowing
I Search – for answers for the bigger pictures.
I Wonder – what the future has in store for me.
I Regret – using only my first name when introducing myself to the CEO of the company I work for (happened yesterday)
I Love – my life. I have a wonderful boyfriend, amazing friends and am just starting out in a career that I love.
I Ache – in my shins…hopefully an easy run and gently stretching later will make it better.
I Always – love cuddling. Doesn’t matter how mad I am or how tired, there’s always time for cuddles.
I Usually – am happy with the choices I’ve made in the past but sometimes fear gets the upper hand and I start second guessing myself.
I Am Not – coordinated. I am very clumsy and if you throw something at me I will not catch it.
I Dance – whenever I am in the elevator by myself on my way home.
I Sing – along to songs when I’m dancing to them at the bar
I Never – say never. It’s bitten me in the ass too many times.
I Rarely – wear my glasses. I’ve had contacts since grade 8 and have worn my contacts almost everyday since then.
I Cry – whenever I watch a sad movie or read a sad book or get too upset. Stupid genetics-my mom’s a crier and she passed it on to my sister and I
I Am Not Always – showing my true emotions. I laugh if I am uncomfortable or trying to pretend that whatever someone said didn’t hurt.
I Lose – bets everytime they’re worth something. If it’s just a bet for fun I tend to win…I haven’t quite figured out why.
I’m Confused – over people’s ability to complain about something for months and years but never do anything to change it.
I Need – love and happiness every single day.
I Should – stop feeling so guilty whenever I eat poorly or don’t work out.
I Dream – of one day being a CEO
I hope- for my boyfriend to stop smoking
I feel- very tired right now
I appreciate- my boyfriend…though often not as much as I should.

What lessons have you learned this year?

-Men do not care if you have a boyfriend, you cannot just tell them you have a bf and expect them to stop pursuing you.
– Appreciate those perfect moments and don’t expect them to last.
-Moving apartments sucks. Absolutely positively sucks.
– Time makes you forget the bad memories and helps you hold onto the good ones


bonniejean August 20, 2009 at 1:19 pm

I Am – blessed. I have a great life.
I Want – ice cream almost everyday in the summertime.
I Have – everything I need.
I Wish – people listened to each other more closely.
I Hate – negative nellies.
I Fear – sickness, cancer, death.
I Hear – almond butter is really tasty, but my husband is allergic! We stick to peanuts at our casa.
I Search – out interesting people.
I Wonder – if I’ll be a mom someday?
I Regret – nothing. What’s the point?
I Love – myself. My husband. And my family.
I Ache – for Elizabeth AND Mr. Darcy.
I Always – say “I love you.” on the phone with family.
I Usually – buy my clothes at vintage or thrift clothing stores.
I Am Not – an athlete.
I Dance – to Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pink… actually anything with a beat!
I Sing – country music in the shower.
I Never – color my hair.
I Rarely – follow recipes when cooking. Always when baking.
I Cry – at Hallmark commercials. Seriously.
I Am Not Always – smiley. But usually.
I Lose – track of time during the summer.
I’m Confused – about God.
I Need – to get my oil changed.
I Should – write more letters by hand.
I Dream – vivid, strange dreams. Last night it was a horse wearing eye glasses.
I hope – to celebrate fifty years with my husband (in 47 years).
I feel – at peace.
I appreciate – the Internet.

What lessons have you learned this year?

I love green monsters!
I love food blogs.
I am a much happier person if I’m not complaining about things.
People usually have a reason for everything they do.
Not judging people or situations makes for a much easier ride.


Nicole August 20, 2009 at 1:20 pm

How cute!

I Am – a walking contradiction.
I Want – peace.
I Have – much to be thankful for.
I Wish – happiness for all of my loved ones.
I Hate – the word hate.
I Fear – not being good enough.
I Hear – the fan on my computer.
I Search – for my chapstick every day. I always lose it:).
I Wonder – when I will find a job in my field.
I Regret – all of the negative self talk I have engaged in. Getting away from that though.
I Love – my family, friends, and hubby more than anything.
I Ache – when someone I care about is troubled.
I Always – fidget.
I Usually – write every day.
I Am Not – good at grammar.
I Dance – occasionally. My hubby and I do silly dances at random times:).
I Never – say never.
I Rarely – eat out.
I Cry – during movies.
I Am Not Always – with it.
I Lose – my chapstick:).
I’m Confused – often.
I Need – to find a job.
I Should – take more time to show people how much I care about them.
I Dream – to go to Italy one day.
I hope- to make a difference in the world.
I feel- tired right now.
I appreciate- unconditional love.


Leatitia August 20, 2009 at 1:22 pm

I Am – a complicated woman
I Want – happiness and fulfilment
I Have – the best family I can ask for
I Wish – that every children had a good family
I Hate – negativity
I Fear – growing alone
I Hear – children laughing
I Search – for inner peace
I Wonder – if I’ll ever find it
I Regret – not telling my family my secret
I Love – my long distance boyfriend
I Ache – for his everyday presence
I Always – search for something interresting to do before getting up in the morning
I Usually – eat too much at night
I Am Not – judging you
I Dance – on weekend mornings
I Sing – all the time
I Never – lose hope
I Rarely – hug people
I Cry – when I read about people suffering
I Am Not Always – respectful
I Lose – interest very quickly
I’m Confused – as to what to do with my life
I Need – love, don’t we all.
I Should – spend more time at home
I Dream – of finding the perfect job for me
I hope – to bless others the way I am
I feel – grateful
I appreciate – the smiles, love and respect from my family

What lessons have you learned this year?
– My family is there for me no matter what
– Real love endures
– The need to slow down and find happiness HOME
– To never judge others because I can end up in their shoes


Anna August 20, 2009 at 1:23 pm

I Am – a thoughtful person!
I Want – more positivity in this world
I Have – a tremendously loving family
I Wish – I could make everybody happy
I Hate – olives
I Fear – never amounting to anything
I Hear – the boats bobbing at their moorings
I Search – for balance
I Wonder – what life would be like if I were male
I Regret – not being 100& honest with some people in my life in the past
I Love – my family. period.
I Ache – in my right leg. nerve injury :(
I Always – eat breakfast. it’s not even a question.
I Usually – turn on my computer after getting out of bed
I Am Not – a huge partier
BUT I Dance – …a lot when drinking. ha.
I Sing – in the car
I Never – knock anything before i try it.
I Rarely –
I Cry – with regularity
I Am Not Always – going to have the same hair color ;)
I Lose – in card games quite frequently
I’m Confused – by insensitive people
I Need – love in my life
I Should – never use the word “should”
I Dream – LOTS of things
I hope- to find someone I want to spend the rest of my life with
I feel- sweaty as hell because it’s 90+ degrees
I appreciate- the tremendous blessings in my life- I cannot express enough gratitude.

Thanks, Angela- that was neat! a little mid-day reflection. Nice.


Claudia August 20, 2009 at 1:23 pm

You can copy and paste this into a comment below, if you’d like:

I Am – hardworking
I Want – three uninterrupted days with me husband
I Have – my dad’s round head
I Wish – for this pizza dough I’m making to be “the” recipe
I Hate – the smell of cigarettes
I Fear – failure
I Hear – someone rumbling around in the condo above mine…sounds like pipes? or maybe a bouncing ball? Not too sure but it’s been going on for awhile now…
I Search – for friendships
I Wonder – why it’s so cold in August
I Regret – being a bully in elementary school – there’s not a week that goes by that I don’t wish I could take it back
I Love – Jesus, my Saviour
I Ache – for my family in Guatemala, haven’t seen them in over twelve years
I Always – check my email, even when I’m not expecting something. I think it’s an addiction.
I Usually – love mornings by myself
I Am Not – a meat eater but I’ve been having the worst hot dog craving ever this week, ugh!
I Dance – when I drink too much…haha, once I’ve had a couple I don’t care if there’s music or not, I will dance away!
I Sing – when no one is around and I my MP3 player on so I can’t hear myself :)
I Never – turn down an opportunity to visit my nephew. He’s only two months old but wow, is he growing fast!! I don’t want to miss a moment.
I Rarely – say no. I need to work on this!
I Cry – when I’m alone. There’s only been one time that my mom has seen me cry in my adult life – I think I scared her.
I Am Not Always – sure I’m going down the right career path but I’ll trust God until He puts something in my way.
I Lose – everything!! Keys, water bottles, cell phone, purse, credit card, debit card, you name it!
I’m Confused – about why it’s so hard to find rental space to set up a gym!
I Need – to get myself to the grocery store so I can start on these stromboli’s I’m making.
I Should – do more weight training – it amazes me that I used to do Olympic Style Weightlifting 4-5 times a week only about a year and a half ago.
I Dream – about my future children. I’m definitely not ready to have kids right now but it’s nice to dream.
I hope – I’m not sore tomorrow after today’s run
I feel- like I got a lot accomplished this morning.
I appreciate- my friends, they’re always around!

What lessons have you learned this year?

My body can do more than my mind tells it it can. I ran a 15km race a week ago – even the morning of I didn’t think I’d be able to do it!
Life is better when I trust God.
If you feel that someone needs you, they probably do.
That comparing myself to others causes unnecessary stress – I have to be good enough by my standards, not other people’s.

This was fun!


Elisabeth August 20, 2009 at 1:31 pm

How fun!

I Am – More than meets the eye.
I Want – A large, gourmet kitchen!!!!
I Have – So many wonderful blessings in my life.
I Wish – Today was Saturday.
I Hate – People who hate.
I Fear – Not being able to have children of my own someday.
I Hear – The phone ringing.
I Search – Through old photos in antique stores. It’s eerily enjoyable.
I Wonder – What fun things I’ll do this weekend.
I Regret – Not having the confidence to follow my dreams so many years ago.
I Love – Me!
I Ache – From doing yoga on Tuesday!
I Always – Brush my teeth & wash my face before bed.
I Usually – Laugh easily.
I Am Not – Perfect, and I never will be. That’s OK with me.
I Dance – Like a white girl.
I Sing – Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor songs like it’s my job.
I Never – Let my BF leave for work without telling him that I love him.
I Rarely – Take the metro…but I want to this weekend!
I Cry – When I’m tired and feel stressed out.
I Am Not Always – Concerned with what others think.
I Lose – Hours every day reading blogs. =)
I’m Confused – About my future.
I Need – A magic wand.
I Should – Just take a leap of faith.
I Dream – Of owning my own business someday.
I hope – To finish my marathon in one injury-free piece.
I feel – Content.
I appreciate – All of the opportunities that are put before me & the wonderful people that I meet!

What lessons have you learned this year?


Sharon August 20, 2009 at 1:34 pm

I Am – Drinking Green Tea
I Want – A new fullfilling job
I Have – A great relationship
I Wish – I lived closer to my best friends
I Hate – Tomatoes!!
I Fear – Dying
I Hear – The hum of the air conditioner
I Search – For jobs!
I Wonder – About the future
I Regret – ever feeling regretful
I Love – My cat like a baby
I Ache – for my mom who passed away
I Always – do the cooking in my house
I Usually – do the dishes, too!
I Am Not – short
I Dance – in my mirrored elevator, to music on my ipod, all the time!
I Sing – like my grandma (not in a good way! Rappin’ Granny=not cool)
I Never – eat tomatoes!
I Rarely – wear heels (I’m too much of a tower)
I Cry – when I’m happy and sad
I Am Not Always – in control as I seem
I Lose – to my boyfriend at backgammon
I’m Confused – about what people want
I Need – a new job! See a theme here?
I Should – sign up for the Run for the Cure 5 km in October
I Dream – of running it the whole way
I hope- I don’t pass out doing it!
I feel- hopeful
I appreciate- the support I’ve been receiving

What lessons have you learned this year?

To be grateful for wonderful friends and family

That being healthy isn’t as hard as I thought


Jessica August 20, 2009 at 1:36 pm

I Am – honest and busy.
I Want – to be done with school, married, and starting a family.
I Have – a lot of love in me.
I Wish – i didn’t have to work during school.
I Hate – lying.
I Fear – heights and escalators!
I Hear – more than people think.
I Search – for happiness.
I Wonder – if my family will be happy and healthy or if I’ll turn into another statistic.
I Regret – my ex and our relationship.
I Love – my boyfriend and my pets and family.
I Ache – when something is wrong.
I Always – care.
I Usually – am busy.
I Am Not – good at saying no, even when I have to.
I Dance – when no one is around.
I Sing – as loud as I can.
I Never – do new things without anxiety.
I Rarely – have nothing to do.
I Cry – all of the time.
I Am Not Always – able to say what I’m thinking.
I Lose – when I am not truthful.
I’m Confused – when no reason is present.
I Need – love.
I Should – be stronger.
I Dream – of having a loving family.
I hope- that i get all a’s this semester and an engagement ring.
I feel- better when I eat real food.
I appreciate- my boyfriend and family with how much they help me when i’m in need.

What lessons have you learned this year?
don’t spend money you don’t have.
prioritize things better.
go to bed on time when needed.
don’t let others affect your mood too much.



Danielle August 20, 2009 at 1:36 pm

I love this post Ang, self-reflection is vital :)


Monica August 20, 2009 at 1:50 pm

I Am – a beautiful person inside and out :)
I Want – to be a writer/editor for a women’s magazine
I Have – the best friends in the world
I Wish – I could get my dream job faster!!!
I Hate – the word hate, my mom always says “the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.” I used to argue with her over this, but it’s so true! Mom’s really do know best.
I Fear – not finding a job
I Hear – Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus haha
I Search – google.. CONSTANTLY! and for everything:) I always say, everything I know I learned from google.
I Wonder – what all my friends are doing at this exact point in time.
I Regret – letting other people get to me.
I Love – my mom and my brother.. and my kitten!
I Ache – when I hurt others.
I Always – fit in “me time”
I Usually – can’t fall asleep!
I Am Not – FAT! <– eliminated the word from my vocab
I Never – turn my brain off.. always going a mile a minute
I Rarely – wear my hair curly.. I always straighten it haha
I Cry – almost never. I don’t know why I have always thought of it as a “weakness”, sometimes you just need to get the emotions OUT
I Am Not Always – as strong as I come off to be.
I Lose – everything, but always miraculously “find” it 5 seconds later
I’m Confused – when I can’t find an answer
I Need – reassurance
I Should – ask others for help when I need it
I Dream – about the future
I hope- to find love
I feel- proud when I accomplish my goals
I appreciate- the little things in life :)

What lessons have you learned this year?
-To make myself a priority!

Great idea Ange! This definitely put a smile on my face!


Tay August 20, 2009 at 2:02 pm

Awwww fun :-)

I Am – a sister
I Want – to live life to the fullest
I Have – a wonderful family
I Wish – that the world could be stress free
I Hate – fake people
I Fear – what comes next after college
I Hear – car engines revving
I Search – for my keys all the time
I Wonder – what’s happening on the other side of the world
I Regret – not enjoying life to the fullest in the past
I Love – my little sister
I Ache – in my knee
I Always – eat breakfast
I Usually – make my bed
I Am Not – very comfortable in awkward situations
I Dance – in my room to country music
I Sing – in my car
I Never – have had a boyfriend
I Rarely – go out to dinner
I Cry – when I think about not being able to run far again
I Am Not Always – the best role model
I Lose – my turqouise ring all the time
I’m Confused – with computers
I Need – love
I Should – get more organized
I Dream – of finding true love
I hope- the future all falls into place
I feel- my lips are chapped
I appreciate- my parents

What lessons have you learned this year?
– To appreciate running and that every bit counts – you don’t have to get in a 6+ mile everyday for a workout!


Micco August 20, 2009 at 2:03 pm

I Am – a nose pickin’, dick kickin’, all-around looker.
I Want – to flood the world with my illustrations (and sometimes make money when I do it).
I Have – a lot of talents that I don’t give myself credit for.
I Wish – I had fewer mental health problems.
I Hate – when people don’t use their turn signals. ARGH!
I Fear – never overcoming some of my mental health hurdles.
I Hear – a healthy mix of hardcore, punk, jazz, country, and hipster noise.
I Search – sciencedaily.com pretty often.
I Wonder – if it’s possible to achieve my professional goals while maintaining my personal integrity.
I Regret – not moving to Boston when I had the chance.
I Love – Tooters!
I Ache – for all the years I’ve lost struggling with body and self image.
I Always – am reading multiple books at a time.
I Usually – am spending too much time online.
I Am Not – doing enough with my summer. Sigh…
I Dance – with no pants!
I Sing – loudly. In the car. Often. With the windows rolled down.
I Never – drink, smoke, or use recreational drugs.
I Rarely – have romantic/sexual interactions with members of my preferred gender.
I Cry – when I feel backed into a corner.
I Am Not Always – as dependable as I’d like to be.
I Lose – momentum easily.
I’m Confused – about confronting people’s prejudices in a productive way.
I Need – to ride my bike today. It’s so nice out!
I Should – ride my bike near exclusively when I move back to Georgia.
I Dream – of a world with vegan truck stops…
I hope – I’m disease free! (I had to have medical tests done today.)
I feel – really scared about my medical tests.
I appreciate – how much some of my friends and family have been there for me, are there for me, no matter what.

What lessons have you learned this year?


Stefanie August 20, 2009 at 2:05 pm

I Am – In a happy place in my life and excited to get married and spend the rest of my life with my best friend
I Want – to travel all over the world
I Have – a kind and nurturing heart
I Wish – for more and more trips to the west coast to see my friends and family
I Hate – those negative thoughts in my head telling me all those negative things about me
I Fear – flying.
I Hear – CNBC from the office across from me
I Search – for things that will improve my health and well being ie: bloggies :)
I Wonder – sometimes, why did I move to NYC? But everything happens for a reason.
I Regret – not going into journalism
I Love – walks in the rain, mexican food and Golden Spoon ( a frozen yogurt chain)
I Ache – from missing my family and friends
I Always – worry about something or someone!
I Usually – am a great cook, but I don’t know what happened to my darn pasta last night, but din was not good! :(
I Am Not – a fan of being alone
I Dance – when a great song is on and I will rock out as if no one is watching
I Sing – in the shower, literally, I do!!! :)
I Never – forget anything!! haha! that can be both good and bad
I Rarely – drink coffee anymore. I recently switched to green tea and I LOVE it so much more!
I Cry – at least once a week. Crying is cleansing so they say :)
I Am Not Always – unselfish
I Lose – myself in a good juicy book sometimes
I’m Confused – when I’m crunching numbers
I Need – a vacation
I Should – be working right now, but this survey is much too fun
I Dream – very vividly
I hope- to eat a lot of gelato next week in Italy ;)
I feel- happy right now
I appreciate- everything that life has to offer- everything and everyone in my life because life is too short!

What lessons have you learned this year? Lesson #1 to be patient and that I was and I got my wish come true ;)


Kristie Lynn August 20, 2009 at 2:08 pm

I think doing this is just as good a way for us to reflect as for you to get to know us :)

I Am – happily married at 21.
I Want – to find a job. I’m sick of resumes and cover letters and applications!
I Have – the best in-laws ever. I was calling them Mom and Dad long before the wedding.
I Wish – my mom wasn’t so far in debt. Her car got taken away for the debts she can’t pay :(
I Hate – being sick.
I Fear – not being able to pay off my student loans.
I Hear – the Tigers/Mariners game, and the dishwasher.
I Search – through the grocery stores for hours. It’s why the husband never wants to go grocery shopping with me.
I Wonder – if I’ll ever qualify as a “fast” runner.
I Regret – talking in English to my friends when I studied in Argentina. If I hadn’t, maybe I would have come back with more fluency.
I Love – cooking and baking. I think my husband loves that too :)
I Ache – for people who can’t afford the basics – a home, food, clothes, heat.
I Always – am finding new ways to save money. Right now I’m going to all the local grocery stores with a spreadsheet of foods to do price comparisons.
I Usually – don’t have moderation when it comes to (good) milk chocolate.
I Am Not – as Christ-filled as I need to be.
I Dance – with my cat. She might not like it as much as I do.
I Sing – in the car. Almost always.
I Never – will get into cycling. It is way too expensive.
I Rarely – wear makeup. When I do, it’s just a bit of blush and mascara.
I Cry – very rarely. Weddings are the exception.
I Am Not Always – happy with my weight. But I’m trying.
I Lose – ponytail holders. I’ll buy a pack of 20 and a month later only have 3 left. But I am good at keeping track of the 3 for a while.
I’m Confused – about if I want to go to grad school.
I Need – to get a new driver’s license.
I Should – go on a run tonight.
I Dream – of running a marathon.
I Hope – that I will someday overcome my fear of needles.
I Feel – better when the sunroof is open on my car.
I Appreciate – the way a picture can capture a memory perfectly.

What lessons have you learned this year?
-You can’t please everyone.
-I love Madison, WI.
-Eating healthy is a treat, not a punishment.


MarathonVal August 20, 2009 at 2:14 pm

I was tempted to complete the “survey” but I don’t want to overwhelm you/your readers since I’m sure this is going to be a LONG comment post to read!

You mentioned doing a Gratitude Journal on your blog – I’ve been doing that for a few weeks (I started doing a hard copy in a real journal about a year ago), and I love it! It’s great to do at night so that you go to bed calm and content, and it’s nice to reflect on during other times when you feel stress coming on! Reminds me of what I have to be grateful for in this wonderful life! :)


Valerie August 20, 2009 at 2:17 pm

I Am – stronger than I probably think I am.
I Want – to be satisfied with my life.
I Have – no more cake because I finished my piece.
I Wish – that my family got together more often. Family weekend with my mom’s family a couple weeks ago was amazing and I want to do it all the time!
I Hate – hating things. I only “dislike” as very few people have ever wronged me so much that I could even think of hating them, and I still don’t.
I Fear – failure.
I Hear – music and my air conditioner running to prevent me from melting :P
I Search – for graduate programs to plan my future.
I Wonder – what the job hunt will be like when I graduate in December.
I Regret – not getting more involved in university in my first and second year. I was way too shy!
I Love – my boyfriend. He’s my best friend.
I Ache – when I don’t give myself enough time off from exercise.
I Always – strive to do my best.
I Usually – am super organized, especially when it comes to school.
I Am Not – good at checking my one email account.
I Dance – only when I’ve been drinking! And even then, it’s not pretty!
I Sing – because I love to.
I Never – thought I would get over my fear of heights, and then I did.
I Rarely – leave the house without putting mascara on. It’s the only makeup I’ll put on if I’m in a rush because I feel weird without it!
I Cry – when I’m feeling very overwhelmed.
I Am Not Always – a model student. Despite the good grades, I’ve skipped many classes that my parents don’t know about!
I Lose – at 90% of sports. Especially baseball. Couldn’t hit the ball to save my life.
I’m Confused – by the xkcd comics 80% of the time but my boyfriend loves them! He’s a comp sci major and since they’re all math/science jokes, he gets them.
I Need – to stop procrastinating when it comes to school. But sometimes I can’t write a paper until I’ve got the pressure of the deadline being really close.
I Should – redo my nail polish. Preferably before my friend gets married next Saturday! lol
I Dream – about visiting the town in Scotland where my grandpa grew up.
I hope- I can accomplish all of the things I want to do.
I appreciate – what my family does for me.


Jennie {in Wonderland} August 20, 2009 at 2:17 pm

I Am – confusing, girly and currently drinking green tea with orange and lotus flower.

I Want – a spiralizer, a juicer and a bigger blender. It’s all about the appliances!

I Have – a precious family, a gorgeous boyfriend, and a pain in my obliques from Jillian Michaels’ and her terrifying videos!

I Wish – that I had my family with me in the UK.

I Hate – people who abuse animals

I Fear – my brother dying in Afghanistan when he goes for his tour this September. I’m filled with cold dread every time I think about him out there, alone, with no one to protect him.

I Hear – a windy day

I Search – for what I am really supposed to do or be in life. I still don’t know.

I Wonder – if everything will be ok.

I Regret – not asking my Grandparents about their lives while I still could. All of that knowledge and richness died with them.

I Love – my Mum, my Dad, my brother, my boyfriend, my life.

I Ache – for my brother, who is facing the greatest challenge of his life. For my parents, as I know how scared they are.

I Always – bitch about waking up in the morning, but feel best when I get up early!

I Usually – want so badly to write, but I can’t find the words lately.

I Am Not – perfect, at all.

I Dance – constantly. Nothing like cranking Chris Brown’s “Forever” and cavorting around the living room

I Sing – as much as possible.

I Never – go a day without telling someone I love them.

I Rarely – eat meat. I’d like to change that to ‘never’.

I Cry – when I think about my brother, or I read something sad… I cry sometimes, but not often. I used to cry a lot.

I Am Not Always – going to be as gentle as I’d like.

I Lose – my temper too easily lately.

I’m Confused – about what I want to do with my life. It’s not an easy question to answer.

I Need – everyone to be safe.

I Should – make my dinner.

I Dream – of peace, of my brother staying home, of living near my parents again, of oceans.

I hope- for many things.

I feel- achy. I hate that time of the freaking month.

I appreciate- blogs like this one that make me feel better about myself, my choices and my dreams!

What lessons have you learned this year?
Be gentle, truthful and don’t be afraid to take chances. Move across an ocean – I did, and so far, it’s been a wonderful adventure.


Melissa August 20, 2009 at 2:20 pm

I Am – a 25 year old mother of two boys: 2, and 3 months old!
I Want – to be a good example for my kids.
I Have – short hair right now, I’m over it and ready for it to grow.
I Wish – my hair would grow faster, hehe.
I Hate – slow drivers in the fast lane.
I Fear – big spiders.
I Hear – cartoons on Noggin.
I Search – for that left shoe my son lost months ago even though it is probably too small now.
I Wonder – if someday I will have a little girl?
I Regret – cutting my hair.
I Love – my husband and boys!
I Ache – from my c-section(s).
I Always – wash my hands about 10 or more times when I am cooking chicken.
I Usually – enjoy watching kids shows.
I Am Not – being very productive so far today.
I Dance – to all of the weird songs on Yo Gabba Gabba.
I Sing – solos at church from time to time.
I Never – enjoy cleaning toilets.
I Rarely – get to go on dates with my husband.
I Cry – because time is going by too fast.
I Am Not Always – online. hehe.
I Lose – my mind when everything is so chaotic.
I’m Confused – when my husband tries to explain “science” to me.
I Need – a vacation!
I Should – go to the chiropractor – I feel way out of alignment.
I Dream – of what it would be like to have some of the awesome traits that my best friend has.
I hope – this weekend doesn’t go by too fast.
I feel – like hanging out with my mommy.
I appreciate – my family.

What lessons have you learned this year?

~ My body is capable of SO much, and I thank God!
~ Running is more awesome than I thought.
~ It is important for me to have goals to help me stay motivated.
~ You don’t have to be best friends with everyone.


Niki August 20, 2009 at 2:31 pm

I Am – stubborn, i should focus on working on that
I Want – a job
I Have – a wonderful group of people in my life
I Wish – i could feel better about my body at the stage im in right now
I Hate – hate
I Fear – bad guys….break-ins and natural disasters
I Hear – ellen….BLIND FOLDED MUSICAL CHAIRS….lol a great game
I Search – in my google taskbar all the time
I Wonder – why i am still hungry after my big bowl of oats
I Regret – nothing
I Love – my mother
I Ache – after my half marathon
I Always – think about the future, maybe too much i forget to live in the present
I Usually – eat tons of fruit
I Am Not – a singer
I Dance – only to 80’s music
I Sing – only with my boyfriend lol
I Never – have been out of the westcoast, i know the grammar here is not correct
I Rarely – eat meat
I Cry – only over things i can control
I Am Not Always – healthy
I Lose – everything, i need to clear my mind
I’m Confused – when it comes to nutrition, i have learned soooo much this year that it is all very overwhelming and confusing, cant wait to get my degree in it and figure it out
I Need – funny people
I Should – do more yoga, eat more veggies
I Dream – about living in cali
I hope- to be successful after college(only 2 more years!)
I feel- realaxed today
I appreciate- all that my parents have done for me

What lessons have you learned this year?

-that i am a runner

-that i can do anything i set my mind to

-that college is actually fun

-that my best friend is and always will be my mother

-to listen to my body


lora August 20, 2009 at 2:37 pm

I Am – a wild girl trying to get lost.
I Want – to be an inch taller. 5 10″ is much better than 5′ 9″
I Have – too many jars of nut butter.
I Wish – I had an ice cream cone.
I Hate – when people say “I can’t,” when people judge, when people are two-faced.
I Fear – I won’t achieve my goals.
I Hear – the wind right now.
I Search – for true love.
I Wonder – all day long. (daydream)
I Regret – nothing in my life.
I Love – too much
I Ache – when others are hurting.
I Always – eat breakfast. I never skip that meal!
I Usually – arrive 5-10 minutes late no matter what. I am working on this!
I Am Not – high maintenance
I Dance – anywhere and everywhere!
I Sing – in the shower, at work, when Im alone or in front of others.
I Never – kiss on a first date.
I Rarely – stretch after a workout
I Cry – only when I am physically hurt.
I Am Not Always – forgiving.
I Lose – my keys, phone and mind all the time.
I’m Confused – 99% of the time in life
I Need – to write poetry more.
I Should – listen to my body more and take time off of running.
I Dream – of finding true love.
I hope- I can make a difference in someone’s life
I feel- like today, tonight and tomorrow are going to be good days.
I appreciate- my mom and all she does for me.

What lessons have you learned this year?

My body is capable of running long distances
I actually LIKE cheese and almond butter!
I don’t have to drink 5 nights a week to have fun.
I don’t need 1,000 acquaintances, just a few best friends.


Annie D. August 20, 2009 at 3:27 pm

I Am – A nice person… who expects respect
I Want – to go to Disney World!!
I Have – a fantastic husband
I Wish – I could blog for a living
I Hate – when ignorant people talk
I Fear – other people dying
I Hear – much more than people think I do
I Search – for healthy pre-packaged food
I Wonder – where my life will take me next
I Regret – not living in the moment each day
I Love – my family
I Ache – when I eat crappy food
I Always – try to get enough sleep
I Usually – am very organized and prepared
I Am Not – a mean person
I Dance – a happy dance
I Sing – a LOT
I Never – stop thinking about Disney World
I Rarely – yell
I Cry – A LOT!
I Am Not Always – as organized as I want to be
I Lose – a lot of things in my big purse!
I’m Confused – about why there are so many unhealthy people in the world.
I Need – to go buy a new iron
I Should – exercise more intensly than I do
I Dream – about some really weird stuff!!
I hope- I can get up the nerve to think about having children
I feel- tired right now
I appreciate- when people are nice to me

What lessons have you learned this year?
Health is wealth


Alicia August 20, 2009 at 3:33 pm

I Am – what I am.
I Want – to be happy.
I Have – a great husband, loving family, wonderful home, and adorable pets.
I Wish – I was fearless.
I Hate – being scared of failure.
I Fear – failure.
I Hear – “Breakdown” by Jack Johnson
I Search – to find answers or verify my own answers.
I Wonder – what I will do with the rest of my life.
I Regret – not being able to be irresponsible.
I Love – making people happy.
I Ache – when I feel I migh have dissapointed someone.
I Always – have a bowl of ceral first thing when I get up in the morning.
I Usually – say “bless you” when someone sneezes.
I Am Not – “skinny.”
I Dance – all the time with myself.
I Sing – all them time (although I have to be careful at work).
I Never – truly indulge myself.
I Rarely – don’t want to eat.
I Cry – randomly.
I Am Not Always – perfect.
I Lose – at chess ALL the time.
I’m Confused – why my work hired me…they never have work for me to do (hence why I’m doing this).
I Need – more chocolate in my life.
I Should – go to pastry school.
I Dream – that someday I’ll own my own bakery.
I hope- that my husband and I stay best friends for ever.
I feel- like I should always be doing more to make the world a better place.
I appreciate- the supportive people I have in my life.

What lessons have you learned this year?
1. I truly LOVE to bake and create cakes that make people say, “ah.”
2. I don’t like sitting in an office doing meaningless work all day.
3. I can say No to sweets (but why would I?).
4. I can walk/run more than 7 miles.
5. No matter how hard I try, I will never be a fashionista.


heather dawn August 20, 2009 at 3:34 pm

What have I learned this year?

-To forget, even if you cant forgive
-You are your own best friend, be nice to yourself!
-Family is more important than anything
-My boyfriend thinks im perfect :)
-I love living healthy and can shrug off the comments I get from people who dont understand
-I have learned a lot more, thanks to OSG.


Ali August 20, 2009 at 3:38 pm

I Am – truly, truly happy!
I Want – to finish my Master’s Degree.
I Have – such a great support system.
I Wish – I had a little bit more money, not a lo, just enough to make my life easier.
I Hate – people who hurt animals.
I Fear – rats!
I Hear – co-workers talking and thunder!
I Search – for ways to help myself relax.
I Wonder – where certain ventures will take me.
I Regret – Nothing!
I Love – my fiance with all my heart <3
I Ache – to have a real relationship with my brother and for him to get clean and stay that way.
I Always – feel happier in new shoes…sorry, it’s true!
I Usually – have a hard time being quiet…I talk A LOT!
I Am Not – crafty…and wish I was.
I Dance – around my apt. while getting ready for work.
I Sing – in the car…always.
I Never – make an important decision without bouncing it off my dad first, I trust his advice immensely.
I Rarely – eat fried food. It hurts my belly.
I Cry – when I see the “Arms of the Angel” commercial about animal abuse!
I Am Not Always – as good about letting people know how much I appreciate them.
I Lose – EVERYTHING! I am so absent minded!
I’m Confused – about certain aspects of my job.
I Need – at least 7 hours of sleep a night…CASE CLOSED!
I Should – stop shopping, but I can’t!
I Dream – about being in a profession where I make a difference.
I hope- I hope that God will guide me down the write career path.
I feel- that He will.
I appreciate- My body for all it can do!

What lessons have you learned this year?
– I can do anything I put my mind too!
– My body is capable of so much!
– I can cook!
– People won’t always like you or support your decisions and that is ok. You gotta do what is best for you.


Kayzilla August 20, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Roflmao. This is gonna be fun.

I Am – Kayzilla! Hear me roar! Raaaaaaaarrrr!!
I Want – World peace. To suceed in life. Be a beneficial member of society. Also: more underwear and to try more energy bars.
I Have – a whole life ahead of me. And a camera. O life, what fun we shall have.
I Wish – for everyone to just be quiet for a moment and breath like it’s the first time. Also: underwear. And clif bars, glo, and lara bars.
I Hate – cruelty. Whether it’s emotional or physical.. to a person or an insect, I hate it.
I Fear – Life itself. It’s scary, and I’m just one girl. I’ll survive, though.
I Hear – the hum of my fan.
I Search – for more time. It always seems to go ZOOM! before I know it..
I Wonder – how long my love will be with me, if I’ll pass the GED, and wtf is up with platypi? Seriously!
I Regret – the time I wasted being mean to the one person I’ll never escape from– Me.
I Love – Being alive. If I’m alive, I can help and love others. Isn’t that great?
I Ache – in my legs. I got some nasty ol’ shin splints going on.
I Always – comment too much. My comments are always the rediculously longest one of the bunch on OSG, roflmao.
I Usually – am a hopeless optimist. You know.. if that isn’t apparent enough. :P
I Am Not – a genuinely mean person. I have good motives, but I know they’re not always interpreted or displayed correctly.
I Dance – Everyday! Especially if I feel like crap!
I Sing – On rare occasions. I’m really not good, so I don’t do it as I do not want to be the reason someone just combusted into flames and DIED. (It could happen!)
I Never – remember to do my laundry enough. It takes me 3 weeks to finally get motivated to do it. D:
I Rarely – paint my nails! I love doing it, but it’s rare that I actually do..
I Cry – A couple of times a month. Sometimes out of sadness or anger, but it’s quite rejuvinating afterwards. I’m not ashamed of it.
I Am Not Always – that girl that gets things done. Sometimes I’m a lazy bum. Everyone thinks I’m studying 24/7 when sometimes I’m just reading a comic or doodling.
I Lose – earings and socks really easily.
I’m Confused – about kissing. SERIOUSLY! What happens with the mouth when you kiss? Aagghhh I hate being so naive, but I only got 3 months to figure it out by myself before it happens.
I Need – to start studying soon, hehe.
I Should – take a mini nap today. I love those things.
I Dream – of being a teacher, a dancer, a wonderful wife, and having sexy lingerie while eating a glo bar? Well.. maybe not all at once…
I hope- That I grow into a strong, confident, young adult that I know I am!
I feel- Tired. I really need that nap.
I appreciate- The life I was given. I’m one lucky peanut.

What lessons have you learned this year?
– When it comes to your workouts: Dig deeper. Go for it. Don’t hold back, and don’t second guess yourself.
– I’m not ugly like I plagued my mind to believe.
– Too much fats, sugars, and salts will trigger a binge if you’re not aware of it. Listen to your mind, cravings, and impulses… But leave it at that.
– Let go sometimes.
– Be assertive, and don’t let anyone stop you from accomplishing what you need to get done.
– Ask questions. Be curious.
– Keep trying. <3

Okay, I’ll leave it at that. I bet this is rediculously long like all my comments are. heh. Sorry. ^__^;;


Lauren August 20, 2009 at 3:53 pm

I Am – a senior in college! uhhhwhoooop!
I Want – a life full of love and happiness
I Have – an amazing family that supports me
I Wish – to understand certain things/ppl better
I Hate – hate in general
I Fear – not living life to its fullest
I Hear – the radio at work
I Search – the internet due to boredom
I Wonder – when it will be less than 95F outside
I Regret – not spending as much time with friends sometimes
I Love – my family, dog, bf, and chocolate :)
I Ache – in my wrist…carpool tunnel from computer? hope not!
I Always – try to be strong
I Usually – go to bed early like a grandma
I Am Not – weak
I Dance – akwardly
I Sing – alone…in my car :)
I Never – want to take moments for granted
I Rarely – sleep in
I Cry – when i feel helpless (or pmsing)
I Am Not Always – understanding
I Lose – track of time when having fun
I’m Confused – on what exactly i want in the future
I Need – support and love
I Should – be doing something productive
I Dream – BIG
I hope- everything works out in the end
I feel- content
I appreciate- my life!


ReinventingSandyB August 20, 2009 at 4:07 pm

I Am – In the process of a reinvention.
I Want – To make my last year as a 20-something my best year as a 20-something.
I Have – Too many shoes and not enough time!
I Wish – Money was no object.
I Hate – Traffic. Passionately.
I Fear – Failure. But I don’t give up easily.
I Hear – The keys on my keyboard tapping a lot these days.
I Search – For the right words.
I Wonder – What my cat does all day.
I Regret – Not buying those shoes!
I Love – Friday night with pizza, red wine, and HBO.
I Ache – After a good workout. And I love it.
I Always – Come to work five minutes late.
I Usually – Make my lunch for work. Quinoa + something green + protein (usually chicken)
I Am Not – Easily convinced when my mind is made up. Stubborn? Me?
I Dance – At weddings until my feet hurt.
I Sing – Almost never. Bad experience in second grade.
I Never – Understood cheesecake.
I Rarely – Eat dairy. Don’t shave my armpits. Or sleep in.
I Cry – When I’m happy, sad, mad or confused (but not often)
I Am Not Always – Right
I Lose – My patience in long line ups.
I’m Confused – About what to wear on Saturday night.
I Need – A mani/pedi asap!
I Should – Teach more yoga. I miss it.
I Dream – About living by the ocean.
I Hope- I’m making the right choices this year.
I Feel- I’m on the verge of something great.
I Appreciate- That I have a good husband.

What lessons have you learned this year?
-29 will be a defining year for me
-We all get a little insecure sometimes
-Fear is the source of indecision
-Oatmeal + blueberries + cinnamon = bliss


Kat August 20, 2009 at 4:11 pm

Hi Angela,
What a great idea, I love it. I recently started my own blog


and would love to try something like this one day. When I get the time, I might come back and fill one out. I really enjoyed reading through these, though!


Kimberly Lee August 20, 2009 at 4:13 pm

• I Am – amazed daily by the changes that pregnancy brings to my mind, body, and mood.
I Want – to enjoy a good hard workout this evening and then a yummy dinner with my Mama.
I Have – the world’s greatest husband, a loving family, and amazing friends. I am blessed.
I Wish – that the world was not so full of evil, that no single person would ever have to suffer from disease, hunger, or fear
I Hate – the word hate.
I Fear – disappointing those that I love – specifically my hubby and my Daddy
I Hear – the music I am playing on my computer.
I Search – Google anytime my husband asks me a question that I am not sure about. But I never tell him where I got my information.
I Wonder – if the baby I am carrying is a boy or a girl.
I Regret – having moments of selfishness that caused me to hurt people that I care about
I Love – my life – great husband, super family, job that I enjoy, world’s cutest puppies to greet me when I get home from work….
I Ache – physically everywhere these days. Emotionally when I think that I have upset friends/family
I Always – have a book in my pocketbook. I love to read in any spare moment that I can find.
I Usually – take naps in the afternoons – thanks once again to pregnancy.
I Am Not – a naturally pessimistic person. I am too much of an optimist/dreamer
I Dance – around my living room while cleaning, in the kitchen with the hubby while making dinner, and whenever my nieces are watching High School Musical
I Sing – at the top of my lungs with the radio in my car and in our church’s choir.
I Never – sing solos….I am not a singer.
I Rarely – wear makeup. I tend to be a natural kinda girl.
I Cry – at lot these days – I am blaming the pregnancy hormones.
I Am Not Always – talkative/outgoing. Some days I enjoy not saying a whole lot and being introverted.
I Lose – my car keys at least once a week.
I’m Confused – about a few situation at work.
I Need – a good workout, a yummy dinner and then a bubble bath.
I Should – update my blog more than I do.
I Dream – of one day earning my PhD.
I hope- that I can raise my child to be a loving, compassionate, caring human being.
I feel- sleepy at this exact moment.
I appreciate- my awesome blog friends who give me something to read while unwinding from a long work day.
What lessons have you learned this year? That I can trust my instincts as I generally make good choices for myself.


Ruby Red Vegan August 20, 2009 at 4:25 pm

Thanks for sharing this…it takes a lot of bravery and effort.

Okay, here goes:
I Am – quiet and keep most of my thoughts to myself
I Want – my life to have purpose and connection to others!
I Have – so many blessings, and I need to remember that
I Wish – I would take chances more often and live life more fully
I Hate – rainy days! They get me so down…
I Fear – that people can see right through me and immediately pinpoint my flaws, insecurities, and sinfulness
I Hear – certain music and beats at the right time and feel on top of the world + I hear my conscience louder and clearer these days
I Search – for meaning, for purpose, for something tangible inside the webby tangles in my brain
I Wonder – where I am headed and what I was made for
I Regret – not getting to know people better or tell them I love them
I Love – God and love that He has blessed me with the health of wonderful plant-based foods and my sweet sweet blogger friends
I Ache – when I think about stupid things I’ve done and my stupidity for not doing certain things
I Always – eat breakfast
I Usually – get distracted during prayer
I Am Not – an extrovert
I Dance – like a crazy goofball and it is the funnest thing in the world!
I Sing – in the shower, in the car with the windows down, in front of my family…but not in front of friends
I Never – eat meat
I Rarely – go to bars. I hate smokiness and don’t enjoy alcohol, so I refrain unless it is a special circumstance…
I Cry – when receptionists or cashiers are mean to me! That’s when I let out all my pent-up emotion!
I Am Not Always – on time. I just got into the bad habit of this and neeeed to stop it!
I Lose – control of my wallet sometimes…darn those delicious vegan restaurants & espresso drinks & grocery stores!
I’m Confused – about a boy, about being laid off, about my role in God’s plan
I Need – to slow down, I need a support system
I Should – read my textbooks more often
I Dream – rarely…and my imagination is not nearly as vivid as it used to be and that makes me sad
I hope – I have the strength to make myself vulnerable
I feel – butterflies right now!
I appreciate – when people take the extra effort to get to know me (it’s not easy)

What lessons have you learned this year?
– I should think about consequences and benefit vs. cost before taking action!
– Life is so much more enjoyable when I breathe and take it slow!
– When I have a bad feeling about something, I should go with it. I think God is trying to speak to me!
– Sugary desserts and excess caffeine zap my energy! I love Green Monsters and Larabars!


Mellissa August 20, 2009 at 4:50 pm

I Am – Strong, independent and passionate about travel, food, and helping others
I Want – A job I love and to do my PhD
I Have – A strong sense of self
I Wish – Life were easier sometimes
I Hate – Being stuck in a situation that I do not like
I Fear – Spiders, Failure
I Hear – The guy in the cube next to me on the phone
I Search – For constant happiness
I Wonder – what the future holds
I Regret – Nothing! Everything happens for a reason.
I Love – my husband, food, wine and traveling.
I Ache – for those who are underprivileged
I Always – set my clothes out that night before
I Usually – am very organized
I Am Not – like my mother
I Dance – whenever I feel like, when I cook, in the car a little
I Sing – In the car
I Never – press the snooze button
I Rarely – am late for anything
I Cry – a lot more than I used to, things have been frustrating lately
I Am Not Always – right
I Lose – at sports, I am not very coordinated
I’m Confused – About what I want to be when I grow up
I Need – to feel loved and appreciated by those around me
I Should – take more risks
I Dream – of too much to type out
I hope- that people will learn to get along better
I feel- contemplative, there is a lot going on in my life right now
I appreciate- people who are always there for me

What lessons have you learned this year?
I am capable of much more than I ever thought
I crave a normal routine
I underestimate those around me and am working on fixing that!


Kim August 20, 2009 at 5:05 pm

What fun!!

I Am – a strong woman, wife & mother
I Want – to have completed a marathon by this time next year.
I Have – two beautiful children & a loving husband.
I Wish – the economy was in a better place.
I Hate – cancer
I Fear -death…dying before my kids.
I Hear – the news…storms are on the horizon
I Search – for new gluten-free foods all the time!
I Wonder – what the world will be like in 25 years.
I Regret – some of the things I did 15 years ago. If I went back to change them though, my life would be different today.
I Love – my family
I Ache – for those in pain
I Always – kiss my kids & hubby good night before bed.
I Usually – talk to my sister at least once a day
I Am Not – the type of person to be late..punctuality is one of my biggest OCD habits! LOL!
I Dance – with my daughter
I Sing – whenever the mood strikes me.
I Never – say never (just like you, Angela)
I Rarely – watch TV during the day or summer.
I Cry – too much! LOL! I am very emotional.
I Am Not Always – the most organized, though I try.
I Lose – my keys in my large purse all the time
I’m Confused – when I have to help my son with his algebra! LOL!
I Need – a good massage from my hubby.
I Should – get up & change my laundry.
I Dream – of opening my own gluten-free restaurant/bakery one day.
I hope- that my kids have a good school year…they start next week.
I feel- for my sister….she is having a rough pregnancy with twin boys.
I appreciate-all my friends & family.

What lessons have you learned this year? I can do anything that I want to do if I put my mind to it. Attitude is the key. A positive attitude can change your whole experience. Why be miserable when you don’t have to be?


Jen August 20, 2009 at 5:20 pm

I Am – living miles and miles away from my family, in Japan
I Want – my boyfriend to hurry up and come back from Germany
I Have – way too much free time and not enough to do
I Wish – that my knees would hurry up and get better already!
I Hate – the fact that I am secretly happy that my stomach is acting up at the moment as it’s an easy way for me to lose weight
I Fear – being alone
I Hear – cicadas all the way to work in the morning, which is something I never heard in the UK
I Search – for some kind of purpose
I Wonder – if I’ll end up being out here for the rest of my life
I Regret – not being more proactive in making friends
I Love – Japanese food, yum
I Ache – when I bend my knees past a certain point. No running/cycling for me/climbing stairs comfortably for me!
I Always – punish myself for being me
I Usually – cook for 2 people (my boyfriend and me) and am finding it hard to work up the motivation to cook from scratch just for myself
I Am Not – as good at Japanese as I would like to be
I Dance – really badly, but enjoy it
I Sing – whenever I can
I Never – remember to turn off my fan before I leave my flat
I Rarely – do anything outside of my comfort zone
I Cry – at films and TV series way too much.
I Am Not Always – as confident as people seem to believe I am
I Lose – sleep most nights
I’m Confused – by a lot of things which happen at the school I work at
I Need – to let myself be a little more vulnerable sometimes
I Should – stop being so lazy!
I Dream – in Japanese a lot of the time
I hope- to become a translator, marry my boyfriend and have cute half-Japanese children
I feel- kind of sick
I appreciate- my stomach when it isn’t rebelling against me!

What lessons have you learned this year?

– Moving to a new place is HARD.
– That if you want something to happen, you need to go out and make it happen.
– That although I am really lazy, I am much much happier if I get off my arse and make myself do things.
– To stop comparing myself to all of the really thin Japanese girls I see every day.


Susan August 20, 2009 at 5:35 pm


I Am – A good listener
I Want – To love my job
I Have – A wonderful boyfriend
I Wish – I didn’t worry so much
I Hate – Temperatures over 30C
I Fear – The future
I Hear – Fans
I Search – For everything. I am really messy and disorganized.
I Wonder – Where I’ll be in 5 years time
I Regret – Nothing. Not a lick.
I Love – Cresting over a really tough hill on my bike
I Ache – After doing lunges, they hurt so good.
I Always – Wake up before my alarm.
I Usually – Say please and thank you
I Am Not – An outgoing person
I Dance – Only when drunk
I Sing – All the time
I Never – Judge people
I Rarely – Turn down a good challenge
I Cry – Not as much as I should
I Am Not Always – As aggressive as I should be
I Lose – Track of time
I’m Confused – By numbers
I Need – More hours in the day
I Should – Be cleaning my kitchen
I Dream – In technicolour
I hope- To someday be TRULY happy
I feel- Almost content
I appreciate- What people do for me

What lessons have you learned this year?
I’m capable of ANYTHING


Becca August 20, 2009 at 5:42 pm

I Am – a lot different things to different people, but to me I am a professional woman trying to carve out a place in this world
I Want – to move to Denver – desperately!
I Have – a very strong inner motivation
I Wish – it would stop raining
I Hate – sitting at a desk all day long – not to be confused with I hate my job
I Fear – thunderstorms, tornado’s and scary things like that
I Hear – the whirr of my heat fan – it’s always freezing in the office
I Search – Google – oh how did I live without you?
I Wonder – what kind of people my nephews will turn out to be
I Regret – not spending enough time with said nephews
I Love – so many things; waking up next to my amazing boyfriend, kisses from my nephews, pancakes on Sundays, running, the ocean, moments of peace and quiet, writing
I Ache – always after running – damn knee!
I Always – say hello to people when I walk by
I Usually – straighten/blow dry my hair – I’ll let it air dry when I’m feeling especially daring
I Am Not – perfect, nor do I want to be
I Dance – when I drink too much
I Sing – to country music, loud and probably off-key
I Never – go more than a few days without talking to my mom
I Rarely – break the rules
I Cry – when I am really hurt, but don’t cry very often
I Am Not Always – the most optimistic person, sometimes the analytical writer in me gets the best of me
I’m Confused – about exactly what I want to do for a career
I Need – a pedicure
I Should – be working and not filling this out =)
I Dream – of writing a book, living in the mountains, getting married
I feel- antsy
I appreciate- living so close to my family, friends and people I have known for years

What lessons have you learned this year?
– I want to move away and have a new adventure in a new city
– People will often surprise you
– Love can grow into something you never thought possible
– Not to complain about work. Having a job right now is a blessing!


Angela (Oh She Glows) August 20, 2009 at 6:20 pm

I love your answers! I will remember this post when I am feeling down and need a pick me up. :)


Lori August 20, 2009 at 6:30 pm

I Am – happy
I Want – a bigger house
I Have – an amazing husband
I Wish – to be debt free
I Hate – secrets & lies
I Fear – failure
I Hear – trickling water from my fish tank
I Search – for knowledge
I Wonder – what my child will look like when he grows up
I Regret – not giving myself enough credit
I Love – my family
I Ache – when I feel I have failed
I Always – wash my face before bed
I Usually – go to bed to late
I Am Not – as organized as I would like
I Dance – whenever I can
I Sing – where ever I am
I Never – go to sleep without telling my family I love them
I Rarely – have a dinner plan
I Cry – when I watch certain movies
I Am Not Always –
I Lose – socks I don’t know what happens to them
I’m Confused – about what I want to be when I grow up
I Need – a quiet place for myself at least once a day
I Should – be more patient
I Dream – about a place where everyone is open and honest and supportive no matter where you are
I hope-
I feel-
I appreciate-

What lessons have you learned this year?


emily - eatventures August 20, 2009 at 6:48 pm

I Am – enthusiastic
I Want – to know what to do with the rest of my life
I Have – a blog – http://eatventures.wordpress.com
I Wish – I had the capital to start a restaurant
I Hate – hate
I Fear – hate
I Hear – “New Slang,” by The Shins
I Search – for meaning in difficulty
I Wonder – where I will be in 10years
I Regret – not exploring more in college
I Love – my husband
I Ache – for direction
I Always – gulp diet soda with a straw
I Usually – smile
I Am Not – a teacher any more
I Dance – without rythm
I Sing – Joshua Radin
I Never – stop wanting to kiss Adam
I Rarely – turn down popcorn
I Cry – when I am angry
I Am Not Always – tired
I Lose – sleep in my new loud apartment
I’m Confused – about where to go
I Need – direction
I Should – trust in fate
I Dream – of the future
I hope- for my husband’s happiness
I feel- loved
I appreciate- all the experiences I’ve been given


Maureen August 20, 2009 at 7:14 pm

I Am – optimistic
I Want – to live a long healthy life
I Have – amazing kids the best daughter in law and a beautiful new grandson
I Wish – to enjoy many adventures
I Hate – people who hate for no reason
I Fear – bigotry
I Hear – the thunder storm that just rolled in
I Search – for new vegan recipes
I Wonder – what I will have for dinner
I Regret – nothing only look forward
I Love – my life
I Ache – inner thighs new workout routine today
I Always – feel blessed
I Usually – have lazy saturday mornings
I Am Not – as organized as i would like
I Dance – whenever I can
I Sing – loudly in my car
I Never – say never
I Rarely – sleep in
I Cry – a lot less than I used to
I Am Not Always –
I Lose –
I’m Confused – by what people see in Brad Pitt
I Need –
I Should – watch less TV
I Dream – about a place by the water with a mountain back drop
I hope- to enjoy many adventures with my children and grandchildren
I feel- happy
I appreciate- every day

What lessons have you learned this year?


Maureen August 20, 2009 at 7:15 pm

great quote I just copied from my sisters facebook page words to live by
‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain’.


AGS August 20, 2009 at 7:22 pm

I Am – a bit of a goof-ball at heart
I Want – an extra hour in each day
I Have – stamina
I Wish – I could slow down
I Hate – arguments
I Fear – not living up to my own expectations
I Hear – the rush of cars
I Search – for brilliant, confident, and trust-worthy friends
I Wonder – what will happen in the next year
I Regret – forgetting lessons learned
I Love – morning more than night
I Ache – in my heart over mistakes
I Always – believe
I Usually – pick myself up
I Am Not – scared of anyone (except myself)
I Dance – while doing chores
I Sing – in church or with family
I Never – get tired of waking up early
I Rarely – start something I don’t intend to finish
I Cry – by myself
I Am Not Always – patient
I Lose – rings (including wedding ring, but husband found it)
I’m Confused – often, but won’t admit it to anyone but my husband (who I can’t fool anyway)
I Need – my husband to remind me pizza and a movie solve a lot of problems
I Should – NOT say “I should” so much
I Dream – when I am running
I hope- to love my husband as much as he love me
I feel- so tired at the end of each day, but in a good way
I appreciate- revisiting familier places

What lessons have you learned this year?
1. I can accomplish what I set out to do.
2. Extreme effort cannot be continued indefinitely.
3. I am special.
4. Weight-lifting is as good as running.


Organic Ashley August 20, 2009 at 7:22 pm

I Am – healing and one day I will be strong and glow from the inside
I Want – to travel the world and experience lots of different cultures.
I Have – the most amazing boyfriend I could ever ask for.
I Wish – I knew exactly what I needed to do with my life.
I Hate – people who are really nice and then tip really lousy…grrr
I Fear – I will make the wrong decision
I Hear – silence. Its beautiful.
I Search – for ways to take my practice to the next level.
I Wonder – what is in store for me.
I Regret – nothing. Everything happens for a reason.
I Love – yoga and the way my body feels like it needs it everyday.
I Ache – when I eat gluten or tomatoes
I Always – wear yoga clothes to bed
I Usually – cook and bake a lot. I love it!
I Am Not – skinny. I tried it and I’m not meant to be that way.
I Dance – whenever I can it feels so good.
I Sing – whenever I need to calm down
I Never – say never because every time I do I end up doing it.
I Rarely – clean. I hate it but I stay pretty organized
I Cry – with every emotion. I cant help.
I Am Not Always – bubbly but I try to be.
I Lose – it easily when I’m with my sister
I’m Confused- when I do science stuff.
I Need – at least one good hug daily
I Should – listen to my heart more often and not be so afraid.
I Dream – of opening a gluten, vegan, sugar free bakery one day.
I hope- that one day I will get married and have beautiful babies.
I feel- like I am doing the right thing in my life right now
I appreciate- that Chris has stuck by me and listened to all my stomach issues.


Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now August 20, 2009 at 8:36 pm

I Am – a woman with a genuinely beautiful heart.
I Want – to make those around me happy.
I Have – wonderful people who love me.
I Fear – being alone.
I Hear – the sound of rain falling.
I Wonder – what I’ll be doing in 2 years.
I Regret – having regrets.
I Love – finding the beauty in seemingly un-beautiful things.
I Am Not – going to give up or go back.
I Dance – when I’m happy.
I Sing – when I feel secure.
I Cry – entirely too much, but it’s okay because that’s part of who I am.
I Need – love.
I Dream – of my future.
I hope- I am doing well.
I feel- content.
I appreciate- http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/ She is a truly amazing person.


Heather August 20, 2009 at 8:37 pm

This was fun to get to know you!

I Am – sarcastic, funny, happy, thankful
I Want – a BlendTec blender! haha – but really, i want to be healthy & happy
I Have – an amazing boyfriend, good friends & family, knowledge and strength
I Wish – everyone was kind and thoughtful and non-judgemental
I Hate – people who judge you
I Fear – fear itself.
I Hear – Top Chef in the background
I Search – for the answers to fix everything
I Wonder – what my future will look like.
I Regret – hurting people & not telling them exactly how i felt
I Love – life, good food, friends, my bf, animals
I Ache – from coughing so hard (sick!)
I Always – open doors for people, and smile at strangers
I Usually – drink green juice every day
I Am Not – high maintenance.
I Dance – in my bedroom alone, esp in the morning to wake up!
I Sing – in the shower.
I Never – eat meat.
I Rarely – leave home without makeup on.
I Cry – ALL THE TIME. tv commercials, movie trailers, books… you name it!
I Am Not Always – nice.
I Lose – my mind a little bit every day.
I’m Confused – often. i’m kind of ditzy.
I Need – to see my boyfriend! he’s been in Egypt
I Should – go wash my face
I Dream – of big, big things.
I hope- for an end to violence.
I feel- so exhausted.
I appreciate- all the amazing people and things in my life.


Yasmin August 20, 2009 at 8:44 pm

I like this get-to-know you game! I’ll use it on my next blog :)


Kelly August 20, 2009 at 8:46 pm

I Am – stronger than I think I am
I Want – everything
I Have – a lot to be thankful for
I Wish – there were more hours in the day
I Hate – stress
I Fear – water. deep water. any water you’d have to swim in.
I Hear – the a/c blowing (thank goodness)
I Search – yahoo mostly, but am currently addicted to the backgrounds on bing
I Wonder – when i’ll be ready for kids
I Regret – not taking the plunge more often
I Love – my husband, my dog, my life
I Ache – when my family says they miss me (i live far away)
I Always – floss :)
I Usually – push myself too hard
I Am Not – shy
I Dance – rarely
I Sing – all the time
I Never – mow the grass haha
I Rarely – don’t fit it all in
I Cry – at almost anything
I Am Not Always – rational
I Lose – my temper
I’m Confused – about what cell phone to get
I Need – a vacation with my husband
I Should – be relaxing reading a book
I Dream – about everything falling into place
I hope- tomorrow is an easy friday
I feel- happy with where i am in life
I appreciate- my body, my mind, and everything around me.

What lessons have you learned this year? I learned that if you push through a bad situation and stick it out, good will come in the end and you will be rewarded.


Bree August 20, 2009 at 8:59 pm

I Am – stronger than I give myself credit for
I Want – to just have a great time with family on my wedding day
I Have – a wonderful life (I love the movie, too)
I Wish – for my fiance to get the job he applied for
I Hate – when people judge others
I Fear – that I will have to raise my future children in a scary world
I Hear – the TV in the background
I Search – for recipes like a mad woman (I love to bake healthy treats)
I Wonder – what I will do once I am done with my PhD
I Regret – all the time I have wasted hating my body
I Love – my fiance (marrying him next Friday), my family, friends & my crazy cat
I Ache – when I overdue it on a run
I Always – have tea in the morning
I Usually –
I Am Not – competitive or confrontational
I Dance – quite silly, but I love how it makes my man chuckle
I Sing – when I am alone!
I Never – have enough time!
I Rarely – eat meat
I Cry – at sappy movies
I Am Not Always –
I Lose – my way when hiking
I’m Confused – by taxes & the US healthcare system
I Need – to buckle down this years & finish my degree
I Should – call my friends more often
I Dream – of having a career that I love one day
I hope- to be a good wife & fantastic mother
I feel- lucky
I appreciate- everyone that has stood by me over the years

What lessons have you learned this year?
I need to work on my self confidence! I am smart even though I don’t know everything!

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but it all works out in the end.


RunToFinish August 20, 2009 at 9:36 pm

wow some really interesting answers. a lot of people who want to own bakeries!
I Am – organized, thoughtful, loyal, sarcastic, loving
I Want – to live near water, to run faster, to have 4 pack abs
I Have – an amazing husband, great parents and a great job
I Wish – people would just calm down
I Hate – hate
I Fear – being truly injured
I Hear – my air conditioner running
I Search – for peace
I Wonder – how some people make it so far by treating others so badly
I Regret – losing touch with some friends
I Love – my life
I Ache – for a friend who truly knows me
I Always – have to be early to an appointment
I Usually – workout every day
I Am Not – finished chasing my dreams
I Dance – in the shower
I Sing – in the car…LOUD
I Never – eat fried chicken
I Rarely – get a pedicure, but love it when I do
I Cry – when my heart is broken
I Am Not Always – satisified
I Lose – not much really
I’m Confused – when people expect me to read their minds
I Need – to commit to my health if i really want those abs
I Should – kiss my hubby fully every day
I Dream – of a lifestyle that allows me to be outside every day
I hope- for a future of love and peace
I feel- calm
I appreciate- so many things I can’t even list it

What lessons have you learned this year?
Focus on reacting to everything with Love


girlmeetsyoga August 20, 2009 at 9:44 pm

ou can copy and paste this into a comment below, if you’d like:

I Am -a singer
I Want – to travel the world with people I love doing good work I love
I Have – a sweet husband
I Wish – to create positivity
I Hate – when he leaves the seat down
I Fear – clowns
I Hear – dead people (just kidding)…
I Search – for hidden chocolate in husband’s brief-case
I Wonder – what my kitten dreams about…
I Regret – that I didn’t major in Advertising
I Love – the nightlife…I’ve got to boogie.
I Ache – for endless summer.
I Always – say thank you.
I Usually – go to the beach everey day.
I Am Not – fond of cauliflower
I Dance – like Elaine from Seinfeld. it’s pretty scary.
I Sing – every second I can. gigs, plays, even online kareoke. wanna listen???
I Never – balance my checkbook
I Rarely – do what I’m told
I Cry – like a faucet during Lifetime movies
I Am Not Always – confident
I Lose – keys, umbrellas
I’m Confused – about what career direction to take
I Need – a new pair of flip flops.
I Should – eat right and exercize
I Dream – of Broadway or being the winner of “Second Chance Idol”
I hope-to finalize our adoption soon.
I feel-wistful when the last spoonful of ice-cream is gone
I appreciate-

What lessons have you learned this year?
That my family can never be who I need them to be.
That I must move forward.


Richelle August 20, 2009 at 10:09 pm

I Am – a good person
I Want – to run a marathon again
I Have – a good life
I Wish – I hadn’t had to struggle with an eating disorder
I Hate – the word hate
I Fear – not living up to others expectations
I Hear – the dishwasher
I Search – for ways to run healthier on the net all the time
I Wonder – what’s going to happen
I Regret – wasting so many years hating myself
I Love – myself just the way I am
I Ache – when my fiance and I get in an argument
I Always – eat breakfast
I Usually – cook supper
I Am Not – going to give in to an eating disorder ever again
I Dance – when i’ve had too much too drink
I Sing – when I’m in my car
I Never – skip stretching
I Rarely – eat fast food
I Cry – when I’m stressed or sad
I Am Not Always – on time
I Lose – phone numbers and names from my memory quickly
I’m Confused – about life sometimes
I Need – more friends with similar interests
I Should – weed my garden
I Dream – of qualifying for the boston marathon
I hope- I finish my schooling this year
I feel- happy
I appreciate-kindness

What lessons have you learned this year?
I can still eat chocolate and ice cream as part of a healthy diet.
My relationship with my family will never be the same.
I like tofu!


Erin August 20, 2009 at 10:31 pm

What lessons have you learned this year?

I am so much stronger than I believe
It’s 80% mental and 20% positive attitude – if you say you can, then you can!
I DO love feeling and eating healthily
I am obsessed with almond butter
I do not react to sugar well at all (trying to eliminate it)
I love blogging!
People will try to bring you down if you’re feeling great, but your positivity can’t be stopped if you really believe in it.


Gertrude August 20, 2009 at 10:47 pm

I Am – human!
I Want – lots of things!
I Have – many things to be thankful of everyday.
I Wish – for my mom to get well soon and fight that stupid cancer!
I Hate – hate.
I Fear – fear.
I Hear – people in the office talking, and the photocopier printing.
I Search – for everything on google (too)!
I Regret – behaving the way I did when I was 14-17.
I Ache – when I see animals being treated badly.
I Always – have a cup on water by my bed so I’ll have something to drink the moment I wake up.
I Am Not – a fan of the heat.
I Rarely – eat meat.
I Cry – only when i’m alone.
I Am Not Always –
I Lose – things very often.
I’m Confused – when it comes to techonology.
I Need – time.
I Should – be working =p
I Dream – most of the nights.
I hope- that my wish will come true ASAP.
I feel- tired
I appreciate- that i’m alive!


brooke August 20, 2009 at 10:53 pm

I Am – a vegan triathlete.
I Want – my husband and I to live a long, healthy life together.
I Have – a hyper puppy that keeps me laughing.
I Wish – I didn’t live so far from my parents.
I Hate – killing spiders.
I Fear – that having kids is as hard as everyone says it is.
I Hear – that running really isn’t bad for your knees.
I Search – for cheap and delicious berries.
I Wonder – what my puppy is thinking.
I Regret – not asking enough questions.
I Love – soy lattes.
I Ache – during marathons.
I Always – find a bright side.
I Usually – do all the dishes before going to bed.
I Am Not – easily defined.
I Dance – unseriously.
I Sing – to the radio.
I Never – join beauty pageants?
I Rarely – do yoga.
I Cry – when I’m very sad or hurt.
I Am Not Always – sure where my phone is.
I Lose – matching socks.
I’m Confused – as to the appeal of all things vampires.
I Need – love, naps, and food.
I Should – answer my cell phone more.
I Dream – crazy dreams that I will gladly tell anyone about.
I Hope – scientific research cures cancer.
I Feel – loved.
I Appreciate – my husband, and all that he does for me.

What lessons have you learned this year?
You might end up doing the very thing you never thought you’d do.


Rebeca August 21, 2009 at 12:05 am

I Am – a work in progress
I Want – a ring, you know the kind, but one of the things I love about him is his wisdom to wait until it’s perfect, and not rush
I Have – a million books that I love and treasure and can’t imagine giving away
I Wish – I had a bigger apartment
I Hate – that I live so far away from my family
I Fear – failure and disappointing the ones I love
I Hear – the boys random television through the phone
I Search – for truth
I Wonder – where I’ll be in 10 years
I Regret – not becoming friends with my mother sooner
I Love – my life, it’s rocky at times but I have so much to be thankful for
I Ache – when I see people hurting, even strangers
I Always – say “I love you” before I hang up the phone
I Usually – forget things I don’t write down
I Am Not – fake or mean, just reserved
I Dance – always… with passion and without reserve
I Sing – sometimes, hum always
I Never – say “hate” you never know when things will change
I Rarely – remember to put on makeup
I Cry – easily but try not to in public
I Am Not Always – happy but I’m always content
I Lose – all video games except for the fighting ones (but I just frantically push the buttons!)
I’m Confused – by people who take advantage of others
I Need – love, good food and lots of sunlight (like a plant?)
I Should – go to bed earlier
I Dream – of changing the world for a child… hopefully more than one, that’s why I teach
I hope- to be a great mother one day
I feel- like some people think I’m crazy
I appreciate- everything… even the simplest things mean a lot to me… because I know what it is to have little and to have a lot

(I love this… thought provoking Ange)


Trellis August 21, 2009 at 12:41 am

I Am – grateful for the life I have and the opportunity to BE
I Want – to be healthy and happy with myself
I Have – the greatest, sweetest husband ever
I Wish – I had a million dollars
I Hate – negativity, cliques and gossip
I Fear – death and ceasing to exist
I Hear – my hubby snoring lightly
I Search – for meaning in what I do on a daily basis
I Wonder – what on earth is wrong with people
I Regret – disrespecting my body
I Love – myself. Really and truly.
I Ache – seeing people suffer.
I Always – gain back the weight I lose
I Usually – do not give people the benefit of the doubt
I Am Not – a bitch. I’m just quiet.
I Dance – when no one is looking.
I Sing – no longer. I have not sung in over 2 years.
I Never – think of myself as sexy.
I Rarely – see people get better at work.
I Cry – only when I watch TV/movies. I am unable to cry for myself.
I Am Not Always – happy.
I Lose – sleep worrying about work related things that I shouldn’t worry about.
I’m Confused – why I can’t just get it right and lose this weight.
I Need – more friends and a couple of hobbies.
I Should – go to the gym, but that’s not gonna happen.
I Dream – of being a successful novelist.
I hope- to have children one day but I can’t wrap my head around it yet.
I feel- like I’ve come so far but I’ve still got so much further to go.
I appreciate- the small, phenomenal group of friends that I have.

What lessons have you learned this year?
Wait a day before sending angry email or voicemail
You are destined to repeat the same mistake over and over until you finally start doing something different
I don’t have to wear sweaters in the summer to hide my “fat” arms. It’s damn hot. Enough.


Amanda August 21, 2009 at 1:27 am

I Am – a fallible human being
I Want – more money in my bank account ; )
I Have – done more than I give myself credit for.
I Wish – people gave others a chance.
I Hate – narrow minded individuals. Hate in general.
I Fear – failure.
I Hear – my air conditioner : )
I Search – wikipedia for too many things.
I Wonder – if I’ll get to go to grad school.
I Regret – not working harder in college.
I Love – my cats, my friends, my family and my boyfriend.
I Ache – when I know people are suffering.
I Always – look at the details.
I Usually – am cranky in the morning.
I Am Not – a failure.
I Dance – with my boyfriend, just us.
I Sing – in the car.
I Never – take anything for granted.
I Rarely – lash out for no good reason.
I Cry – when I think of my brother stationed in Iraq.
I Am Not Always – mean.
I Lose – my mind when I can’t spend time with my friends.
I’m Confused – about my path in life.
I Need – to go to bed..
I Should – look for a new job.
I Dream – about my brother coming home unscathed.
I hope- I find a path.
I feel- lost, for now.
I appreciate- my health.

What lessons have you learned this year?

If you want something done right, do it yourself. And NEVER let anyone tell you what you want. Only you truly know what you want in life.


Salina August 21, 2009 at 2:37 am

I Am – getting married soon!
I Want – to be healthy
I Have – a wonderful supportive family
I Wish – i could dance like MC Hammer
I Hate – Greed — esp. when it concerns money — a lot of the worlds problems (ESP. this “global Financial crisis) would be averted if people weren’t greedy.
I Fear – the moment of death, but not eternity afterward
I Hear – tap tap tapping on the keyboard
I Search – google — waaay to much.
I Wonder – whether I’ll set my dress on fire on my wedding day
I Regret – hurting some people that I cared about
I Love – hot chocolate and snuggles with my fiance
I Ache – with the love I feel for my fiance, my unborn child and my stillborn son Tobias
I Always – have to clean my feet before I go to bed — even if I’ve just stepped out of the shower.
I Usually – run late for work.. :o)
I Am Not – motivated.. yet
I Dance – badly
I Sing – in the shower to corny 80’s hits
I Never – forget the pain of finding out I had lost Tobias
I Rarely – wear proper shoes — I live in thongs
I Cry – when I have super-low self-esteem days
I Am Not Always – cheerful, but I try to be up-beat
I Lose – my temper too quickly nowadays
I’m Confused – about what I want to do with my life
I Need – to stop eating gluten products!
I Should – take care of myself better
I Dream – of being able to compete in the Mountain Challenge
I hope- that my baby is going to be okay.
I feel – like I have heartburn radiating down to my kneecaps
I appreciate – my fiance doing the housework for me when I’m not feeling well.

What lessons have you learned this year?
The Grass is definitely Not greener on the other side — Everyone’s situation is different – what’s good for one, may not be good for another.
Things happen that you can’t control
That my fiance is my biggest supporter, and sometimes he says stuff that hurts, but says them because he loves me.


Sarah August 21, 2009 at 2:41 am

I Am – quite happy with my life
I Want to go on being happy
I Have – been quite lucky so far
I Wish – I was not always so hard with myself
I Hate – intolerance
I Fear -losing my loved ones
I Hear -bird chirping
I Search –
I Wonder – what the future is going to be like
I Regret – not having told my dad everything I wanted to
I Love – my friends, my family and my boyfriend
I Ache –
I Always -have breakfast
I Usually –
I Am Not –
I Dance -at my weekly african dance lesson
I Sing -really badly
I Never –
I Rarely -not feel like working out
I Cry -when I think of my best friend in heaven
I Am Not Always –
I Lose patience quite quickly
I’m Confused –
I Need -to call my friends more often
I Should -be more patient
I Dream -to go on being healthy
I hope-to become old with my boyfriend
I feel-good
I appreciate-what I have and what I have reached


Paige @ Running Around Normal August 21, 2009 at 7:35 am

What a cool and unique post! Great idea, Ange! :)
I Am – upbeat, organized, a bit OCD, friendly, outgoing, ME
I Want – to live some where HOT year round
I Have – an amazing family and friends
I Wish – that my loved ones never had to suffer
I Hate – rude, mean people
I Fear – being alone
I Hear – The AM news
I Search – to find out more about me
I Wonder – what opportunities the day will bring
I Regret – right now – that I didn’t take more time to find the right major for me in college
I Love – my family and pets
I Ache – when my loved ones ache
I Always – drink coffee in the morning
I Usually – drink a Green Monster after ;-)
I Am Not – boring
I Dance – awkwardly :D
I Sing – to my pup
I Never – drink soda
I Rarely -pamper myself much anymore – no time lately :(
I Cry – oh about once a month ;)
I Am Not Always – going to please everyone
I Lose – my temper while driving
I’m Confused – about where to start to get to where I want to be
I Need – love
I Should – clean today. hmph.
I Dream – about Hawaii :D
I hope- for the war to end
I feel- blessed
I appreciate- my family, the weather, my health

What lessons have you learned this year? I can only be me, and I can’t please everyone. Time spent not being yourself is time wasted.


ferrellslove August 21, 2009 at 7:39 am

I Am – happy
I Want – a baby
I Have – all that I need
I Wish –
I Hate – the word hate
I Fear – failure
I Hear -the washing machine
I Search – to truly know who I am
I Wonder -where my husband and I will be in 20 years
I Regret – not listening to my body
I Love – my husband, family, friends, and dogs
I Ache -when I have hurt someone
I Always -over think things
I Usually – stress over nothing
I Am Not -good at knowing that I am stressed
I Dance – rarely
I Sing – in the car
I Never –
I Rarely –
I Cry – when i am happy, mad, or sad
I Am Not Always – good at communicating my feelings
I Lose – myself sometimes
I’m Confused – about why people who don’t want babies have them, but people who want them struggle to have them
I Need – coffee every morning
I Should – get busy on my house to do list
I Dream –
I hope- to be a great mom someday
I feel- loved
I appreciate- the small things in life

What lessons have you learned this year?
Who I really am.


valerie August 21, 2009 at 8:04 am

I Am – not sure of what I want out of life.
I Want – to be happy.
I Have – a lot of friends.
I Wish – for clarity.
I Hate – being vulnerable.
I Fear – losing the person I love most.
I Hear – Edward playing Catan.
I Search – for something that occupies my mind.
I Wonder – when I will stop hurting.
I Regret – so many things.
I Love – Edward and Pudge.
I Ache – for what I used to have.
I Always – fear the unknown.
I Usually – feel uncomfortable.
I Am Not -who you think I am.
I Dance – as much as I can.
I Sing – when I play Rockband2.
I Never -go to bed early.
I Rarely – like driving.
I Cry -way too often.
I Am Not Always – confused.
I Lose – ?
I’m Confused -?
I Need – some stability.
I Should – get my life together.
I Dream – that things will get better.
I hope- for peace of mind.
I feel- like I am on the edge.
I appreciate- my friends.

What lessons have you learned this year?
People don’t always act the way you would or the way you want them to. You have to understand this in order not to be upset with them.


Betty August 21, 2009 at 1:17 pm

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Rachel August 21, 2009 at 3:50 pm

I Am – generally a happy person
I Want – to make more friends in the city I just moved to
I Have – some great friends around the country from moving so much :)
I Wish – it was warmer where I am
I Hate – olives. Oh god, they’re awful.
I Fear – failure.
I Hear – The hum of my spaceheater. In August.
I Search – for the love of my life
I Wonder – if I will always be single
I Regret – not being easier on myself when I was younger.
I Love – living in a place where I can easily go visit my family.
I Ache – because I don’t live closer to my family.
I Always – have a little bit of chocolate, every day.
I Usually – try to be upbeat and find silver linings.
I Am Not – an artist. I can’t even fold a piece of paper neatly.
I Dance – to 80s/90s music. Like A Prayer, anyone?
I Sing – Loudly and in the car
I Never – smoke. Disgusting habit.
I Rarely – moisturize, and I really need to step that up.
I Cry – alone. I hate crying in front of others.
I Am Not Always – as tough as I act.
I Lose – when I stop caring.
I’m Confused – about the whole US healthcare debate. Americans need to become more educated about this topic.
I Need – a vacation. Haven’t taken one since I started my job 2 years ago.
I Should – spend more time with my poor neglected cat.
I Dream – of having a less demanding schedule.
I hope- I will fall in love in the next year.
I feel- hopeful about my life.
I appreciate- the life I have made for myself.

What lessons have you learned this year?
That I am tougher than I think, but I don’t always need to be. It’s ok to lean on others when you need help.


Kathryn August 30, 2010 at 6:23 pm

late on the game here, but I want to play to.
I Am – loving, silly, and chill
I Want – to help people more, to teach yoga, a dehydrator & heart rate monitor
I Have –so much, more than I could ever need. Love of a great husband and family, amazing friends, and lots of lululemon yoga clothes
I Wish – I could sing well (but I sing plenty anyway!)
I Hate – hate
I Fear – spiders
I Hear – very little, I’m being unproductive at work and everybody else is so quiet right now!
I Search – to find out what I want to be when I grow up (I’m 28) – I’m thinking a yoga teacher though….
I Wonder – what the future holds
I Regret – not continuing with dance training in high school
I Love – so much, I love my husband, my home, my pets, my friends….I could go on and on
I Ache – in my upper back, I firmly belive bodies are not meant to be sitting 8 hours a day!
I Always – need chapstick, always – my lips will never be moist enough
I Usually – laugh and sing every day
I Am Not – a carnivore!
I Dance – a lot, but I want to dance more!
I Sing – everything and loud, especially in the car (possibly to my husbands dismay since we carpool!)
I Never – feel ready to wake up in the morning, I love my bed and my dreams!
I Rarely – go a day without telling sombody I love them
I Cry – when I’m frustrated or REALLY happy in yoga
I Am Not Always – good about cleaning and getting things done as I’d like to be
I Lose – at sports with balls.
I’m Confused – about the world. Why do people do what they do?
I Need – love
I Should – get out of bed earlier on the weekends
I Dream – about going to Europe
I hope- I got to Europe next year!
I feel- happy and loved
I appreciate- my whole life. It is incredible.


Kate November 6, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Okay, so I know you did this a year ago, but it sounded fun to do tonight. :) Thank you for letting us share with you!

I Am – a kind person who wants everyone to have friends
I Want – society to stop being obsessed with celebrity gossip
I Have – the most wonderful family and boyfriend (and kitty)
I Wish – people would see how freaking adorable pigs are and that they really are intelligent animals
I Hate – when people are rude… period
I Fear – fear itself
I Hear – the sound of life, living it and enjoying it
I Search – for new places to eat at
I Wonder – why I ever stressed about things not in my control
I Regret – nothing… lived and learned
I Love – my family and boyfriend and everyone that has a large, kind heart
I Ache – when I hear or see my brother cry… it tears me up
I Always – give my kitty tons of smooches in the morning and night to let her know that I love her (I do this with my boyfriend, too)
I Usually – wear sweats and my Ugg slippers in the evenings after the gym
I Am Not – fake
I Dance – whenever the mood strikes me
I Sing – whenever I feel like being goofy, cause I do not have a good signing voice, but sometimes you gotta look past that little bit of trivia
I Never – do anything that I feel in my heart is wrong
I Rarely – let others control things (big or small) in my life
I Cry – when I feel like it :) Sometimes crying is the best stress reliever
I Am Not Always – nice… but I am always nice in my heart
I Lose – my patience for mean people
I’m Confused – when I try and learn science or math… English is my thang!
I Need – love, friendship, FOOD, exercise, and sunshine
I Should – follow my dreams, but am comfortable and happy where I am at the moment
I Dream – that all of the worlds problems will be solved in one night
I hope- that I’m right and one day that’ll all happen
I feel- like having a chocolate truffle… Cabernet flavored
I appreciate- it when people take into consideration others feelings before they proceed with something… sometimes that’s all that matters


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