Sir Mix A Lot


Good afternoon! I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday. :) Last night, I ended up experimenting with two new batches of muffins (Batch 4 and 5 of the day!). One of them turned out (Carrot Spice Muffins) and one of them didn’t. I felt like I was cursed in the kitchen yesterday! I probably spent […]


Boys ‘n Brew


See what the boys put me up to! Ok, ok. For the record I didn’t have my first beer until my order was finished! I don’t drink on the job. :) Unlike some people… My baking was a success today! Thank goodness. If I had another disaster like yesterday I would not have been a […]


Cocoa Celebration

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When I think of celebrations, I think of chocolate, don’t you? I guess you are probably wondering why my green monster is on fire this morning. Let me explain. Last week I spotted a fellow blogger, Caitlin’s, green monster on fire for her birthday. No it’s not my birthday (yet- 16 days!), but it is […]


Food Blogs Changed My World


Am I nuts? Are We, food/health/fitness blog lovers, all nuts? Or do we just know something that others don’t. Before starting on my food blog reading journey, I admit, I was not a foodie. I thought of food in terms of how much weight it would put on me or how many calories or fat […]


Cookie Monster


You’re looking at her.   There’s supposed to be 9. And now there’s 3! Even a self-professed health nut needs to have a little fun now and then, right?? :) They were just. so . darn. good. Like really. addicting. sort of good. Note to self: Baking before dinner likely not a good idea. See […]


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