Cranky Butt Be Gone!


Good afternoon! I had a great workout this morning. It was just want I needed to kick my cranky butt to the curb! I always feel better after a heart-pumping workout. Workout details: Duration: 57 mins. Walk/run intervals (walk = 4mph; Run = 4.5 mph) Max heart rate: 165 bpm Avg heart rate: 138 bpm […]


FAQ’s Installment 24


FAQ Installment 24: 201. Nadia asks, “I have a question for you – might be a silly one, but I’ve been wondering for a while now. How do you figure out how many calories you have burned using your heart rate monitor? I always just went with what the treadmill said, but now realize that […]


St Ives Rocks My World


I have been meaning to do a beauty product review on my favourite St Ives products for a while now. Not only are they my go-to products for exfoliation, they are high in my books because they do not test on animals. So yesterday when I was in Shoppers drugmart, I was delighted to find […]


Green Tea Monster


You knew it was bound to happen. I love Japanese Sencha Green Tea. I love green monsters. I’m sure you never expected their two worlds to collide. I know I didn’t. That is, until I received a fabulous tip from a lovely reader saying that she put tea leaves right into her green monster! *Gasp* […]


Eating, Experimenting, Tasting, Testing, Mixing, Rolling


Coming from someone who used to be called the ‘Professional Student’ by my family (PS), it may seem strange that I would have trouble doing what I used to do as a career. Studying. Actually it was research that I mostly did in school, but we will just pretend it was studying for now. Seven […]


It’s Going To Be a Good Friday


Last night I was freezing. We have been turning the heat down even lower than usual to save some money. I just couldn’t get warm! I took a comforter off the bed and wrapped myself in it before we watched 24. It was so comfy. We watched the first episode of season 7 last night. […]


From Sugar High To Runner’s High


My day got off to a great start and then quickly hit a few pot holes (sounds like my life- haha! I joke, I joke). I started off my morning with an amazing and refreshing green monster. Today I decided that Peppermint Tea would be utterly fabulous in my green monster. I was feeling impulsive […]


Martini Madness


Well, the second batch of brownies turned out! Thank goodness or I think I would have lost my marbles. Could you believe it that I almost caught myself making another ingredient mistake? I guess I am just not in the habit of following recipes! I need to make it more of a habit now that […]


2-Week BBBC Changes


  It is now day 16 of the Bikini Body Boot Camp. Times FLYS, eh? One of the biggest changes I have made to my regular routine is adding back in strength exercises as well as flexibility work. Both of those have been neglected in my fitness routine for some time. Due to my injury […]


Blogging In The Car!


I have Eric’s Anywhere Internet in the car right now. It is a fun way to pass some time although I won’t be on here for long because the sun is beaming down on the screen and it is hard to see! Eric packed the car this this morning and got out Sketchie’s travel bag: […]


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