Project Glow + Baking Flops

by Angela (Oh She Glows) on April 28, 2009


They had a special 2 for 1 deal on Green Monsters today! I told Eric I made him a special treat this morning, but he wasn’t buying it. Has anyone out there been successful in getting their boyfriend/husband to try green monsters? I have yet to hear about a man that has tried them! If you have been successful- or haven’t- leave a comment below and let me know! I need to know the secret.

I spent the morning baking for my next media related review for Glo Bakery. I will admit, it is pretty stressful knowing that someone is going to be reviewing my baked goods for the world to see!

I also had a few setbacks in the kitchen today and I was feeling a bit stressed!

I made my Zucchini Breakfast Power Muffins and today I used paper liners. Big mistake! The muffins stuck to the liners like nobody’s business.

Then I realized I was out of lemons right when I was in the thick of things, so I had to leave and jet to the store.

And in my 3rd batch I realized I was out of soy yogurt! I had to use soy milk in a pinch. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but when it all happens within a span of 3 hours it can get a bit hectic. :)

Luckily I made sure to have some fun on the side:

I had to taste each muffin of course!

Flax ‘n Gl’oat Power Muffin:


Carrot ‘n Raisin Spice Muffins:


Sweet ‘n Spicy Zucchini Breakfast Muffins:


Yes, I ate all three muffins! Plus 1 more. Luckily they are super healthy right? :)

Unfortunately though, I have to re-bake all 3 muffins. The zucchini ones are stuck to the paper and I don’t feel good delivering these! So Eric will get the rest. The carrot ones flopped too I think because I cut the recipe in half and used soy milk. And lastly I didn’t like how the carob chips tasted in my flax muffins. 3 stikes, I’m out! :( I guess I will be back to the drawing board tomorrow.

Needless to say I spoiled my lunch and I am not hungry one bit! Opps!

I also did some more organizing in the kitchen while I was waiting for them to cook:

Eric installed this spice rack for the drawer, so I started to put my spices in it. Don’t worry I have more than that, I just took this picture before I filled it up :)


I also organized another cupboard and changed the height of the shelves. I made the bottom two shorter to fit all our supplements and medicine, and then I put the cookbooks on top.




Just when you thought you couldn’t handle one more challenge, Caitlin and I have teamed together to rock one out!

This time the goal is Glowing and healthy skin for the summer!

Caitlin wrote me last week looking for a glowing skin challenge! She was sick and tired of dull and sallow looking skin. I think her skin is gorgeous, but of course we are always our own worst critic, right?

See Caitlin’s post this morning for all the details!


Untitled-51 Day: 33 (April 28, 2009): Today we are going to work on the legs! I hadn’t done some traditional leg lifts in a long time so I thought it would be fun to add to the BBBC Challenge!

Here is me doing the traditional leg lift. I did 3 sets of 50 per leg.


And here I am doing inner thigh lifts. A reader named Andrea recently reminded me that strong inner thigh muscles prevent running injuries. So I am bringing them back baby! :) I did 3 sets of 50 per leg.


And no, my downward dog has not gotten any better as of late:



Damnit, I want to be flexible! I hope with time I can get better at it. I don’t know why this one pose bothers me so much! haha.

On this afternoon’s agenda:

  • Treadmill workout
  • Finish filing taxes online (I am getting a hefty return this year from my tuition in 2008- sweet!)
  • Mail in GST Application
  • Find headshots for interview
  • Input receipts
  • Shop 4 A Cause
  • Read all comments from this AM post

Hope you are having a GLOWING day!!


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bobbi April 28, 2009 at 5:24 pm

My hubby loved the Green Monsters and so did the 9 year old I babysat:) I need to get my but moving for the summer!


bobbi April 28, 2009 at 5:56 pm

My hubby loved the Green Monsters and so did the 9 year old I babysat:) I need to get my but moving for the summer!
Oops, should have mentioned good post! Waiting for the next one!


Tiffany April 28, 2009 at 6:37 pm

I’ve been pushing GMs on anyone who happens to be in my house at breakfast time, which has so far been my husband, my brother, my sister, my parents, and some assorted girlfriends. Some have tried it, and those who did acknowledged how good (and non-veggie tasting) it was. Though the hubby loves to eat healthy, he hasn’t sported the GMs yet…though he makes his own soy milk + green powder goodness mix in the morning. I’ll work on him :)

On a side note, thanks for keeping up the motivation with your BBBC! I started my own informal “get your booty in shape challenge” for myself a bit earlier, and the ongoing motivation has been great. I haven’t officially re-measured yet, but I know I’ve dropped a pant/dress size so far (thank goodness for belts) and in the past week have had various friends and family members ask if I’ve lost weight. I’m stronger. I can hold planks longer and run faster. I’ve made my husband look at a brand new muscle now visible on my shoulders. (Ok, I was more impressed than he was. :)) More importantly, I feel fabulous and full of energy!


IRJessica April 28, 2009 at 7:02 pm

A long time ago I was in much better shape… and leg lifts got way too easy. My errr, trainer showed me a tougher one.

Lay in leg lift position on your right side. Place your left foot on the floor, behind your right knee. Now lift your right leg.

Try it! : )


Crunchy Granola Girl April 28, 2009 at 7:18 pm

Well I’m currently lacking in the boyfriend/husband department but I did get my Dad to try my purple monster (more berries & less kale)! The verdict: he loved it. He’s training for a 1/2 marathon with me and is a pretty health-conscious person himself so it didn’t take much convincing. I would say if you make it more like a smoothie at first (because kale can be quite frightening) Eric might come around.

As far as the down dog, I’m right there with you! I’ve never been too flexible and I don’t think I ever will be- I think it has a lot to do with joint structure & genetics. That’s my excuse anyway!


Jess April 28, 2009 at 8:37 pm

Hey Angela. I’m a yoga instructor and just thought I’d offer you two quick tips on your downdog. One thing to remember is you always want to be pointing your hips high toward the ceiling. To help with this, once you’re in the pose raise up on the balls of your feet. That will make you hips elevate. Then try lowering your heels to their normal spot while maintaining the elevation in your hips.

Also the other tip is to keep your shoulders down and away from your ears. You can do this by pulling your shoulder blades in toward your spine.

Hope those tips help you work toward an awesome down dog!


carolinebee April 28, 2009 at 9:23 pm

haha you’re so cute in your down dog! I do those leg lifts all the time, i have a bunch of diff ones from pilates classes, they give such a good burn :D! I loved your post this AM and all those comments- I agree with you about not posting about the bad times. I always post later in the day, so if crappy stuff happened, i feel bad just whining on my blog, and also it’s not good to dwell on it! But I can see how everyone seems pretty happy and perfect most of the time- but not true haha! It’s nice to meet/e-mail/call other bloggers in person, it really helped me see that we are all just people and I can never have too many true friends out there.


coco April 28, 2009 at 9:45 pm

love the glow challenge!!! I think I’m doing okay with the cleaning and moisturizing… I’d definitely have to incorporate the green monster thing.
one quick question: How long it took to you to see the benefits of green monster? and which are the most noticeable?


e April 28, 2009 at 9:47 pm

My husband drinks gm’s. Sometimes straight water and spinach. Occassionally he’ll add carrot juice. When he is using it as a meal replacement he will add protein powder. I agree w/Holly’s comments about your blog vs other blogs. You are inspirational in many ways. Thanks to the guest comment link to Great site.


Mona April 28, 2009 at 10:43 pm

My husband loves them, in fact he makes them for himself even. He’s not really into healthy eating usually. He says they give him great energy. I asked him what the secret is and he said to say “real men drink green monsters, puts hair on your chest”. So there you have it.


Minta April 28, 2009 at 11:17 pm

Hey Angela. I was going to comment on your downward dog as well, but I notice you have already received lots of advice. So, I’ll only add – you’re doing great, and just relax your shoulders and enjoy the pose. Its one of my favourites for relaxing.

And I added a teaspoon of agave and a little vanilla to entice a male friend, and now he is totally hooked. Very skeptical at first, but rang me to tell me he has bought all the ingredients and is hoping to get his girlfriend on board.


TorontoGirloutWest April 28, 2009 at 11:23 pm

My fiance has been drinking Green Monsters from the very beginning. In fact it’s his favourite breakfast! ;) And trust me he’s not a health-food kind of guy.

The very first time I offered him a Green Monster he made a really grossed out face but then he tried it and realized that they actually have a pretty natural sweetness!

In fact now I have to make sure he doesn’t take my Green Monster too! :P


Lara (Thinspired) April 29, 2009 at 4:31 am

I got my husband to try a sip of one of my GM’s because it had chocolate protein powder in it. He was actually pleasantly surprised but I wouldn’t share the rest because it was so tasty!


Andrea (Off Her Cork) April 29, 2009 at 12:15 pm

My husband drinks them with me. I make mine a little sweeter though but he loves them. :)


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