Guest Post: Daily Garnish


Happy (early) Civic day to those of us celebrating! Next up, a delicious guest post from the Culinary Queen, writer, recipe developer, and very-soon-mom-to-be, Emily, from Daily Garnish! Please enjoy her 5 favourite vegan recipes below. I’ll be back later in the day with a fun PIZZA how-to post. See you soon! Ange Good morning, […]


Guest Post: Love Veggies and Yoga


Happy long weekend to my fellow Canadians! Please welcome Averie from Love Veggies and Yoga sharing her most-loved vegan recipes today! Averie and I met through our blogs and she is one of the most positive, upbeat, and supportive women I know. Her specialty is quick & easy recipes that can fit into just about […]


Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip


For those of you who don’t already know, The Great Fundraising Act organized by Janetha raised a whopping $26,432 for Susan!!! [source] I’ve said it before, but this community is truly amazing in every way possible!! [source] Susan writes, “I was running on a high all day yesterday watching the bids come through and keeping […]


Guest Post: Edible Perspective

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Good morning! Please give a warm welcome to Ashley today on Oh She Glows! She’s a great friend of mine and an all around amazing gal. Enjoy her favourite vegan recipes below, but try not to drool too much on your keyboard. ;) Hey guys!  I’m Ashley from The Edible Perspective.  I couldn’t be more […]


Peas and Thank You Cookbook + Giveaway!


When I first came across Mama Pea’s blog, Peas and Thank You, I was drawn to her witty story-telling ability about her day to day shenanigans. Sarah, a devoted wife and mom of 2, pokes fun at her busy life as a mother trying to balance it all, including creating delicious vegan recipes for her […]


Guest Post: Manifest Vegan


Please welcome Allyson from the delicious Manifest Vegan blog! I’ve been drooling over Allyson’s vegan and GF creations for over a year now and she’s here today to talk about her 5 favourite summer-friendly vegan recipes. Enjoy! [Mocha Ice Cream Sandwiches] My name is Allyson Kramer and I’m the founder, recipe developer, and photographer behind […]


Quick and Easy Kid-Friendly Snack & Meal Ideas


‘”Mommy, guess who is very busy right now?” “Who?” “Auntie Angie is very busy right now.” “Oh really?” “Yes. She’s busy baking us all kinds of treats! heheh” Clearly, my nephew Ethan has been reading my blog! He said that to Kristi as they were flying to Ontario this weekend. And he was right; it […]


Behind The Scenes


Yesterday involved two hard drive crashes and one huge blog crash. Happy Friday? For the past several months, I’ve been having issues with my blog going down or being slow to load during peak hours, so I finally decided to move OSG to a Dedicated Server and as anticipated there were some major hiccups! The […]


Blueberry Almond Chia Squares


Last weekend, I found myself at the Farmer’s Market ogling fresh blueberries. Before I left, Eric said, “Don’t bring back more than you can eat,” with a wink. This was surely a challenge. I left with 2 pounds of blueberries and the complete confidence that I would eat all of them. He obviously doesn’t realize […]


Heat Wave Summer Salad


Welcome to the Heat Wave of 2011. Are you melting too? Today it’s supposed to reach 38C (100F)…and 47C with humidity! Humidity is such a party pooper. Anyone who lives in a humid climate knows what I’m talking about. And the hair. Oh my hair. Just picture a tumbleweed in the Sahara that got struck […]


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