A Monday Off


Morning everyone! It is really nice having a Monday off work! Eric and I slept in after another late night of unpacking. We were up until 1:15am- eek! We woke up to a beautiful snow-covered scene! Looking out the kitchen window…. Around midnight last night, Eric brought up some of our wedding gifts that were […]

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What’s For Dinner?


Good evening everyone! We’ve had a busy day once again! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. :D Some of you were very close to guessing what I made for dinner last night! I made a 7-Layer Tortilla Pie! (aka Mexican Lasagna) It was sooo delicious. I made a few modifications to the recipe (as […]


The Un-Lazy Sunday


Morning everyone!! I am happy to say our first night sleeping in the new house was a success! We were zonked last night (Sketchie too!) and we hit the hay finally around 12:30! I didn’t want to go to bed because there is still so much left to do, but sleep gave in. :) Sketchie […]

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Moving Day In Pictures!


Whew. What a day!!! Moving is always exciting yet so tiring! It is 10pm now and we haven’t stopped all day. Actually, I am planning on getting back to work as soon as I am done this post! I thought I would quickly recap the day in pictures….. :D   A delicious Pistachio Larabar when […]

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Moving At The Speed of Lightening!


Hi everyone! Just a quick post here as I eat my breakfast as a break from packing!! I had a lovely breakfast this morning… Toasted Seseme seed Ekiezel bread with strawberry jam and Mara Natha’s Raw Almond butter oozing off the toast :D Nature’s Path Spelt Cereal and Almond Milk…. And another Larabar…this time Cashew […]

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Twas The Night Before


Moving and all through the house Not a thing was left behind… not even the mouse! Sketchie and his mouse, sitting on a box by the front door!   Hi everyone! TGIF!!! Work was really busy today and I was so glad to be done. I am super excited about my 3-day weekend- I took […]

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More Wedding Photos and Friday Ramblings!


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a nice Thanksgiving in the States! :D We took another full carload to the new house last night! It was fun moving things in and getting settled! We are starting to really get excited and it is finally sinking in that we are moving- for good- […]


YOU Being Beautiful


Good evening & Happy Thanksgiving! :D I bet you are all eating the most delicious meals right now in the US…ohh…I am so jealous! Just another day here in Canada….lol. Working as usual. Luckily tomorrow is Friday! Whohoo. Tonight, we are moving another carload to the new house tonight. We are also going to finalize […]

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Dear Santa


Morning everyone! :D I wanted to say a BIG ~HAPPY THANKSGIVING~ to all of my US readers!!! For those of you who are in Canada, like me, we’ve had our Turkey long ago! Now it’s full speed ahead to Christmas! Moving went well last night! My MIL was there and she showed us everything that […]

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All Boxed Up


We are all boxed up….well…not fully (I wish!)….but wow do I hate moving! So much work. As soon as we got home from work we started packing. We are bringing another car load to the new house tonight and tomorrow and probably won’t be home until late tonight. I can’t wait until this is over! […]

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