More Snow + To Do List


I have been chugging along with my work-work and my chore-work today! I have gotten quite a bit done so far, but still have much more work to complete! I still need to review several things for my boss and give her feedback regarding the ethics of our current study proposal. I thought I would […]

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Army Fitness Test #2 and a Winter Wonderland

Morning!! I must say I love working from home!! It is awesome. I slept in til 8:30am, then got my laptop while still in bed and got caught up on emails and blogs for a bit. :D So relaxing!! We are getting pummeled with snow here- it is so beautiful outside!  Poor Eric had to go […]


One Woman Army


Evening! This is a LATE 3rd post of the day, again I am sorry for the off schedule today! Things just haven’t been going according to plan from computer glitches to Youtube being down for maintenance, to the internet being down at work! But, I don’t let that get in my way….no sir ee! :D […]

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The Results Are In + My Exercise Plan for the Holidays


Hey everyone! I am sorry that this post is so late- ugh, our internet was down ALL DAY at work today, so not only could I not post over my lunch, but I couldn’t get any work done either. Pretty much a write off! And I still had to stay there and wait because Eric […]


The Plot Thickens


Good morning!! Only 2 days until I leave for Eric and Ange’s Christmas vacation! Yawhoo :D We are supposed to get a big storm here tomorrow morning, over 20 cm of snow, so I may even get to work from home tomorrow! That would be really nice :) I have to start packing tonight! My workout flew […]

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FAQ’s: #6


Missed these? FAQ’s Installment 1 FAQ’s Installment 2 FAQ’s Installment 3 FAQ’s Installment 4 FAQ’s Installment 5 FAQ’s Installment 6 52. Tracy says: How cool about the Polar RS200. Why did you decide on that rather than the Garmin? I’m thinking of getting a heart rate monitor that also that measures distance. Do you recommend […]

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Win Votes With Treats


Oh what a day!!! I am sorry for posting so late and infrequently today. Work was absolutely crazy and since it took me extra long to get into work (due to snowy commute). I didn’t have a lunch break. I just ate as I worked. Then I worked til 8ish and didn’t get home til […]

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A Snowy Scene


Morning everyone! I woke up to the most beautiful snowy scene this morning. Everything was White and bright- I love days like this! Last night Eric surprised me with an early Christmas gift. I guess since he got a surprise, he felt like I should get one too! Lately, I have been having lots of […]

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Best. Friend. Ever.- a Nakd bar review


There is nothing like coming home from a crummy night at work and seeing a PACKAGE from a dear friend! I love mail! :D Leah sent me the most thoughtful gift, Christmas card, and note in the mail! I don’t even think I took off my coat and shoes before I ripped it open! Read […]


The Surprise: Part 2


Ok, I admit, my last 2 posts were a bit cruel. Sorry to leave you hanging like that. The truth is, I simply ran out of time this morning- shoot- I don’t have enough time to write out the surprise afterall! I thought as I glanced at the clock. I guess my morning was a […]


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