The Long Stretch


Hey guys! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! It is quite busy around the house here today- Eric’s parents are moving all of their furniture out of the house tomorrow! The house is going to be soooo empty seeing as Eric and I only had enough furniture to fill our tiny 850 sq. […]


Chocolate Chip Cookie Homemade Larabar Recipe


  The Larabar Experiment: Attemp #2 My second attempt at creating a homemade Larabar was even tastier than the first. I don’t know about you, but I love cookie dough. When I bake cookies, I’m not sure whether more of it goes in my mouth or on the baking sheet. :D So, I was naturally […]


The Larabar Experiment: Coconut Cream Pie Larabars


I got up this morning after a nice 9 hours of sleep! It felt so good to get a full nights rest after a week of sustaining off of 6-7 hours. I awoke and knew I had to try out the Larabar Experiment asap! After browsing through many Larabar attempts online, I stumbled across this […]


In Over My Head


Goodnight everyone! Well, it looks like I am in over my head with this baking stuff! Who knew baking 100 gingerbread cookies would be so much work!? I forgot how much work rolling, working, and cutting the dough was- and how much time it took. It took me a full 3 hours to make about […]

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Hot Off The Press


Good afternoon!! I hope you are all enjoying a wonderfully sunny and bright Friday like I am! The sky is a beautiful, radiant blue today and my drive to work was rather pleasant! Luckily, I have a big window behind my desk, so I get to enjoy the bright sun all day long. I realize […]


A Big Bite


Morning everyone! Happy Friday once again :D My morning has been a whirlwind! I got up and drove Eric to the train this morning, thankfully I didn’t get stuck in traffic like last time. Although the round trip is still 35-40 mins total so it takes a big bite out of my morning! I have […]


Celebrity Beauty Secrets


Ok, I think I am in a better frame of mind, that I can write this Celebrity Beauty Secrets post without the guilt that I am writing complete fluff. Hey, we all need a little fluff now and then right? :D Can I just say that I am literally floored by the outpouring of all […]


Fluff Vs. The Real Stuff


Good evening everyone! I fully intended to start this post with Celebrity Beauty Secrets, but I had to listen to my heart and vent for a few lines (paragraphs) first. Please bear with me… Boy, did I have one of those days at work. Everything was going wrong at work and I was in tears today […]


Reads & Runs


Morning peeps! :D I woke up with excitement to run on The Running Beast this morning. :) I quickly got changed and headed downstairs (equipped with the Britney CD on my Ipod of course). I had a great 3 mile run: 3 mins warm-up, incline 7 3 mile run @ 5.6 mph, incline 7 cool […]

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The Running Beast: Landice Cardio Trainer


Alright, lets cut to the chase. After several days of anticipation, I present to you my new running beast in all its glory: It is a Landice Cardio Trainer! The brand is rated #1 treadmill for the past 7 years by Consumer Reports. It also is made out of Aircraft quality 6063-T6 Aluminum and has […]


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