Right On Track


Hello everyone!!! Still reading I hope! Don’t worry I haven’t abandoned you. :D hehe. Can you believe it is only 2 days until Christmas!? My sister and I had a great workout! It was so much fun to workout with her. Nothing like working out with your best friend to keep you company and share […]


Planning Your Exercise While On Vacation


Good morning!! I had a decent sleep last night, although I am still on Toronto time and waking up very early! It actually works to my advantage because it gives me time to blog in the AM before I start my day. Eric is snoozing away as I type this. It is still dark outside– […]

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A Pampered Retreat


I swear my stay so far has felt like a pampered retreat! We had such a great day. It was spent with my family (and nephews!!), playing, pepping food/cooking, seeing my sister’s house, a fabulous dinner, and a spa treatment at night! I can’t remember a better Sunday in a long time (ok, well, my […]


Christmas Vacation Begins!!!


Greetings everyone!! Well we made it last night! Good news- our flight wasn’t delayed :D Before the flight, I got a vegetarian whole wheat 6″ sub with mustard. On the flight I snacked on raw almonds and a third of a Cashew Cookie Larabar. No shortbread airplane cookies (laden with trans fat!) for me! By the time […]

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Your Song

I looove this song: Came on our playlist so I thought I’d share :) We’re off for the airport! Peace out!! xoxo Thanks for your sweet comments about my video in the last post. :D

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Up, Up, and Away!

Good afternoon! We are busy prepping for our trip today! Everywhere I look, I keep finding more things to pack. haha. I am a chronic over-packer. I usually pack the same amount whether it is 5 days or two weeks. Really quite a sad story! Each trip I tell myself that I am going to […]

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Leaving On A Jet Plane!


Morning everyone!! We are leaving on a jet plane tonight for our West to visit my family! I can’t believe the day has finally arrived!! So excited. However, due to the snow storm yesterday, most of the flights were cancelled out of the Toronto Airport. So we just checked and most of the flights today […]


Beauty is All Around Us


Is everyone having a snow day today, or is it just me? So many blogs I have read said they were having a snow day. :D Yippee for that! It is so beautiful outside. Today I was actually able to appreciate the beauty around me because I wasn’t rushing off to or from work. My […]


More Snow + To Do List


I have been chugging along with my work-work and my chore-work today! I have gotten quite a bit done so far, but still have much more work to complete! I still need to review several things for my boss and give her feedback regarding the ethics of our current study proposal. I thought I would […]

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Army Fitness Test #2 and a Winter Wonderland

Morning!! I must say I love working from home!! It is awesome. I slept in til 8:30am, then got my laptop while still in bed and got caught up on emails and blogs for a bit. :D So relaxing!! We are getting pummeled with snow here- it is so beautiful outside!  Poor Eric had to go […]


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