A Man’s Liquid Crystal


So, as you all have probably been wondering…. What about the flatscreen Ange was buying Eric for their one-year-since-their-engagement suprise??? So I present to you the new Sharp 52″ bad boy (on sale!): Here he is with his new box: She’s a beaut, ain’t she!? He has just been glowing since he bought it home. […]

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The Benefits of Freshly Milled Flaxseed


Morning! It is always hard going back to work after a wonderful week off! I did not want to get up today. Luckily I could sleep in a bit because it is my OFF day from exercise. I’m not sure why but my right foot is hurting a bit. I Googled common foot injuries when […]


Top Ten Beauty Tricks for Spring


I was flipping through the Allure Magazine that I got in my stocking this year and I came across this great article: ‘Top 10 Things You Need for Spring’ Ok, so maybe you don’t need them. Maybe I don’t need them. Maybe I don’t like them. But we can’t deny that these articles are a […]

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Speed Work for the 5K


Good afternoon! I am crusing along today and getting quite a bit accomplished. I couldn’t decide what to do for my workout for the longest time today. I was just feeling lazy I guess! That is, until I signed up for another race! I signed up for the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon and 5K race on […]

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Not Your Average Monday


Hello awesome readers! I ended up taking today off work so I would have a chance to get everything done as I have still not finished the mountains of laundry, unpacking, cleaning, etc! It was so nice to sleep in this morning and not have to rush to work. I have been doing some to-do’s […]

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Decisions, Decisions

Evening!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I am so mixed up on my days after being off work this past week. I decided to run 6 miles late this morning, and I will admit, it wasnt pretty. I was up til 4:30am last night, so I was ‘running’ on about 5-6 hours sleep. […]

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Into the Wii Hours Of The Night


Hey there! Sorry about the late posting- our power has been out this morning! We are getting crazy winds over 100km/hr here today. Almost all of our lovely snow is gone too because it rained all yesterday! Well last night turned into quite a random night! We finally arrived back home around 5:30pm. It was […]


Gifts & Things


Morning! Eric and I slept in this morning! I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was until I saw the clock said 10am when I got up. I guess I am still on Western time! It is warm and raining outside- yuk! I would much rather take the sun and cold any day over […]

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Boxing Day Fun


Hey everyone! Happy Boxing Day to the Canadians.We have had a pretty wild past 24 hours! Our flight was delayed several hours last night and we didn’t get home until about 3am. Then I was up early (we also lost 2 hours sleep from the time change!) and had a quick run on the treadmill. […]


Merry Christmas from Oh She Glows!


MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas morning! I know we sure did. It was so fun to watch the boys open their gifts this morning. They were off the wall with excitement! No workout for me today- I am taking a well deserved off day after yesterday’s 7 mile run! […]

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