Baking Progress and Baking Defeat


Good afternoon! I have been re-testing my Banana Bread and Black Bean Brownie recipes today. I am happy to say that I drastically improved the black bean brownies, however I think my banana bread got worse! I just am not sure if honey is going to work in this banana bread. It turns out SUPER […]


Wedding Dress Fitting #3

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Good morning health lovers!!   Wow tomorrow is Friday– where has the week gone?? I will admit I am starting to get nervous about the wedding modeling on Saturday. I am a fairly shy person so stepping out into the limelight will be hard for me! Last night I was up til about 1:30am thinking […]


They Were Just Too Good


Hey guys! Well, my sugar free challenge lasted 18 days! lol. I can’t believe I went that long. I caved tonight and tried both a piece of my banana bread and black bean brownies. They were calling my name. Both of them only had natural sugar in them (honey and natural cane sugar) so it […]


Black Cloud


  Hey everyone! WOW…thank ALL of you for your amazing comments on my yoga post this morning! So many people shared their experiences and gave great recommendations for me. Awesome. I had a hunch that I was not the only one who felt a bit defeated with certain yoga DVD’s or videos. I loved this […]


My Yoga Confession


  Good Morning everyone! I need to be quick this morning because my mother in Law is taking me shopping to a wholesaler to buy some bakery packaging! So I will get right into something that has been on my mind. My Yoga Confession As you may know I have been trying the free yoga […]


Homemade Soy Milk


What a bust! My homemade soy milk, that is. But first let’s get to my fun trip to the gym, shall we? The Workout 40 mins. Elliptical Incline 10-12, resistance 8-10 Max Heart rate: 171 bpm Avg heart rate: 155 bpm Feel the burn: 355 kcals You know what’s funny? Since I started working out […]


A Test Baking Day


Good afternoon health lovers! I have had such a fun day in the kitchen! Today is a test day in the kitchen where I am creating and concocting new + healthy recipes for my bakery. I have been going non stop for about 5 hours now…I guess I better get used to this, right?! Here […]


Dempster’s Healthy Way Giveaway


Good morning! Wow is the weather ever gloomy here today! It is grey, grey, grey. The nice thing last night was that it was still light during dinner time, which means there will be better ‘dinner pictures’ from here on out. The worst part about photography is the no natural light photography! Eric has a […]


A Lovely Surpirse


Hey guys! So nice to ‘see’ you! :) I am still riding the high of my wonderful bone scan appointment. I cannot even begin to describe how good it feels to finally know what has been going on with this injury! Good news- my new website works in Windows Live Writer! I just did a […]




Good afternoon! You know the saying, ‘The truth will set you free’, well it most certainly does. I had my appointment with my Sports Medicine Doctor today and I was pretty nervous walking into that room. I *gulped* if you know what I mean. She says to me, “Have you heard your results at all […]


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