Chia Fresca (for the entire recipe using 1.5 tbsp chia seed. Does not include sweetener)


Please note the nutritional info does not include sweetener.

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1 David July 10, 2014

Ok silly question is this something you can make the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight? Will this affect the taste of this drink? I like my drink nice and cold so I thought it would be easier to make the night before. Just curious on this one.


2 Nico Burbano September 24, 2014

No it won’t affect the drink at all. I am a swimmer and drink Chia Fresca almost every day. Since I am also a student I don’t have time to make it in the morning so I make it the night before and leave it overnight. I feel like it gives the seeds a better texture and overall makes it better. Hope I helped! Enjoy.


3 Zoe August 13, 2014

Is this using the coconut water or water? Re : nutrition facts.


4 JENNIFER October 1, 2014

Make sure you shake it well in the first 30 minutes so it doesn’t clump and it will sit well over night.


5 Chris February 28, 2015

I use this all the time in water and food. I was just wondering can a person eat or drink too many in a full day. Just wondering


6 Nadisha December 2, 2015

i heard it gives you diarrhoea if you have more than one tablespoon a day LOL


7 Valerie Hohenberger July 14, 2016

I love cha seeds in my diet. I have only used them in smoothies.


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