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Blog Talk: Installment 4


Lunch today was probably one of the best I have had in a long, long time. I feel like I say this everyday, but seriously, believe me this time! :D While grocery shopping yesterday, I decided to pick up some soy hot dogs. I normally try to limit the amount of processed veggie/soy meats that […]


Blown Away….By Tofu!?


Fur is flying in our house this morning! Man, some of the battles these cats have is unreal. All three of them are male so I guess they are fighting for dominance and territory. Yeesh. And I thought the dust was enough to clean up! I had a good 8 hours of sleep last night […]


Just Call Me Cupcake


Did I ever have fun making my first batch of vegan cupcakes!!! Honestly, I have never been confident in the cupcake department. Mostly because I never knew how to decorate them. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World (or more briefly known as VCTOTW by my cupcake peeps) changed my life today. Yes, I am a […]


Full House


YUM. Lunch today was off the hook! Hi, my name is Angela and I am an English Muffin addict. With some leftover ‘Everything but the kitchen sink’ lentil and split pea soup:   Meow. Homemade Black Bean Burger: Whole wheat english muffin 1/2 avocado bunch of fresh dill (still using this up!) 1 homemade black […]


Let The Chaos Begin!


I was up and at ‘em this morning at the crack of dawn. My brother is here doing renos today and tomorrow so I had to be off the treadmill before the dust started to fly! Since I was in a rush, I opted to have breakfast after my workout. Big mistake! I was really […]


Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies


Oh yes. I simply could not wait to post about my most recent creation in the kitchen. I could probably live off of raw cookie dough if I had to. It is one of my most guilty pleasures. The only problem as we all know is that it is far from healthy. Could I really […]


That Outdoor Hunger


  I am currently typing this blog outside on the deck- it is glorious out! We had another fun hike today. This time at a conservation park that I had never been to and Eric hadn’t been since he was a wee young lad! :) The weather today was just picture perfect and we wanted […]


One Of The Best


This is one of the best Sunday mornings we have had all year. I got 9 hours of sleep I awoke to beautiful clear skies Warm temperature Birds singing (not annoying because I got my sleep this time!) What better morning for some healthy whole wheat vegan pancakes? My plate:   I got the recipe […]


Back To My Roots


  Being in nature makes me happy. As a fellow Taurus, I am truly an earth lover. I feel grounded when I am outdoors and enjoying nature.   Rather than fighting an uphill battle with running and injuries, I have decided to reconnect with activities that I enjoy! No one says you have to be […]


Sprouts ‘n Sun


Aunt Bun’s Dianthus is sprouting!!!   I couldn’t believe my eyes. It has only been a week! She must have given it a magic touch. :D The trees also took off in the last 2 days. I find once the buds start to open it is a QUICK process!   The forest is going to […]


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