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The Chard Monster


Good morning health lovers! Well, I did it. I made my first ever Swiss Chard Green Monster this morning! I was a bit scared of Swiss Chard to be honest with you. I had always seen it in the grocery store, but was intimidated by it (same with kale). But I figured since I had […]


Glo Bakery Dot Com + POM Winners


Good afternoon! I made lots of progress with Glo Bakery website this morning thanks to Eric. :) He helped me transfer my domain. Here is the new website: I still have tons left to do, but this gives you an idea! :) The header is going to change big time once I get my […]


Flour Girl + Before Pictures


Good morning! I am sorry I didn’t get to post last night after dinner…the truth is I’d rather be spending time with our parents than on the computer! :) We had a lovely dinner out last night! The food exceeded our expectations. We started off with a Bruchetta to split. I only ended up having […]


The Furniture Hunt


Good afternoon! We just got home after a loooong day out! We had a blast looking at furniture this morning. My Mother in Law is an Interior Designer so we get access to all of the ‘Closed to the Public’ Furniture showrooms. It was our first time going today and it exceeded my expectations! The […]


Timing Is Everything


Happy Weekend!! Our Bread Baking Mission was interesting to say the least! ha! Remember how I said, we were unsure whether adding the yeast in the wrong order would affect the bread? Well… DOH! Just as we suspected. Total FAIL. The good news? A second batch is currently in process and looks MUCH better. :) […]


A Bakery Assistant


Hey guys! What a fun day my mom and I are having. :) We haven’t stopped chatting since this morning and unfortunately the day is flying by! This morning was all about bakery talk + plans! She wishes that she lives closer so she could help me with the administrative side of the business. She […]


Mom’s 1st Green Monster


Good morning! Orange you glad it’s Friday?! Might I just say that I am super pumped for the OSG Bikini Body Boot Camp! My inbox is flooded with your emails telling me that you have had a long winter and you are ready to get in shape for the summer. Awesome stuff. I never expected […]


A New Hummus


Good afternoon! Hope your day is going along swimmingly. :) Thanks for all of your interest in the OSG Bikini Body Boot Camp Challenge! My inbox is flooding with emails. I guess I hit on a popular subject? :) Many of you have told me that this is the worst time of the year for […]


That’s a Whole Lotta Bulk


Good evening! I have been working on the Glo biz + OSG website today. I have added a new honeymoon page where I will be adding more honeymoon pictures. I also updated the She page as well as a few others! My awesome friend Laura also gave me an awesome place to buy all of […]


Do Not Let Yourself Get This Hungry


Hey guys! Wow…what a WEIRD day it has been!? Is anyone else having a Monday that feels like you are in a time warp? I sure am. lol. I’m trying to just roll with it though! So much to my horror when I went to make a green monster this morning, I was out of […]


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