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From Sugar High To Runner’s High


My day got off to a great start and then quickly hit a few pot holes (sounds like my life- haha! I joke, I joke). I started off my morning with an amazing and refreshing green monster. Today I decided that Peppermint Tea would be utterly fabulous in my green monster. I was feeling impulsive […]


Eating, Experimenting, Tasting, Testing, Mixing, Rolling


Coming from someone who used to be called the ‘Professional Student’ by my family (PS), it may seem strange that I would have trouble doing what I used to do as a career. Studying. Actually it was research that I mostly did in school, but we will just pretend it was studying for now. Seven […]


Green Tea Monster


You knew it was bound to happen. I love Japanese Sencha Green Tea. I love green monsters. I’m sure you never expected their two worlds to collide. I know I didn’t. That is, until I received a fabulous tip from a lovely reader saying that she put tea leaves right into her green monster! *Gasp* […]


Cranky Butt Be Gone!


Good afternoon! I had a great workout this morning. It was just want I needed to kick my cranky butt to the curb! I always feel better after a heart-pumping workout. Workout details: Duration: 57 mins. Walk/run intervals (walk = 4mph; Run = 4.5 mph) Max heart rate: 165 bpm Avg heart rate: 138 bpm […]


One of Those Mornings


I’m not a happy camper this morning. I was just finished my blog entry for this morning and my computer froze and I lost the entire thing! I’m not even sure why Live Writer didn’t have a draft of it saved, but it is gone. :( Lost in the Internets somewhere, I guess, eh?? lol. […]


Vive La Mexico!


  If there is one thing I remember vividly about our trip to Mayan Riviera, Mexico, it was the jingle they always had playing on the loud speakers around the resort. ‘VIVE LA MEH-ZI-COOOO’, it blared. Whenever I hear any form of Mexican music I am brought back to our wonderful vacation. It almost makes […]


Dough Power


Good afternoon! I had a much more successful bread baking mission today as compared to yesterday. Oh, what? You say, I didn’t mention yesterday’s bread baking mission?? Hmm, that’s mighty odd. It must have slipped my mind… You see, it is always important to lock the dough hook before commencing. The end result was much […]


Cold Busting Foods


Good afternoon! I am happy to report the sun came out of hiding! Just in time for Leah’s arrival. :) I got a message from our friend who was supposed to pick me up today and she is sick. :( So she won’t be coming down. I decided that I am going to drive up […]


Choco Peppy-Mint Glo Bar


Good afternoon! My attempt at making Chocolate Mint bars was a huge success. :) So minty and chocolaty! Nutritional Information (1 bar): 189 calories (kcal); 11g Total Fat; 25g Carbohydrates; 0mg Cholesterol; 4mg Sodium; 6g Fibre; 5g Protein. Check out my bar page– I have updated it with the new bars! I am so excited […]


Minty, Chocolately Love

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Hi there! I baked some bread today in the bread machine from my mom. I just used the basic white flour recipe in the book and modified it to be healthier. It turned into Whole Wheat Pumpkin Seed Bread:   It turned out fabulous!! Imagine Eric’s delight when he got home from work and I […]


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