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Is Your Desk Job Harming Your Health?


Good evening! The Farmer’s Market bread returns for its’ last hoorah! It was a bit stale today, so I made sure to warm it in the micro for 15 seconds and put extra Earth balance on it! Perfecto.   As for the whole wheat loaf I purchased, I tried freezing it. I have doubts it […]


Be Kind To Your Food


Ashley and I had a grand ‘ol time today! After the volcano erupted inside, we headed outside for a scenic hike. It was US vs. Nature. Nature won. More on that in a minute. It was gorgeous outside…finally!   Ashley wore her Vibrams! I must admit, I am tempted to try these out- at least […]


Women & Breakfast


Happy Friday! Wheeeeeeee. Man, the weeks are flying by…I just hope the summer doesn’t fly by too. :ermm: I hate when that happens, don’t you? I whipped up a delicious batch of Vegan Overnight Oats last night before hitting the hay… Before going into the fridge last night… I chopped a large banana and let […]


Food Intolerances and Allergies: Do You Suffer From Them?


Good afternoon! I am chuggin along in the bakery! Today is another very busy day as I prepare for the launch of the new gluten-free and raw Glo bar tonight at 9pm. It is going to be fun! This bar has been a very long time in the making (I tested over 23 trials!), and […]


The Wedding Planner


Good morning! Well, I was right, I was working until about 10pm last night. But, I have great news– almost everyone has confirmed their donation for Shop 4 A Cause 2! I was actually blown away by how fast everyone made their donation and even emailed to tell me about it. A HUGE thank-you to […]


If You Don’t Believe, Who Will?


Dearest Yellow jacket, we had some GOOD TIMES! You will forever be a part of my half marathon glory! :lol:     You can bet your behind that they believe they are strong! I wonder what their mantra is? I was so inspired by this man who looked to be in his 70’s finishing 13.1 […]


3 Ingredient Homemade Chocolate Covered Raisins


Hello, there! BIG THANKS to those of you who have already donated some items/services for Shop 4 A Cause 2! I am constantly blown away by your generosity. Amazing. I have a feeling this auction is going to be awesome! I am going to put together my big gift bag tonight. I’m sure I have […]


Always Trust Your Gut


Greetings! Yesterday, was quite the interesting day and I am glad I finally have a chance to sit down and write about it. The sun finally peaked out just before lunch hour yesterday. Actually, it wasn’t just peaking out, it was glorious outside. I was so excited to get out there and go for a […]


Sports, Exercise, and Our Body Image

IMG_6917 (2)

Good morning! I have an amazing video for you guys to watch this morning. Let’s just say if you are trying to find motivation to get excited about your workout today you just may find it here! Eric and I are considering doing that for our try-a-tri. :tongue: Onto break the fast. Apple Pie Parfait […]


Are You Kinder To Yourself As You Age?

IMG_6818 (3)

Top of the mornin’ to ya! The other night when I made the Coconut Red Lentil Soup, I reserved 1/3 cup of the coconut milk so I could use it in my Vegan Overnight Oats. I love coconut milk because it is basically like a vegan form of cream. It makes anything it touches rich […]


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