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How To Stay Healthy Over The Holidays


Good morning! Well last night was interesting to say the least!! Eric and I waited for my CTV News Interview to air at 6pm. We waited, and waited, and waited, and then it was over without my interview being aired. I guess they got their wires crossed with the air time. Around 10pm on Sunday, […]


10 Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

stress_cartoon[1] copy

Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful American readers!!!! Little known fact: Approximately 70% of my readers are from the US! So thank you to each and everyone of you. :D There once was a time when I too celebrated US Thanksgiving. I used to live in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina when I was young! :) […]


33 Things I Learned As A Health Blogger In 365 Days


Given my recent OSG 1st Birthday celebration (don’t forget to enter the contest!), I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year and what I have learned from blogging. Here are 33 things that being a health blogger has taught me: 1) Blogging is hard work, but it is also fun and […]


Changing Up Exercise: How Often Do You Do It?


First up and most importantly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OSGMOM!!!!!!!! She is beautiful, caring, thoughtful, loving, funny, charming, and very generous. Despite our conflicts when I was a teenager, my mom and I have now grown into best friends. She supports me in whatever I do and she is my probably my biggest Oh She Glows […]


Driving With A Handheld Device- BANNED!


Fall in Ontario is soooo beautiful! This is definitely my favourite time of the year! Dinner tonight was rather festive for both Fall and Halloween. Mervin made another appearance… Eric made a delicious Sweet + Sour Stir-fry for dinner. He knew I was super busy so he took the reins and made his specialty! It […]


More Food Inc + Some Thoughts On Why I Went Vegan


Greetings! Great discussion going on in my Food Inc post. I love that we can talk about issues like this! So inspiring and thought-provoking. Yesterday Eric asked me to send him a grocery list so he could pick up a few things on the way home from work. I made a note beside the milk […]


Food Inc.


Last night Eric and I watched Food Inc. I have been meaning to see it forever now and I finally got a chance to watch it after getting caught up on my orders. Here is a bit about the movie: "In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing […]


Four Food Products I am Currently Loving


Good evening! I hope you are having a fabulous day. What a busy day I have had. I have been humming along shipping out my Healthy Halloween Chocolate Lovers Variety Packs today. You guys sure love this variety pack. Thank you for your orders and excitement! It felt awesome because I have all of the […]


Karl Lagerfeld To Glamour: Just What Do Women Actually Want?


Models and weight. A topic that is no stranger to most of us. Recently, some headlines have caught my attention…that I knew we could have a great discussion about. Headline Maker #1: Glamour Magazine’s feature of a mostly naked plus-sized model in their September 2009 issue: When I first saw this picture, I thought two […]


Love Your Skin Movement


I heard something on the radio yesterday that really made my skin boil. A very well known Canadian Tanning Salon company had an advertisement on the radio. [Source] It went a little something like this: "Feel confident in your skin and look great with [insert company name here]. Say goodbye to pale and pasty skin! […]


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