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2 Minute Pumpkin Quinoa


Happy Friday! Wow this week has flown by! This morning I was so excited to try out my new Booty Camp Fitness DVD. I started with the Cardio Quickie which was 19 mins plus a 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. Then I did the BOOTY BOOSTER afterwards. I didn’t know this, […]


Do You Feel Pressure To Be Thin At Your Job?


Today’s lunch was bright and cheery- a tropical getaway if you will! :mrgreen: I had a yellow pepper with freshly ground pepper and black bean dip on the side. (Sorry, I just realized how unappetizing that bean dip looks- LOL). I continued my tater addiction with mashed potatoes! I made these a couple nights ago […]


Is Our Food Poisoning Us?


***Just a quick note to tell you about the fabulous Bake Sale For Haiti that is going on today! My X’s and G’los Valentine’s Day Variety Pack is up for auction (includ. the new S’moooooooooooore bar!!) in addition to a TON of other delicious looking goodies!*** :mrgreen: ~~~~~~ Hey guys! Sorry about my disappearance today. […]


Binge Eating: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed


Thank you Glo Bar Lovers! Together we sold a whopping 1100 Glo Bars yesterday! As I mentioned 10% of my sales will be donated to Haiti Relief via The Humanitarian Coalition. That would be a donation of $212.00!!! However, I have received a few emails from you saying that you missed out and you would […]


5 Things That Helped Me Beat The Obsession

BathroomScale copy

Good morning! Today is a very exciting day… 24’s new season starts tonight and it is 2 hours The Golden Globes are on (I love the fashion pre-shows mostly!) So fun. :) Is anyone watching? ~~~ 5 Things That Helped Me Beat My Obsession With Weight Yesterday was one of those days that I really […]


Ah-may-ZING Chia Seed Giveaway


HEY-LO!!!! Wow two posts a day, two days in a row. It feels like the good old days. I told you that my blogging was much quicker now! Thank you Eric, techie genius. ;) I feel literally ah-may-ZING since I have started NOT multitasking and the Early Rising Challenge. I have an extra kick to […]


How Would Illness Change Your Diet?


Not bad for juice pulp, eh? I decided to make a super quick chickpea salad using the leftover juice pulp! Leftover Juice Pulp Chickpea Salad Chickpea salad Ingredients: 2 T EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) 2 cups cooked chickpeas leftover juice pulp (I had 1 cup’s worth?) 1/2 clove minced garlic (optional) pinch sea salt […]


The Early Rising Challenge


It was COLD on our walk yesterday!! It was a bone chilling -13C/8.5F with a windchill of -23C! And boy was it windy. Here I am with my father in law whom I love so dearly! We put a brave face on… But not for long! Thanks to this huge collar on this Lululemon sweater […]


How Not To Multitask Day 1 Recap


G’day mates! So many fun things to talk about today… ONE: Sketchie is Back and has been Whittling His Middle! This is the longest we have ever been without our ‘child’. :D The in-laws have been cat sitting him since our trip to New Brunswick. Sketchie has been having a ball with the other cats- […]


The Benefits Of Green Tea


Saturday! How I love thee. :) I wasn’t always a huge green tea fan like I am today. When I first started drinking green tea, I thought it was bitter and not overly enjoyable. Green tea is an acquired taste much like wine; after time, you begin to appreciate the flavour and enjoy experimenting among […]


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