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Wedded Bliss

Hey guys! :D Did everyone have a good Monday today? Mine is a blur!! Sorry for the late/lack of interesting posts today! Work was absolutely crazy today and filled with meetings, I even had meetings over lunch so I couldn’t do a post. The nerve! haha Eric and I just received all of our wedding […]


More Wedding Photos and Friday Ramblings!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a nice Thanksgiving in the States! :D We took another full carload to the new house last night! It was fun moving things in and getting settled! We are starting to really get excited and it is finally sinking in that we are moving- for good- […]


Wedding Dress Fitting #3

Good morning health lovers!!   Wow tomorrow is Friday– where has the week gone?? I will admit I am starting to get nervous about the wedding modeling on Saturday. I am a fairly shy person so stepping out into the limelight will be hard for me! Last night I was up til about 1:30am thinking […]



Hey guys! You know the song Glamorous by Fergie?? That song pretty much sums up our day! Wow what a day it was!!! Eric and I are both exhausted. It was such a fabulous day and such a great opportunity! We met so many cool people and had such a blast modeling for everyone. It […]


The Total Package

Hey there! I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday. Today I ended up researching recyclable bakery packaging for 3 hours!!! I had no idea it would take that long. Glo Bakery Packaging: I want my bakery packaging to be 100% recyclable, so that means finding a packager who will fit this bill. I spent some […]


Our Wedding: Before and Afters!

Last night I was feeling VERY nostalgic!!! Eric ended up working until 10pm last night…so I skipped the biking to take a ‘walk’ down memory lane. And I began looking through our wedding pictures. I can’t believe it but this Saturday we will have been married 300 days! We have been together for over 9 […]


Walk, Smile, Kiss, Click! Leah & Steve’s Wedding Ceremony

Missed The rehearsal, Part 1, Part 2? At 2:58 pm, we made it to the ceremony location!   Love the classic roses!!! Just look at their getaway Cadillac!   We were riled up!!! :D   Thank you to Eric for shooting all of the ceremony pictures with our SLR (note how I now say ‘our’ […]


Dine, Wine, Dance: Leah’s Wedding Reception

Just a quick note to tell you that I have updated the Green Monster Movement with new reader recipes and stories! Many more to come all week (I have 64 in my inbox in queue! lol). ~~~~~~ Missed The rehearsal, Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3? Why hello… By the time we arrived to […]


365 Days Of Marriage

Despite what they said, we made it! [Only joking of course] A year just flew by. Eric goes, ‘Really? It felt SLOW.’ What a jokester, eh? ;) [That was my ‘I’m not pleased face’]      Marriage is knowing that you can be as weird as you want with someone and they cant really do much […]


Wordless Wednesday


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