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The Glo Bakery Biz!


Hi everyone! Wow what a day it has been! Today was such a wonderful experience selling my products in the market. It was the first time I have had the opportunity to do something like this and I REALLY enjoyed the interaction with people! I spend soooo much time in the kitchen and in my […]


The Gratitude Challenge


I recently made the connection that gratitude and practicing gratitude are two entirely different things. I feel very grateful for the blessings in my life, but on the other hand I know I’m not putting my gratitude into practice very often. It’s one thing to know I’m grateful, but it’s another thing to claim what […]


The Hunger Monster


Since the weather was so beautiful outside today, I decided to do some gardening for my ‘exercise’ of the day: I raked, and raked, and raked the flower beds! Until I got some nasty blisters! I put gloves on but they didn’t help. Tulips??   The plant below looks like chives…I’m so confused! hahaha. More […]


The Key To Happiness


is not to put it off for a later date! Our William Ashley’s china arrived yesterday via Purolator. We were really excited to unpack it until we discovered how it was packed… In a hay stack. :( We filled 4 garbage bags of this stuff!   Our supervisor: It took us 2 hours to unpack […]


The Morning After


Good morning! I am definitely fighting a slight cold (Eric too) because the past couple mornings I have not wanted to get out of bed despite having a full 8-8.5 hours sleep! I hate that feeling. Normally, I am wide awake after 8 hours of rest. My nose is a bit stuffy too. Although that […]


The Oh She Glows Cookbook Launch Day + A Special Sneak Peek!

I never thought this day would arrive, but lo and behold it has. After almost 3 years of hope, sweat, and tears, I can finally say today is the day that The Oh She Glows Cookbook hits shelves across North America! Can you believe it? Because I sure can’t. This journey has been filled with […]


The Oh She Glows Recipe App is here!!

Today is a big day! After years of dreaming, planning, and hard work, we’ve officially launched the Oh She Glows – Healthy Plant-Based Recipes app for iPhone and iPad devices! You guys have been asking for an OSG app for years, and I’m so excited the day is finally here. Many of you will now be able […]


The Photography Continues


Hello :) I had the weirdest dream last night! I dreamed that I went to eat at JESSE JAMES restaurant (??) and he was trying to impress me with his food so I didn’t write negatively about him on the blog. :mrgreen: I ordered a side salad to go with my meal and he brought […]


The Powerful Pea


Somewhere along the line, split peas (a legume) got pushed to the side in favour of the nutritionally inferior regular green pea. Split peas are super high in both protein and fibre, making them a wonderful option for vegetarians and those looking for a lasting satiety in their meals. In just 100 grams of uncooked […]


The Real Thing


I am one lucky girl. My doorbell rang this morning and I thought, who could that be??? A flower delivery!!!!! :D   I LOVE pink roses!!!! I mean, obviously!!! Now I have the real thing on my dining table! hehe.   I immediately called my mom and thanked them. :) What a great way to […]


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