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The Big Three Oh


    On Saturday, Dave and Ewa hosted a birthday bash for Eric with about 50 of our friends and family. I can’t think of a better way to ring in a 30th birthday celebration. We all had a blast. I managed to lug around my DSLR for the entire day, despite my best efforts […]


The Big Vegan Banana Split

Some days or weeks are imprinted in my memory forever and this was certainly one for me. Wednesday evening I received a call from my editor. I assumed that the call was simply to talk over the logistics of my upcoming radio tour, but it was much more than that. “Angela, we just found out […]


The Business Battleground


Happy Long Weekend! I kicked off the long weekend with something I haven’t had in a long time…cheesy savoury oats. These are one of my all-time favourite quick, healthy, and easy meals. For some reason my stomach has been nauseous all day long and this is the only thing I felt like for dinner. Weird […]


The Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens-5953

It takes a lot for me to be rendered motionless, but this weekend I literally couldn’t move from the couch. After demolishing a few boxes of tissue, my abs feel like I spent 72 hours doing a crunch marathon and my nose feels and looks like it was raked with metal prongs. Eric has since […]


The Cake Experiment: Part 3


  I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is that I never had time to make the vegan green bean casserole as planned. The good news is I ditched my planned dinner recipe for my cake experiment. A girl’s’ gotta have her priorities, right? Don’t worry we still ate dinner […]


The Cake Experiment: Part 4


    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. Today was my fiirst day ever using fondant icing! And oh how fun it was. I channeled my inner Bakerella and Pioneer Woman, and dove right in: I used Wilton’s Fondant as well as a wonderful Wilton’s 12 pack gel icing colours:   Gloves […]


The Day I Fell In Love With Coffee


In Paris, there are lovers on every cobblestone corner, regal weddings parading about locking their love on a chain link fence, and old married couples closing up the shop after a long day of work, interlocking fingers as they walk home. Love is in the air and cupid strikes when you least expect it to. […]


The Food-Mood Connection


Greetings friends! I need a baking break right about now. What about you, do you need a mental vacation? I think it’s time for another exercise from my ‘Five Good Minutes In Your Body’ book. Take a break from your busy life and read this below. My moods definitely affect my food choices! When I […]


The Foods Lurking Deep In Your Cupboards


Good morning! Last night, I watched Monday night’s Gossip Girl and I am still in shock! Like this –> :shocked: Eric and I are donating blood on Thursday so I have been kicking it into spinach overdrive… We have been really low on groceries the past week, so it has forced me to make due […]


The Glo Bakery Biz!


Hi everyone! Wow what a day it has been! Today was such a wonderful experience selling my products in the market. It was the first time I have had the opportunity to do something like this and I REALLY enjoyed the interaction with people! I spend soooo much time in the kitchen and in my […]


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