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The Oh She Glows Recipe App is here!!

Artichoke Collage_lessblue

Today is a big day! After years of dreaming, planning, and hard work, we’ve officially launched the Oh She Glows – Healthy Plant-Based Recipes app for iPhone and iPad devices! You guys have been asking for an OSG app for years, and I’m so excited the day is finally here. Many of you will now be able […]


The Photography Continues


Hello :) I had the weirdest dream last night! I dreamed that I went to eat at JESSE JAMES restaurant (??) and he was trying to impress me with his food so I didn’t write negatively about him on the blog. :mrgreen: I ordered a side salad to go with my meal and he brought […]


The Powerful Pea


Somewhere along the line, split peas (a legume) got pushed to the side in favour of the nutritionally inferior regular green pea. Split peas are super high in both protein and fibre, making them a wonderful option for vegetarians and those looking for a lasting satiety in their meals. In just 100 grams of uncooked […]


The Real Thing


I am one lucky girl. My doorbell rang this morning and I thought, who could that be??? A flower delivery!!!!! :D   I LOVE pink roses!!!! I mean, obviously!!! Now I have the real thing on my dining table! hehe.   I immediately called my mom and thanked them. :) What a great way to […]


The Silly Things We Say


The other day it occurred to me that I may be slowly turning into my parents. As a teenager, I swore this would never happen, but as I grow into adulthood I feel this may be inevitable. For example, I noticed recently that I am starting to use many of the sayings that my parents […]


The Superwoman Syndrome: Dangers of Over-Training


Right before my pelvic injury, I was doing lots of cross training. My treadmill has a 2-mile Army Fitness Test where you run as fast as you can for 2 miles and then it gives you a score out of 100. Being competitive by nature, and also having past experience with short distance races, I […]


The Surprise: Part 2


Ok, I admit, my last 2 posts were a bit cruel. Sorry to leave you hanging like that. The truth is, I simply ran out of time this morning– shoot– I don’t have enough time to write out the surprise afterall! I thought as I glanced at the clock. I guess my morning was a […]


The Unspoken Issue


Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for your comments on this afternoon’s post! I really love the support on this website! So amazing, each and every one of you. I always walk away feeling uplifted after I read all of your comments and emails. And it is my only hope that I can do […]


The Unspoken Issue: Part 2


The Unspoken Issue: Part 2 Missed Part 1? So if binges are a way that the body copes with stress and negative emotions, how do we stop it? Well, we can find ways to release feel good chemicals (endorphins) via means other than through eating sugary and fatty foods. Here are some practical and easy […]


The Weekend Snapshots : Food, Food, Randomness, and more Food


You know a weekend was fun when you wake up on Monday morning feeling like you need to sleep for 53 hours. (That’s also the sign of a good vacation!) It’s the classic weekend hangover and it often lingers well into Tuesday. My solution is to relive random phone photos, creep other people’s weekend on […]


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