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Sweat Equity


Good morning! After my post on inspiring workout tips on Saturday, many of you were asking me if I could elaborate on the workout piggy bank idea. I decided what better way to talk about it than to just start one up myself! A workout piggy bank can be used as a motivational tool. While […]


Sweet Wheat Sugar Cookies + Bridal Modeling Pictures


Good afternoon! This is going to be a HUGE picture post today! :) I hope you enjoy… Feast your eyes on the latest Glo Bakery products… Sweet Wheat Sugar Cookies These cookies are a healthy take on the traditional sugar cookie! I used Non-hydrogenated Olive Oil Margarine, whole wheat flour, Natural Cane Sugar, Almond Milk, […]


Taco Chili with Nacho Cheeze Sauce


Before we get to this amazing dinner that we enjoyed last night, I thought I would update you on my vegetable garden progress! Eric and I built the first of two raised beds for the veggie garden. Each bed is 4 feet by 8 feet.  We used this step-by-step tutorial for a raised bed. Our […]


Taking Care Of Our Earth


Happy Earth Day!   I have been so excited for Earth Day on Oh She Glows because I knew I could use this moment to do a post about environmentally friendly ways to make small changes in our lives. I will be the first to admit, I was not always an earth-friendly individual. I left […]


That Tastes Like Raw Pumpkin Innards!


I had so much fun reading through your Green Monster stories. I can’t wait to post all of them on Green Monster Movement! First up today, the winner of the Amazing Grass Package #2!   Congrats to Charlotte! She submitted a Green Monster story to GMM: Hi Angela, I’ve dealt with/attempted to suppress/been proud of/secretly […]


That’s a Whole Lotta Bulk


Good evening! I have been working on the Glo biz + OSG website today. I have added a new honeymoon page where I will be adding more honeymoon pictures. I also updated the She page as well as a few others! My awesome friend Laura also gave me an awesome place to buy all of […]


The 10 Lessons of Project Food Blog


When I first heard about Project Food Blog, I was shaking in my boots. You want me to do…what exactly? I felt as small as an ant. For how many months? My eyes were wide in horror. I thought about it for a while as I read over the challenge descriptions. And then it hit […]


The August Challenge


Fear. I don’t care who you are or where you come from, we all struggle with various fears on a daily basis. It’s one thing that unites us all, but it’s also something we don’t talk about very often. Instead, we often hear much more about hate, anger, jealousy, and criticism which only further leads […]


The Baking Experiment: Part 2


Part two of my next baking experiment was rather fun! I was up early this morning so I could finish part two and blog by 10am. Eric and I have a date in the backyard at 10am! :) Yardwork! What is more romantic than that? :) The only problem is, today is cloudy! We haven’t […]


The Beauty of Volume Eating & Exercise


It is absolutely freezing here today! I didn’t even realize how much the temperature dropped until I looked at the outdoor thermometer at lunchtime. It was –11C/12F most of today and now it is -13C/8.5F and dropping!!! Brrrr. However, we’ve had a beautiful blue sky all day….the one thing I love about Canadian winters is […]

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