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Canadian Cookbook Cover Reveal + 5 Years of Blogging


There are so many exciting things going on today, I can hardly contain myself. First, I’m happy to reveal the official Canadian cover of my cookbook at long last! What do you think? As you may know, I have a long, passionate history with parfaits so I think it’s quite fitting. I love how fresh, […]


Carrageenan in Our Food

homemade almond milk-0031

In my post, Replacing Dairy Milk, a few of you commented that you avoid several brands of non-dairy milk because they contain an ingredient called carrageenan. This was the first time I had heard anything about this ingredient, or at least the first time I took any notice. I assumed that it was a safe […]


Case of the Mondays


Hello everyone! I had one of those Mondays today. This website (I called it a blog, but it really has evolved into much more than that), notably, has been a glimmer of hope for me. I absolutely love what I do on this website. I know that this is what I am meant to be doing […]


Catching Up!


Hello! I am blogging this afternoon on the deck on this first glorious day of summer!!!! Isn’t wireless internet the BEST? Krista and I were chatting about it yesterday (she just got a new laptop) and we both admit we love not being glued to a desk all day! I have gotten SO much accomplished […]




Last night my stomach pains continued until I finally broke down and took a Zantac pill around 7pm. Finally the pains went away! It is weird because I think when I eat lots of nuts, I get stomach pains. I almost always get pains from eating a Larabar (although they don’t last that long). I […]


Charcoal Fries, Anyone?


Why hello there! Good evening. Happy Tuesday. And all that wonderful stuff. I was so excited tonight, because I was making Sweet Potato Fries! Click ‘read more’ to see how they turned out… Comments (0) | Share on Facebook | Tweet | Pin It | Snapchat | Google+

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Chilly ‘Naner, Nib, and Nut Butter Sandwich


Happy Friday! I just couldn’t resist! :biggrin: I told you last night that I discovered a fun post-workout treat. I decided to make a twist on the classic banana and nut butter ‘sandwich’. I’m sure this snack is not new to many of you, but it was a first for me! Chilly ‘Naner, Nib, ‘n […]


Choco Peppy-Mint Glo Bar


Good afternoon! My attempt at making Chocolate Mint bars was a huge success. :) So minty and chocolaty! Nutritional Information (1 bar): 189 calories (kcal); 11g Total Fat; 25g Carbohydrates; 0mg Cholesterol; 4mg Sodium; 6g Fibre; 5g Protein. Check out my bar page– I have updated it with the new bars! I am so excited […]


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Breakfast Cereal


Check out what arrived this week… 2.5 cubic yards of triple mix soil for the veggie garden. :) Thrilling, I know. After weeks of looking at different types of soils, I went with a triple mix from Van Beek’s. It’s made from composted manure, black loam, and sandy topsoil. I couldn’t find ‘certified’ organic anywhere, […]


Chocolate for Breakfast: Take 2


  Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica Can someone please find me that clip off You Tube and send it to me? I am DYING to watch it again! Oh, the look on Jim’s face. Thank you Valerie!!   I made a totally new combo of Glo Bar goodness this morning! I actually can’t believe that it […]


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