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1,000 Words: An Unexpected Turn Of Events


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1,000 Words: Try-A-Tri Race Photos


  Clearly, not impressed after that swim. :lol: The bike leg was fun…     We finished strong by sprinting down the chute to the finish… We sprinted so fast we had to come to a screeching halt to avoid running into the people in front of us. :tongue:   Not the photo we were […]


10 Miler Music Playlist!


Good morning! First up: Contests, contests, contests!! 1) The Amazing Grass contest ends tomorrow, get those entries in! Please note that I have a backlog of GM submissions, so not to worry if yours is not up yet! You have a chance at winning 4 bottles of Amazing Grass powders, a tee, and a shaker!!! […]


10-Mile Race: Prepping Part 1


My race outfit is all layed out and (almost) ready to go!   The only thing I am thinking of changing is: 1) My hat– I may see if I can purchase one today that is better ventilated and made specifically for running. I would be very sad about giving up my lucky hat though, […]


10-Miler Jitters


Wow how is it Thursday already!? Eric was so proud when he found out how in awe you all were that he could do the crow pose! lol. I sent him off to work with a big grin on his face. I can do the crow pose- but only for a few seconds. I now […]


10-Minute Boot Camp Workout by Marci Lall


Happy Friday night everyone! Tonight, we have another fabulous guest post for the Summer Glow Boot Camp! Meet Marci Lall. Marci is a weight-loss and body sculpting specialist in Toronto and he has been in the fitness field for 8 years. When Marci contacted me, I was super excited to have his expertise for the […]


19 Days to Run a 10K


I got official confirmation today that the race organizers changed my half marathon registration to the 10k race. Part of me was relieved and part of me was disappointed. Prior to my injury back in January of this year, I was perhaps 1-2 weeks away from being fully ready to run a half. I was […]


2 Minute Pumpkin Quinoa


Happy Friday! Wow this week has flown by! This morning I was so excited to try out my new Booty Camp Fitness DVD. I started with the Cardio Quickie which was 19 mins plus a 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. Then I did the BOOTY BOOSTER afterwards. I didn’t know this, […]


2-Week BBBC Changes


  It is now day 16 of the Bikini Body Boot Camp. Times FLYS, eh? One of the biggest changes I have made to my regular routine is adding back in strength exercises as well as flexibility work. Both of those have been neglected in my fitness routine for some time. Due to my injury […]


5 Mile Pick-Up Run & My Fav Workout Playlist

Aside from the relentless cloud cover and rain we’ve been hit with lately, the temperatures have been fairly warm for November! I’ve been getting outside for runs this week, trying to soak up every last degree of warmth. Yesterday, I had a great run that I like to call the “5-mile pick-up run”. With each […]


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