Hi, I’m Angela. Welcome to Oh She Glows – an award-winning recipe blog featuring over 500 healthy recipes (and growing)! For the past 6 years, I’ve shared energizing, plant-based recipes that my family and I enjoy on a daily basis. My goal is to inspire you to embrace more plant-based foods in your diet without feeling the least bit deprived. And yes, my recipes are great for meat-eaters and picky kids too! Most of my recipes are gluten-free and many are allergy-friendly (just check the recipe for the allergy info).

My first cookbook, The Oh She Glows Cookbook (released March 4, 2014) is a New York Times Bestseller. It was also selected as Chapters/Indigo’s BOOK OF THE YEAR for 2014. It features over 100 plant-based recipes (including 85 gluten-free recipes) using real, whole food ingredients. The book also contains over 100 full-page, full-colour photographs shot by yours truly! For more info, see here.


Note: The parfait cover is the Canadian cover and the carrot cover is the US cover. The content is the same in both, however!


My Story:

On October 31st 2008, I started Oh She Glows to write about my recovery from an eating disorder, my journey to health, and the amazing transformation that food can make in our lives. Within the first few months of blogging my readership started to grow and before long I connected with women and men all over the world. Today, almost 7 years later, Oh She Glows has over 1 million unique readers each month. I never expected that my blog would turn into a passion and eventually my full-time career, but I’m extremely grateful that I took a chance and hit publish on my first post.

As my relationship with food improved, I focused on creating healthy plant-based recipes that would win over my husband’s approval. At the time, Eric was a devout fast-food lover and drank pop like water. Coming up with healthy dishes that he enjoyed was a difficult task, but I was up for the challenge! I didn’t come from a food or photography background (nope, I barely knew how to cook a potato), so everything you see on this blog is a result of hard work and self-taught skill. I taught myself how to create recipes and then photograph my creations. It’s been an adventure!

In 2011, I was approached by an editor from a major publishing house and offered to write a cookbook. It had been a dream of mine for a while so I jumped at the opportunity. my first cookbook was published on March 4, 2014. One year later, and it has over 300,000 copies in print! The response has been absolutely shocking…thrilling…mind-blowing. I’m so grateful that my work has resonated with so many across the world. The Oh She Glows Cookbook is now printed in several different languages including English, Chinese, German, Slovak, and Spanish. It’s sold across North America, the UK, Australia, and more.


[interview in The Writer Magazine]


Let me rewind a bit and tell you about what was going on in my life the year I started my blog!


In 2008, I married my high-school sweetheart, Eric, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Psychology. Life was wonderful, yet not so wonderful at the same time. I was in recovery for an eating disorder, something I had been struggling with since I was 11-12 years old. Despite the great things going on in my life, I couldn’t enjoy them fully without putting my eating disorder behind me. It was like a storm cloud hovering over me for years.

During the last semester of my Master’s degree, I started working full-time as a researcher. I did a lot of hands on, practical research and even had the opportunity to write a book chapter, but ultimately I found that research did not fulfill me like I thought it would. I just felt so empty inside and deep down I knew that it wasn’t a great fit. I longed to express my creative side! I wanted to write, but not in the form of scientific articles. Thankfully, Oh She Glows was a great outlet and really let my creativity flourish. For the first year of blogging, I wrote 3 posts per day (yes, you read that right) and I absolutely fell head over heels in love with my new hobby. Up until this point in my life, I never had a hobby that I felt so passionate about and it felt so rewarding to enjoy something so much. Connecting with others all over the world motivated me to keep going during a time when I was very unhappy with my career. Whenever I was frustrated with career unhappiness and worried about my future, I would brainstorm ideas for blog posts. Boredom was no longer in my vocabulary.


In 2009, I took the leap and left my research career. This was a difficult and anxiety-provoking decision as someone who doesn’t like change or letting people down. I had no plan, but a supportive husband, tons of drive, and a hobby I loved. After a couple months of looking for other research jobs, I decided to start up my own business, Glo Bakery – a healthy bakery featuring my popular Glo Bars. Walking away from a career that I went to school for 7 years was not an easy thing to do, but it turned out to be the best career decision I could’ve made. Finally, I felt passionate and in control of my own happiness! I was determined and filled with passion to make this new career work.

I ran the bakery on my own (with the help of my husband when he had time) for a couple years and it was a huge success. Each week, I hand-made over 500 Glo Bars and shipped them to customers (many were blog readers!) all over North America. It was physically exhausting running both the bakery and the blog, but I knew that I was on the right path to career happiness. No matter how much work it took, I was willing to do it.


After a couple years of running the bakery and blogging full-time, I closed the bakery to pursue my cookbook dreams after being approached by an editor from a major publishing house. The bakery was an experience I will never forget and I learned so much. Right now, my focus is on writing cookbooks and blogging, but who knows, some day in the future I might open up the bakery again!




We welcomed a baby girl into our family in September 2014! You can read my announcement in this post. Also, check out my Baby section, where I post frequent pregnancy updates. She is my greatest blessing and I’m enjoying motherhood more than I ever dreamed.


I’m working hard on my second plant-based cookbook which is due out early fall 2016! I truly feel like it’s the best collection of recipes I’ve created to date and I can’t wait to share it with you! Just like my first cookbook, the second book will feature over 100 full-page photographs so it will be a feast for the eyes…and of course the belly!


Here we are in May 2015!


Learning to love food again

With hard work, counseling, and persistence, I was able to overcome my struggles with disordered eating. I no longer count calories, weigh myself obsessively, binge eat, or workout compulsively. Balanced is how I feel in my life now. It’s a great feeling after so many years of struggle.

st jacob's farmers market-4420

I shifted my diet to plant-based in mid-2009 after learning more about nutrition, animal welfare, and the environmental impacts of factory farming. My goal is to show you healthy, unprocessed, and animal-product free recipes that I create to keep myself and my family inspired about tasty good-for-you food. My husband dropped 20 pounds effortlessly and got rid of his high cholesterol – all without dieting or medication. I share my recipes on this site to hopefully inspire readers to try out my recipes. The best part about my recipes is that anyone can enjoy them from vegans to omnivores alike. Don’t believe me? Just read some of the glowing reviews in the comments. I’ve received hundreds of emails over the years from blog readers crediting Oh She Glows for inspiring some major changes like losing weight, shifting to a plant-based diet, reducing meat consumption, overcoming eating disorders, and changing careers. I’m so grateful to be a able to share my passion for food and wellness on this blog and most importantly, to hear YOUR stories of triumph!


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Peace, Love & Plants,



April @ Crazy Fabulous Life July 26, 2010

I’ve been going through your site since yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love it. You are an inspiration!

Morgan Cullen July 27, 2010

hey lady

i just totally STUMBLED upon your blog and had to tell you that IT STICKS!

i’ve read through so much and just enjoy your writing!

from one fellow blogger (i do it full time, not sure if you do or not) you’re AWESOME!

keep up all the good work…i’ll be popping back by for sure!

cheers – morgan

and just fyi, if you want to pop by:

teri August 6, 2010

hi there :)
just was turned on to your site by another another blogger, heather from hangrypants, and although i dont have time right now to get lost in the abyss of the internet… i really look forward to reading more… your bars look great too… i thought you were local since she is, but i see you are in canada

looking forward to reading more… gee… i could see myself doing this – and by the looks of it, it takes a lot of work.. thanks for sharing and best!

~ teri

Kim August 7, 2010

Hi Angela! I LOVE your blog! I’ve been reading it for a while now and have found it to be so inspiring, informative and motivational! I just started my own blog and look forward to continue following yours!

Gloria August 13, 2010

Just wanted to say how amazing I think all of this is!
(And what a shame I only ‘discovered’ it today ;))
During my own ‘healing’, while getting rid of the eating-disorder, I kept a blog called ‘Innerglow’ (recently deleted it). How strange to see those words, still so special to me, in a totally different place – at least equally meaningful.
G(l)o on girl!

eat move love August 19, 2010

How inspirational! I’m “reconnecting” here LOL. Great background.

I love that you ask about Publishers(!) I do that on my blog and others seem to get judgemental…why, it’s something I want…:(.

Anyhow – it’s a little scary though because I was thinking about doing something about the influence of blogs/internet/etc. on healthy living/dieters/eating disorders…yipes…sounds similar to you though…:(

entine August 24, 2010

I would just like to say, good for you, for documenting and, in a sense, revealing yourself for others to be inspired by. As a Toronto-born girl myself, I left the city after 21 years and have lived in a couple different towns now; that is by far one of the best decisions to eliminate stress from life – leave it behind. Now instead of being part of the rat race, I am a farmhand, have regained about half my old gymnast body (and am leaving the student body behind)!

Alexa August 25, 2010

Hi there! I love you moved out of the city!Good for you. Are you living at the countryside right now or you moved back to the city?

Roz August 26, 2010

Hi Angela,
I stumbled on your site and just wanted to say how gorgeous your food shots are, and that your posts are a great read.
I’m also Canadian, and am new to blogging (I’m in the process of losing weight), so get inspiration from great blogs like yours. Thank you!

Emma August 28, 2010

Hey Angela,
Just thought I would let you know that I absolutely love your blog. I am from lil old New Zealand down in the Southern hemisphere. Your recipes are awesome! You inspire me to experiment when I cook, and try different things. I am in love with avocado at the moment too. I used to HATE it. I can’t believe I ever did dislike it! It’s just so delicious! Again, thanks for the awesome blog.
NZ fan

Julie September 13, 2010

i just love your blog and your approach to good food! I am a work in progress on that front and am doing better every day!

I saw one of your posts where you showed a box your mom gave you and a letter she wrote you at a milestone in your life…can you send me the link to that post?

I would love to do something like this for my daughter, Molly, who is 12. You must have a great mom! i want to be that good mom, too!

Julie G.
Nashville, TN

Chanelle Morin September 14, 2010

Hey, do you have a recipe/cookbook available for purchase at all?

Elizabeth September 17, 2010

I read all about you and I love your blog! I am a college student and I am super into nutrition and health and fitness. I am a freshman so all I have in my dorm room is a little fridge and a microwave. We have really great health food stores all by my school but I am super interested if you have any ideas for healthy snacks or something I could even make in the microwave. I have had green beans and apples and also other fruits and veggies but I am starting to feel the need for a change up! I would love to hear your ideas!
Thank you!

Nikki September 20, 2010

Just wanted to drop a note to say how great this blog is!
I can relate to many things you write about, even down to the moving from busy-Toronto out to a small town! (I saw on the glow bar website that the bakery is base in Milton, ON, and that’s where I’m moving to come October!)
So I look forward to checking out the bakery!

tegan September 21, 2010

Hi Angela

Wow i absolutely love your blog!! ive recently discovered it and am addicted, you share so much of the same philosphy i have on health and nutrition and your story touched me as it is so similar to my own, i too have struggled with disordered eating for many years and am still in eating disorder recovery treatment,but after a lot of hard work im finally getting my glow back!!!! rading about your own journey and your passion for food, health, excercise etc has motivated and inspired me even more, so thankyou!!
your pictures of paris look so amazing and it must be so wonderful to enjoy all it has to offer being in such a happy healthy state of mind.
keep up such great work!!
p.s. do you/can you send glo bakery products to australia????!!!

Stephanie September 30, 2010

Found your blog and I can’t stop reading! Your story is inspiring, and I’m sure many women can relate (as I have!) to the things you have been through, and the outlook on proper nutrition and exercise. Please don’t stop writing! Your recipes look fantastic, I cannot WAIT to try a few!


Penny October 2, 2010

Hey Angela,
I’ve been reading your blog for over a year and just stumbled upon your wedding video. BEAUTIFUL, as I’m sure you know!


Jacqueline October 13, 2010

Hello, I’m new to your blog and I just wanted to say how absolutely inspiring I have found it already. I’m dealing with my own health issues and can personally say that I have been affected by everything you strive to fight – I have anorexia but am fighting to get well and reclaim my health. My goal is to start running once I restore my weight and I wanted to let you know what an amazing resource I think your blog is and will be on my path to health.
Congratulations on everything you have accomplished and keep up the amazing work. You are an inspiration.

Tiffany October 16, 2010

Hi Angela, I just came across your blog when I was blog hopping and saw that you’re a runner, I was wondering where you run in the winter? Do you go to a gym or something like that? I live in Minnesota so there’s no running outside! Thanks!

Jo October 18, 2010

Hello Angela! I found your blog via Caits Plate. Sadly, that blog is now defunct. But I am so glad you post daily! It is exciting to find someone who makes healthy food look fun and taste delicious. I am going to try out a couple of your recipes this week. I am a teacher and I made the mistake of viewing your pizza entry during our last period – – now I really feel the hunger pangs! You are always welcome to visit on Manitoulin Island and when you do, please bring some of your delicious cooking! I truly enjoy your blog – -thank you!

Anna October 20, 2010

I just came across your blog for the first time and wasn’t expecting it to make a big impression on me – I like to read through “healthy living” blogs, but they often make me roll my eyes – but the video on this page genuinely brought tears to my eyes. I’m twenty years old and have had an eating disorder since I was sixteen (my weight has fluctuated between a lowest of 108 and a highest of 135lb in that time). I’ve been recovering for nine weeks now, which doesn’t sound like long… but it’s a massive deal to me. Everything you’ve written here is so inspiring. Thank you for being honest about your own disordered eating, it really makes me so hopeful that I can enjoy food again (I’ve always loved baking, like you). I’ve been eating mostly vegan over the last few weeks, trying to concentrate on eating when I’m actually hungry and gradually getting used to foods that I’ve considered ‘dangerous’ in the past, and I think I’m eating healthier at the moment than I ever have in my life (Today I had porridge with soya yoghurt and fruit compote for breakfast, and a tofu scramble with salad on rye bread for lunch… I haven’t binged or purged since mid August).
A line in your video (where you said, treat yourself like you would treat a friend, rather than beating yourself up) really reminded me of a bit in a recovery book I’ve been reading, where it talked about taking care of yourself, and guiding yourself on rather than yelling at yourself if you think you’ve screwed up… it said, ‘treat yourself like you would treat a little child who you love’. So thank you for reinforcing that, and for putting a really positive message out on this page of the internet.
Sorry this is long and probably a bit weird for you!! But I really did want to thank you. Recovery is terrifying, and hard, but you’ve given me hope that I can be healthy, and normal with food. Thank you xxx

Mike October 28, 2010

Somehow I came across your blog either through tastespotting.com or simply searching through blogs. But I had to stop and check it out. I am in shock still after I browsed through your entire page. You never come across blogs like this and it really is incredible to me everything you accomplished. It’s touching. I take pride in a healthy living style and I am still in college. I love the food blog world. It’s very true…we learn so much through the blogging world and this is a perfect example of that type of page. Good luck with everything in the years to come. This blog is the most inspirational blog I have ever seen!

Jennifer October 29, 2010

I love your blog. You are such an inspiration. When and how did you finally turn exercise into fun? I have been into fitness since I was 6yrs old.. and I still havent found the secret recipe for fun. ;-( makes me bummed. I wish I could have your outlook.

Steffany October 29, 2010

Like everyone else, I find your blog truly inspiring ! Health blogs have really helped me a lot in the last couple of years, when I went from being around 160 lbs back down to around 135 lbs (give or take) which is about what I weighed in high school. I am about 5’8″ and graduated with my Bachelor’s a few years back, trying to pursue a Masters now. I love myself now more than ever because I finally find excercising and fitness fun, and have learned to love to cook, and have been doing all of this with my partner as well. His weight fluctuates a lot, his highest was probably somewhere around 220 and his lowest around 190, at 6’0″. We have so much fun excercising and cooking together, and we really support each other and push each other to be healthy. When we started dating almost 4 years ago, he inspired me to five up soda altogether (he is a big anti-HFCS person) and I immediately saw the pounds just dropping off without any other changes to my diet or excercise !! Thank you for your blog ! I would love to write something like this of my own someday !!!

Amy November 3, 2010

Angela, I love your blog! You are an inspiration to all who want to live a healthy lifestyle! I love your recipes and make them often, you need to write a cookbook! I would be the first in line to buy it! :D

Scott Sibbernsen July 25, 2011


How often do you recommend drinking a Green Monster?


Scott Sibbernsen

Angela (Oh She Glows) July 26, 2011

I probably have 2 or 3 a week and I like to mix up the greens that I use, so I get different nutrients. Enjoy!

Emily July 26, 2011

A friend posted your green monster recipe on facebook. Love that I now have a healthy breakfast option for the “on-the-go” mornings. I’m excited to try some of your other recipes as well! About to try the snickerdoodles! thanks for your hard work! By the way, what are you eating out of the jar on the second pic on this “about” page. Love the spoon too!

Ciara Smyth July 29, 2011

Hey Angela!
Wow, this site is amazing-and you and your story are so inspirational! I am currently trying to relearn how to listen to my body and give it what it needs, after about 18 years of abuse! I had been over exercising but my body took me out about 2 months ago-i am now having to allow it time to rest and recover as it is soo tired and damaged..My weight is not very underweight,but it is a little and I am v controlled with food…but i am learning(slowly) i need to let that go….ineed to let all foods back on the table to banish the forbidden nature of them, which makes them the longed for items. I am also realising that my blood sugar is very very sensitive at the minute, and if i eat anything with too much sugar or that isnt balanced(carb and protein) i crash and feel so lethargic within about 2 hours or eatin and then i spend the day on a bood sugar roller coaster!
I am wondering if you might be able to offer any advice on foods/recipes on here that would help me to balance my sugars? Your recipes look amazing, and honestly, i would love to eat like that, eating those type of wholesome foods for my life…of course I would indulge in some treats toom but 80% of the time id love to be eating the type of food you have on here-it is so wholesome and appetizing! One day, I hope to return to exercise but not until I get my hunger signals and how to eat and listen to my body under control!!!


Anita August 1, 2011

Hi! I came across your pages in search of diy larabars and omg your recipes are amazing! I must say your flourless chocolate cookies are totally addicting. I use all natural peanut butter in place of the almond butter and they are my reese’s cup fix! They are now my go to cookie! Love your ideas and your site introduced me to the flax egg which I now have used in a variety of recipes I always bake with huge success, meaning no one is the wiser to the replacement! Thanks for your recipes, I look forward to many many more yummy goodies to try out in my kitchen!! : )

Angela (Oh She Glows) August 2, 2011

Glad you are enjoying the recipes Anita!

Samantha August 4, 2011

Hi Angela,

I recently came across your blog and I think you are such an inspiration. I think it is time for me to take control of my body and start taking care for it. I am really interested in the holisitic lifestyle and vegan eating. I was wondering if you have any advice on how to get started? I feel like there is so much to learn and I don’t really know where to start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I agree with Amy’s comment, you really do need to write a cookbook! Your recipes are truly incredible.

Angela (Oh She Glows) August 12, 2011

Hey Samantha! Have you read my Journey to Health series found on my ‘Hot’ page? That tells my story of how I made my changes.

Tracy Ooi August 4, 2011

Angela, I really enjoy reading your blog. I’ve followed it for about 2 years now, and I love the positivity you exude through your writing! You have been one of my inspirations for starting my own blog! Looking forward to reading more as you continue your journey :)

Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

Thanks Tracy!

Brooke A. August 5, 2011

I stumbled across your blog when searching for Vegan recipes as I am a 33 yo mother of 7 who was recently diagnosed with Celiac and suffer from 3 auto immune disorders and 4 main food allergies such as Soy, Dairy, Chicken Eggs and Gluten. I have never had an eating disorder, unless loving food too much is a disorder which somedays I am sure it is, but your blog resignates deep within me. I admire you for recognizing your struggle and fighting to tame the beast within. Adjusting to a new way of life as a Gluten Free Vegan has been quite the challenge having a husband and 7 kids who don’t “have” to change their eating habits but are more or less being pushed along by me. I have recently decided to remove all bandaids from my life and see a naturopath doctor who is helping me control my immune system the natural way, without a pill or a bandaid as I like to call them. I have started a blog to document my journey and hopefully shed some light into a somewhat seemingly dark area that is just recently being given attention as a growing epidemic. I will definitely be referring my followers and viewers to your site for great vegan recipes and encouragement and look forward to staying in the loop as your journey continues to unfold. I have started following you on twitter with both my personal account and my blog account and will definitely be retweeting the information you share. Thanks for being an open book and sharing your story so that others can find solace in knowing they to can fight the battle and feel victorious. Eating disorder or not, your message speaks loudly to a myriad of health and eating issues and I am stoked to try new recipes. Much love! :)

Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

Thank you so much Brooke! I wish you all the best with your journey. :)

Cady August 6, 2011

I just recently found your blog via an Apartment Therapy link to your avocado pasta.
I’m still waiting to try that recipe, but I made my first green monster today and am
now an instant convert – thank you! Your posts on interval training have been very
useful. Thanks for sharing your stories and promoting such a positve attitude toward

Angela (Oh She Glows) August 7, 2011

So happy to hear that Cady! Enjoy :)

Charlotte August 6, 2011

Thank you so much for making this website. I’m seventeen and I’ve had an eating disorder for four years now. I just stumbled across this blog and it’s so inspiring, especially since you’ve had a similar experience. You look so healthy and happy and it truly makes me want to change. I want to be able to actually enjoy food and your recipes look amazing. I want to start recovering and I hope that one day I’ll be able to “glow” like you!

Angela (Oh She Glows) August 7, 2011

Thank you Charlotte! All the best to you!

Emily August 7, 2011

Dear Angela,
I stumbled upon your site while looking for vegan recipes, and I am so delight I it. My husband is vegan and I am pescetarian. It is a challenge to find vegan sites that don’t rely on processed soy and gluten meat substitutes. I prefer to make meals from raw, whole ingredients and in fact, I don’t digest fake meats well. Yours is the best site I have found. I rave about you to meat-eaters and vegans alike as all of the recipes I have tried have been great successes. A summer evening is incomplete with out a variation of your soft serve ice cream, and for the last week we have been totting either the Fruit and Nut Energy Bites or the Blueberry Chia Nut Squares for breakfast on-the-go.

I also admire your candidness about your relationship to food and wellness. We are all vulnerable humans doing the best we can and it is good to be reminded of others out there sharing our challenges.

I commend you on your very fine work and I look forward to the next treasure of a recipe!

Best wishes,

Angela (Oh She Glows) August 8, 2011

Thank you so much Emily! Your kind words are greatly appreciated. So happy that you found the blog! I’m so grateful for your support. Take care! Ange

David from SaladPride August 8, 2011

Well done!

Lauren August 9, 2011

I’m not even a blogger or anything but just wanted to leave a post to let you know (as it appears many others have as well) how much I appreciate your blog. Have struggled with overly restricted eating/obsessions over weight/binge eating, but when I check your blog, I feel refreshed from that crap and inspired to get back into healthy, balanced eating patterns. I’m actually getting into a lot of the positive stuff coming out on saturated fats these days (gary taubes: good calories bad calories, and http://civileats.com/2011/03/04/a-big-fat-debate/), so even though I’m somewhat anti-vegan in my nutritional views at this point, your blog still carries a really unique, helpful tone that I so appreciate. Just wanted to let you know, what you’re doing is really helping some of us readers!

Arianna August 9, 2011

Hi Angela,

I just found your blog and I love it. I’m so inspired to make new things and to live a healthier lifestyle. The avocado pasta and the blondies are the first ones I will try to make.

I think it’s great how open and honest you are about your journey and I admire your authenticity. I just graduated from my Masters in Psychology and am in a similar boat to when you started and want to get back on track.

I’m also just started a blog and was curious how you got started with it. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the great work!!!!

Katherine August 10, 2011

Hi Angela! I love your website; I’ve been nearly-vegan for about 5 yrs and I’m always looking for good recipes. You have some *amazing* recipes on here, you have definitely become my go-to website! I couldn’t find your email address on here, so I had to leave this as a comment….I have a sandwich that you have to try: sourdough bread, hummus, fresh strawberries. It is ridiculously simple and delicious and I’ve never seen the combination anywhere else before. You’ve got to try it!

kate August 14, 2011

You have a ton of great recipes on here, but I noticed your taking credit for some recipes that aren’t your own. Lauren Ulm, author of Vegan Yum Yum created the exact same alfredo and mac and cheese recipes to the ‘t’ back in 2008… coincidence?

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