All-Natural Pumpkin Butter From Scratch + Many Ways To Use It!


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If you’ve been reading this blog for a year or longer, you may know that I’m head over heels for Homemade Pumpkin Butter. Not only is it one of the most popular recipes on the blog, but it’s also a personal favourite. I eagerly make several batches every fall and winter (umm, and apparently during the summer now…). No two batches are ever the same; I love changing it up with different sweeteners and spices depending on my mood. You all seem to love pumpkin butter too – I get so many comments and emails about the recipe!

The original recipe uses canned pumpkin which is great for convenience, but I’ve always wanted to try out the recipe using freshly roasted pumpkin. I just knew it was going to rock my world.

Oh, did it ever.

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If you saw my pumpkin roasting tutorial Monday, you may recall this photo of the roasted pumpkin after blending in my Vitamix:

how to make pumpkin puree-5063

Well, after that photo I had a lightbulb moment. Why not just throw all of the pumpkin butter ingredients straight into the blender and blend it all up?

It turned out to be a great idea to use the blender – no need to whisk in any ingredients. Plus, the blender got it super smooth and silky. I also reduced the amount of juice so it only took 10 minutes to cook down on the stove top as compared to 35-45 minutes in the original recipe. I certainly wasn’t complaining!

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My Tip:

The best tip I can give you when making pumpkin butter on the stove-top is to cover the pot with a lid and prop it open with a wooden spoon. The mixture splatters everywhere while simmering and you definitely need a lid to cover it while still allowing steam to escape. You can also make it in a slow cooker if that floats your boat.

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Pumpkin Butter From Scratch

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Adapted from Homemade Pumpkin Butter.

Yield: approx. 3.5 cups (varies depending on how long you cook it down)


  • 4 – 4.5 cups fresh pumpkin puree (made from ~3.8 pounds sugar pumpkin)
  • 1/4 cup sweet apple cider or apple juice, more if needed
  • 1 cup Sucanat (or brown sugar, unpacked)
  • 3-4 tbsp pure maple syrup, to taste
  • 1 tbsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1 tsp fresh lemon juice (enhances flavour and helps preserve)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • pinch of fine grain sea salt


1. Roast your sugar pumpkins (see this tutorial). Cool for 10 minutes on pan before handling.

2. Add pumpkin flesh (without the skin) in a blender. Add juice and blend until smooth, stopping to push down the pumpkin when necessary. It may take a bit to get it going.

3. Add the Sucanat (or brown sugar), maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg. Process again until super smooth and no clumps remain.

4. Spoon mixture into a medium-sized pot. Cover with lid and prop lid ajar with a wooden spoon. Over medium-high heat, bring mixture to a low boil. Reduce heat to low-medium and cook for about 10 minutes, or until it’s as thick as you want it. Keep the lid ajar throughout the cooking process – you will find it splatters everywhere so be careful! I like to keep the lid propped up on an angle while I stir the mixture so I don’t get splattered. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.

5. Cool completely, stir in lemon juice and a pinch of salt, and then store in a sealed jar in the fridge. Should keep for 2-4 weeks.

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No matter which version you make, one thing is for sure; your house will smell absolutely wonderful throughout the process.

Looking for ways to enjoy pumpkin butter? There are many…


Have I convinced you yet?

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1 raechel September 11, 2012

I love the idea of making a seasonal banana soft-serve treat! Oooo, this makes me want to host a dinner party, asap! : )


2 Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table September 11, 2012

I was JUST thinking I wanted to make my own pumpkin butter after reading an all-too-long ingredient list on a store-bought variety. Can’t wait to try this out!

I’m going to slather this all over my bread the next time I make an egg panini! Errrr… and for something vegan maybe I’ll make a sauce to bake tofu in?


3 [email protected] September 11, 2012

this, along with our cool (ish) weather tonight on the after dinner walk, just totally got me in the mood for fall. can’t wait to try this recipe. i know what you mean when you say that no 2 batches are the same. that’s the fun part!


4 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 11, 2012

Our evening walks have been chilly lately too. Tonight not as much but the previous two nights we needed pants and a sweater and we were still chilly.


5 Janae @ Bring-Joy September 12, 2012

We’re also getting chilly weather, yesterday it really felt not-summerish. Definitely time to pull out the fave soup recipes!


6 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat September 11, 2012

Ok, this fall is going to be the fall that I make pumpkin butter AND apple butter from scratch! I haven’t done either before but I know exactly where I’ll be getting my directions from (that’s you!!) :) Have a great night lady! :)


7 Andrea @ Vegvacious September 11, 2012

I love you and your pumpkin puree! I’ve never had pumpkin butter before and I am so excited to give this a try! Using the slow cooker is a great idea – I may have to try that and see how it goes!!!


8 Averie @ Averie Cooks September 11, 2012 that looks so heavenly! The smell in your house while this simmers must be just…insanely good! As I type this comment, I have something pumpkin in the oven baking right now. Can’t get enough of it! This looks so creamy and smooth and awesome!


9 Jolene ( September 11, 2012

Great ideas for the pumpkin butter! I love fall recipes :-)

Hey girl – when is your book coming out? I miss your glo bars sooooo much!


10 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

Thank you Jolene! Should be out early 2014.


11 Julie September 12, 2012

2014!!!!!!!! :( waaaah so far away


12 Senator September 11, 2012

Sweetie, you-a speak-a my language! I have an amazing (vegan) pumpkin scone recipe that I do every year and I use pumpkin butter as a glaze, but hated using it from a jar — you’re a saint. Now to just hunt down those sugar pumpkins….


13 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

pumpkin butter is a great idea used as a glaze. I bet that’s fantastic.


14 Anele @ Success Along the Weigh September 11, 2012

I haven’t made pumpkin butter in eons. You have reminded me that I should have it in abundance right now so that I might cover anything that will hold still with it!


15 Elizabeth September 11, 2012

I am so glad to see pumpkin recipes popping up here :) It makes me want to wear a cozy, thick-knit scarf. Last year I finally mastered slow-cooker pumpkin butter, and as soon as sugar pumpkins start showing up at the local farms this year I’m going to be in pumpkin butter heaven! I spend all year waiting for pumpkins to pop up on my favorite blogs and at the market. I think this officially marks the beginning of the shift into Fall!


16 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

glad the slow cooker works for you – just curious, how long do you cook it for (and what heat setting)?


17 Zestful Lou September 11, 2012

YES! 3 Pumpkin posts in a row!! I love it!

I was visiting my parents last weekend and found a stash of canned pumpkin in their cupboards. I stole them all and have been enjoying pumpkin everything lately!



18 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

There’s nothing better than raiding your parents cupboards. ;)


19 Jen @ Passport to Bliss September 11, 2012

Yes, I’m convinced!!!! :) Thank you for some wonderful ideas!


20 Janae @ Bring-Joy September 12, 2012

Funny, I never thought of actually *making* pumpkin butter before. I came across some at the store & fell in love with it, but not the price (like $5 for a tiny jar). This is a much nicer alternative :)


21 Sonal September 12, 2012

Oh gosh this pumpkin marathon gets better and better! Hahah I’m LOVING the tutorials. Can’t wait to find some sugar pumpkins and get cracking :) Yummmm!


22 Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family September 12, 2012

Angela that pumpkin butter is just beautiful and I love the gloss it has.

I wanted to say that I made your coconut whipped cream and it turned out beautifully (I actually featured and linked back to it in my post today). Mine didn’t come out quite as fluffy, but it was so delicious…way better than any other whipped topping I’ve had before.

Happy Wednesday to you.


23 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

Hey Rachel, So glad it worked for you! I will check out your post. :)


24 Beth @ Tasty Yummies September 12, 2012

YUM! I just absolutely LOVE this time of year, the chilly air, needing a sweater, cool nights of sleeping, apple picking and pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin. Yesterday I spent a good hour thinking up a handful of different pumpkin recipes and I am so excited to start making them all. I will definitely have to add pumpkin butter to that list now :) Thanks!


25 Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin September 12, 2012

Umm yes you’ve definitely convinced me! I still have a jar I bought from a farmer’s market last fall but as soon as I’m done with that I want to try to tackle this!


26 Jenna September 12, 2012

Pumpkin butter is one of my Fave fall treats. This looks so creamy can’t wait to try it


27 Ashley September 12, 2012

Hi Angela,

I was wondering if you have the nutrition info for this pumpkin butter recipe?

Thanks!! :-)


28 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

Hey Ashley, there are about 23 cals approx per tbsp.


29 JT September 12, 2012

My kids and I JUSt finished up the Pumpkin butter we made last year that was in the freezer. They had apple slices with pumpkin butter every morning for the last two weeks for their breakfast fruit….mmmmmmm!! Need to get some pumpkins soon the make more of it!


30 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

I’m so happy to hear it freezes well.


31 Jasmin September 12, 2012

Ohhhh my gosh! That looks sooo good! Although I am looking forward to fall, I still haven’t been able to let go of summer yet. Yesterday I bought some Ontario grown strawberries from the grocery store and this morning I made your strawberry shortcake stacked pancakes. To die for!!!! I think next up is your stacked pumpkin butter pancakes. BTW could this pumpkin butter be made using canned pumpkin or should I just stick with the older version if using canned?


32 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

Yes for sure – check out the link in the post. It links to my first version using canned pumpkin. It was also fantastic!


33 Michelle September 12, 2012

Looks great! Any savory recipe ideas to use with the purée? Without the vanilla of course! Always love your ideas and blog!


34 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

pumpkin soup? :)


35 Hardcorner Farm October 9, 2012

Caribbean Pumpkin Bisque
5 cups pureed pumpkin
1 onion (pureed with pumpkin)
1 cup ½ and ½
1 ½ tsp. garlic salt
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp. onion salt
1 tsp curry powder
1/8 to ¼ tsp cayenne pepper (depending on how hot you like it)
1 cup water (unless pumpkin has enough water)
Parsley (to taste)


36 LizforaDay September 12, 2012

I love the fact that you have made a couple of recipes with pumpkin. So many times I purchase ingredients or make a batch of something but run out of different uses, if that makes sense. Thanks! :)


37 Ileana September 12, 2012

Pumpkin butter latte. I’ve gotta tell my boyfriend’s mom about that one.


38 Moni Meals September 12, 2012

“Have you convinced us yet?” Heck yes! I think we all want to call in sick today and make this… Especially for the smell alone. :-) I just bought seven cans of pumpkin ( Pba free too!) and Fall is by far my favorite season, and it’s only just beginning. Yay and I can’t wait to try your pumpkin butter!


39 Beth September 12, 2012

I made this all fall and winter last year. I LOVED it. During my long runs I’d think about coming home to a toasted bagel with homemade pumpkin butter … nothing better! Can’t wait to make it again this year. I just made the Maple-Cinnamon Almond Butter Monday night, so I’ll get through that first.


40 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

Now Im craving that nut butter – maybe we can trade some? heh


41 Cate September 12, 2012

I am so excited to make this for my toddler! He loves almond butter and jelly sandwiches so I am sure he will love this!


42 Addy @ The Journalist September 12, 2012

You had me convinced at the title – it’s finally fall, and high time for some pumpkin butter! I am looking forward to making this today, thanks for the recipe!


43 Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy September 12, 2012

Thanks for the recipe – I can’t wait to get started on making this!


44 Michelle @ Eat Move Balance September 12, 2012

This gets me soooo excited for fall. Anything pumpkin is fair game! Great idea to try making my own instead of purchasing the jarred stuff–this looks delicious!


45 [email protected] Totes Delish Blog September 12, 2012

Just bought canned pumpkin, will be making this ASAP!! :)


46 Michele Sparrow September 12, 2012

Oh wow. This looks incredible! I absolutely love the smell of pumpkin cooking with all those spices. This is a must make this fall. Thank you for posting!


47 Andrea September 12, 2012

YAY! More things to use my sugar pumpkins for! If only we could can pumpkin..


48 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

I know! Im bummed they don’t recommend canning it.


49 allison September 12, 2012

ok i’m making this! i love fall! i made quinoa stuffed acorn squash for supper lastnight and just had it for lunch :-) i love all the in season harvest :-)


50 Lisa @ the raw serenity September 12, 2012

I can honestly say that there is not ONE day that I go without pumpkin.
My all time fav veg!
I’m sad to say that in Australia we don’t have sugar pumpkin :( but kent pumpkin is very sweet so perhaps I’ll use that.
Thanks for sharing the love!


51 ali janine @ This Ninja Eats Broccoli September 12, 2012

I’m so new to this pumpkin thing. Last year the only thing I had was pumpkin pie, but so far this year I’ve had pumpkin VOO and pumpkin smoothies. We use the Canadian Food Guide for a few things to reference and one thing it recommends is that we get one dark green vegetable a day and one orange vegetable a day. Between your Green Monsters and all your pumpkin recipes, I think you’ve got me covered lol!


52 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2012

I know what you mean – before I started reading blogs I NEVER ate pumpkin. Then I got hooked and it was all over.


53 Natalie @ FreshLifeFindings September 12, 2012

You didn’t even have to convince me of anything once I saw the title and pictures! I love Pumpkin and making Pumpkin Butter sounds divine. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I love all your food.


54 Amber from Slim Pickin's Kitchen September 12, 2012

I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one who is a wee bit pumpkin obsessed!!! ;)


55 Catherine September 12, 2012

I was salivating while reading this. i have never heard heard of pumkin butter (i’ve only been following your blog for a month and a half) but it sounds insanely good! i love that you include ways to use it because that is suuuper helpful! thank you!!


56 Amy September 12, 2012

I love your old recipes and I come to your blog often for meal inspiration, but I have to say the last year has been SO disappointing- posts have gone down to 3x a week instead of 5, and they are things like peanut butter protein with jam, pumpkin pie smoothies (everyone has posted a million of these) and redos of your old recipes (todays “new” pumpkin butter). I’m sorry to sound negative but I really feel like if you can’t keep up with your blog while trying to write a cookbook then you should just leave it for a few months. I really think you are very talented and love your old recipes which is why I religiously check your blog, but it’s so disappointing and quite frankly it makes me sad now. I hope you take this to heart and realize I’m coming from a friendly place. I wouldn’t be so nice to other bloggers but I really love your blog and how you put your personality into it- I feel like I “know you” a little bit which is not the norm with a lot of the HLB’s I read. Good luck with the book, Angela


57 LeAnn November 20, 2012

Just made the pumpkin butter…. I had never heard of it before but had a recipe that called for it (couldnt find it in any of our stores) so I googled it and found you :) It was super easy to make and taste great. I’m making pumpkin cheesecakes brownies (fattening I know)…. thanks for the awesome recipe!


58 sally October 28, 2014

can I jar this?


59 Elicia November 20, 2014

I’ve read that the USDA does not recommend home-canning mashed squash because the variation in thickness, acidity, and water levels cannot guarantee a consistent calculation for safe canning. However, I think if you sanitize the jars and lids like you would for canning, the jars which last unopened for a few months in the fridge!


60 Rebecca September 12, 2012

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post!! I made both your pumpkin and apple butter recipes last year and they were fabulous! I just opened a can of trader joes pumpkin butter but it’s definatly not as good as homemade. I have got to make this one as soon as my garden pumpkins come in!


61 Katie @ Fun Fearful Female September 12, 2012

YUM!! I’m going to add this to my list of reasons of why I should own a Vitamix!


62 allison September 13, 2012

i made pumpkin butter last night and i loved it :-) we had it on vegan french toast. I love your site. You have made my transition to vegan do-able and I thank you :-)


63 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 13, 2012

Aw that’s so great to hear!


64 celina September 13, 2012

My mom and I can’t stop making all of your recipes! Is there any way to make it sugar-free? Maybe use pureed apples instead of apple juice and stevia?


65 luv what you do September 13, 2012

I love the idea of a natural Pumpkin butter. IT is one of the best foods but always loaded with sugar. I”m looking forward to making this recipe!


66 Helga September 14, 2012

Just finished making the pumpkin butter this morning. OMG!! It smells wonderful. I’m going to add this to pancakes this morning. Thank you Angela. Love the recipes!!


67 Lea @ Greens and Coffee Beans September 14, 2012

This pumpkin butter looks AMAZING! I’m so ready for fall so I have an excuse to spread pumpkin butter over everything!


68 Bethany Lee September 18, 2012

Oh. My. Gosh. This looks delectable. You are gonna turn this vegetarian-wanna-be-vegan into a vegan for sure!! This is what I’m gonna do with my pumpkin before I bake my pumpkin seeds. :-)


69 Andrea September 18, 2012

Just made this deliciousness this morning!! Out of this world good! I just had a baby and am excited at how good the puréed sugar pumpkin was all by itself! Baby will love it!! Love your blog!


70 AmyJ September 23, 2012

OMG, mind = blown Angela….is it normal to totally want to eat the whole batch right out of the pot? Umm, yes, let’s hope so! Thanks for sharing this DEEEEEELISH treat that tastes a beautiful creamy medley of fall + thanksgiving :)


71 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 24, 2012

Glad you love it Amy!!


72 Brandina September 30, 2012

Angela, I just finished making this pumpkin butter and OMG it’s delicious! I’ve never even tasted it before until this evening and I also haven’t ever cooked with fresh pumpkin before either….I’ve always used the canned. I can honestly say that I won’t be using canned from now on if I can help it. Not only did two small pumpkins yield 4-5 cups (just like your recipe says it should), every step of the process went perfectly smoothly – because I followed your instructions to the T.

My family is going to totally love receiving a small jar for Thanksgiving (I’m making some for everyone) and I’m also going to link to this post on my blog when I write about the awesome pumpkin butter!

Thank you so much for all of your recipes! <3


73 Nina October 10, 2012

Love, love, love this! Thank you so kuch for sharing it with us.
It’s spring here in Canberra but I still have garden pumpkins squirrelled away in the pantry.
I cannot wait to put them to good use. :o)


74 Brandina October 13, 2012

Just wanted to thank you for sharing this recipe. I made it right after it posted and it turned out amazingly delicious! I had never before roasted a pumpkin but I followed your instructions and didn’t run into any issues at all. Now, I’m about to make a huge batch to hand out to family tomorrow at a gathering. <3


75 Lyndsey @ Sit. Stay. Good blog. October 16, 2012

I tried this recipe over the weekend and oh my goodness – this is incredible. We’ve put it on toast, mixed it into whipped cream and made chocolate pudding-pumpkin parfaits, and mixed it into oatmeal. I think this stuff would go great on just about everything. Thanks!


76 melinda somogyi October 17, 2012

Iabsolutely love your blog! Where can i find sugar pumpkins in the summer? I noticed you said you have started making pumpkin butter in the summer. Also, are sugar pumpkins any different from the small pumpkins you can find in the fall -through i just bought some to decorate the outside of my apartment.
thank you!


77 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 17, 2012

Hey Melinda, The sugar pumpkins arrived a bit early this year (late august) – they are also called pie pumpkins or pumpkin pie squash. Be sure not to use the mini pumpkin gourds as you aren’t supposed to eat those. Goodluck!


78 Jenna October 23, 2012

I make pumpkin apple butter with my Mother every year and give jar out to relatives and friends for the holidays. We usually use canned pumpkin and a whole bag of apples but I will have to try it this way – my mouth is just watering looking at the photos.


79 Miranda October 27, 2012

Hi! I love your blog. I adapted this recipe and used it on my blog. I did credit and link back to you, I just wanted to let you know!



80 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 27, 2012

Thank you Miranda, I’ll check it out :)


81 Sarah October 30, 2012

Did you try it in the slow cooker yet? Would it be a similar process to making apple butter in the slow cooker? Thanks! Love your recipes!


82 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 30, 2012

I havent tried it yet but I cant see why it would work!


83 Andrea November 5, 2012

Angela, is there anything that you could recommend using in place of the apple cider/juice?


84 Tammy November 9, 2012

Stupid question…but can you can this like any jelly or preserve or apple butter? Would it be good?


85 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 9, 2012

Hi Tammy, Sadly, it’s not recommended to preserve pumpkin butter. I linked to the article in my original post if you want to check it out.


86 Pattie Knudson November 12, 2012

I make pumpkin cheese cakes every year . This year I plan on swirling the pumpkin butter on top before baking. Will let you all know how it compares to the cheese cake that I’m known for. :)


87 Ann November 18, 2012

Thank you for this. I’m on my third batch. And I’ve learned lots of fun stuff.

1. The little baby pie pumpkins work well too (and easier to come across in my neck of the woods.) You need like 4 of them per batch. And it’s easier to cut those suckers in half, and then remove the stem.

2. Molasses substitute for part of the maple syrup makes it less sweet.

3. Ginger is an awesome addition.

4. The pumpkin smoothies are fantastic, especially if you add some peanut butter to them. It’s become my favorite weekend breakfast (for a non-breakfast person.)

5. You tell people you are making pumpkin butter and they get all jealous and want you to send them some. Be prepared if you are going to talk about it.

And oh, if you’re super pumpkin fan, there’s a recipe for pumpkin gnocchi with apples and sage that is the yum.


88 Alexandra Powell November 19, 2012

Incredible. I just used this as the filling for cinnamon buns. Seriously amazing!! Have you tried canning it?


89 Alexandra Powell November 19, 2012

Just saw the message above about canning. Rats.


90 Jasmine November 20, 2012

This looks amazing! Which do you prefer taste-wise, this pumpkin butter from scratch, or the pumpkin butter using canned pumpkin puree? They both look amazing!


91 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 21, 2012

To be honest they are both amazing! You can’t go wrong with either. If I have more time I make it from scratch but the other is good in a pinch.


92 lisa November 21, 2012

I love this and have made it many times. This batch didn’t produce the glossy finish I usually get. what can I add or do to improve on that?


93 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 22, 2012

Im not sure Lisa, did you make any changes?


94 Susmitha - Veganosaurus November 22, 2012

Ooooh that looks super rich and creamy. *slurp*


95 Rachelle November 22, 2012

I made two batches of your pumpkin butter and then the third batch I spread on to trays and dehydrated into pumpkin butter leather! Outstanding! Thankss for the great recipe!


96 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 22, 2012

omg pumpkin butter leather??? Is this for real…I have to try it! How thin did you spread it and for how long and what temp did you dehydrate (sorry for all the questions hah)


97 Rachelle November 22, 2012

My dehydrater is a very old hand made wooden one with metal tray, no timer, and no temp settings and to turn it on or off you plug or unplug it! LOL! But it works! I cut parchment paper to fit the trays and tried to spread it evenly and ran it over night. It was a bit long cuz the leather cracked and pulled apart but the taste is wonder. I only have pie pumpkins I grew and I pressure cooked them until they were soft scraped the pulp into my kitchen aide blender and then added the rest of the ingredients purreed it up and spread it out. Mine comes out so thick I don’t have to cook it down!


98 Brenda December 4, 2012

I had to add that I did this with a “cornfield pumpkin” that I grew in my garden. I had to cut it into sections to roast it and it made ~3x’s the amount or so. The puree blended up to about 5-6 cups each time and did this 3 times. I added the recommended amounts of additional ingredients in your recipe and did this in 3 batches essentially. now I have a ton of pumpkin butter (some in the refrigerator, some in the freezer). I did roast the seeds as well and I’m glad to have used the pumpkin. I just wanted to add that you don’t have to use pie or sugar pumpkins. You CAN use the larger carving pumpkins and when everything is pureed anyway, it doesn’t matter if it was stringier than the pie pumpkin. Of course, it was more work to cut it up into pieces and since it was bigger it took longer to process everything. Still tastes excellent, though!


99 Jakey22 December 22, 2012

Will this spoil if I don’t store it in the refrigerator? I want to send some across county.
Will it be okay?


100 Angela (Oh She Glows) December 24, 2012

It should be fine – I would think since most nut butters are fine at room temp for at least a month.


101 Angela January 14, 2013

Can this be frozen, or what’s the shelf life I’m having a October wedding and would love to make this for favors need to make them a few months in advance lol.


102 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 14, 2013

I’ve heard you can freeze pumpkin butter, but Im not sure for how long it would last. Goodluck!


103 Genie March 3, 2013

If I want to can pumpkin butter,…. will it can like applebutter? or do I have to use a pressure cooker? which I have never used before. Please I would love an answer from someone who knows and has done this before.


104 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 3, 2013

Hi Genie, Pumpkin Butter is not recommended for canning (I think I might have linked to this in the recpe somewhere) All my best, Angela


105 Lindsey September 20, 2013

I roasted my pumpkin and then blended everything in my vitamin, then decided to “cook” it in my vitamix! I figured if I can make soup in it, I could make pumpkin butter and make less of a mess! It was a success! Thanks Angela for a fun recipe


106 Susan September 21, 2013

I was hoping to find a recipe to can pumpkin butter, I grew pumpkins and amazingly the smallest one was over 35lbs. So I have pumpkin coming out my ears and we recently took a trip to the Smoky Mts. and found pumpkin butter at several of the roadside stores, and decided it would be a great way to use some of the pumpkin that I have canned, Do you have any ideas on how to make a larger batch so that the butter can be canned and stored over a longer period of time?


107 Pam September 25, 2017

The USDA warns against home canning of pumpkin puree & pumpkin butter. Pumpkin is not acidic enough, nor does the puree or butter contain enough water. Botulism spores are able to survive processing in a home pressure canner, then reproduce anaerobically (without air, in sealed container like a Mason jar). The result is that botulism toxin could develop in home canned pumpkin butter. Instead, it can be frozen in small batches.


108 Karen September 29, 2013

I made a batch, but since we are empty nesters, I’m going to freeze some of it and hopefully use it when the kids and grand kids show up over the holidays. Thanks for the recipe!


109 Rachel October 2, 2013

Hmmm, do you think this would freeze well? I’ve become obsessed in the last few weeks with stocking my freezer and while pumpkins are in season I would love to double up (read: triple, quadruple – haha) on some yummy things for my freezer. :)


110 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 3, 2013

I just tried freezing it this weekend and I think it will work just fine. I’ll have to update my post when I know for sure! I think other readers have had success with freezing it (just take a scroll through the comments)


111 Penny October 3, 2013

I did read through the comments, but I didn’t find an answer to my question. Would this still taste good without the sugar added (apple juice, sucanat, maple syrup and lemon juice)? I am doing a 21 day sugar detox but would love to try this in the slow cooker!


112 Valerie October 6, 2013

Is it possible to replace the Sucanat with something else? Say.. coconut nectar sugar? Or will it not come out the same? I really want to try this recipe!


113 Valerie October 6, 2013

coconut palm sugar, rather..


114 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 6, 2013

Hey Valerie, Yes you can sub any dry sugar you prefer :) hope this helps!


115 Daniela October 7, 2013

Can this be canned?


116 Pearl October 7, 2013

Great recipe. Can this be canned?


117 Tasha October 8, 2013

If I wanted to can this (mason jars), would I need to add anything for it to be shelf stable for a while?


118 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 9, 2013

Hey Tasha, See my link at the bottom of the recipe – pumpkin butter isn’t recommended for canning. I do find it lasts for up to 3-4 wks in the fridge though.


119 angie October 12, 2013

Where’s the butter in the pumpkin butter?


120 liz October 19, 2013

i have a dilemma i am trying to pick out a pumpkin butter to make and i cant chose between Happy Thanksgiving Homemade Butter or the All-Natural Pumpkin Butter- From Scratch. can you tell me which one tastes the best and also i only have 2 1/2 cups of pumpkin puree left can you help with the pumpkin butter measurements for the best tasting recipe. thanks


121 kim October 23, 2013

Made this today and it turned out beautifully. Thank you.


122 organic box October 25, 2013

Pumpkin butter sounds so good! I have never made it before, but i can already imagine everything I would put it on!


123 NurseMarta November 7, 2013

Having made a different recipe of pumpkin butter in the past, I must say this one was spot on. The right amount of sweetness and the perfect texture. Thanks for sharing!!!!


124 Brandi November 11, 2013

If I want to can the pumpkin butter to preserve do I follow the basic canning process of boiling empty cans, adding pumpkin butter, then boiling filled cans to vacuum seal?


125 Brendan November 12, 2013

Pumpkin cocktails!!


126 Jennwith2ns August 7, 2014

Can you can this stuff? Any tips on how?


127 Sarah August 18, 2014

Can this recipe be canned?


128 Caitlin September 10, 2014

Apple butter was my favourite when I was a kid, but I haven’t had pumpkin butter! It sounds like an ideal fall treat!


129 Comet September 13, 2014

I am pretty sure I have pumpkin butter recipes that CAN be CANNED–mine I think call for PECTIN but I am not sure if this is needed for canning or just for thickening. For ANY canning info either call BALL Canning Jars–I think they have an 800 number—or call your County Extension Office.

IT might take a long process time to get the thick butter up to the proper temp throughout. But you can probably also look this up on-line; my recipes are older but I am sure the basic ingredients etc have not changed.

If you decide to go with a pectin recipe stock up NOW as this is hard to find other times of the year. It does keep.

We like ours on pumpkin muffins and with cream cheese and on crackers and over vanilla or other ice cream and –well–pretty much on anything!


130 Pam September 25, 2017

The USDA does not recommend home canning for pumpkin butter or pumpkin puree, due to the risk of botulism.


131 Sarah September 29, 2014

What kind of muffins/bread do you think this would go well with? Thanks


132 Dee October 10, 2014

Made this pumpkin butter today with Poe pumpkins. First time for me to roast a pumpkin and then make this. I used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar and homemade pumpkin pie spice. Cooked it with the rest of ingredients in my mini crockpot. Can this be frozen? I don’t think I would use all of this in 4 months let alone weeks. Thanks


133 Pamela October 21, 2014

I really like your blog. Have stopped by many times for tid bits. Which have always been great and i thank you for you time and dedication. As far as the reply dissing you about only blogging 3 times a week imstead of 5. Seriously! Wow I am also doing a cook book/home health/cleaning book just for my family so old family recipes amd remedys don’t get lost. Well let me say you are AMAZING!!!! I know how challenging it is and you still manage to blog 3 times a week. Gosh you could have closed her down completely until you completed your cook book. Some people….. I said it before you are amazing and if you didn’t truly care about your followers it could have played out very different. So THANK YOU!!!!
Also one thing you didn’t mention in all things heavenly and oh so tempting with pumpkins…. one of my personal favorites —


134 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 21, 2014

Thank you Pamela, I greatly appreciate your kind words. Good luck with your own book! Im sure it will be great.


135 Jordan October 22, 2014

Fantastic recipe! Made this a few weeks ago and loved it! Making more tomorrow! I’ve never made anything using pumpkin before (other than the seeds). So good!


136 Teri November 6, 2014

could you make pumpkin butter out of canned pumpkin? tyvm


137 Conbon November 6, 2014

I just made this today. Didn’t change a thing, followed your directions to a T. WOW! The best pumpkin butter I have ever tasted, and it’s not full of sugar. Yummmm. Thank you :)


138 Monique November 8, 2014

I just made this today for my teenage daughter who loves all things pumpkin. I made it in the slow cooker. One hour on high with the lid on so everything heats up and then another hour on high with a chopstick propped under the lid so it could reduce. I stirred it 2-3 times in the second hour. Seems to work.


139 Peggy November 9, 2014

Have you ever made or thought of creating recipes without toxic sugar?

Guess I should have added that I’m on a health restricted diet and can’t have any starches, sugar, artificial sweeteners, grains, etc… I’m always on the lookout for great tasting recipes since I have to make everything I eat. No processed foods. I also like to grow my own produce if at all possible, because then I know it’s free of pesticides and the like.


140 Pauline November 12, 2014

Can I can this? I’d love to process a bunch of it and give it away as Christmas gifts! Thank you!


141 Pam September 25, 2017

NO—that’s not recommended by the USDA, because botulism spores can survive home pressure canners. Pumpkin puree & pumpkin butter are not acidic enough, nor do they have enough water content to be safely processed in a home canner.


142 judy hand November 17, 2014

I’m wondering if I could canned: this pumpkin butter recipe? Thank you


143 KiNi14 June 7, 2015

I am in the process of making this. I steamed my pumpkin instead of roasting it. But the problem is… I keep eating it straight out of the pot! I don’t know if there will be any left by the time it’s supposed to be ready.


144 alison September 10, 2015

Hi Angela,
Love all of the recipes you have with sugar pumpkins. I have many ready for baking growing in my backyard. I was wondering have you tried preserving the pumpkin butter? It would be nice to give out as Christmas gifts. I am just starting to get into making homemade jams from our fig tree and pressure sealed the jam under boiling water / 7 min. Would the same process work for this?


145 Lee Ann October 10, 2015

I’m so happy to see a recipe with Sucanat!


146 Rhonda November 10, 2015

can you “can ” this butter? it would be great to give as christmas gifts!


147 Pam September 25, 2017

No—too risky due to botulism spores that can survive home pressure canners. Freeze it instead.


148 Deliah November 12, 2015

Wonderful, just wonderful. I tried with honey in place of syrup, turned out great. Smells like Heavon. Thank you!


149 Melissa November 23, 2015

It’s awesome, and the best part is the 2 minutes hands-on time if you have puree already!
Thanks, Angela


150 Ms. BBG December 7, 2015

I love this! I substituted the maple syrup with honey and a bit of agave. My son is gobbling it up on everything. Toast, ice cream, as a apple dip, by itself. I will be making this again.


151 Katherine October 7, 2016

When I saw pie pumpkins in the store after years of looking for them i knew what I had to do.
So good.


152 Eva @costumetakeout November 17, 2016

minimalist baker recommended your pumpkin pie butter for her pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and i took her up on that suggestion….i made a smaller amount of your recipe—it was delish!…i’m going to make another batch of it to put in my coffee or on oatmeal—or just eat it with a spoon!


153 Angela Liddon November 22, 2016

Oh, I’m so happy you enjoyed it! :)


154 Jes March 20, 2017

Hi There,

My apologies for asking a question on an older post, but I only just came across it. This was linked on a post by Minimalist Baker.

In Australia we don’t stock sugar pumpkins. Can you recommend some alternatives? Currently, our supermarkets stock: butternut, kent, and jarrahdale (grey skin) pumpkins. Will any of these work?

Thanks :-)


155 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 21, 2017

Hey Jes, I’m not familiar with Kent or Jarrahdale, but I think butternut would be lovely!


156 Larissa October 11, 2017

We also don’t have much availability in sugar pumpkins where I live (small town Germany), so this week I roasted a butternut squash and so far I’ve made pumpkin pie, smoothies, and pumpkin spice lattes with it, and all have been delicious. Just whipped up the pumpkin butter and am waiting for it to cool, but it smells amazing too :)


157 sue October 30, 2017

How do i print the recipe without printing 39 pages?


158 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 31, 2017

Hey Sue, My apologies this recipe uses our old recipe system (Recipage), which we no longer use. My advice would be to copy and paste the recipe into a word doc and print it that way. Hope this helps!


159 Jio October 30, 2017

No website… Made some pumpkin butter this afternoon from a different recipe and later
when I came back to computer to write down recipe, I was directed to your site. Not a vegan, and don’t plan to become one anytime soon, but I have written down your recipe and will try it as soon as I can get out to buy a pumpkin to roast. Thanks for the recipe.
It looks better than the result I got, but I do not have a high speed blender that you have, so I used canned pumpkin in mine. I live in a senior village and don’t have a stove in my small apt. so I cooked mine in the microwave (whoa) will soon be 83 and have meals
made for me here, but I still love to cook and try to adapt some recipes to make it possible to cook in the microwave. Can’t keep me down yet, tho I’ve had a stroke and need a knee replacement and eye surgery for double vision caused by the stroke…
Best to you,
PS My email address comes from a store I used to have, called the Nutcracker Sweet Shoppe. Sold supplies for bakers, candy makers, cake decorators etc, And I’m a
former pastry chef……


160 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 31, 2017

Hi Jiovanna, I can’t thank you enough for your comment! I’m thrilled that you’ve discovered my blog, and that you’re experimenting with the recipes. How inspiring! All my best.


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