Magical Blueberry Vanilla Chia Seed Jam



Before we left for our trip, I found myself with a couple pints of blueberries and a few spotted bananas to use up. I’ve been meaning to make my strawberry chia seed jam for a while now, so I ended up adapting my recipe using blueberries, all-natural sweetener, and a touch of vanilla. It turned out lovely and was ready in 20 minutes flat!

This is the strawberry chia seed jam that I made a couple years ago:


Chia seeds are magic. I love using them as thickeners in all kinds of foods from homemade jam to vegan overnight oats to pasta sauces.

This strawberry chia seed “jam” is a tasty filling for my Healthy Strawberry Oat Squares! You can use any kind of filling that you like in these oat squares. They remind me a lot of a healthy nutri-grain bar.


This is not a traditional jam recipe by any means, but then again I’m not one for following traditions all that often when it comes to food. Instead of using white sugar, I used maple syrup to lightly sweeten the berries. The maple and vanilla extract do a great job of bringing out the flavours in the blueberries without overpowering them. Chia seeds thicken the mixture nicely while adding a tasteless burst of nutrition in every bite.

If you’ve got 20 minutes, you can make this jam. It’s a snap. All you do is add blueberries and a touch of maple syrup into a pot. Bring it to a low boil and then reduce it to simmer for about 5 minutes or so. Then stir in the chia seeds and simmer it for another 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently until it’s as thick as you desire.


Before adding the chia seeds, the blueberries will be quite watery.


Have no fear chia is here!

After adding in the chia seeds and cooking the mixture down, it thickens up beautifully! Hence, the name – magical jam. You won’t believe your eyes how thick this gets. Thanks to the chia seeds, we’re also pumping up the jam with all kinds of healthy omega fats, iron, fibre, protein, magnesium, and calcium. Who knew jam could be so healthy?


Enjoy this on toast, oatmeal, vegan overnight oats, thumbprint cookies, tarts, in smoothies, and so much more. Also, feel free to try this out with any seasonal fruit you wish.


Magical Blueberry Vanilla Chia Seed Jam

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Adapted from my strawberry chia seed jam.

Yield: ~ 1 cup


  • 3 cups fresh blueberries
  • 3-4 tbsp pure maple syrup, to taste (or other liquid sweetener)
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


1. In a medium-sized non-stick pot, bring the blueberries and 3 tbsp of maple syrup to a low boil. Stir frequently, and reduce heat to low-medium to simmer for about 5 minutes. Lightly mash the blueberries with a potato masher or fork, leaving some for texture.

2. Stir in the chia seeds until thoroughly combined and cook the mixture down until it thickens to your desired consistency, or about 15 minutes. Stir frequently so it doesn’t stick to the pot.

3. Once the jam is thick, remove from heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Add more maple syrup to taste if desired. Enjoy on toast, English muffins, oatmeal, vegan overnight oats, oat bars, tarts, cookies, banana soft serve, smoothies, and more. The jam should keep for at least a week in an air-tight container in the fridge.




A breakfast sandwich sounded like a good idea.


Banana slices, sunflower seed butter, and blueberry jam all sandwiched in a toasted English muffin….I couldn’t wait a second longer.


*Poof*…it was gone just like a magic trick.


We’re off for our flight back home this morning! I think my first meal back will be banana bread oatmeal with blueberry jam & sunbutter to top it all off…yum. And then about a week’s worth of salads because I kinda got off track with the salad-a-day challenge a bit. Whoops.. This last week of June is going to be a leafy one…

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Jessica November 24, 2012

I made this jam for Thanksgiving brunch! It was so amazing. My whole family loved it, and I’ve been putting it on everything ever since. I will be making this regularly now. Thanks so much!!! YUM!


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 25, 2012

Thats awesome to hear Jessica!


Lily December 3, 2012

made this in the summer with freshly picked blackberries and it was amazing. best jam ever. I think I actually sweetened it with raw honey instead of maple syrup. I want to try making it with frozen berries to have a healthier jam year-round.


petit4chocolatier December 9, 2012

This looks so delicious!!


Allie December 15, 2012

So would this work for citrus fruits and if so would I still simmer them down? I want to make jams for christmas, but with berries being out of season, they are too pricey… any suggestions?


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 17, 2012

thats a great question, I am not sure! Please let me know if you try it.


Brooke January 4, 2013

Does water need to be added to the pot of blueberries and maple syrup to bring it to a boil? If so…how much?


kellie eggers January 8, 2013

i want to try this without cooking the berries for a raw version. I’ll have to work on it!


Dariana January 8, 2013

Heya…excellent recipe…now I am looking for a nice and simple waffle recipe to use it on?! Wonder if you could help me?! I live in UK and they not as popular here as in USA?

Please, help…xxxx



Angela (Oh She Glows) January 8, 2013

Hi there, I might have a waffle recipe in my blog archives…I would just do a search in the search box on the sidebar. goodluck!


Briana January 28, 2013

That English muffin looks like the best breakfast EVER!!!!!
I just made the jam and started licking it off the spoon :) It’s very good and without any added sugar, which I love.
I’m hoping to make the cashew almond butter tonight as well!!!


Jess GB January 28, 2013

Hello! This is my first comment on your blog! Just wanted to say that I had some blackberries in the fridge and I remembered seeing that recipe. I just made it, it tastes so great and it was pretty quick to make! Thanks for the recipe, great way to include chia seeds in my diet!


Angela (Oh She Glows) January 29, 2013

So glad to hear that Jess! Thanks for your comment :)


amanda January 28, 2013

OMG this is amazing! Mine is still on the stove cooling down but I cant stop dipping my finger in for more!! Thanks for this idea!!


Sarah February 1, 2013

So did this end up freezing ok??


paul mizzi February 24, 2013

made mind this morning for my wife for breakfast cantaloupe pairs to go along with some sprouted bread very nice


Adrienne March 9, 2013

Angela, what an amazing idea! I am a vegetarian/ near-vegan (in the middle of transitioning to full vegan) and my boyfriend (once a full on meat eater) is now a near-vegetarian and very open to vegan food. The recipes from your blog have a big part in this – thank you! We made this jam yesterday with mixed berries and cherries and oh my goodness! AMAZING! Thank you so much for the recipe! We’re never buying Jam again!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 9, 2013

I’m so happy you enjoyed it!! Thanks for letting me know :)


Casey March 13, 2013

Mmmm just made this tonight using blueberries, and I added the juice from a lime…. Yummmmmmers! It worked out so well ;)


Katie March 25, 2013

I realize this is about a bazillion years late on the post – and I have to add, I’ve been reading your blog for YEARS, and have yet to comment. But I have to know. Tell me more about chia seeds in pasta sauce!! I just bought my first batch and prepared some chia pudding for the morning, but I’m wondering what else to do with them besides the usual.


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 26, 2013

Hey Katie! Thanks for your comment :) Nothing makes me happier than when I see someone is commenting for the first time! hah. Anyway, I suggest checking out my chia seed recipes here (be warned there are a lot!) : enjoy


Julia March 26, 2013

I don’t have chia seeds, but this looks delicious and I would like to know if there is any other way to thicken the jam? Thanks! :)


Donna June 29, 2013

Hey Julia!…I was wondering the same thing…they CAN be difficult to locate here in France…although when I actually FIND chia seeds this recipe is killer!…The absolute BEST freezer jam possible on every front…retention of color..texture…taste…healthy than healthy…and a bonafide staple, go-to recipe in our home.

I am thinking…perhaps in error…as I haven’t tried…but PSYLLIUM FLAKES just might do the trick as a thickening agent…I have just discovered this ingredient at one of the épiceries “bio” here in the Lyon region…and use it to thicken soups, sauces and smoothie concoctions…

If indeed this “works” …I will report back…The glycemic index, calorie and fat content would be greatly reduced for those concerned with these issues!


The merrymaker sisters March 28, 2013

WOW…this just looks amazing. We will definitely be giving the jam a go! e & c


Elske April 17, 2013

Wow, this looks delicious! Never seen before, but I’ll try it really soon.


Kara May 8, 2013

Just made this with strawberries!! There was a sale and I figured it was the perfect time to try it! Turned out sooo deliciously…why did I ever buy jam again?? :) Thanks for the recipe!


Angela (Oh She Glows) May 10, 2013

I love it made with strawberries too!! I added a vanilla bean the last time and omggg… good!


Lorelei May 20, 2013

OMG! This IS totally magical. I made some awesome batches of jam this past week using chia seeds instead of pectin. Blueberry elderflower marmalade; spiced blueberry hibiscus jam; and blueberry lime gin jam. My friends are amazed at the taste, and I’m thrilled with the chia seeds. Thanks so much for sharing!


Jenny June 1, 2013

I might of missed if this was already mentioned but any idea if this recipe could be canned?


Sarah June 12, 2013

Do you think you could can this? It sounds so delicious!!


Steph June 26, 2013

Easy and delicious! Just made some, and with frozen blueberries too – it worked out fine!
Thanks for the lovely recipe


Nikki June 28, 2013

I just made this with pluots and cherries. SO YUMMY!


EyeCandyPopper July 4, 2013

I have just finished making my strawberry-rhubarb jam with maple syrup and chia seeds instead of gelatin, all proud of myself for being so clever, when I decided to go online and found this! haha Oh well. So much for my creativity. I guess great minds think alike?! ;)


Andrea July 5, 2013

Made it this morning and it was the best jam I’ve ever had- even my toddler loved it on his toast!!!!


Kelly S. July 25, 2013

I just made this today after picking loads of fresh blueberries yesterday. I doubled the batch and used honey instead of maple syrup. I also doubled the amount of sweetner (gasp!), which is still way less than traditional recipes, and I added some cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves to spice it up a little as well as the juice of a lemon. I canned it and it turned out beautifully and is delicious!!! Thank you for the great idea and recipe!


Jordan August 12, 2013

This is amazing! Your recipes are so creative and delicious looking. I came to your blog almost every day when I first went vegan. Keep it up. :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) August 13, 2013

Thanks Jordan!


Nickelle August 17, 2013

I don’t mean to sound stupid here but it says to bring blueberries to a boil which I should think is difficult without water. Are we added water? And if so, how much?


Angela (Oh She Glows) August 19, 2013

Oops, maybe that should say simmer? They are supposed to simmer I guess. Finding the right work can be tricky, but as they cook the blueberries break down and water does release.


Devin September 12, 2013

Hey I am wondering that if I use mason jars do they need to be sterilized and sealed like other jams ? Or just close tightly and use within one week and/or freeze ?


Angela (Oh She Glows) September 13, 2013

I don’t sterilize my jars when I store in the fridge – the jam tends to last for 2-4 weeks in the fridge. hope this helps!


Alycia October 26, 2013

I made this with frozen cherries and coconut sugar. It’s fabulous!!! So many uses. My fav so far is on a piece of toasted GF bread with almond butter mmmmmmmm.


Kim Hames November 19, 2013

Hey I looking to use the Blueberry Jam recipe to make Christmas Jam gifts this year. Have you ever doubled, tripled the recipe? I want to know if it works.


Sarah January 8, 2014

Hi Angela :)
I read somewhere that you shouldn’t ever heat chia seeds, because it makes the fats go rancid and/or destroys a significant amount of the amazing nutrients they contain…
Do you know if this is true and if so, could you stir the chia seeds into a cold blueberry mixture?
I love this blog :)


Nancy February 21, 2014

I want to make this for my boyfriend the thing is he’s in the military so when I’d have to ship it to where he’s stationed so I was wondering if it can last 3 or 4 days without being refrigerated.


Jayne March 14, 2014

Was all ready to make this tonight… Bought my blueberries in ready and then realised what I thought were chia seeds were actually hemp seeds. Don’t suppose they would work the same? Otherwise I will have to wait to try the jam until I buy some chia.


David McNally March 30, 2014

Thanks for the inspiration. We made it in 20 minutes and it tastes great on homemade bread.


Christina April 19, 2014

I had an epiphany this morning that I could totally make a raw jam with chia and some blended berries of some sort. Then a few minutes ago I was looking for a vegan recipe with oats and it was complete serendipity that I came across this recipe. How cool is that. Thanks for the recipe. :)


Greg April 22, 2014

Love this recipe. Today I modified it as carrot cake jam. I used 1 1/2 cups chopped pears, 1 1/2 cups shredded carrot, 1 14 oz can organic crushed pineapple, then added maple strip, vanilla and chia seeds along with cinnamon and nutmeg. Worked great. Thanks for the inspiration.


Jessica Fig May 31, 2014

Oh my goodness was this wonderful! And so easy to make! I just had some on sprouted wheat toast. I will have to start experimenting with other fruit for chia seed jams. Looking forward to topping my VOO with this tomorrow… And maybe an almond butter or sunflower seed butter and jam sandwich will soon follow ;)


Darkane June 4, 2014

Hi, the jam is pretty good but I am not a fan of feeling the crunch of the chia seeds. They do not get soft enough to my taste after cooking. Did I miss something or is it supposed to turn out this way?


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