22 Ways To Get Your Vegan Snack Attack On


It must be snacking season because I’ve had a lot of emails lately asking for some healthy vegan snack ideas and I thought it was a great idea for a post. Many of the recipes below are also some of the most popular snack recipes of 2011, so I will also add this post to my Top Recipes of 2011 page for easy reference.

Ready to get your vegan snack attack on?

1. Endurance Crackers

My all-time favourite cracker and quite possibly one of the top 3 recipes so far in 2012.  Endurance Crackers are extremely light and crispy while providing long-lasting energy. They are also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, sugar-free, and oil-free to boot. Feel free to change up the seasonings and spices as you wish (see the comments in the original post for some ideas) and serve with protein-packed hummus for a snack that will fuel you for the long haul. Man, I wish I had some right now!



2. Flu Buster Creamsicle Smoothie

Enjoy this ultra-creamy, thick, and energizing smoothie, with a hint of orange that will help keep those cold bugs at bay!



3. Chocolate Cake Batter Smoothie

Love dipping your finger into a bowl of cake batter? I hear ya. Now the cake batter flavour we know and love is in smoothie form so you can slurp away to your hearts content.



3. Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas

Just like my favourite salt and vinegar chips, but better. Enjoy these protein-packed, crispy chickpeas without any processed ingredients and a fraction of the fat.



4. Easy Homemade Wheat Thins

Incredibly easy to make. Minimal ingredients. Best of all, they’re even better than the store bought version.



5. Healthy Strawberry Oat Squares

Growing up, I always loved strawberry nutri-grain bars. These are similar in taste, but with all natural ingredients and much less sugar.



6. Half the Calories, Double the Fun Almond Butter

Adapted from the lovely Heather, this almond butter is the best thing to pair with a juicy apple or drizzled over fruit. Or just spoon it straight from the jar…you’ll see what I mean.



7. The Hummus that Changed Everything

This is the homemade hummus that convinced me I can make a hummus as good as my favourite brands in the grocery store.



8. Lightened Up Granola

I’ve always loved granola, but I rarely buy it because it tends to have as much sugar in it as many decadent desserts. This is my lightened-up version with the least amount of sweetener necessary while still tasting like granola should.



9. Tropical Lemon Cranberry Coconut Chia Bars

Packed with chia seeds, dried cranberries, pistachios, and lemon, these bars are chewy, light, and tropical. I like to think of them as a tropical macaroon bar. They also make a perfect breakfast when you are running out the door!



10. Almond Butter Rice Crisp Treats

These Almond Butter Rice Crisp Treats are a gourmet version (read: no bake) of my beloved childhood rice crispie squares. Unlike the original, this recipe is made without marshmallows, but I promise you won’t miss them!


for the rest click the link to continue…

11. No Bake Protein Energy Bars

Simple. Delicious. Addictive. 8 grams of protein per bar. Meet the protein bars that carried us through miles and miles of walking throughout NYC! I added protein powder to rev up the protein in these bars, making sure they would give me lasting energy when out and about. I wasn’t really sure what they would taste like with 1/2 cup of protein powder, but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Just make sure you use a pleasant tasting protein powder and you’ll be fine. I used an unsweetened rice protein powder (Garden of Life) which worked great as it doesn’t have a strong flavour.



12. Carrot Raisin Spice Muffins

Like carrot cake, but healthier. My favourite way to enjoy these muffins is slathered with Earth Balance or crumbled on top of a bowl of vegan overnight oats. Perfecto!



13. Cheezy Hummus

This is what you get when you combine my cashew cheeze dip and my favourite hummus. Pure bliss in a bowl.



14. Oil-Free Zucchini Walnut Raisin Loaf

A dense loaf, but not in a bad way. Whole grain spelt flour tends to make dense breads, but I just love the nutty flavour of spelt so I don’t mind. The walnuts, streusel, and raisins add just the right amount of sweetness and crunch and the zucchini gives moisture without needing any oil. You also can’t taste the zucchini at all, but you can see the pretty green flecks!



15. Rustic Chocolate Chip Banana Oat Cake

Two pictures…just because I love it that much.


Thanks to the ripe bananas, there is minimal sweetener and oil required in this snack cake.



16. Frosty No Bake Glo Cakes

Prep time is just 3 minutes for these healthy frozen treats. It doesn’t get much quicker than that!



17. My Favourite Guacamole

Amazing with corn chips, spread on a wrap, spooned on a salad, or enjoyed with a fork…



18. 5 Minute & 5-Ingredient Almond Butter Chews

These Almond Butter Chews couldn’t be easier and they make a light pre-workout snack for about 100 calories each. They take 5 minutes to whip up, use just 1 bowl, and do not require an oven. You could even make them gluten-free. I use the Nature’s Path Rice Crisp cereal that is Gluten-Free.



19. Healthy Chocolate Chia Pudding

I make this pudding when I want something indulgent tasting, but don’t feel like eating a ton of sugar. I love mixing carob powder and cocoa powder for a more complex chocolate flavour. The carob powder also adds a natural sweetness as an added bonus. If you don’t have carob, I suggest using a bit more cocoa powder and sweetener since it will be less sweet without the carob. Serve cold or heated up!



20. Banana Split Vegan Overnight Oats

A rich and indulgent banana split…now made healthier.



21. Blueberry Pie Chia Pudding

Last but not least, this is a recipe that I made over the weekend. It reminds me of blueberry pie, in chia seed pudding form.


Pretty isn’t it? You can enjoy this warm or chilled depending on your mood.

The crumbled Basic Oatmeal Square really took it over the top. It’s like an upside down blueberry pie.


22. On The Glow Basic Oatmeal Square

Think of this oatmeal square as basic baked oatmeal that can be dressed up any way you like. Each large square contains a tablespoon of flax and a teaspoon of chia seeds as well as 7 grams of fibre and 6 grams of protein. Feel free to add in nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, and other mix-ins as you desire.



Don’t forget to check out my Top Recipes of 2011 round up, filled with the blog’s most popular entrees, salads, breakfasts, and soups of last year!

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Sarah February 22, 2012

Thank you! I was just looking for something like this and here it is! I think I’ll be working my way through them all as well. You are part of the reason why my daughter likes things with flax and whole wheat – you should be proud!!!


Angela February 22, 2012

Your daughter is so lucky to have her mom making her healthy snacks! You should be proud too :)


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen February 22, 2012

I’ve made the flu buster smoothie and the chia pudding inspired me to make my own last week..both insanely delicious! I need to get on the other 20!


TeenyLittleSuperChef February 22, 2012

Oh wow, I can’t decide which of these recipes looks the yummiest! I’ve already made quite a few of these, but I spotted a few that I hadn’t seen before and really need to try. Particularly the cranberry lemon coconut chia bars… holy crap those look tasty. Thanks for the round-up of awesome recipes to get your vegan on! Carnivores be damned, vegans have more fun :)


Caroline February 22, 2012

I’m going to try those lemon chia bars!


StoriesAndSweetPotatoes February 22, 2012

That “twice the fun” almond butter is my favorite thing to put on pancakes!


Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes February 22, 2012

Every single one of those treats looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all the delicious recipes!


Willow February 22, 2012

Delicious overload!!! These all sound so good, I don’t know where to begin. I want to try them all! I guess I’m especially intruiged by the no-bake protein bars. I’ve made similar in the past, but have only had so-so results. I’ll have to give your recipe a try, it looks great!


Angela February 22, 2012

Let me know what you think of them if you end up making them!


hannah alehandra February 22, 2012

I’ll take a #17 and a #22 please, that is.. If you aren’t too busy, ofcourse ;)


Angela February 22, 2012

I def. can’t share the guac ;)


Laura Peill February 22, 2012

Mmmmmm crackers! I was on a snack kick today too and whipped up some Quinoa Crackers. These endurance ones are on the hit list next! Thanks:)


alexis February 22, 2012

Thanks you Angela for the Nutrition Data website. More importantly, thank YOU for such amazing receipes. I am making the Oatmeal Squares tonight.

Have a wonderful day.


Maita February 22, 2012

Way to sneak in two #3-s :)
I’m a total grazer, so I’ll be making lots of these in the near future…


Angela (Oh She Glows) February 23, 2012

LOL whoops!!!


Laura February 22, 2012

Wow! Which one to make first? Haha I am going to try those home-made wheat thins! I’m impressed with how easy they seem to make! Wonderful post! Thank you!!!


scissors and spice February 22, 2012

Ooh! What an inspiring post!


Catalina @ Cake with Love February 22, 2012

Great post with so many delicious snack ideas, I am going vegan for the Lent (my religion requires this) so I am getting very inspired by all this yummy snacks!


Amanda February 22, 2012

These all look soo good–can’t wait to try ’em! This is making me incredibly excited for your cookbook!


Liz February 22, 2012

I needed this so desperately so thank you!!

Also – thank you for your detailed posts about NYC. My boyfriend surprised me with a trip (and a proposal!!) there last weekend, and your posts were invaluable to make dinner and lunch decisions. :D Cafe Blossom was amazing!


Laura @mypurposefullife February 22, 2012

Ohhhh man do I want to try every single one of these this instant. Your pictures have me drooling and ready to drop everything else at this moment (to get baking-and eating!) like no on else can. :) what a great idea for a post.


Anastasia@ healthymamainfo.com February 22, 2012

Love all of them!


Jessica @ Hungrygems February 22, 2012

It is impossible not to find something mouthwatering here! I even caught my boyfriend sneaking glances at the screen!


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama February 22, 2012

I feel a snack attack coming on! The chocolate cake batter smoothie is my go-to for serious PMS chocolate cravings. Hits the spot all the time! Oh, and the double the fun almond butter didn’t stand a chance of surviving more than a day in my house. Seriously one of the greatest things I have ever had!


Celeste February 22, 2012

Wow – they all sound wonderful! Thank you!


Deirdre @ Ladies Holiday February 22, 2012

i can’t pick just one…but you’re right it is totally snacking season…must be the (lack of) light or something.


Sara Nickel February 22, 2012

Thank you for the reminder of all the beautiful and tasty recipes you have given your readers over the past few years. While I am not vegan, I have loved your blog from the moment I started reading it and have tried many of your healthy recipes. People at work are always asking and commenting on what I’m eating when I make something from your blog. I know you are working hard on your new endeavors! Good luck!


Angela (Oh She Glows) February 23, 2012

Thank you Sara that means so much to me! Thanks for reading :)


ClaireRose77 February 22, 2012

I’ve been making some not-so-healthy treats for my co workers.I told them I was going to suck them in with those and switch to healthy.I KNOW I’m going to make some of these tasty treats:-)cc


Susan February 22, 2012

Hmmm – I suddenly feel like snacking! I just can’t decide what to make first :) I’m recently enamoured with your chia puddings and blueberries are one of my favorite foods so seems like a logical place to start. I also wanted to share that I recently took the plunge and made a green monster – I was very sceptical but it turned out to be delicious! Who knew? I’ve tried the blueberry banana one with both spinach and kale and liked them both. Also added wheatgrass powder which gives it a nutty, herby flavor that I like. I actually found myself looking forward to one for an afternoon snack today!


Jena February 22, 2012

I just want to verify that in the salt and vinegar chickpea recipe it is calling for 3-4 cups of vinegar?!


Angela (Oh She Glows) February 23, 2012

yes that is correct! :)


Cristela Nunez February 22, 2012

Everything looks so good!!! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes! <3


Kari @ bite-sized thoughts February 23, 2012

Oh wow. I now have one jump bookmark in my recipes folder :) What a great round up – I’m really impressed.


Varsha February 23, 2012

That’s one heck of a list! Love it all!
Would love to see it as a separate section in your cookbook – would be unique…


meghann February 23, 2012

Best post ever! I work at an odd little health/vitamin store inside of a drug store and reccomend your blog on a daily basis to our customers, ESPECIALLY those who have no idea where to start adding whole foods into their diet. You actually make it fun AND tasty :) thank you!


Sarah @ The Healthy Diva February 23, 2012

all these look so delicious…i especially love the endurance crackers…i’ve got a weakness for crunchy things


Keri February 23, 2012

With the onset of ANOTHER very snowy day in Colorado, I’m looking forward to some kitchen time. Can’t wait to try some of the new (to me) recipes, and enjoy my some of my favorites–like the strawberry oat bars!


Laura February 23, 2012

I love your top recipes of 2011 post – it’s so helpful and easy to reference. This is a great addition!


Sarah February 23, 2012

I’m going “nuts” over all these! Thank you Amy. I also am curious if I could make a ” half the calories m, double the fun ‘Walnut’ butter” in place of Almond? Have you tried?


Lindsay February 23, 2012

I’m making it my goal to make all of these in 2012! Thank you for sharing!


Dena @ 40 Fit in the Mitt February 23, 2012

Thank-you for the great recipes! I can’t wait to make the hummus.


Laurel February 23, 2012

Fantastic post! I can’t wait to try a bunch of these recipes. You rock.


Zoe February 23, 2012

I love this post and want to make them all. Actually, I wish someone else would make them all for me over the next 22 days so i could just eat them ALL. Thank you for so many amazing ideas :-)


Alyssa February 23, 2012

Yes, I will take one of each please!!!


Amy February 23, 2012

I made the Endurance Crackers this weekend and they are AMAZING! I’ve been trying to keep myself from eating the entire batch at one time. This was also my introduction to Herabmare and now I’m hooked!


Angela (Oh She Glows) February 24, 2012

Glad to hear that Amy!


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