Mushroom Millet Soup with Cheezy Garlic Bread



Imagine this scene:

IMG_1709Last night, Eric and I got dressed up (me as the Queen of Hearts, him as the Scream character) and we stuffed 40 treat bags for the trick or treaters. They were bursting with candy and small toys like leap frogs and mini games.

Last year we got around 20 kids, so we doubled the quantity in case there was an influx of kids. We did it up!

Halloween music was pumping through the upstairs window and our black light was flashing. A mild headache ensued.

My poufy sleeves really started to itch my arms, but I persisted on and had another sip of my spiked cider. Eric said he couldn’t breathe through his mask, removing it every once and a while to gasp for air. No biggie.


Then we waited.

And you know what? Not one kid came to our door!!!

What has the world come to these days? Are there no kids trick or treating anymore? It was like a ghost town out there.

Needless to say, Eric’s coworkers will be overjoyed when they see all the treat bags he’s brought them today. I don’t think anyone is getting much work done today, unless buzzing around the office on a sugar high and playing leap frog counts.

Luckily, we had this soup to comfort us last night. The Queen of Hearts and Scream characters sat at the table and enjoyed a delicious bowl of soup and crispy garlic bread. Sometimes that’s all you need!


I’ve made this soup twice in one week and the second time I doubled the recipe after deeming the first version produced too little soup (I posted the doubled recipe below). If you’re a mushroom fan, you will go crazy for this “meaty” and ultra hearty soup. It honestly makes me drool to look at these pictures because I love it so much. Normal, right?

Sauté some garlic and onion for about 5 minutes. [Don’t all amazing recipes start this way?] Then add in your sliced mushrooms and cook it down for about 15-20 minutes.


Meanwhile, cook some millet in a pot. Quinoa would also work nicely too.

Add your broth & seasonings and simmer for about 5 more minutes.

IMG_3828 IMG_3825

At this point, I scooped half of my soup into the blender and processed it until lightly smooth. Then I poured this mixture back into the pot with the remaining soup. I loved this method because it thickens up the soup very nicely, but still left big mushroom pieces to bite into! Of course, if you have a hand held immersion blender that would work even better (a food processor would work too), but be sure to leave it chunky for the best texture.

Now, stir in the cooked millet. This thickens it up nicely too.


And you’re done!


Feel free to spoon into mason jars for portable work lunches.


I also made some Cheezy garlic bread based off a recipe in Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan.


To make:

  • Slice a baguette in half
  • Peel a garlic clove and cut it in half and rub the garlic all over the bread. This helps infuse the garlic flavour into the bread without it being overpowering. You can also use garlic powder or garlic salt.
  • Spread on some Earth Balance or other non-dairy spread.
  • Followed by a sprinkle of nutritional yeast (for the cheezy flavour) and kosher salt
  • Bake at 350F for about 14-15 minutes until crispy and golden. Slice & serve warm!


This was amazing!


I don’t even want to tell you how many pieces I had. I think I ploughed through a quarter of the baguette! Why are baguettes so insanely good?


By the way, my tests came back normal so gluten is here to stay. I’ll be talking about this more in a future post though.



Late last night, we headed out for our evening walk. A nice older lady who lives down the street had made a cute Halloween display for the kids at the end of her driveway. There was a sign taped to a haystack that read “Please help yourself to the candy!”, but no candy to be found.

We walked down the road a bit and there was a RACCOON with her bowl of candy happily munching away on a Snickers bar in front of her yard.

At least, someone’s enjoying Halloween!

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Katie November 1, 2011

Maybe all their parents are plant based and say “NO” to the candy this year! LOL I didn’t get any trick or treaters either! Then again they probaly would not have appreciated the organic apples I was going to hand out! LOL LOL


Esen November 1, 2011

This looks delicious Angela, can’t wait to try it! I might use Teff instead of the millet, as that’s what I have on hand.

And by the way, we only had 2 trick or treaters last night! :(



erin November 1, 2011

I love the Pin it option you added! this soup sounds amazing! pinning it!


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 1, 2011

Thanks :)


Adriane November 1, 2011

This sounds great! I bet it would go great with barley too if you didn’t have millet. Then i guess it wouldn’t be gluten free though…


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 1, 2011

yea you could really add any grain…brown rice would be nice too :)


Andrea November 1, 2011

Mmmmm you just made me crave warm from the oven garlic bread!


Amanda November 1, 2011

This meal sounds fantastic! Especially beautiful photography in this post.

Sorry you didn’t get any trick or treaters. That’s a little odd…but Eric’s co-workers will be thrilled, I’m sure. :) It’s mostly apartment buildings in my neighborhood, so I only saw a handful of trick or treaters where I live. Love seeing little kids all dressed up and so excited! Halloween was definitely my favorite holiday growing up.


Connie November 1, 2011

Only one trick-or-treater here last night, the neighbor girl. The kids don’t like our house, it has too many steps, they go to the neighborhoods with flat terrain and houses close together. :(


Christina November 1, 2011

Great minds think alike! My fiance and I were just talking about how we used to love cream of mushroom soup as kids, I told him I’d try to make a healthy vegan version this weekend. I think I may have to just use your recipe :)


Eat Hike Sleep Repeat November 1, 2011

The soup looks amazing. When the weather starts to turn (and turn it has), soup is just the best thing ever. I’m going to mix dried chanterelles into this too.
Sorry to hear about your absence of kids after all your hard work. We had a roller derby halloween party and it was the first time I’ve dressed up in about 15 years (Alice in Wonderland, and my partner as the Mad Hatter – we could have used you there to round out the cast!). When it came to last night though, I had to turn off the lights and vacate the house. The kids and doorbell ringing just drives the dogs nuts!


kalli November 1, 2011

you look so darn cute! i woul dhave come by your house for sure :) what has the world come to? no tirck or treaters-strange. i am sure eric’s coworkers will enjoy the treats today though…..can’t wait to try this soup recipe-printing it out now.


meg November 1, 2011

We actually ran out of candy! This was our first year in our new neighborhood and there are a lot of families with kids on our block. I forgot to count, but we handed out 15 candy bars and a huge bag of candy. Next year I’ll get three bags….

Glad to hear your gluten tests are normal. I got tested negatively as well, so I just enjoy bread and pasta in moderation these days. :)


rachel November 1, 2011

mmm mushroom soup is the best! will be making this for sure! so sad you didn’t get any trick or treaters :( we got 3 groups of kids, which i think totalled to 5 kids. that’s our usual. next year we’re taking our daughter out, i think she’ll like it :)


Sara November 1, 2011

Oh my gosh, your costume is too cute! Trick or treating seems to be on the decline in general. Well, now Happy November!


Caitlin @ Vegetarian in the City November 1, 2011

Great costume!! you look so cute!

thanks for this hearty belly warming recipe! I love soups like this as the weather gets cooler!


Carissa November 1, 2011

We didn’t have our light on because we had company over and we weren’t planning on handing out candy. As we were getting dinner, someone banged on the front door. We were shocked & a little upset, because usually the light off signifies not to knock. We ignored it, but then suddenly they were banging on the kitchen side door, too! We were happy they tried again, cause it was my nephew’s first Halloween & we were the first stop! I found a mini candy bar in the living room bowl, and his dad ate it for him. :-)


Jackie @ That Deep Breath November 1, 2011

I can’t believe you didn’t get any trick or treaters! I think a lot of people’s Halloweens were scheduled differently because it was on a Monday. Bummer!! I don’t get any trick or treaters because I don’t live in a neighborhood. I love the costume!


Lisa November 1, 2011

The soup looks delicious! With cold weather officially here I’m excited to start making soups all the time. Thanks for the recipe!


Heather @ Get Haalthy with Heather November 1, 2011

We didn’t have any trick or rewarded last night either, but at my parents house there never are any so it was expected. Cute costume!

Mushrooms have been awesome lately, and this soup looks awesome too! Comforting for sure, especially with cheezy bread…. Mmmm baguette’s sure are addicting.


Moni'sMeals November 1, 2011

That is too bad no one came, they missed out! That has happened to me too. :) Love the costume. ;)

This meal looks great and that garlic bread makes it even more! My husband would love this, he LOVES mushrooms.


jenna November 1, 2011

this looks amazing!


amy November 1, 2011

oh yummy! Cute costume and so funny about the racoon! I love your blog so much!


Anna @ The Guiltless Life November 1, 2011

This look so comforting and delicious – I love mushroom anything!


Ann Marie November 1, 2011

This soup looks amazing! It’s so sad you had no one come when you were so festive with the night! I too only had one group of neighbors trick or treat…so strange!


Jen November 1, 2011

Love the recipe – I’m thinking Barley :)


Kathryn November 1, 2011

Yay for gluten!!! I also found out I’m ok to eat wheat, but I need to be moderate about it. I can sure tell a difference when I OD on the bread.

I love the racoon story and I can’t wait to make this soup!


Audrey November 1, 2011

This looks SO good!


Tia November 1, 2011

That stinks! We have lived in our place for three years and this year our trick-or-treaters went up 600%!! Well… only because we had 6 kids this year and have never had anyone show up for the last two years!

I want a cup of that soup right now. It looks amazing.


Shannon ~ My Place In The Race November 1, 2011

That stinks that you didn’t get any kids! We don’t in our neighborhood either. So sad :(


Emilia @ Namaste Gurl November 1, 2011

I suppose great minds think alike as I was imagining making this soup before you posted it! My cognitive version was a little different however… it would contain liquid smoke, diced tomatoes, kale, and tempeh bacon…. Hope it comes together!


Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance November 1, 2011

I had to pin this soup on Pinterest. It looks so delicious!


Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner November 1, 2011

Wow! definitely added this one to my favorites.. can’t wait to try it!!
So sad that you had no trick or treaters! I agree, what IS this world coming to? i remember it was such a big deal when I was little and there would be so many kiddies out and about.


Amber K November 1, 2011

My friend’s aunt posted on facebook her total of trick-or-treaters – over 300! Now that is some serious Halloween. I bet those kids are going to be bummed that they missed on those awesome bags you made. And you look awesome in your costume!


Becca November 1, 2011

Don’t feel guilty: a quarter of a baguette isn’t bad. I thought you were going to say the entire baguette, but you were nowhere near that much!


Irina November 1, 2011

love the outfit! Very cute and feminine :) Can’t believe no kids turned up, how strange, they’ve missed on all the fun.
That soup looks delicious, and considering I like both millet and mushroom I will be trying it out very soon! thank you for the recipe.


Sonia (the Mexigarian) November 1, 2011

wow. the mushroom soup looks amazing. it’d be perfect for a cold fall/winter day. it’s just so happens it’s going to rain here in the Bay Area so I’ll be making this this weekend :D


Sara November 1, 2011

I do believe I will be making this with quinoa this week. YUM!


WIERDGREENMAN November 1, 2011

Nobody here goes anywhere but this one affluent neighborhood near the beach. We haven’t had any trick-or-treaters over in years. That neighborhood, however, is absolutely flooded with kids, who think that “the rich people have the best candy”. The streets just outside of that neighborhood only have two or three houses each street giving out candy, because no one goes there.


Angela W November 1, 2011

Oh.My.Gosh. You are speaking my language, girl!! Mushrooms are pretty much my favorite thing. Aaaand I’ve been wanting to learn how to use more whole grains, branch out a bit from just brown rice and quinoa. Thanks!!


Megan@eatmybeets November 1, 2011

Mmm that looks so delicious! You look awesome as the queen! Sad to hear about your lack of trick-or-treaters. My family home also hasn’t had any tick-or-treaters in recent years.


Lauren @ What Lauren Likes November 1, 2011

I only got a few kids this year too! Haha great costume though! I am loving this soup recipe :)


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