Gluten-Free Almond & Buckwheat Flour Pizza Crust



Hi, it’s me and a gazillion letters of text!

You may have noticed that I’ve been making a lot more gluten-free recipes over the past couple of weeks and I thought I would talk about why I’ve been doing this.

It’s sort of a long story!

Luckily, I’m jacked up on caffeine right now.

I’ve been experiencing some strange health symptoms over the past 4-6 weeks. For example, I’ve had bad stomach bloating to the point where I look 6 months pregnant (I’m not). I’ve always had bloating on and off all my life, but this is much worse than the normal bloating I’ve experienced in the past. I’m also experiencing bad stomach pains in my abdomen area, round-the-clock lower back pain, fatigue, and pressure in my pelvic area, among other things. The pain in my abdomen and lower pelvic area gets much worse after eating and I often feel really full after eating a normal-sized meal. Lately, I’ve been waking up with mild stomach pain too.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (which I’ve mentioned on the blog a while back) and for most of my life I’ve struggled with stomach pain, headaches, and GI discomfort on and off. My stomach is very sensitive to certain foods like dairy, nuts, soy, and beans. I never really know how it is going to react. Sometimes a handful of raw almonds can set it off with pains, while other times it’s fine. IBS is also strongly associated with our emotions, so it’s not surprising that my anxiety manifests itself through my stomach and digestive system.

Since I’m divulging my life story, another thing I’ve struggled with health-wise is my reproductive system. Specifically, my ovaries.

In 2009, a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound revealed that I have multiple cysts on my ovaries as well as an enlarged (they called it ‘bulky’) right ovary. In addition to my regular yearly pap test and physical, I also go for a yearly ultrasound to monitor the cysts and make sure that they aren’t getting larger. Keepin’ an eye on things. Basically, I’m on watch for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

I had another ultrasound in March 2011 and it revealed that my right ovary decreased in size from 17.7 ml to 10 ml. My left ovary is also smaller in size. Apparently, this is encouraging news, but I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t really received a proper explanation. I’m thinking about asking for a referral to a specialist soon.

Fast forward to the symptoms I’m experiencing today. They could be the result of a mild or more severe illness, like most symptoms. And trust me when I say that I’ve Googled them all! I think Google has told me I’m going to die of a horrible illness about 654 times during my life, so I’m trying not to self-diagnose or draw any conclusions until I have the proper tests done. It could be something as minor as an ulcer or as major as Ovarian cancer. That’s why I always say it’s important to listen to your body and be your own health advocate if you think something is abnormal for you.

This brings me to tomorrow, my next ultrasound appointment. I pretty much had to beg my doctor for this ultrasound since my last one was only 6 months ago, but I’d rather ruffle a few feathers than to have a health issue go undetected for months. Bring on the 5 large glasses of water and bladder-bursting hour wait time!

The results of my ultrasound will determine my doctor’s next steps. I had blood work done in May which all came back normal, but I will probably have to get my blood checked again.

So, this brings me to the gluten-free recipes.

My doctor suggested that I try eating gluten-free for a while to see if I have any relief in my symptoms. I really do not think it’s gluten causing the issues, but I’m willing to try anything at this point. I’m also going to see a naturopath on Tuesday for a general consultation and food-sensitivity testing the following week. I’ve heard from many people who have had great relief from their digestive issues when seeing a naturopath, so I figure it’s worth trying out.

At this point, I just want to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible, but in all likelihood, it could take a while to figure out. I will try to post an update or two on the blog as I get more information.

PIZZA makes everything better.



This crust turned out much better than I expected. The dough tasted amazing!


I spread on a couple cloves of leftover roasted garlic before baking.


After pre-baking, I spread on the mouth-watering pesto.


Followed by Daiya cheese, chopped roasted tomatoes, and fresh herbs.


Then I broiled it for 3 minutes over medium heat.


Crispy, ultra-thin, packed with nutrients, and oh so good.


This pizza did not last long!


If you are a thin-crust fan, you will love this pizza.

The crust is one of the most flavourful crusts I have tasted and the toppings went really well with it, but of course you can top it with whatever you see fit.


p.s.- See my new Fall header image? Hold down Control + F5 to refresh the page if you can’t see it.

p.p.s.-  I have an exciting mushroom challenge & recipe post coming up Monday! If you love pesto, you will go crazy for this recipe.

We’re off for a day of hiking on this gorgeous Fall day…have a good one!

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Dutchgirl Sam September 26, 2011

It sucks not knowing what’s wrong.
Good luck with your health issues and with all the testing you have to go through.


Rhona September 26, 2011

Pizza looks good. I LOVE the new header. Very fallish and cute.
Since you told us about your female health issue I thought I would share mine with you. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when was 20. While in university, my cramps became unbearable and I would beg to go to the hospital monthly for morphine. I had to take at least one day off per month once I started to work and my cramps were at its worst when I was under stress (which was like every day). The dr’s told me I had to find a way to manage the pain as there is no cure. For years I suffered brutally. Interestingly enough, once I started to work out, a few months into it, the symptoms lessoned. Since I went vegan, I can’t remember having a crampy month. Of course I have slight pain but most months I don’t need any tylenol. In the past I used to pop tylenol like fiend to help me cope with the pain (which never helped and neither did any RX drugs). I could not walk, bend, eat, use the bathroom. It was a true nightmare. These days I find being vegan has helped the most and I attribute being almost healed, I gues,s to not eating meat or dairy or animal completely. Also, my periods are light and quick. In the past it lasted longer and was heavy. This is also a family thing and a few women in my family have suffered from infertility due to cyst issues. I don’t want kids so this is no worry for me but the pain of endo is a nightmare.
I am telling you this because I am sure your cysts reduced in size due to your vegan diet. The more I read on plant-based eating, the more scientists are realizing we can heal outselves via diet alone in a lot of cases. Good luck with the bloating and ovary issues. I know for sure a naturopath will be helpful for sure. I have many friends go to a naturopaths with only positive results.


Whitney September 26, 2011

Oh wow, that pizza looks fab! I can’t wait to try the crust. I think I’ll need to whip up another batch of that roasted tomato pesto. Made it last weekend, and wow wow wow! To die! :)

Also, sorry to hear about the health issues you’ve been dealing with. I know I get bloating A LOT too, and it’s definitely painful and embarrassing at the same time. I agree with other comments here– it’s awesome you’re open about it. Nice to know other HEALTHY people still have issues occasionally too. You’re not alone!! Feel better! :)


Laura September 26, 2011

Hope you get all that health business and bloaty tummy squared away soon! That pizza looks amaaazing! Me and flatbread-style thin crust go way back. Also, I’m pretty much powerless to the appeal of gourds. Once they appear in the fall, I buy them uncontrollably. I tell myself it’s okay because they’re all unique and special. That said, love your sweet new banner :)


Stacie September 26, 2011

Will be thinking of you today! Hope you get some good news. Love the fall header BTW. :)


FlowerChildYoga September 26, 2011

I recently learned of the ALCAT test. It is pricey, but gives great detailed info on food allergies and sensitivities. It is supposed to be much more sensitive and informative than traditional allergy testing.


Callie {rawxy} September 26, 2011

First – Good luck with your Dr. appointment! Reading your story, was almost like reading my own… Well, in the stomach pain + PCOS sense. And, to be quite honest, giving up (or drastically decreasing) wheat helped beyond belief. Also, if you are seeing a naturopath, hopefully you’ll get a BioMeridian scan, as it’s one of the best ways to detect food allergies. For example, I started getting horrible stomach pain last spring and for the life of me, couldn’t figure out what was causing it – so, I booked an apt. with my naturopath and sure enough, it was an allergy to brown rice. Cut out the sun warrior protein and viola – pain no more!

Now, with that being said, I still experience stomach comfort when I eat foreign foods – and, I still am not 100% gluten free… Girl just can’t do it ;) My numero uno supplement though, to help with the stomach discomfort, is Source Naturals Essential Enzymes… I literally have 3 bottles – One in my car, one in my purse and one in my kitchen. Basically, with every meal, I open a capsule and pour it on my food. Stomach pain, no more. Amazing.

Good luck!


erika September 26, 2011

I know almonds and almond milk give me cramps and can’t eat them. Soy in all forms bloats me and oats can sometimes cramp me up. Those are somethings you might want to elimnate in your diet and you might also want to take probiotics and enzymes to help with digestion. I know a vegan diet rich in fruit and veggies tends to bloat – I am always walking around with a bloated stomach so annoying. Good luck to you !!


Kristi September 26, 2011

My jaw dropped when I read this post. I knew there was some reason I feel kinship!

I totally understand the stomach pain. I was diagnosed with IBS about 7.5 years ago. While I don’t have any food allergies/sensitivities, my daughter (2) is severely allergic to dairy, peanuts, and eggs. While I would like to throw both situations to the curb, I do realize that they are the reason I eat so healthy and feed my family the way that I do (and also the reason I found your blog!)

I’m curious what your journey with IBS treatment has been – if you have ever tried medication or probiotic treatments… I myself tried several medications, none of which really helped (and one seemed to have very negative effects on my anxiety levels, which was a listed side effect). I certainly can say “ditto” to the anxiety/stress comment – I feel like my stress/tiredness level can actually have more effect on my IBS than the food I eat. However, on that note, I was kind of surprised by the foods that you listed that set off your IBS. For me, fat, too much caffeine, and alcohol are my biggest triggers. I have certainly had periods of time in which I feel crappy often, and I have also had months in which I feel really good (during pregnancy, I had very little IBS, weird, huh?)

What kind of food allergy testing are you getting – skin or blood?

And just on a total whim, have you ever had your gallbladder checked out?

Anyways, enough for now!


Valerie September 26, 2011

My hubs went through the same process of trying to figure out why he was getting celiac-type-symptoms ALL of the time, with no real common-denominator. It turns out he has a high sensitivity/intolerance to MSG and other preservatives! MSG is in everything and goes by tons of different names (ie. nutritional yeast is MSG)… so it can be hard to pinpoint. It may be worth looking into!


AGS September 26, 2011

Sorry to hear this — and I do hope you can find a cause, and can then take action to mitigate your body’s reaction.


Suzanne September 26, 2011


As I was reading your post, I was thinking…is she writing MY medical history??

I was diagnosed with IBS a while ago, and have always had the exact symptoms you are describing. I also had weird pains in my ovaries….and have had to be subjected to the bladder-busting ultrasounds/transvaginal ultrasounds too! It was due to enlarge ovarian cysts that were left alone to go away on their own. And I had to monitor them yearly.

But I haven’t check on them in the past few years. And after reading your post, I feel like I should check on them, since i still sometimes get a familiar ache in that area. I hope everything goes smoothly for you with the tests.

Just thinking about the prep for the ultrasounds is making me cringe! Holding your pee is never a fun time. ;)


Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner September 26, 2011

I love the new header!

DO NOT Google your symptoms… although I think we are all guilty of it at times, it’s the worst thing to do. Good for you for advocating for yourself and pushing for the second ultra-sound. I STRONGLY believe that we must be our own advocates when it comes to healthcare, especially as young adults. I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble and not feeling so well. I hope you get the answers you want/need soon and start feeling better. Please keep us posted. In the meantime, I’ll be sending you positive and healthy vibes :)


KellyK September 26, 2011

Like Kristi above, my jaw dropped when I read your post today. I have mild Crohn’s disease, and it is similar, but of course different. I am sorry that you are struggling, it is never fun to feel uncomfortable. I go to a GI doctor, and I find them extremely helpful, understanding about the changes in my system, and they are very pro-active to any change in symptoms that I have. Good luck with anything that is upcoming, and I hope you start to feel better soon!


Beth September 26, 2011

I am also very familiar to the bladder bursting prep for the ultrasound. I’ve had the external & internal ultrasounds many times. The last time I had it done (4 years ago?) the technician also showed me my gallbladder. Very cool stuff.
Hope you get the answers to your discomfort soon.


VeggieGirl September 26, 2011

Sorry to hear about the pain, at least you know how to make a wicked gluten free pizza!!


shamima September 26, 2011

Hope you are able to determine what is causing your discomfort and get some relief!
Take care!


Denise September 26, 2011

HI Angela. I had the very same issue and it just kept getting worse. I too went from blood tests and an exam. Blood tests came back negative for gluten intolerance. BUT my triglycerides were borderline high. My doc told me I might have inflammed bowel disorder and also had warning signs of Type 2 diabetes which was a SHOCKER. I am not overweight, I eat healthy and I exercise all the time. It can happen to anyone. This is different the IBS. My doctor told me to cut out sugar… I did cut out sugar and it has really helped. No processed foods really has helped as well. I have been drinking a ton of water to flush out my system, which really helps with keeping the bloatiness away. And I voluntarily stopped eating gluten. Which really improved my symptoms. I personally think the gluien and sugar combined, really made me sick. I hope it comes down to diet for you as well… Best wishes. I will be thinking about you


Angela (Oh She Glows) September 26, 2011

im sorry to hear about what you’ve been through! I can imagine what a shocker that would be. I’m so glad your new diet is helping you.


Get Skinny, Go Vegan. September 26, 2011

God. All us girls have some issue at some time like this! You might want to read “It’s my Ovaries, Stupid” because it has lots of information the doctors really don’t tell you! I also quit gluten, and I am not exactly sure why. It may not have been causing the issue, but it does help with the bloating. The PCOS thing is odd, because in someone really healthy like you, your bloodwork may all be fine, but if your testosterone is high or your estradiol is NOT twice that of your estrone, it could be something like PCOS. Other than the cysts, I think they kind of determine it being a metabolic disorder, and your cholesterol and sugars, etc…may be okay ONLY because you are eating so well……….I would pay attention to my estradiol.


Sarah F. September 26, 2011

oh angela! this post came as such a relief! i literally just got home from the doctor who diagnosed me with IBS and i’m starting the “chicken & rice” diet tomorrow (basically rice since i don’t eat meat) to see if i have a gluten intolerance. my GI recommended i try a low dose of an anti-depressant to lessen my sensitivity to my GI issues. this doesn’t sound like a route i want to pursue – did you ever try prescription medications to treat your IBS? sorry i just unloaded on your comments section but i’m trying to get as much personal experience input as possible! thanks! ps: your recipes are delicious and my carnivorous, non-vegan friends have yet to catch on!


Emily September 26, 2011

Hi Angela! I adore your blog and am always recommending it to everyone I know. Just recently I turned my coworker on to it and she said she spent all day reading through your recipes and stories, and had her first overnight oats this AM! I have had similar stomach issues–mine turned out to be uterine fibroid tumors, which an ultrasound revealed. I look about 6 months pregnant too–not so fun!! I hope that you get your health issues figured out, I thought my issue was gluten too! I notice I tend to digest gluten free things better anyway, so it’s fun to include them in your diet :) Sending positivity and well wishes your way!!


Emily September 26, 2011

Hope all goes well; unresolved health issues are the worst. I just called my doctor about upper back pain that I’ve been having near constantly, along with pins and needles up and down my arms. I’ve been putting it off because I feel like a hypochondriac, but I’d rather get it checked out than just sit around and worry!

Hope your ultrasound helps to resolve some issues, and hope that it’s nothing serious. :)


jamie @ cueyourlife September 26, 2011

Angela! Just the other week I posted the following on my own struggle with “IBS”. Would love if you would read it. I have struggled with this for 20 years…but I am almost completely symptom free these days. It’s taken a lot to get there but it’s like living a whole new life!


Hannah @ PalmBeachRunner September 26, 2011

I just started having the very same symptoms in the last 4-6weeks! My doctor told me the same thing about gluten. It helped but I don’t think its the realy issue either. Please let me know what you find!

I also read in a glutenfree article that in order for the tests to reveal if there are antibodies in the blood from gluten, one must keep eating gluten to reveal it.


Whitney September 26, 2011

Hi Angela,

My name is Whitney. I have a suggestion: You might want to cut out all nightshades (tomoatos, corn, eggplant, all peppers, and potatoes) then sugar as well. I don’t know if you have tried that, but it’s worth a shot.


Jillian September 26, 2011

It is unbelievably comforting to hear that someone else has the same strange belly issues as I do. I have had a whole battery of tests but no conclusive results…just frustration and a bloated belly 24/7. I ultimately got tired of trying new things – but maybe it’s time to get back on the horse. It’s a rough way to live always feeling like you have an extra 5-10 pounds around your midsection no matter how healthy your lifestyle. I hope you are able to get to the bottom of what is going on with you as soon as possible!

Sending good vibes your way :)


Jillian September 26, 2011

PS. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us readers.


Kathy September 26, 2011

Awh T^T
Hwaiting, Mrs. Angela! ^^

[google hwaiting :)]


Carmen September 26, 2011

I am a faithful reader and silent follower. Thanks for always being so open and honest about your life and health. Sometimes, reading glossy blogs with perfect pictures can make one feel less than perfect. However, I have learned that it is easy to post a picture perfect life, outfit, how-to, etc., but it doesn’t mean that the depiction is necessarily true. I appreciate the honesty and sincerity that you infuse into your writings–sharing things that are inspiring, relatable, very real and difficult, and perhaps at times, even embarrassing.

I’m sorry to hear about your recent health concerns. I recently had some digestive issues earlier this year and it was a frustrating time. I am sorry to admit that it all began when I started to make a few of your recipes–Tomato Barley Risotto was a fast favorite–and had similar bloating, digestive issues, and overall sense of fatigue. I couldn’t figure it out and racked my mind about it. In addition, whatever I was eating caused my skin to become extremely congested. This was all new to me since I have never had digestive or skin issues. I, too, was worried I had a gluten intolerance, but didn’t have any reactions to anything else. Long story short, I finally figured it out (well, my husband did!) — nutritional yeast. I have never been able to handle/process MSG and figured out the hard way that nutritional yeast has high levels of MSG. I am happy to report that said digestive and skin issues disappeared once I stopped eating it and I have also been drinking liver cleanse tea to encourage this process. I love your recipes and have incorporated many into my repertoire, however, nutritional yeast and I are not pals. Hope you find some answers and reprieve soon! Thinking of you.


Tiina McKay September 26, 2011

Wow! You are SO lucky to have a doctor that not only knows that there’s a connection to food and heatlh but fully believes in it and actually shares that knowledge with his patients instead of just prescribing you some meds and telling you to get on your way. I actually believe you will find relief by going GF!

Remember all the symptoms your body sends out are just messages for you to take action and make changes in your diet and lifestyle, and they do get louder the more you ignore them (so it’s great that you’re not anymore!). They’re always connected to the same thing though. Just reduce toxins and inflammation in the body! It really is that simple. Find the food allergens that are bothering you and eliminate them (namely gluten, casein, soy, and nightshade veggies are often a problem). Take a good quality probiotic everyday. You will also need to take fish oil daily (DHA and EPA), but I know that may not be an option for you. These are just the main things, but there are many many other things you can do too.

I’ve healed my own and my son’s autoimmune disease, along with all my millions of other crazy symptoms, so I have a bit of experience with this! Also, my health coaching practice focuses on autoimmune diseases and digestive disorders, so I’m learning more and more every day. Will gladly share more info with you if interested! :) Good luck Angela!!

Reply September 26, 2011

Here I go with yet another comment on this post :) I made the pizza dough for dinner tonight and it was delicious. My husband and I are both thin crust fans and I was thrilled with how thin I could roll the dough and still have it hold together. I was a little nervous to make this after my last frustrating experience making pizza dough. I actually split the dough into 2 portions and cooked both on the silpat mat and then transferred to parchment to broil the toppings. This will definitely be made again soon! I keep thinking about all of the delicious toppings I can add next time. Thanks!!


carri September 27, 2011

i am sure you have heard this
800 times, but def. get
tested for celiac – if for no
other reason, than to rule it out.
it’s just a blood test (though make sure
you are still ingesting gluten
before you get tested.)
celiac could be related to
all the symptoms you described.
i was diagnosed 4 years ago
after spending years feeling exhausted,
crampy and nauseas.
after several months gluten free,
i felt like a normal person again!
twas GRAND!
of your blog.
big BIG fan.




nuttmegs17 October 1, 2011

Agree wtih getting tested but there are a ton of false negatives for celiac – blood tests and biopsy’s come back negative all the time and are wrong – the best cheapest thing to do is an elimination diet. Include nuts dairy eggs nightshades GLUTEN (of course) soy, etc and slowly reintroduce them one at a time. It has helped a TON


Natasha Cook September 27, 2011


I hope that you get some real answers concerning your illness soon. I suffer from PCOS, I’ve had it since 2004 (probably earlier). It’s livable but a heck of a struggle at times. If you ever wanted to chat about it, I’m open to that.
The pizza, like everything else you cook, looks sublime. Thanks for sharing your talents and your struggles with us.



Nicole Monnin September 27, 2011

I can say i have been where you are right now. I was put through every test known to man about 2 years ago. I had all the same things happening to me but add the fact that i always felt like i had the flu. I dropped weight simply because everytime i ate I felt so sick. It got to the point where i would rather be starving then be in pain. After every test coming back normal (nothing is more madening) the Health system basically said ” well nothing we can say, it must just be IBS” I felt like they failed me, that i must be losing my mind because they say everything is normal, when every part of my body and mind were screaming that something was so very wrong. That is when I switched to eatting a Vegan diet. It helped so much. I was still having issues after eatting certin meals and started really watching for connections. Thats when i noticed everytime I got sick I had eatten onions and or garlic. I advoid both like the pleauge now. i have been med free for over a year now and although I still have minor issues sometimes ( around that time of the month) all is fairly “normal” . So i wish you all the best in your war. But try and see if it helps you to remove the sulfer foods from your diet.


Jen @familyfoodfitnessandfun September 27, 2011

Goodness girl, that is a lot to go through, and my thoughts and prayers are with you. I had been experiencing extreme bloating and gas lately, so I recently made an appointment with a naturopath. He did a food allergy/intolerance test and it the results were that I’m severely intolerant to eggs and peanuts! I would have never thought those foods. I love them, and I eat them everyday. But since eliminating them from my diet, I feel much better. A lot less bloating and gas (which my family thanks me for!) I really hope you find some answers :)


Stephanie September 27, 2011

Cysts, tumours, cancer, whatever – it’s all the same. Acids damage cells. Toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat create acids in the body. Hell, even some of the foods we eat (animal products, grains, beans, alcohol, smoking anything) are acidifying. Fruits and veggies are alkalizing. Fruits and herbs can heal this and literally any other “disease.” Google Dr. Morse if you don’t believe me and call his clinic. It’s free.


Jen @ The Well Read Fish September 27, 2011

Oh my gosh – the timing of this post couldn’t have been more appropriate for me! I’ve spent the past month dealing with terrible abdominal pains and had nearly every scan, test, even a laporoscopic surgery. I’ve lost 10 pounds and can barely eat a thing without dealing with pain. At the moment, they think it might be IBS, but they just don’t know. I’ve never had digestion issues before and now I’m on the hunt for any and all information, food ideas, etc.
I’ve read your blog for a while now, and for whatever reason, I never caught on to those issues you had. I mostly used your recipes just to be healthy and interesting (I am slow cooking your Canadian Maple baked beans right now). . . but now I actually think I’ll NEED your recipes to deal! Thanks!


kelli September 27, 2011

chickpeas/beans make me feel bloated sometimes…


Sara N September 27, 2011

Another vote for primal/paleo eating offering relief for all of these symptoms. I have been doing it for less than a month and feel better than I have ever felt.


Christine @ Merf In Progress September 27, 2011

Hi Angela, I’m a reader that doesn’t usually comment, but this post really struck me. I also have a cyst on one ovary, about 6 cm big. I have to get an ultrasound every 6 months. I’ve had it at least five years (it was discovered during my first pregnancy). It’s scary.


Kristy September 27, 2011

I look forward to hearing about your naturopath visit as I have been thinking about visiting one for a few years now :)

Hope you are feeling better soon!


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