Honeymoon Photography: Athens, Greece & Giveaway!


Next up, on our Honeymoon tour: Athens, Greece!

Missed Stop 1?  Venice


Fun facts about Athens:

  • Athens is the largest city & capital of Greece
  • It’s one of the world’s oldest cities
  • Population: approximately 3,932,756
  • First modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896
  • Birthplace of many prominent writers, philosophers, politicians and scientists of the ancient world, including Sophocles, Socrates and Pericles.


And it’s smokin’ hot! Sun

It reached a high of 38 degrees Celsius the day we were there. Eric and I were sweating buckets while climbing the Acropolis and Filopappos hill. We finally reached the top of the Acropolis and discovered there was no water to be found, just a lot of thirsty tourists! If you ever find yourself climbing this, bring more than 1 bottle of water… ;)


There are about 150,000 stray dogs living on the streets in Athens. I wanted to take all of them home…


After our climbs, we headed to the Plaka shopping area where there are a lot of tourist/market type shops and high end shopping too.


You can view the rest of the pictures in the gallery below:

FeelGoodTea 1

Feel Good Tea Giveaway!

The lovely makers of Feel Good Tea are giving away 10 (50g bags) of their best-selling loose leaf teas to one lucky winner.

White Bouquet  Black CelebrationChocolate Banana  FeelGood Chai

The flavours included in this prize pack are…


To enter: Please leave a comment below and you’ll be entered for the random draw on Monday! Goodluck!

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Brenda August 20, 2011

Would love to try this tea!!!! :D


Jen August 20, 2011

Tea please!


Jessica P August 20, 2011

All those flavors sound yummy…I love tea!


Lisa August 20, 2011

What a great assortment of tea and I love traveling vicariously through your photos!


Adeline August 20, 2011

Loving this new travel photo theme! The summer is coming to an end here and the photos are helping me stay on summer mode until at least the end of August. :)


Dana August 20, 2011

Beautiful photos. I felt the same way about the stray cats in Spain as you felt about the dogs. Somehow, I don’t think the cats waiting for me in Canada would have been too happy about that type of travel souvenir.


Kimberly August 20, 2011

Love the pictures! Beautiful.


Melissa August 20, 2011

LOVE the give away!!


Jennie August 20, 2011

Those flavors sound amazing- particularly the chocolate banana!


Jennifer August 20, 2011

Oh I love Athens! Really would love to try the tea…


Kris August 20, 2011

What a great selection of teas! FeelGood Chai and Banana Bread please :-)


Lisa August 20, 2011

ooh…could so have a tea party themed birthday celebration…… :)


Radha August 20, 2011

The teas looks great! Loving your blog Angela. Have a good weekend.


mia August 20, 2011

I LOVE tea!!! :)




Ali August 20, 2011

I studied abroad three years ago when I was in college. Looking through your pictures takes me back to those days, especially Venice! I lived in Florence for two months and every weekend my friends and I traveled to another country or area in Italy. I can’t wait to go back with the man I love, whenever I meet him :) Your photos are gorgeous!


Jen August 20, 2011

I have always wanted to go to Athens! You have such beautiful pictures! And that orange tea sounds incredible…


sara August 20, 2011

oooh beautiful photos and wonderful sounding teas! That would be the perfect way to get into the fall mode again :)


kim August 20, 2011

Thanks for posting wonderful pics. As an avid tea drinker…freak rather…I’d love to try these wonderfully delicious sounding teas. Blessings!!!


Diana August 20, 2011

I love tea!! Mmmm toasted walnut sound good!


Karen D. August 20, 2011

Oh, I want to take that doggie home, too! Poor baby!

I have just begun to LOVE tea. I am usually a coffee drinker, but have found tea to be great for weight loss and maintenance – wonderful flavor, treating yourself, no calories! What’s not to love!


Kristen Lessl August 20, 2011

How beautiful! I loved visiting the Mediterranean :) The tea sounds fantastic too, I’ve been trying really hard to cut down on my coffee consumption and it’s been difficult, but I heard that having a variety of teas around helps keep people that are switching from slipping up!


Laura August 20, 2011

Mm tea.


Esmerelda August 20, 2011

I love tea. Would love to try these great flavors! :D


Jenn August 20, 2011

Oooh, I love tea!!! I like to go to Teopia, but a lot of their really good ones are full of not so good stuff.


Janel August 20, 2011

Greece is my dream vacation! Didn’t make it there for our honeymoon but hopefully soon. The pics are gorgeous!


Sarah August 20, 2011

Such gorgeous photos! And, the tea would be great! Thank you!


Diane August 20, 2011

Athens seems lovely and so do those tea flavors!


Kathy August 20, 2011

Someday I’ll get to Greece! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.


Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats August 20, 2011

Chocolate tea? Heaven!


Lara August 20, 2011

Those teas look wonderful! Tea fixes everything, in my book. :)

On another note….Angela, you’re amazing! Checking out your new post is the highlight of my day. Thanks for everything you do, and keep up the great work!


Stephanie August 20, 2011

T is my favorite letter! Id love to have ten T’s. Are they capital or lower case???
Oh wait…Its not that kind of “T”…. Thankfully I also love tea! yay! And those flavors
look yuuuuummmy!


Amanda M August 20, 2011

Your pictures are beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit Greece. And those tea flavors sound delicious!


Jazzz August 20, 2011

Banana bread tea??! amazing!


Danielle J August 20, 2011

Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing :)


Mina August 20, 2011

Your pictures are beautiful. I spent 12 weeks in Greece, mostly island hopping after college. Pictures don’t do it justice! I’d love to try those teas!



NIcollette August 20, 2011

Thats a great prize! Hope I win, I love tea :)


Kim August 20, 2011

That tea is so pretty to the eye, I can just imagine it in clear glass jars as almost an edible decoration! Great giveaway!


Molly August 20, 2011

Feel good Chai sounds delicious!


Katie August 20, 2011

I’m currently planning a trip to Greece – thanks for the tips! I am even more excited now!!


Ally C August 20, 2011

Beautiful photos! I’m imagining drinking all that tea right now…


Luv What You Do August 20, 2011

I had to cancel my trip to Italy and Greece last summer when my boyfriend got sick. Your pictures make we want to get there SOON! What a fabulous honeymoon you too had. I like your idea to travel Europe!


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