Vegan Enchiladas with Cilantro Avocado Cream Sauce



Out of all of the recipes on my Weekly Meal Plan, this is the one we were most excited about!

I first made vegan enchiladas with ‘cheeze’ sauce almost a year ago and Eric has been gushing about them ever since. I must agree that I really don’t make them enough…and I’m not sure why because I’m crazy about them.

Last night, I jazzed up the original recipe and the outcome was so drool-worthy we found ourselves forgetting that they didn’t contain- or even need- cheese. Now that is a good vegan enchilada!


For this version, I made a creamy green sauce made from Cilantro, avocado (the cream!), lime, and a few other spices that served as a decadent topping for the sweet potato, black bean, spinach, and pepper enchiladas.

They satisfied our every craving…and then some.


Make your filling and adjust all seasonings to taste.

IMG_5328 IMG_5330

Fill and roll your tortilla wraps, placing fold side down in the dish. You can sprinkle vegan cheese on them before baking if you prefer.


Prepare the cream sauce while baking the enchiladas.



When the enchiladas are done cooking, spread the Cilantro avocado sauce over top, sprinkle with cilantro and green onion and eat your heart out!


A couple hints:

1) Due to the avocado in the cream sauce, this sauce needs to be used immediately for best results. If you plan on having leftovers, my advice is to wrap the leftover enchiladas without sauce and store in the fridge. You can try storing leftover sauce in an air-tight container for up to one day or you can make a half batch and make fresh sauce as needed.

2) These would probably be tasty with Nacho Cheeze Sauce too.


We both loved ‘em. A bit too much maybe because we were totally stuffed afterwards! They would also make a fun meal if you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow.


After taking his last pleasurable bite, Eric proclaimed, ‘I predict this is the best recipe all week.’


We shall see husband, we shall see. ;)

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clara August 1, 2012

These look fabulous and I would love to make them! However, I am unsure about what the enchilada sauce is? Could you clarify this for me? Thanks!


Angela August 6, 2012

They are FANTASTIC!!!!! Some of the best ones I’ve made yet.
I just made them today for lunch. Next time though, I will leave all the salt out of the recipe; I found it to be a bit much.


Jane August 15, 2012

I made these enchiladas tonight and they were delicious!!! I doubled the amount of black beans and spinach (I had some spinach that needed to be used up ASAP). Thanks for providing so many fantastic vegan dishes!! It has helped the conversion to veganism easy.


Susan August 21, 2012

Loved this!
I made a slight variation to the sauce. I put green onion and a large handful of spinach in with the avocado cream sauce ingredients into my vita mix. The color never turned so you can make it ahead of time and it makes the sauce really creamy and fluffy, simulating sour cream!


Stephanie Cole August 26, 2012

Just made these enchiladas and they are heavenly!!! I absolutely love the avocado cilantro sauce for the top, it is 80 million times better than cheese!!!


Mary August 26, 2012

Thank you so much for this recipe! I am new to the vegan lifestlye and this really helped out for tonight’s dinner!


Fern September 2, 2012

You make me wanna go Vegan! I’m practically dribbling over my food plan *currently being created by sifting through your recipes!* for the week. … I’ve been toying with the idea of going veggie/vegan for a while, but your blog makes me feel like it *is* doable.



Vanessa September 6, 2012



TwinsMommy September 16, 2012

So I know this post is like a year and a half old but I just made these and they are AMAZING. To be honest I’m not a vegan but I have a dairy allergy and eat a plant based diet and meat is less of a staple and more an additive BUT these were the best enchiladas I’ve ever had meat or no meat restaurant or homemade. Truly amazing. And my 2.5 year old twins agree they split an enchilada and almost finished it which is more food than they normally eat for a meal!


Kelly September 22, 2012

Just made these tonight and they were delicious!! Just the right amount of spice and a great flavor and texture. I put in less than the recommended salt in the avacado cilantro sauce because I’m not a huge fan of salt, and I still found it to be a little overpowering, but when tasted with the enchilladas it tasted better. Great recipe, thanks!


darlene October 3, 2012

Hiiii, Im making this Friday……I want to use the same sauce you did, so do I use just plain pasta sauce? Like tomato , the kind for spagetti? Please respond I want this recipe to come out good because I am having company over. Thank you !! :)


Annalise October 25, 2012

I made this for dinner last week and on a whim, decided to double the recipe for the filling and freeze it. Am I glad I did. This recipe is delicious. I’m pooped after a long day at work so were enjoying these enchiladas once again tonight. All I had to do was wrap them up, through them in the oven and make the cilantro avocado cream sauce again. This recipe is a keeper. Big time! Thank you so much! Love your blog.


Veronica November 4, 2012

Made these today with the Cuban Black Beans recipe from EatLiveRun. They are DIVINE. Can’t tell you how much I adore the avocado cream sauce! Thanks for another fabulous recipe!

For anyone interested, here’s the black bean recipe:


Meredith December 4, 2012

These are sooooo good, I made them tonight (using your homemade enchilada sauce from your enchilada casserole) and they were amazing. Can’t wait for leftovers!


Hali December 7, 2012

I love these enchiladas. I hadn’t really considered using butternut squash in this way and now I’m hooked. I even made these for a room full of meat eaters over the holidays and they really enjoyed them.


Babette December 9, 2012

I made these last night and they are amazing. And so easy to do! I thought they’d be labor intensive, but not at all!

I just thought the sauce with avocados was a little too intense. Next time, I’ll try it with 1,5 tbsp lime juice and 3/4 tsp salt.


Steph December 11, 2012

I tried this tonight and they were great. Easy to make and so good that my meat eating significant other had seconds. Win! I used corn tortillas to make them gluten free but otherwise went with the recipe.


bellajewels January 6, 2013

Wow!!! Made this vegan enchilada dish tonight…..just finished…and it was AMAZING!!!!! I have made several vegan black bean/sweet potato enchiladas and I believe this is the best one, for our taste buds, thus far. Really happy…really satisfied. And my 15 year old son went back for a second one! Thank you so very much for posting your masterpieces. Will be returning to see what else you have cooked up!! Tracey


Mesa Mom January 11, 2013

I just made these tonight. There are no words I can find that would do it justice as to how…. delicious… flavorful… fulfilling it actually is! As soon as I took my first bite, I closed my eyes and just savored it all – thankful for this extraordinary creation. You outdid yourself with this recipe! This is definitely going into the permanent rotation and all other recipes are banished from this cooking kingdom. I’d never cheat on you, oh Vegan Enchilada with Avocado Cilantro Cream Sauce. Our love will last ’til the end of time {cue the violin and strings here}!


Angela (Oh She Glows) January 13, 2013

hahah oh man this comment is too funny, thanks for letting me know how it went!!


DestiniLayne January 12, 2013

Wow. Just wow.
Yesterday, I was browsing through all the Vegan Recipes I had “Pinned”..
I couldnt pass this one up, it made me want to drool just looking at the pictures, and Let me tell you… Im so glad I picked this one. It was amazing!! (:
My Fiancee and I loved it, Even her family, who always dog us for being Vegetarian, couldn’t get enough of these.
I will Definitely be making these again.


Angela (Oh She Glows) January 13, 2013

yay, that is great news! Thanks for reporting back :) You just reminded me I need to make these stat!


Angela L. January 13, 2013

These enchiladas were so delicious!! I just made them for a group of friends and they got to taste how good it is to eat vegan! Everyone loved them! Thanks so much! I’m sure I’ll be making these quite often. Yum!!!


Leanne January 14, 2013

I must thank you for this recipe. I look forward to inviting new guests over for dinner Just so I can make this dish!

People are polite and will often tell you that the meal is wonderful. My brother-in-law tried the enchilladas and said, “These are good.” A little while later, he said, “No, really. These are GOOD!” One friend, after trying this dish, said to his wife, “Honey, we can make these at home, right?”

I’ve made this recipe numerous times, and every time it has been met with rave reviews.

Congrats, Angela. You’ve got a real winner here!


Angela (Oh She Glows) January 14, 2013

aww that is so good to hear! Thank you Leanne :)


jennifer January 26, 2013

Holy wow. Delicious. My boyfriend said one of the best meals ive ever made-and couldn’t believe it was vegan! I was disappointed because I was so full I couldn’t have seconds :)


Emma Milligen January 28, 2013

Awesome! I made these last night with my guy, and we were both pleasantly surprised with this recipe. Easy to make, doesn’t take forever, it was very pretty looking and colourful, and oh yeah- tasted great! Granted, we did add a heck of a lot more garlic and added some Mexican hot sauce to our attempted ‘homemade enchilada sauce’ (our grocery store didn’t have anything except crushed tomatoes on hand). Yumm! Now if only I could restrain myself from eating more than one serving at a time… :P


kkspenca January 29, 2013

Just made these. They turned out great! I was a little worried because my sauce looked a lot more runny than yours in the pic, but it dried up nicely in the oven. I will be making these again. Thanks.


Jen January 30, 2013

I’m on a roll with your recipes this week! Just made this for dinner and it was a hit! I think I’ll have to add it to my dinner rotation. Thanks so much!


Anna January 31, 2013

I have made these so many times since I found them a few months ago. I am obsessed and anyone that I cook them for thinks they are the business! I never want them to end. My absolute fave meal! Thanks!


Josee February 4, 2013

I just made this for my meat-eating boyfriend and his friend and they looooved it! My boyfriend said it was the most delicious recipe I ever made. I agree; it’s incredible!


MisterZ February 10, 2013

For my first ever striclty vegan cooking experience I made this recipe for my girlfriend who is vegan (I am not) and we both loved it. The avocado cream is very good with tortilla chips (Super Bowl party idea?)
I’d point out that you could easily make 6-8 regular size enchiladas with this recipe.
Very filling too.


Kirsten Lee February 15, 2013

I made this for Valentine’s Day yesterday and my Hubby and we LOVED it! The cilantro avacado sauce is SO good!!! We used it a dip for tortilla chips. Another good one!


Kathy March 5, 2013

I’ve made these twice in the last few weeks…why didn’t I discover this sooner? So delicious, and pretty quick to put together!


Anja March 23, 2013

This was oh-so-amazing!! Thanks for sharing this recipe.


Melissa Wolf March 26, 2013

Made this tonight sans avocado sauce. Sweet potato? Who knew?? Again, a simple & delicious vegan dinner from Oh She Glows! Nice leftovers for lunch/dinner this week. Thank you! ♥


Catherine April 5, 2013

Does anyone know the calorie info on this? These are delish!


Jennifer April 17, 2013

Hi there. I made these enchiladas once before and we LOVED them. Quick question, we are sharing foods at work and I would love to bring this in, do you think it would keep overnight OK (after cooked) and then micro to warm up (with cilantro advocado separate of course)?


NMichael April 20, 2013

We made this last night and we all voted it best “oh she glows” recipe. My husband lOVED it.



Angela (Oh She Glows) April 21, 2013

Wow! Thank you :) So happy to hear that!


RR April 23, 2013

These sound really good….do you think they would fare well as a make ahead meal? Assembled (minus the avocado sauce, of course), frozen, then baked? Looking for some healthy things I can make ahead for an upcoming visit from out of town family. Thanks!


Laura May 19, 2013

Oh my gosh. I just made these. I layered the tortillas and filling so it would go together a little easier. But they are so good! The cream sauce is amazing. Thank you so much!


Haley June 3, 2013

I finally had some time to make one of your meals after spending the last week or so salivating over all the photos! I had my eye on these from the start and I am please to say they turned out amazing! This is encouraging as I embark on my vegetarian to vegan journey!!! Thanks for providing a good starting point for my adventure. I appreciate your story and your recipes:)


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 5, 2013

Hi Haley, So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for letting me know how it went :) So glad you enjoy the blog.


Johanna July 8, 2013

Just made these for my family tonight. SUPER DELICIOUS! And if it can convince others to try it, I’m only fifteen so its not too tricky. Also my dad is a farm boy who eats steak and potatoes practically everyday. He didn’t even want to eat any because he’s stubborn like that, then he tasted them. And ate more than all of us!! Thanks a bunch!!


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 9, 2013

haha isn’t that the best?? LOve when that happens…so glad it worked out! Keep your eyes peeled for this recipe in my book. I revamped it and it’s even better than this original!


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