Vegan Royal Wedding Scones with ‘Clotted Cream’ and Strawberry Jam



There is something I have been hiding from you for the past month.

I have a deep, dark secret.

And I think some of you might too.

I have been totally sucked into the Royal Wedding hype!

I know, I know. I swore that I wouldn’t, but the media hoopla wore me down. I’ve watched several interviews and documentaries and with each one I get a bit more excited for the wedding, to the point where I’m looking in the mailbox wondering where my invite is! I mean, I feel like I know the couple at this point, don’t you? Not to mention, I used to have a huge crush on the Prince when I was a teenager. Didn’t he get my letter?

To make matters worse, Eric and I watched the Wills & Kate straight-to-TV movie last weekend. Ok, that’s a bit embarrassing to admit, even for me. I guess it would be more embarrassing for Eric, but he was being nice because I was so sick. That’s what husbands do. They watch corny straight-to-TV movies when need be.

I might’ve also bribed him with scones…


Then I started thinking, well, maybe I’m not the only one who has been watching countless Royal Wedding news. Maybe I’m not the only one who has dreamed of being BFF’s with Kate or guessed how drunk Prince Harry will be at the reception. These are all things that a normal person might think about.

Yesterday, a reader named Katie asked me if I had any ideas for a healthy vegan Royal Wedding recipe. That was when I knew that there were others out there just like me! I didn’t have to hide any longer.


I thought about making traditional scones with white flour, but white flour just doesn’t leave me feeling my best when I eat it. After experimenting with so many different flours, I greatly prefer the nutty flavour of whole grains, and the energy boost that comes along with them.

So these are not your dainty traditional scones, but what better than to have nontraditional scones to go with a modern royal couple?

We are breaking traditions here my friends!


These delightful little scones are made with a mix whole-grain spelt flour and oat flour (that I made from processing rolled oats). I threw some frozen blueberries in at the last minute with a sprinkle of coarse Turbinado sugar and the outcome was definitely suited for royalty.


But I didn’t stop there. I whipped up a modified vegan version of clotted cream that I spotted in Vegan Yum Yum’s Cookbook. It was just the right amount of creamy sweetness to top each scone.

And of course, a dollop of strawberry jam on top and a cup of Black tea!


Ok, who wants to have a tea party with me tomorrow? :)

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Lu @ Done Dieting April 28, 2011

You aren’t the only one. I’ve set my alarm and DVR just in case. I’m really excited!! It’s sad.


Dalai Lina April 28, 2011

i just opened you post while watching tabloid royal wedding tv! I can’t wait so see her dress!


melissa April 29, 2011
Sara @BakingandWine April 29, 2011

I was just about to come ask her that too.

I was so excited to see her picture there, but then I clicked on it and he just kind of wrote the recipe out and gave credit for the picture. Ha.


Lexi April 29, 2011

I am such a sucker for the royal wedding!! I was ribbed at work, for sure… and a LOT of people here are NOT fans at all.. but i am so into it! all-nighter for sure!!!


Beth@naturallyyoursbeth April 29, 2011

I love any excuse for scones!! I made pumpkin scones to munch on during the wedding :) can’t wait!!


Hannah April 29, 2011

I tried! I tried to watch that movie but within twenty minutes I felt a need to wash my eyes with Lysol. I am, however, currently watching the Wedding. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE DRESS!!!

P.S. I’m giggling because your scones look like a little like boobies :P I’m five years old…


Stephanie April 29, 2011

Lovely scones! It’s amazing how much people care at my workplace! Some of my coworkers woke up at 4 in the morning to watch.


Angie April 29, 2011

Like you, I’ve been loving every moment leading up to this wedding. I love watching them this morning. Nothing better than a happy union :)


Tanya April 29, 2011

Me too, me too! My husband was actually indulgent enough to get up with me at 5am and watch it, while taking naps during the “driving” parts lol


Caitlin April 29, 2011

Wow! It’s like your famous Angela! your photo and recipe are on perez hilton’s website! Congratulations for the exposure!


marla {family fresh cooking} April 29, 2011

Loving these vegan scones! The dollop of strawberry jam & cream on top makes ’em extra special :) I will stay in touch with the royal wedding through you girl.


Marit April 29, 2011

I was actually sat at work today watching the whole thing with 10 of my co-workers all discussing hats and worrying over Kate’s obviously diminished weight and how that dress was obviously sown or measured when she had bigger breasts coz the dress didn’t sit quite as it should…
But all in all a very moving ceremony and you could see as they gave their vows, that they both just wanted to jump up and down and scream little “yip-yip-yip’s” in exitement….

Loving it… a teeeny bit of real life drama…


Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner April 29, 2011

I LOVE THAT YOU DID A ROYAL WEDDING POST!!!! :) These are PERFECT for a day like this! :D


Emily April 29, 2011

Now I know what to demand… Um… I mean, ask for nicely for my birthday breakfast. These look SOOO good!


Amy April 30, 2011

I was looking at vegan recipes on food gawker and I saw this recipe just thought i would tell you about how famous you are! I check your website everyday, favorite website of all time!


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