The Cat Who Hates To Be Held



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Gail March 13, 2011

Exactly how my cats were. Actually, one of my cats didn’t mind it, but I found him as a stray, and injured, so I think he was just thankful that he had a home. BTW the kitty in your “Eris is the Cat Whisperer” looks just like my old cat, Doc Holiday :0)


Bridget March 14, 2011

Cats never seem to wanna look in the camera. Either that or they close their eyes at the flash. Haha myy cat does that all the time!


Vic March 12, 2015

Hahaha, how funny, I have a Bengal, too, and your usual found-in-the-barn-cat, and the latter loves to be held and is supersocial and more like a dog, and the Bengal absolutely hates to be held, she’s always where we are but you try to touch her and the’s gone in a split sec. We call her The Snake ’cause she always twists her way our of our hands. They are two very different breeds, indeed.


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