Homemade Wheat Thins

We are having some unusual warm weather this week and it is giving me Spring Fever like crazy! The snow is melting, our moods are lifted, and I think I should be able to run outside this afternoon once the ice melts. I can’t wait. :) Now, if only the sun would come out… Before […]


What’s Your 6-Word Love Story?

Daily Glow Series: 1) What is Daily Glow?; 2) Graduation Fears; 3) The Silly Things We Say; 4) Do What You Can…Today; 5) Without self love, I have nothing. I first heard about the 6-word love story on Valentine’s Day, when I read Tara Parker-Pope’s NY Times article. The idea originates from Smith Magazine, home […]


Piggy Back FAIL

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Two Recent Flops

Pumpkin Molasses Bars and… Coconut Crispy cut-outs. Doh!

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Nothing Good Can Come Of This

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‘Trapped’ In Venice

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