Favourite Back Stretch



Camel Pose.

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1 LoLo January 18, 2011

Nice! I am going to have to try this one! My back is were I carry my stress and so this is probably going to feel great :)


2 JenATX January 18, 2011

good back bend!


3 Gail January 18, 2011

Good old Camel pose. I like this one. I also like a back bend, and cobra for stretch out my back. Feels so good!


4 Rasha January 19, 2011

Superb pose!
We did it in my hot yoga class yesterday, and to get the most out of it, you grab onto your heels tightly and thrust your weight forwards through your hips. The instructor says that you should be stretching so much, that if you let go of your heels, you will catapult forwards! :)


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