High Protein Green Monster Holiday Soup



As a baker, I love how ripe with opportunity the holidays are.

Nothing is off limits, no sweet is too indulgent, and I get to satisfy my urge for vegan dessert experimentation.


It is a fun time in my kitchen!


Flour is flying everywhere, sweetener is never far, and my passion for baking vegan desserts is as strong as ever.


Despite my love for baking around the holidays, the fact that I try to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle remains unchanged.

Desserts and cookies are certainly a part of my family’s holiday tradition, but I also try to achieve a balance during this time of the year. I eat holiday desserts in moderation and the rest of the time I try to base my diet around whole grains, protein sources, vegetables, and fruit, just like I do any other time of the year. Now of course, this doesn’t mean that I never over-indulge– because trust me, as a bakery owner and food blogger I do- but I try to get back on track and fill up on the proper fuel for most of the time.

Today’s post is not about cookies, or pie, or cake, even though those surely do have their place in my balanced diet.

Today’s post is about planning for our health.

I decided to make a healthy and festive holiday soup that I could bring when visiting family this weekend. This Green Monster soup is a fun take on the traditional Split Pea Soup and it is packed with protein that will keep you going for hours and hours! It never hurts to have a few healthy foods around in case we should become so sick of sweets and desserts that we just can’t bring ourselves to eat one more holiday cookie.


It has never happened to me personally, but I imagine that it could…


What I love about this split pea spinach soup is that it could not be any easier! The only chopping you have to do is for the onions.

Gather your rinsed and uncooked split peas, onions, olive oil, salt, lemon.


Grab a huge handful of spinach and set aside…


The spinach makes the soup go from blah yellow-green to a gorgeous bright green just like a Green Monster!

Add your olive oil to a pot over medium heat and sauté your onions for a few minutes.


Now add split peas and your 5 cups of vegetable broth. I made my broth using 5 cups of boiling water and a bouillon cube. If you use a bouillon cube you will probably need less salt, so adjust to taste and always add the salt slowly.


Cook for 20-25 minutes over medium heat. Now take 1/2-2/3 of the soup and place into the blender.


Add the spinach and blend until smooth.


If I wasn’t mistaken, I would think this was a Green Monster for breakfast!


Add it back to the other reserved potion of the chunky, non-blended soup.


Stir well. Add lemon and adjust seasonings to taste. Alternatively, you can blend the entire soup until smooth. It just depends on what you prefer. I did not blend all of it because Eric has some texture issues with blended soups. He likes it nice and chunky!

Ladle into bowls and add a swirl of olive oil, a pinch of smoked paprika, and a dusting of lemon zest.




This soup is LOADED with protein and fibre! Did you know that split peas have 23 grams of protein and 17 grams of fibre per 3/4 cup?




Eric loved this soup and he is not a soup fan by any means. He said the green colour scared him at first, but he actually enjoyed it! I was floored. He also said it tasted a bit like mashed potatoes and it would go nicely with ketchup.lol. He kills me, he really kills me.

If you have never had split pea soup before, prepare yourself because it is more of a bland tasting soup, but with the right seasonings it tastes lovely. I think the only thing I would change next time is that I would blend more of the mixture to create a thicker soup and leave less of it chunky. I am used to eating Amy’s brand split pea soup and I love how it is very thick and 100% pureed. It is a personal preference though!


You can play around with it to suit your needs. This soup also goes lovely with fresh bread or crackers.


I will be bringing a big container of soup this weekend so I have a high-protein option whenever I need it for lunches.


I’ve also got some Wheat Grass powder in my holster if things get ugly…


If you are looking for another easy + festive holiday soup, I highly recommend this Holiday Soup For The Soul. It’s one of my favourites.


Now that the holidays are here, are you thinking about how you will achieve a balance? Do you plan in advance or make any healthy dishes?

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simon November 21, 2016

great pics… will try this tonight as I have a bag of peas begging to be used… ty for the recipe…


Angela Liddon November 22, 2016

Hope you enjoyed it, Simon!


Barbara January 10, 2016

Hi there! I tried this soup this afternoon because I’ve been on the hunt for protein-filled plant based options. I had to adjust the seasonings quite a bit and add more water. I added an extra cup of water at the end because it was too thick, and then I had to add another teaspoon of salt, more smoked paprika, a dash of cayenne pepper, and a teaspoon of liquid smoke. It now has a smoky flavor to it that is totally awesome. It’s exactly what you want to eat on a cold winter day with some crusty bread! Thanks for trying it out and sharing your recipe with everyone! And yes I would be one of those who have never eaten split pea soup.


OzArtemis March 21, 2015

Recently as part of attempts to find umami flavours for vegetarian food I came across Hickory Salt. I recently made a vegan green split pea soup that was a montage of a range of recipes (I’m definitely adding kitchen-whizzed greens to the next one as per your recipe) in which hickory salt went a considerable way toward giving this soup a ‘hammy’ flavour. I also added some soy sauce, but not enough to do anything more than provide a very much behind-the-scenes savoury flavour. Next time, and when I can find it locally, I’m also adding some nutritional yeast…


Miryana April 2, 2014

Hi Angela,

I am thinking about making this pea soup today, but I dont have any veggie bouillon cubes. Could I just substitute with veggie stock? Or do you think that the bouillon gives better flavor?

Thank you!!



k8 December 27, 2010

I made it for Christmas Day!


Amanda December 24, 2010

Ketchup? Boys. Thats ok, mine likes ketchup on the side for dipping when he has buttered noodles for dinner. Yes I said buttered noodles for dinner….. almost 5 years together and I still can’t get anything green on his plate! lol


Shay December 24, 2010

I’m really curious–
what camera do you use? your photograph quality is amazing.



Kristy H December 24, 2010

Wishing everyone all the best for the holidays! This soup looks amazing, can’t wait to try it and man i am craving a green monster now. It can be a challange to try and achieve a balance at this time of the year, i have had a week of not so great eating and feel so sluggish. The answer to that will be lots and lots of green monsters and plenty of soup and salads – must get that glow back! Thanks Angela for more glorious green.


Danielle December 24, 2010

I love the ‘drizzles’ on the top of the soup!


Moni'sMeals December 24, 2010

I love your twist on this soup~ I will try this for sure. :)
I hope you have an amazing Christmas!



Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table December 24, 2010

Good lord, I need this right now. I just made the cupcakes to end all cupcakes. This sugar high may never end. ‘Tis the season?!?! :)


Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA December 24, 2010

I love split pea soup, really I’m obsessed.

I keep up my healthy habits over the holidays, and I’m not really tempted by treats because January is a very important work month for me and so I actually feel extra motivated to look good.


Blonde Ponytail December 24, 2010

WOW!! This looks outstanding!! You are slowly convincing me to move to a plant based diet…can I look like you too?!! ha ha!!

Your pictures are so detailed, I can almost taste it!


Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter December 23, 2010

I love how you are really planning to balance all of the sugary treats out! I just watch my proportions and the amount of dessert I have. With big buffets I try to see how much I would normally make for myself. And for desserts I do indulge a bit more, but I’m picky on what I will indulge on. It must be homemade :)


Toronto Girl West December 23, 2010

Just wanted to drop by and wish you and yours the Merriest Christmas Angela!!!!!!!!!! :)


Lana December 23, 2010

Ok, I think that soup looks AMAZING!! Green is the new pink, or is it brown now?! lol…Either way, YMMM!!!!


Liisa December 23, 2010

Making this tomorrow! I have very little food in the house right now, but I know I happen to have all the ingredients for that delicious-looking nutritious soup. I’m sure it will help get me through the next few indulgent days.

Merry Christmas.


Cara Craves... December 23, 2010

I am sure the smell of the soup is a dead giveaway that it’s not
you breakfast Green Monster!! :)


Sarah December 23, 2010

Angela – I made your salted chocolate chip cookies and the frosted gingerbread today and both were amazing. All of my non-vegan family members were very impressed and are now looking forward to the xmas day walnut loaf with vegan gravy. Thanks you very much for sharing your talents with all of us!


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 23, 2010

Glad to hear this Sarah :)


Laura @ Starloz December 23, 2010

i think it’s important to find the right balance for xmas, this soup, yummo


Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin December 23, 2010

I try to stay healthy over the holidays by eating one veggie packed meal per day. This soup would definitely fit the bill! It looks amazing. :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 23, 2010

I do that approach too with my meals :)


JenATX December 23, 2010

It is VERY hard to plan healthy meals or vegetarian meals for the holidays because my mom has her grips on the holiday menu & won’t let go, not even a little! Every meal has meat in it & she acts like its the hardest thing in the world to create a meat-less portion for me. I know it is a little annoying to have to take an extra step for someone else’s dietary preferences, but i’m her daughter, geez!
OK WHEW. I had to get that out otherwise I might burst out during dinner and throw a roll at someone. I am clearly harboring some feelings here, but I don’t want to create a stir with a million people in the house.
So in order to stay healthy, I work out every day & try to eat what I want without mindlessly munching on sweets & appetizers just because they are sitting out on the counter


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 23, 2010

I can imagine how hard that would be for you! Goodluck with it. I like your approach with exercise and not mindlessly eating. Great tips!


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is December 23, 2010

Love the smoked pap and olive oil on top. Yum!


Amanda December 23, 2010

Can not wait to try this soup!! What is the recipe for the dessert pictures? The bar one looks amazing:)


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 23, 2010
Amanda December 23, 2010

Great thank you I am going to make them and take them to Christmas dinner!


healthy chocoholic December 23, 2010

that soup looks delish!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the recipe!


Sara @ Baking and Wine December 23, 2010

Wow! I love split pea soup. Your recipe is SO easy. I love that! I will definitely have to try it, but my husband and I agree it should be more thick and less chunky! :)


Michele @ Healthy Cultivations December 23, 2010

This Green Monster soup looks truly wonderful, but where fresh spinach and a blender is required, I’m always in. This is especially timely because I just realized this morning that I’m just about done with the sugary treats until late spring!


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 23, 2010

I know what you mean, I’ve been totally craving veggies lately…and I think that is a sign!


Caley December 23, 2010

Love split pea soup and can’t wait to try out this GM version with spinach for a little extra glow (literally)! I am a newbie to running (THANK YOU for inspiring me Angela!) and am still finding my balance there, so for the holidays I am hoping to at least get out for a few walks to keep my muscles active!


Katy (The Singing Runner) December 23, 2010

Wow look at the color of that soup! Looks divine! :)


Tina December 23, 2010

I love your realistic approach to healthy eating! It really is all about balance! Split pea soup is one of my all time favorite foods, yum! :)


Amy December 23, 2010

That’s a lot of protein and fibre! I might just give this recipe a whirl during the holidays. I haven’t even had any sweets yet – just made up the dessert menu and looked at pictures – and already I’m sick of it all. RE: the ketchup thing – I make a nice fancy meal and the first thing my dad does is get the ketchup and cover everything that’s on his plate. If it’s not ketchup, it’s plum sauce or sour cream. He thinks he’s being creative – lol. *SIGH*


Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes December 23, 2010

Loving the green soup. It looks like its super healthy and full of goodness!


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