4 Ingredient No Knead Bread

I must say, things are looking up. Sometimes, all a girl needs is some freshly baked whole wheat bread slathered in Earth Balance. Besides releasing endorphins via carbohydrates, I also spent the entire weekend getting my life in order! Santa approved. I cleaned. I organized. I did Holiday prep. I bubble bathed. I cleaned off […]



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Coming Up

What could I be making with these ingredients?

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He Likes To Scare Me…

Sketchie’s latest thing is crawling UNDERNEATH the tree skirt and jumping out at me when I walk by. I jump and scream and he runs like hell. It’s quite amusing. I am currently plotting revenge. But I’m scared.


Vegan Thumbprint Cookies

On Sunday, I realized that I only have 5 days left to bake holiday cookies! I knew it was time to roll out a childhood favourite before it was too late. The only catch? These cookies took me 5 trials until I was satisfied with them! I was in one of those picky moods and […]