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Good morning!

Thank you all so much for your kind words about my final post in Project Food Blog!

You guys just blow me away with your positive spirit. I was reading over your comments and stories and found myself getting all misty eyed. I would like to blame it on my lack of sleep this past week, but really, I’m just a big sap… ;)

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…and a few cookies for good measure…

An Edible Love Story


This is the tale of an edible love story.

This story is not for the faint of heart, but only for the most romantic cookie dreamers out there.

This is for those of us who revel in the thought of edible cookie dough and rich, soft chocolate chips… 

Chewy, soft interiors with a slightly crisp outer edge…

Cream cheese buttercream frosting…and a cookie dough patty.

Let me explain.


This story began as a simple quest to bake vegan chocolate chip cookies and it turned into something much more than that.

My initial recipe idea for my final post in Project Food Blog was not Nanaimo Bars…

It was a vegan chocolate chip cookie!

I spent several days testing different recipes and methods. In the end, I went with the 3 vegan Nanaimo bars, but these cookies still have a very special place in my heart!


It all started when I came across the famous chocolate chip cookie recipe from Jacques Torres a while back. Jacques refrigerates his cookie dough for 24 hours before baking. Apparently, when you refrigerate the cookie dough, it allows the flavours to develop and results in a better tasting cookie.

I found there was an improvement in taste after refrigerating the cookie dough for 12 hours as compared to baking immediately.


Of course, Eric also sampled each batch that I baked, offering his opinion.

The winning cookie was clear to both of us.

I like when that happens.


Things got a little crazy.


The fun thing about this chocolate chip cookie recipe is that there are pecans and walnuts in it…


I decided to toast the nuts like I did in my Ultimate Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe because it really makes the nutty flavour pop.

After toasting for 8-10 mins, process until fine in a food processor.


Then I mixed the egg replacer with water and set aside.

Now, cream the Earth Balance (or butter) for a minute with a mixer and then add the sugars and beat for 3-4 minutes until it looks like this:


Add the vanilla extract to the egg replacer mixture and stir. Then add this to the Earth Balance/sugar mixture.

Beat for 3-4 more mins. on medium to high speed. It will look a bit like frosting or cream cheese!


Now whisk together the dry ingredients…


Add the dry ingredients gradually to the wet, and mix until just incorporated.

Looking good!


(and tasting good!)

Add the processed nuts and the chocolate chips or chunks.


The chopped chocolate is great because you get little slivers of chocolate throughout the cookie, but the chips are great because the cookie and chocolate flavours are a bit more distinct. Personal preference! I enjoy both.


Refrigerate the dough, covered in plastic wrap overnight…or for 8-12 hours.


This allows the flavours to really develop and is a method used by Jacques Torres (although he refrigerates for 24-36 hours- I tried this and this dough was a bit dry for my liking).

Allow the chilled dough to come to room temperature for about 60 minutes. Now preheat the oven to 350F.

Form into balls and then place on lined cookie sheet about 1.5-2 inches apart.


Goodness me.


They are dreamy little balls of deliciousness!



I flattened each ball slightly with my hand and then sprinkled with a bit of kosher salt.


Bake for 10 minutes at 350F. The cookies will firm up quite a bit so not to worry if they are initially soft.

Depending on how large or small your cookies are, you will have to adjust the baking time. :)

Cool for 5 minutes, and then make your sandwich cookie! Flip cookies bottom side up and spread one with cream cheese frosting (recipe linked above). Grab some cookie dough and form a patty and cover another cookie with it.


Sandwich the two cookies together!


The result is sheer ecstasy.

Baked cookies, cookie dough, and frosting. You can see why I made some into mini cookies! Actually the mini cookie is the perfect size, but the large ones are real show stoppers..


An edible love story and perhaps one of the best tasting cookie sandwiches to ever cross my lips.


It’s time to get back to business for this gal.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!! :)

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Pure2raw twins December 15, 2010

Oh my heavens!!! I love chocolate chip cookie sandwiches…I cannot wait to make this!!


Marcella December 15, 2010

Could these be made without nuts? My boyfriend’s niece is allergic to nuts (as well as dairy and eggs) and I’m looking for some cookie recipes for her to enjoy during the holiday season. She’s 8, so these seemed perfect and fun–just without the nuts.


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 15, 2010

Im not sure as I have not tried it without nuts. Might be worth a shot!


Mary (Sisters Running the Kitchen) December 15, 2010

I cannot believe that no one else ever thought to sandwich COOKIE DOUGH between two cookies! After all, I sometimes have a hard time deciding if I like to eat the cookie dough or the actual cookie more. The last picture with the bite in the cookie makes my mouth water. hahaha


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 15, 2010

haha I actually wish I had one right now!


Tiffany December 16, 2010

Oh my, I made these last night. I made half the batch as normal choc chip cookies (delicious!). For the other half I kept the processed nuts out, rolled the cookie dough into little balls, rolled in the nuts for a crispy coating, then stuck in the freezer. I then rolled the frozen balls in melted vegan chocolate. It is heaven on a stick.

My fiancee was so scared when I told him I was making vegan choc chip cookies. After one bite he said these are the best ones I’ve ever made!

Thanks for the tip on Bobs egg replacer. I had tried Ener G a couple of times but hated it and was scared by the chemicals, so I’ve been steering away from any egg replacers at all. Now my options are limitless!!

Can’t wait to go home and eat some chocolate frozen balls :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 16, 2010

wow you are a genius!! That sounds incredible :)


Lara December 16, 2010

as far as the whole cookie sandwiches go, how many will this recipe yield? i’m excited to try them, they seem to die for…thank you for sharing!


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 16, 2010

I’m not positive how many it yields, I would guess about 12 large sandwiches or 24 mini ones?


marla {family fresh cooking} December 16, 2010

These cookie sandwiches sound like perfection – for reals. Wish I had ’em now :)


Laura December 17, 2010

Angela, these are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had… even better than ones I had before I went vegan. I made some into plain chocolate chip cookies and I made some of the sandwiches with the cream cheese icing. I gave my boyfriend one of the cookie sandwiches and after every bite all he could say is “mmm… these are sooo good,” “mmm… these are awesome!” Haha it was pretty funny listening to him eat one! Thanks for the recipe!


wendi December 21, 2010

Could I use flax meal as a sub? Stupid question but I have no idea! And I have heard of vinegar and baking soda as a sub? Thoughts??


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 21, 2010

im really not sure!


Ffion December 22, 2010

I’v never had cookie dough. I think this needs to be rectified asap!


Katie December 24, 2010

Made these – Sooo addicting. Too addicting. I preferred them solo though, because they seemed too rich as a sandwich. Could partially be because I used real butter.

Are you going to post the smores cake in a jar recipe?? I’m dying to make that one!


Rosa B. May 17, 2012

I’ve made this recipe twice and both times the cookies turned out fantastic! Rather than use the icing and cookie dough for the filling, I found the icing to be sweet enough. I also had lots and lots of extra icing since we only made a few cookie sandwiches. Luckily, it keeps fairly well in the fridge.

I plan to make this one again and again… it’s a hit with everyone!


Hawley December 16, 2013

These are legitimately the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made or had. Vegan or not! I’ve made them for people who can’t even say “vegan” properly, and for whom not eating meat is confusing enough… and they were blown away. They told me (without my prompting!) that they were the best chocolate chip cookies they’d ever had, too. Thank you, Angela! I’m a loyal reader and maker of your awesome recipes – and making these yet again now, for a cookie swap this time!


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