Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls



We are home safe and sound from Alberta and are running on little sleep.

I am downing French Press like the best of ‘em, but I’m not even sure this is going to save my lack of sleep. Time changes are always hard to adjust to, aren’t they?

I am also suffering from a bad case of I-miss-my-family-blues.

As I mentioned last week before I left to visit my family, I am featuring a holiday cookie special on the blog called ‘Favourite Vegan Holiday Cookies’ where I promised to show you holiday cookies with a wholesome, vegan twist.

holiday cookie

I’ve already showed you My Favourite Snickerdoodle…last week.


I will be making a list on my recipes page of all the holiday cookies that I make, so be sure to check that out.

I also made Auntie Angie’s Soft Peanut Butter Cookies


Today I’d like to move to a cookie a bit more unconventional

First of all, it is a ball.

It is no bake.

It is dipped in chocolate.

It is vegan.

It contains no added sugar.


These are also adapted from my Glo Dough balls that I sold at the Farmer’s market this past summer.

This unexpected delight is the perfect holiday party appetizer to serve on a cute little tray, stuck with red and green toothpicks. I served something like this at my Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last December 2009.

I made these last week before I left for my trip and it took all my restraint to wait to blog about them.

The first thing I did when I got home from the airport last night was pop one of these bad boys out of the freezer and into my mouth.

I needed a chocolate fix.

And fast.

I shoved that cookie ball into my mouth and had a moment of sheer bliss as I stood in front of the freezer with my luggage in one hand and balls in the other.

Peace at last.



Process the oats and cashews until a fine crumble forms like above.

Now add in the flour, dates, and kosher salt:


Process until fine.


Now add in the pure maple syrup and vanilla. A ball will form.


Now add in the chopped chocolate and process until incorporated. Alternatively you can stir this in a bowl if the mixture is too sticky for your processor.


Shape into balls and stick with a toothpick!


They already taste delicious, but we must dip them in chocolate.


This is 1/3 cup melted dark chocolate.


Dip half way and place on the parchment.


Now freeze the balls for 1 hour to set. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve immediately.


These have a nutty flavour thanks to the cashews and spelt flour and a great texture thanks to the chunks of chocolate. They taste like a healthier cookie dough that is wholesome but won’t give you the dreaded sugar crash. They don’t taste exactly like cookie dough, but they are delicious anyways.

And perfect straight out of the freezer.



The other day, my nephew asked me, ‘Auntie Angie, why do you take pictures of your food?’

I stopped and laughed for a moment and thought about my strange ways.

I also realized that I had turned into the token weird Aunt. I knew it was bound to happen.


I looked at him eagerly awaiting my reply and said,

‘Because taking pictures of my food makes me happy….just like you do.’

And then I distracted him with a cookie.

It worked for now, but there will be many more questions and I need to think of answers.

I think I shall go clean out my freezer now.

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Ashley December 2, 2010

These look delicious! And don’t worry everyone loves the weird aunt.


Trish December 2, 2010

Wow, these sound as good as they look – fabulous! I love how they’re no bake and vegan. These would go over well with kids too! Yum


Amy December 2, 2010

Have you seen the SNL episode with Alec Baldwin and his “schweaty balls”




christyn @ All Ways Nutritious December 2, 2010

Yum. i love that you can eat them straight out of the freezer! i get sad when i leave my fam too and start planning the next visit…skype helps :)


Jessica December 2, 2010

These remind me of my mom’s buckeye balls that she always makes at christmas. I make a similar recipe but I’ll give yours a try too. They sure would look cute as a gift in a decorative tin!


Dee December 2, 2010

These look amazing! And um… chocolate dipped chocolate cookie dough balls? Hello! ;)


Bronwyn Coyne December 2, 2010

Yum! Looks delicious. And seeing the other pics reminds me I want to make your snickerdoodles.


salah@myhealthiestlifestyle December 2, 2010

I would like 500 of these please ;-) they look delish!!


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman December 2, 2010

Oh yum! And they’re no bake? Score. Now I just need a food processor since I know my blender won’t pulverize cashews.


Lauren December 2, 2010

Adding these to my holiday to bake list asap. Yum!


Sarah for Real December 2, 2010

Those look like “Buckeye Balls” which are a popular cookie made with peanut butter insides and the chocolate dipped outside. They’re named after the acorn things dropped by the Buckeye Tree in the south I think.

Up here in the northwest we call the tree a Horse Chestnut tree… but “Horse Balls” just don’t sound that appealing to name a cookie.


Noelle December 2, 2010

Off the hook recipe. So delicious!!! Great idea.


Kelly@rahraw December 2, 2010

Wow, these look amazing! I’m trying not to have tooo many grains or sweets, but these would definitely hit the spot for a special treat! Also, wanted to let you know that I’ve added you to my blogroll so I can keep up to date with all your great stuff! :)


Erin (Travel Eat Repeat) December 2, 2010

Bookmarked and favorited — thank you very much! :)


Jil @ Big City, Lil Kitchen December 2, 2010

These look delicious!!!


Candice @ ChiaSeedMe December 2, 2010

These look delicious Angela! I have the hardest time finding dates where I live – any ideas for substitutions? My husband would die from happiness if I made these:)

Also, I made several of your recipes for Thanksgiving – the pumpkin brownie cupcakes, sweet potato casserole and maple quinoa dish. My family loved it all, and they’ve all been begging for recipes which I happily provided. I love that I can come to your site and know I’m going to get a good recipe that everyone will love. Thanks!


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) December 2, 2010

I love the looks of the balls dipped in chocolate!!! YUM!!!

Seems so many bloggers have recipes for balls and bites and raw dough creations (me included) and I love that yours is an “old recipe”…18+ months old and it’s stood the test of time. Love that you have tweaked it up by dipping them in chocolate…ahhh, you’re such a smart cookie to do that :) Everything is better with chocolate!

No bake, vegan, no added sugar….all the better :)


Lily @ Lily's Health Pad December 2, 2010

Mmmm…I should bring these to my holiday christmas party!


Meg December 2, 2010

Yay! Non baked cookies. I can’t wait to try these. I already tried a couple of your cookie recipe’s (and last night the Banana Apple Coconut Curry) and they never fail to wow me. :)

I’d be so thrilled if you can do a Vegan Gingerbread cookie.


AGS December 2, 2010

Awhile ago, I worked with an education program in Saudi Arabia. I used to get gifts of dates in all manner of form. Two years ago, upon reminiscing about Saudi Arabia (well, the dates, anyway), I made the following for Christmas (I’d say the holidays, but really, they were all gone by the end of Christmas).
1. Stuff dates with walnut pieces and candied ginger
2. Dip half of each stuffed date in white or dark chocolate
3. Roll dates in finely chopped nuts/candied ginger/coconut

There was one delightful confection I got that somehow incorporated lemon zest with the dates and some white chocolate. . . but I just remember it tasted great, but can’t really recall how the confectioner had put those little toothesome packages together!


Liz @ Tip Top Shape December 2, 2010

These look delicious!!! I love this vegan cookie feature because as I am slowly converting to a vegan diet, it is nice to be able to enjoy some of my favorite treats :)


Lindsay December 2, 2010

I love this! They look incredible!! I have to tell you I was a faithful reader of your blog up until August and then I got pregnant and I couldn’t stand the sight of food, which made me VERY sad! But I’m over the nausea and back! I made your pumpkin gingerbread for my in-laws for Thanksgiving and they told me I should open a bakery…LOL!


Mary @ Bites and Bliss December 2, 2010

You take something incredible and dip it in chocolate…you’re amazing. :)


Maddie (Healthy Maddie) December 2, 2010

Oh my yum! I wish you were my “weird aunt” so you could make me all of these delicious cookies. I need to put these on the list of things I want to bake for the holiday season-including your pumpkin cinnamon rolls!


Camille December 2, 2010

Those look like… sheer perfection :)


Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin December 2, 2010

I’ve always wondered about the use of cashews in raw treats… can they just be replaced by almonds or is there something special about cashews that makes them important in the recipe?


Moni'sMeals December 2, 2010



Cara Craves... December 2, 2010

Thanks for sharing a no-bake treat!
I appreciate it with my lack of an oven.

Quick question…
Is there a suitable substitute for dates?
Dates don’t exist in my neck of the woods.


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 3, 2010

Probably just add more sweetener (maple syrup), but you might have to add a bit more dry ingredients, im not sure.


Shanna, like Banana December 2, 2010

Those are perfect! So cute, so good I bet =)

I’m sorry you’re missing your family. I totally understand =(


Katy (The Singing Runner) December 2, 2010

I was looking for a present to give a friend at a Secret Santa exchange on Saturday. These dough balls may be THE gift! :)


Logan December 2, 2010

They look really good, Angela. I did have to laugh because when I was reading your post, I noticed that the Foodbuzz advertisement to the right was for Butter! Hilarious!


Amanda (Sweet and Savory Vegan) December 2, 2010

I am definitely taking these to my family Christmas cookie extravaganza. Thanks for sharing your recipe; I just might have to try out a test batch before the holidays.


Sarah December 2, 2010

Yum :)


Gypsy December 3, 2010

Angela – I was going to ask you: every christmas my mom used to make these amazing rice crispy peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. Well, I had them a couple years ago, but my adult taste buds just didn’t appreciate the high sugar cheap peanut butter non-vegan taste anymore.
You wouldn’t happen to have a vegan recipe for this would you? I think it’s right up your alley…..
Think about it….could be next week’s cookie….;)


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 3, 2010

mmm we used to eat those too! Im sure it wouldn’t be too hard to make a bit healthier either.


Gail December 3, 2010

I’ve got a neighborhood holiday party to go to next weekend, and I have to make a dessert. I wasn’t looking forward to baking and I wanted to make something new, so now I have the perfect dessert to bring with me. Thanks!


Lauren at KeepItSweet December 3, 2010

what a great twist on the cookie dough balls! these look so delicious


V December 3, 2010

Hello Angela,

I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while now. I want to make the Brownie Caramel Pecan Cake, and I have a question; in your recipes you always mention ‘cups’, what size is that? How much?
Thank you in advance.
Keep on blogging! :-)
Kind regards from the Netherlands!


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 3, 2010

its 250ml :)


Annie D @ Annie's Simple Life December 3, 2010

I am SOO excited to try these!!! What a great idea!


Christina December 3, 2010

Never had raw cookies before. But I guess these are worth a try;).


Laura December 3, 2010

How essential are the cashews? Could they be left out?


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 3, 2010

i hope to experiment more with this recipe and i might try it without next time just to see :) will report if i do


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