Oh My

My brother’s party fridge. Epic.

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Mayan Riviera 2007

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Actun Chen

Caves in Mayan Riviera, Mexico  

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I Love Boxes

They make me craaaaaazy.



Dessert Crepes served at our wedding

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Easy White Bean Soup

I just about died laughing reading all of your nicknames yesterday. And here I was thinking ‘Snitzlefritz’ was weird! Ok, maybe Snitzlefritz is still weird… I found it quite funny that many of your nicknames involved one of my favourite ‘food groups’… Chickpea Garbanzo Hummus   Other favourites were: Stinky Bird Breath Number 1 and […]


Favourite Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up

  Some of you have been asking for me to round-up my favourite Thanksgiving/holiday recipes in one spot and I thought that was a great idea given that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Hopefully this will be of help for you as you plan your holiday meals this season. I will also include a […]