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As I sit here at my computer screen anticipating my Project Food Blog video post, I can’t help but wonder, “What do I write? Do I just show the video? Do I hide under my desk with a basket full of Christmas Blondies listening to Bing Crosby?”

[Trust me, I have to hide these from my husband…]

I ponder these deep thoughts as I stare at the screen before me. I sip some celebratory Merlot because 8 long nights of video editing sucked the life out of me and I need to feel blood pumping through my veins again. Before I know it, my cheeks have a lovely red glow to them perfect for the holiday season.

And then, like a bolt of lightning from the Baking Gods above, it hits me plain and simple.

I love this.

I love the recipe creation, the baking, the photography, and the taste-testing (wink, wink). Even baking disasters have their value. For example, this morning, I learned that one should never pour boiling water into Arrowroot powder (try it, I dare you…).

The only thing I love doing more than these things, is having the privilege to share my passion with you. I feel extremely lucky to be able to do what I do everyday. This blog right here is the part that leaves me running from my kitchen to my desk, typing away furiously with excitement and a dorky grin.

I don’t take myself or my food too seriously and my hope is that you will walk away from this video excited to create magic in your own kitchen. All of the recipes are a cinch to whip up and even the most fearful baker can have recipe success.

Laugh at yourself, forgive your baking flops, and most of all, take some time for yourself this holiday season.




My goal was to create unique and easy Blondie recipes that would also be easy on the budget during an otherwise expensive time of the year. The Blondie In A Jar gifts cost under $3 to make!


All you have to do is print out the recipe cards, attach them to your filled jars, and then ship them to my address to your friends and family or give them as a hostess gift.


[Please note that butter can be substituted for vegan butter spread (this is also indicated on the recipe card).]

Now go and get your holiday bake on!

Just be sure to save us some.


Voting is now open for Challenge #7. I appreciate your support in advancing me to round 8!

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jodie November 14, 2010

The fast forward bits were fabulous and hilarious, so glad you put those in! I loved the whole thing. And yum by the way!!


Anna November 14, 2010

LOVE this video – you did such a great job! You are so freakin’ cute I can hardly stand it. And your voice is way different than I imagine it in my head reading your blog every day (isn’t it funny how that happens? I kind of forgot you live in Canada so I wasn’t expecting your Canadian accent – ha. Super cute though :)

I have voted for you from the very start of PFB, and will continue to vote for you as long as you’re in it. You are such an inspiration and have such a fun blog voice.

And Eric, your smile at the end wasn’t (that) creepy…more just awkward. Haha, TOTALLY kidding! :D


Amanda Jewell November 14, 2010

love your blog! been following it for a year now & am just now commenting! (i know, im a creeper)
anyways, i just wanted to say your video is so cute; the bloopers at the end make the whole video so personable. got my vote for sure.
btw, i’m OBSESSED with your recipes; they never let me down! I’m definitely making these & using the ingredient filled mason jars as holiday gifts! thanks for the tips! you’re like the younger, healthy, vegan, better looking, canadian martha stewart!
<3 thanks for sharing!


Natalie November 14, 2010

Right, so Food Network needs to pick you up, STAT. Rachel Ray has nothing on you girl. Those blondies look amazing and they will be baked next week. Yum!


Paije November 14, 2010

You.are.beyond.amazing. Mind blown. I can’t waaaaait to make these!!


Lee November 14, 2010


Your video is ADORABLE! Love the bloopers. The blondies look scrumptious just like the rest of your recipes. Great holiday gift idea too!


Alyson @ Nourished Fitness November 14, 2010

Fantastic.. you have this contest.. hands down! :)


AdrienneCarolyn November 14, 2010

Ok, first of all THANK-YOU because now I know what I’m making my friends and co-workers for Christmas gifts!! Um, secondly, you and your hubs are so cute I was sitting here watching with a huge grin on my face the whole time…made my cheeks hurt!
I can’t wait to have a Blondie making day soon…. :-)


Brooke November 14, 2010

I can’t stop smiling! Not only was that an awesome food vlog, the bloopers were way too funny! You most definitely have my vote! :-) Such a good idea for the cheap gifts…I’m going to put that to good use this holiday season!


Sarah D November 14, 2010

Angela- you are hilarious!

It’s so much fun to see you in video form after months of reading your posts. The outtakes were my favorite part.

These are definitely on my to-make list. I can’t wait to give them away at the holidays!


DebZ November 14, 2010

love the out-takes! congratulations, a great job.


Laura @ Backstage Pass November 14, 2010

This video is awesome! I love that you included the outtakes as well. The ones in front of the fire are especially hilarious :-) Love that you guys had FUN with this and allowed your real selves to shine through.


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 14, 2010

Thanks everyone! :) You are too sweet!


Jules November 14, 2010

Oh my gosh, the two of you are adorable! This was so fun to watch! You’ve got a fan for as long as your blog runs (Can that be forever, by the way?) Just made your pumpkin spice cake today and all I can think about is having just *one* more slice… yum-o. Your blondies will definitely by made in the very near future!


Annie@stronghealthyfit November 14, 2010

Great job!! Great idea. I love all of your recipes :-)


Jessie (Bites and Pieces) November 14, 2010

Amazing. You are SO winning this competition! Keep up the great work. :)


Melissa November 14, 2010

This video is amazing! You (and Eric) are beyond adorable and I can tell how much effort this video took! My favorite blooper was at 7:50, where you kind of looked like a lizard! Too funny! I can’t wait to see you take Reader’s Choice again!


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 14, 2010

haha lizard…love that!
It was weird b/c when we watched the footage I didnt even remember doing half of those things…I guess I am weirder than I realize!


Chelsea November 14, 2010

I was smiling through the whole thing! These look so good, and the video was awesome :)


krissy November 14, 2010

This made me so happy! What a great video, gift idea and delicious looking treat!!! =D


Jen November 14, 2010

Wow, what an AMAZING job! You really put your heart and soul into each and every recipe you create, and now we have a first-hand account! I hope you win!


Maya November 14, 2010

I love the idea of peppermint “peppernut!” blondies. How creative! I also love the outtakes, it made the video seem real and a little down to earth. It was fun seeing “behind the scenes!”


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 14, 2010

omg if you only knew how many times I said that (that wasn’t all the outtakes by any means!!!) :)


Carly November 14, 2010

I am so excited about this post! I have been looking for some good foods in jars to send to my sister in Africa and these look perfect!!


Maria November 14, 2010

Oh my goodness, Oh She Glows! Completely fabulous.

Eric’s cameo at the end was priceless. My housemate had to ask me why on earth I was giggling so hard.

Nice work to you both. :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 14, 2010

He stole the whole show didn’t he? haha ;)


Amy November 14, 2010

This was great! All the outtakes made me giggle. :)


Emma November 14, 2010

so cute!


Tracey November 14, 2010

Great job Angela! I loved the video and the blondies look delicious!


kell November 14, 2010

Angela (fellow blonde : ) ,
your happiness and positivity is so contagious! i think your spirit just radiates from deep within and ‘cooks up’ all your super delicious looking food, now thats true ‘soul food’ : ) thanks for sharing all of it with us!!

P.S. . . . when can we start voting??


Charlie November 14, 2010

Your video is sooo good! Loved how Eric joined in at the end.
And the bloopers sure gave me a good laugh! (I watched it a a cafe and looked weird too :P).

I actually didn’t know what blondies were! And they all look delicious :).


Felicia (a taste of health with balance) November 14, 2010

OMGOSH I loveee the bloopers hahahah they are too funny- this recipe is so fun and a perfect holiday idea ! thank you Angela! And congrats on the video this is amazing, awesome job!!


Kirsten November 14, 2010

A really creative video and recipes! Loved the blooper reel!


Tieghan November 14, 2010

This was so CUTE! I can not wait to make these and the bloopers at the end were AWESOME!


'Dee November 14, 2010

Love, love, love! LOL at the bloopers and how cool of Eric to join you! I don’t think I’d get my Blonde Bomber to quit laughing at me long enough to hold the video camera, much less actually have lines. LMAO.

This was classic Ange!


Taryn November 14, 2010

You nailed it!!!


kaila November 14, 2010

not only am i making those for my family for the holiday….but that video was absolutely mazing! so cute and totally you! i love the blooper real…..they will really help people who are not familiar with the blog, get a sense of who you really are! you are definitely gonna win!


Mariko November 14, 2010

Super cute. I am impressed with the variety of holidays represented here.
But you know what? You got me with CARAMELIZED BANANA. Wowee. Definitely want some of those right now.


cami November 14, 2010

Great job on the video demo Angela, and very well-chosen baking idea -I really enjoyed watching your presentation (twice, actually.) Best of luck, and I hope that you make it to the end!! :)


Nicole November 14, 2010

youve got to be the most adorable little thing. Those blondies look ridic!! Good job on the video missy, im voting for ya :)


Heidi - Apples Under My Bed November 14, 2010

Delicious! Great work. Love the gift idea :)
Heidi xo


Rhea (Greek Feaster) November 14, 2010

This is incredible, Angela! I can really tell that you put your heart and soul into this video; your hard word paid off! I especially love the bloopers reel, hehe. I can’t wait to make peppermint blondies… and now I have a reason to go back for that peppermint extract that is on sale at my local co-op ;)
Best of luck to you this round. I’m voting for you!


MarathonVal November 14, 2010

This was such an amazing video Angela! Like always, your creativity and passion shines through. Great idea to include the blooper out-takes, too. The best of luck with voting, I know you will do great!!


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