The Other Pizzas: Dessert and Appetizer


Good morning!


Can we just bottle Fall up, and not let winter come?

I went on a frigid 4 mile run this morning! It was -1C outside which is colder than it has been lately. I thought I might turn into an ice cube. I did 4 miles in about 34 minutes. The hot shower was so welcome today!

Pizza is all I can think about since discovering that pizza dough is super easy to make! Among my 10 trials of pizza that I did on Friday night and Saturday morning, I had two other successful outcomes. I thought I would share those recipes with you today. Up first, the delicious dessert pizza. My original idea for Project Food Blog Challenge #5 was to do a fun twist on a traditional dessert pizza and then I bailed at the last minute and decided that it was a bit too predictable. It still turned out wonderful though.



Definite winner. I loved the avocado-lime whip too. It was a really unique way to change up the traditional cream cheese base. It was addicting and refreshing and I couldn’t stop eating it.


Up next…HUMMUS PIZZA with a curry-infused crust!! Oh my word, did I love this pizza.



This pizza was incredible. I was seriously addicted and needed an intervention.

They would make a fun appetizer too!


I have a few other ideas on my ‘pizza list’ that I still want to try out at some point! One of them includes Guacamole pizza. Mmmm.

If you could make any pizza combination in the world, what would you pick?? :)

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1 Jessica @ How Sweet It Is October 19, 2010

I know i said it before, but I LOVE dessert pizza. I think that would be my favorite combo. I also made a brownie pizza once…that was good too!


2 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat October 19, 2010

OMG, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such unique and gorgeous looking pizzas! I’m not entirely sure what I’d pick for my pizza combination, but since I usually order salmon as an entree rather than pizza or flatbread when i go out to Italian restaurants, I’m thinking there would be some cedar planked salmon on it!


3 Alexis @ Mission: Ambition October 19, 2010

That fruit pizza looks amazing! And I love the idea of the avocado-lime whip. Bookmarking this one to try sometime for sure :)


4 Lauren M. October 19, 2010

I love pizza so much that I have a hard time taking putting crazy twists on it. My favorite is simply a classic neopolitan-style margherita pizza: a wood fired charred-crust, thick, bubbling mozzarella slices, homegrown tomatoes, and fresh basil. There’s nothing better.

I’m so glad I’m going to Naples in a week. I’m drooling already.


5 Stefanie October 19, 2010

Yum! My pizza would have almond butter, sliced apples, and a chocolate drizzle. Maybe make an oat crust instead of wheat. :)


6 Lauren October 19, 2010

Haha, Eric’s so cute! :)


7 Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen October 19, 2010

I love making a Pumpkin/Ricotta pizza with fresh sage on a honey whole wheat crust. Yum!


8 GuruBlond July 25, 2012

Don’t tantalize us like this!! RECIPE, PLEASE!!???


9 Alayna @ Thyme Bombe October 19, 2010

Those both look tasty! I would have never thought to do a hummus pizza, sounds great though!


10 Amanda October 19, 2010

I wouldn’t have thought to use avocado in a dessert pizza. Very creative!


11 Holly @ couchpotatoathlete October 19, 2010

I love fruit pizzas on cookie crusts — that avocado/lime whip is pure genius. I usually use a cream cheese base (if I am making it for a party) or jam if I make it for us at home :)

I want a Thanksgiving pizza: biscuit crust with mashed sweet potato “sauce” topped with green bean casserole and turkey slices!


12 Kierstan @ Life {and running} in Iowa October 19, 2010

You should make that! For sure would be a hit!


13 Kierstan @ Life {and running} in Iowa October 19, 2010

Hummus pizza? Once I started eating that I don’t think I could stop! Also that fruit pizza looks delish! I think I need to make that soon – WITHOUT the husband watching me, and then we he declares his love for it, drop the avocado bomb on him and take a photo of his expression. That would be great!


14 Wei-Wei October 19, 2010

Mmm, hummus! I didn’t see that one coming. I think that your entry this time was great! :D


15 Shanna October 19, 2010

I am loving the hummus pizza idea! And the curry infused dough. Brilliant.


16 lisasfoods October 19, 2010

I’m a traditionalist when it comes to pizza. Just give me a Sicilian-style pie with sauce, cheese, and mushrooms, and I’m a happy camper. (And a salad on the side, please.)


17 Dorry October 19, 2010

Both of these pizzas win my heart as fruit and hummus are 2 of my favorite things. Can’t wait to see the guacamole pizza!


18 Katy @ a shot of life October 19, 2010

Hummus pizza is a great idea… and I love how you turned it into appetizers! I’m always looking for ideas like this when I have friends over


19 Amber K October 19, 2010

Something with an actual tasty, chewy crust that doesn’t have the gluten that plagues me! lol, never gonna happen.

But, my favorite toppings are roasted veggies!


20 Amanda Davis October 19, 2010

For awhile I’ve been thinking of how delicious a thanksgiving pizza would be….cranberry sauce for the sauce then add dollops of mash potatoes, chunks of sweet potatoes, sage, pecans, turkey…etc


21 Janessa October 19, 2010

That would be awesome! don’t forget the gravy!


22 Amanda (Eating Up) October 19, 2010

Please make the guac pizza! I will be forever thankful! :-)


23 Heather (Heather's Dish) October 19, 2010

it’s official – i NEED these pizzas immediately! beautiful and delicious and healthy – does it get much better?!


24 Nic October 19, 2010

I love pizzas! I ate them for an entire weekend once. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. True story. I like your little twist on the fruit pizza with the avacado topping. The pizza sounds tasty and the colors are a knock out!


25 Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman October 19, 2010

The hummus pizza looks good, but my goodness that fruit one looks amazing. It reminds me of this fruit tart my aunt always brings to holiday get-togethers.


26 Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg October 19, 2010

You’re going to become a (vegan) pizza queen!!! I see a pizza cookbook in your future :-)

I love the idea of that curry-infused crust! Yum!


27 christyn @ All Ways Nutritious October 19, 2010

hummus pizza…brilliant!! looks great. love the colors of the dessert pizza.


28 Sarah October 19, 2010

I LOVE using hummus as pizza sauce. Trader Joe’s Tomato Basil hummus is divine :) I also love just a plain garlicky hummus pizza topped with artichokes and olives.

I must try the dessert pizza! I love fruit and pizza so it sounds like an amazing pair.


29 Maddie October 19, 2010

Oh my gosh! Both of those look delicious! I would have never thought of putting hummus on a pizza but now I want to try :D The fruit pizza also looks great. I love fruit pizzas.


30 Emily Elizabeth October 19, 2010

Eric sounds like my husband. I don’t use sugar in my recipes and he’s always saying – “It’s okay, but it would be great with sugar.” Your pizzas look delicious and I can’t wait to try the hummus one! I love all of your recipes and reading your blog. You have been an inspiration to start my own (just published today!). Thank you so much!


31 Laura @ Backstage Pass October 19, 2010

I think dessert pizzas are where it’s at. As a teenager I worked at Dairy Queen, and we had to make the Treatzza Pizzas. Your fruit pizza reminds me of that, but with a healthy twist!
Perhaps you could try a frozen dessert pizza using banana soft serve as the ‘sauce’ part and your vegan chocolate peanut butter ganache as the drizzle? :-D


32 Corey @ the runner's cookie October 19, 2010

That fruit pizza looks absolutely amazing! I want a piece right now :) I think it would be fun to try making a breakfast pizza with a frenchtoast-like crust with some sort of yogurt/fruit topping!


33 Lauren October 19, 2010

Last night I made the best pizza EVER, which I am newly obsessed with: Peach, Prosciutto, Goat Cheese and Rosemary. Might sound strange but take my word for it — amazing! Adapted from this recipe:


34 Sarah October 19, 2010

You are so creative and innovative!


35 faith @ gracefulfitness October 19, 2010

I had the same experience, after making dough for the first time this summer I became OBSESSED! The possibilities are endless! The dessert pie is beautiful. As far as savory pies, mine have to have some sort of tomato sauce to really satisfy my pizza craving but I did have an amazing one this summer with pesto and caramelized onions and corn. It turns out to be a spectacular combo!


36 Mary (What's Cookin' with Mary) October 19, 2010

Your dessert pizza is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL. I feel like I say this every time you post a new recipe, but i can’t help it. ;) I love all of the vibrant colors… and looks like it probably tastes OUT OF THIS WORLD :D

You are an ar-TIST! *spoken with a French accent* ;) -Mary


37 Emily October 19, 2010

Your pizzas look delicious, Angela! Its hard to go wrong with pizza toppings, but I think right now my favorite savory pie involves lots of garlic, feta cheese, roasted broccoli and red pepper flake. Dessert pizza would have to involve chocolate and banana somehow. :)

Hope you have a great one!


38 Nichole October 19, 2010

Dessert pizza? That is such a creative idea – not predictable at all :) I have to learn not to be afraid of making dough and bread!!!!


39 Krystina (Organically Me) October 19, 2010

That dessert pizza looks insane! The avocado lime component is really innovative.


40 Lily @ Lily's Health Pad October 19, 2010

My boyfriend makes the most delicious avocado cilantro pizza. It is THE top pizza I’ve ever tasted!


41 zoe (and the beatles) October 19, 2010

oh my god! stop being so awesome! but don’t really, because then i’d have no fantastic recipes to try ;)! these look so delicious, thanks angela!


42 Helen October 19, 2010

Breakfast pizza! I think I will try this one. Oatmeal breakfast pizza!


43 Janessa October 19, 2010

Oatmeal breakfast pizza is GENIUS!


44 Veronique October 19, 2010

Hi Angela! Your pizza looks really good and I’m gonna try it for sure soon. I had a question regarding working out when it’s cold. I live in Montreal, so I think we have relatively the same cold weather.. What would you suggest that I wear when I go running outside? I don’t mind buying an item if it’s really necessary, but I am also on a student budget !
Thanks for your help :)


45 Eimear Rose October 19, 2010

When I think I might have a chocolate addiction, I just look to my boyfriend, and I look normal again! I seriously think it’s men who have the chocolate obsession, not women! And by the way, without sounding creepy (I hope), Eric is looking really great in recent photos- I meant to comment to a a recent post where you mentioned his continued pop avoidance. He’s a testament to the power of simply changes:)
Your pizzas look so beautiful. I’m not a pizza fan (not keen on pizza dough) but the toppings do look delicious:)


46 chelsey @ clean eating chelsey October 19, 2010

I love the hummus pizza idea – it would be great with some roasted veggies on top!


47 Kelly October 19, 2010

You are amazing. That fruit pizza looks to-die-for. Seriously!!!


48 Danica October 19, 2010

Beautiful presentation. I never thought of a hummus pizza – that is a great idea.

I voted for ya :D


49 Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) October 19, 2010

Avo Lime Whip. Swoooooon!

I have made avo chocolate mousse many times. In fact, it’s one of my secret party recipes. I always bring or make it for parties and NO ONE ever suspects what the secret ingredient is. Because if you put enough agave and cocoa powder in anything, you can always make it taste decadent :)

The lime + coconut flavors you used…oh I want that.

If I could make or eat any pizza…yours is looking pretty good. Cinny sugar crust? Oh that is SO ME!



50 Nicole (Picky Nicky) October 19, 2010

Those all sound amazing! The appetizer idea is super cute. I’d need to be told in advance that there are MORE amazing pizzas coming so I wouldn’t just stuff myself with curry-hummus pizza. Because, that’s exactly what I would do :D
How cool would a 3 course pizza dinner be?


51 Janessa October 19, 2010

Your pizzas both look great!

This pizza has been on my to-do list for ages:


I don’t have the exacts narrowed down yet, but thinking caraway seed crust, vegan 1000 island sauce, sauerkraut, daiya mozzarella, and peppered tofurkey or field roast.

It’s either going to be so disgusting or extremely delicious.


52 Laurab @ foodsnobstl October 19, 2010

Oh my. Does the avocado lime whip taste like avocado at all? I love the humus pizza, but i think I would top it with olives, feta, and roasted red peppers.


53 Dana October 19, 2010

I think carmalized onions and olives would be great on the hummus pizza.


54 Amy @, a.musing October 19, 2010

Those look delicious! I’ve never heard of dessert or hummus pizza before but you can bet I’ll be trying them! I thought your blog content was great before, but it’s especially awesome lately!


55 Mary @ Bites and Bliss October 19, 2010

I HAVE to try that dessert pizza!!! Oh my goodness gracious!


56 Mellissa October 19, 2010

The fruit pizza looks great, normally I can’t eat them since I am allergic to cream cheese but this one I can do!


57 Lisa October 19, 2010

That fruit pizza looks amazing! I love how colorful it is.


58 Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine October 19, 2010

Now I want to host a vegan pizza dinner party!! This looks absolutely fantastic…it’s a tough call between the three pizzas, but since I love sweets, I’m going to have to go with the fruit one!!


59 Allison @ Food for Healing October 19, 2010

Ooo fruit pizza, i haven’t had that for SO long. i was wanting to make it this summer, but i kind of forgot


60 Jesse October 19, 2010

You have inspired me to make a Taco pizza, I think it would be so good with the guac. I also love hummus pizza but I like to add sliced tomatoes and cucumbers on top.


61 Claire (Low Impact Fashionista) October 19, 2010

You should definitely make a guacamole pizza :) Or maybe a Mexican style one…


62 Jo October 19, 2010

OMG I simply HAVE to try that sweet pizza! You are awesome Angela!!


63 Brooke October 19, 2010


Your fruit pizza looks not only delicious but BEAUTIFUL!

p.s. I’m *swooning* over the hummus pizza. Must. Make. Stat.


64 Moni'sMeals October 19, 2010

You are on a roll sister!

My dream pizza… a cinnamon oatmeal buttery crust, nutella for the sauce, white and milk chocolate drizzles and for a topping-crumbled cookies of course all over the place. ;)
Has this been done before…


65 Melissa @ Delectable Living October 19, 2010

Just one question– what did you do with all of the pizza you made?? Photos are beautiful as always :)


66 Imwaytoobusy October 19, 2010

I am so glad you posted the fruit pizza recipe! The avocado-lime whip is genius!


67 Chelsea @ Strawberry Sweat October 19, 2010

Oh I love pizza–sweet and savory! I’ll have to try both of these recipes out!


68 Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin October 19, 2010

I’m so curious to try that avocado-lime whip! That’s such a creative idea!

I know these already exist, but I’d love to try a sushi pizza. :D


69 Kate @ Walking in the Rain October 19, 2010

The avacado-lime whip is intriguing. I bet it will taste good even if it isn’t on a pizza crust.


70 Jolene ( October 19, 2010

Perhaps a chocolate, bacon, cheese pizza … hehe! Do they make such a thing :-)


71 Heidi - Apples Under My Bed October 20, 2010

Heidi xo


72 Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher October 20, 2010

avocado and fruit?? together?! crazy, but i love the idea!


73 Kristen October 21, 2010

I really want to make a whole bunch of pizzas now.


74 Melissa July 3, 2012

Hi! Do you know if anyone has tried the crust of the fruit pizza with gluten free flour? It looks delicious!!!


75 Angela (Oh She Glows) July 3, 2012

Hey Melissa, Im sorry Im not sure! I would try reading through the comments to see if anyone has mentioned it. Let me know if you try it!


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