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Shortly after my last post, we were off to Karyn’s Cooked for a late lunch! It is located in a different part of Chicago that we had not been to yet so it was a great chance to explore.




If Karyn’s On Green makes vegan food ‘sexy’, Karyn’s Cooked makes vegan food COMFORT food.

We started off with water to wet out whistle…


We split the bruschetta and hummus and pita appetizers to start:



The bruschetta was just ‘ok’. Something tasted a bit off about it…


The hummus and pita, however, was incredible and we devoured every last bite.



The hummus was all kinds of amazing. Garlicky, but not over-powering. Smooth and silky. Just perfect.


Eric ordered the ‘Classic Lasagna’ and I ordered the Grilled Veggie Wrap.

20100817-IMG_6851 20100817-IMG_6850

The Grilled veggie wrap came with coleslaw and potato wedges:



The potato wedges and BBQ sauce were amazing. Same with the slaw!!!


The veggie wrap was my favourite part of the meal. It had this lovely basil marinara sauce that was oozing out of the entire wrap.


Eric thought the lasagna was really good. He also said he could have done with less tofu in it as he isn’t a huge tofu fan.


Somehow it disappeared from the plate! ;)



After we ate it started to rain on us so we moved inside for….



We realized that we have yet to have dessert while in Chicago! The horrors. We knew we had to fix this immediately!

Dear me.


Can we have a moment of silence please?


We ordered the chocolate brownie a la mode (with vegan icecream). This was pure insanity. I’ve never had a brownie made flat like this, but it was genius. Very soft and chewy. I believe the chocolate glaze had carob in it too so it had a lovely sweetness to it. We fought over enjoyed every last bite!!


I was so happy and satisfied after this meal. We just sat there for a while in silence. I patted my stomach and thanked my dress for not having a waistband.

After lunch we headed over to the Signature Lounge (96th floor of the Hancock building). I made a beeline for the woman’s washroom to see the best views of the city!


Yup, it’s true.


The bathroom has floor to ceiling windows and looks out onto this:


Eric went in the men’s washroom and it didn’t have one window! bahaha.


Around 5pm we headed back to the hotel room.

Some nibbling on the Coconut Macaroons from Raw ensued.


If you are ever in Chicago you must try these coconut macaroons from Raw. I’m so excited to add coconut butter to my macaroon recipe.

We are leaving tomorrow so we are going to pack up our suitcases a bit and head out to a late dinner tonight. See you tomorrow sometime! :)

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Erin @ A Girl & Her Mutt August 18, 2010

I so wish I had gone to Karyn’s! The food looks amazing! I look forward to macaroons at the next conference!


Jessica@tastyandtrim August 18, 2010

That brownie a la mode looks amazing!! Great pictures of the city :)


Tracey August 18, 2010

I love the Signature Lounge and think it’s so funny that the men’s room doesn’t have any windows…hahaha! We went there at night and it was absolutely gorgeous to look out over the city. There was even a firework show that we got to see. I love that city!! Glad you had a good time!


Jean August 18, 2010

Your beautiful photos make me want to go to Chicago and try all these restaurants.

And that macaroon is SO big! Looks delicious.


Doc August 18, 2010

Angela, I’m a fairly new reader of your blog and I think you are so cute and your blog is so fun to read! Also, those macaroons you keep shoving in our faces *I kid, I kid!* look amazing and I plan to get right back to making vegan macaroons when I get done travelling this week! You’ve given me such a craving!


Stacey @ The Habit of Healthy August 18, 2010

The food you had looks out of this world delicious. Especially that browine!!


Sara August 18, 2010

Oh yay I’m glad you got to go there! :)


Amber K August 18, 2010

That dessert is epic! I wish I had a restaurant like that close to me!


Steph August 18, 2010

what an awesome view! the brownie doesn’t look too bad either :)


Andrew Lowry August 18, 2010

Great write-up. Great pictures.

I hope no one had a problem with you taking pictures from the Ladies’ room. Most unfair that us Gents get short changed in the loo. Again enjoy your blog and the great pictures.


Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat August 18, 2010

The 2 Karyn’s restaurants look so good – what a cool concept! And your brownie…. I’m speechless! I think I need to do a food tour of Chicago. Your posts as of late would make a great travel brochure lol! Have a safe flight back! :)


Tania August 18, 2010

YUM!!!!! That meal looks amazing!!! I especially wish I could try that brownie.

Have you seen the office episode where all the guys are wanting to go in the woman’s bathroom and hang out because they heard there was a couch and some other fun stuff in it? LOL. Its good they gave the women the better view- something to stare at while you are waiting in line!! :)


Andrea @ Thin Thighs & Sweet Potato Fries August 18, 2010

Mmmm! I just want to take that hummus right off the page!!:D You know in all the years I loved right next door to Chicago (which was most of my life; I’m an Illinois native) I’ve never visited any of the places I’m learning about from everyone’s HLS experiences. Sad. :( On the bright side, I guess I have some new things to add to my ‘to-do’ list next time I go home!


Laura August 18, 2010

Karyn’s Cooked was just that, huh? Yikes! Concious cooking? Who would toasted bread that dark? Maybe she’s not aware of acrylamides!! Perhaps that is why you found the bruschetta a little off-putting…too dark!


Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday August 18, 2010

Floor to ceiling windows in a men’s washroom would be awkward since they have urinals in them. At least women are shielded from view by the stalls.


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman August 18, 2010

Those coconut macaroons are such a tease. I wish Raw shipped across the country because I’ve been craving one since HLS when every blogger posted on them. Teases, you all are! :)


Lindsay August 18, 2010

After reading about all your yummy eats this week I think I need to book another trip to Chicago NOW! :) That brownie…nom nom nom!! lol


Stay At Home Mom August 18, 2010

The vegetable wrap looks delicious, and I happen to love hummus too. That ladies room must have the best view ever! Such great pictures.


Halley @ Blunder Construction August 18, 2010

I have never been so appetized by the sight of hummus and pita at this hour in the morning (8:20AM!!)… beautiful pictures!


Kelly August 18, 2010

I usually think of really heavy, greasy, unhealthy food when I think of Chicago, but you’ve found some really yummy and healthy looking spots! I really need to try some of these places! :)


Muva 02 August 18, 2010

How does eating this type of diet compare price wise to regular food.( eg potatoes veg and meats) is it expencive to eat out. Here in ireland the healthier you want to eat the more expencive it is. Berries are so pricey, linseed, chia seeds are all 6 – 8 euros per pack, small jar of coconut oil cold pressed is 6 euro. Just a quick question your bars look delicious do you deliver to Ireland? I would be soooo interested in getting them for myself and what is there shelf life?
Thanks for the inspiration you seem like such a sweet heart xx


Neen@ Broad Bean to Runner Bean August 18, 2010

Looks like your having a fab time in chicago! acnt believe that bathroom!


Marina August 18, 2010

What an amazing restaurant! The menu has so much delicious stuff, I wouldn’t know what to order!


Mimi August 18, 2010

Sounds like you guys had a great time in Chicago. There is so much to see, do and eat there!

The grill marks on that wrap make it look all that more delicious. Yummmm. Can I just say I am jealous of every single thing you’ve eaten the past few days?


Mallory@Little Miss Locavore August 17, 2010

Yummy yum yummers! Really what more is there to say?


Lana August 17, 2010

I’m drooling on my keyboard as I read this!! lol


Pure2Raw Twins August 17, 2010

You weren’t kidding, those are HUGE macaroons ;) We love coconut butter too and we use it in our macaroons!! It is amazing stuff!!! Love it

Brownie and ice cream look to die for, LOL


Chelsea August 17, 2010

That brownie and those macaroons are making me droooool! My bets are on you for recreating them though! I believe in you!



Allison August 17, 2010

mens bathroom had NO windows! Baha. At least the ladies get the good view hehe


Sana August 17, 2010

I am OBSESSED with coconut macaroons!!! They are just toooo good!


Valerie August 17, 2010

i still stand by what I’ve said about the way these places are branded– pure genius : ) I love the look of it & it seems as though the food is just as good, if not better. I am dying for some potato wedges right now, but I would certainly “settle” for one of those chocolate brownies… looks AMAZING. I seriously need to revisit my Illinois roots right now!


Crystal August 17, 2010

That brownie looks divine! I recently caved into one of my cravings for cake and nibbled on a couple of Tim Bits.

Those views are just amazing!


Lisa (bakebikeblog) August 17, 2010

what a wonderfully tasty day you have had!
And those views……..SPLENDID!!!


Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca) August 17, 2010

This post has my tummy grumbling for all that yummmmmmmmy food!!!


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