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Happy Monday!

I was just reading through the new comments on yesterday’s ‘life question’– what a great way to start the week. I am constantly inspired by the journey that you share with me on the blog!

I also appreciated that some of you voiced your honest opinion of the book. Some of you said that you couldn’t get through the book and you didn’t like how the tone/message changed after Italy. I got about 1/3 of the way through the India book last night and I did notice a shift. The tone got more serious and Elizabeth really delved into meditation, yoga and the history behind it. While I did find a couple parts have been slow in India, I found the part about where she struggles with meditation absolutely captivating as I have struggled with meditation and quieting my mind for a long time. I found that I was taking a few notes for myself and I hope to re-visit meditation in my own life (I will blog about it!). It will be interesting to see how my opinion of the book changes as I read through India and Bali. I hope I will enjoy it!

I told you last night that I would be sharing with you this fun raw cookie recipe that I made yesterday! They are so yummy, I hope you will enjoy them as well.


Raw Energy Cookie Bites

Inspired by That’s’s Raw Seed Cookies.


  • 1/4 cup of almonds
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp sunflower seeds
  • 9 medjool dates, pitted
  • 4-5 dried apricots, chopped
  • 2 tbsp cacao nibs 
  • 1/2 tbsp pepita seeds (pumpkin seeds)
  • Pinch or two of sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon


Directions: Place pitted dates and almonds into a food processor and process until the mixture is ground up. You can leave a few larger pieces if you prefer. Remove mixture from the processor and place into a medium sized bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well with your hands. Form into mini cookies or balls. Makes 8 mini cookies.

Nutritional information (per mini cookie): 136 calories, 4 grams fibre, 5 grams fat, 2 grams protein.

IMG_3160 IMG_3165

I am in love with these mini energy cookies! So delicious and packed with so many healthy foods.


You can also double the recipe and pop them in the freezer for quick snacks!


Here is another quote that I loved from Eat Pray Love, page 115. Elizabeth is talking about pleasure and how our society typically feels guilty for pursuing pleasure in our lives. In this quote she speaks to a ‘glimmer of happiness’ that she started to feel after being in a deep depression for a couple years. She was on the path to ‘mending her soul’.

“It was in a bathtub back in New York, reading Italian words aloud from a dictionary, that I first started mending my soul. My life had gone to bits and I was so unrecognizable to myself that I probably couldn’t have picked me out from a police line-up. But I felt a glimmer of happiness when I started studying Italian, and when you sense a faint potentiality for happiness after such dark times you must grab onto the ankles of that happiness and not let go until it drags you face-first out of the dirt– this is not selfishness, but obligation. You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.

I came to Italy pinched and thin. I did not know yet what I deserved. I still maybe don’t know fully what I deserve. But I do know that I have collected myself of late- through the enjoyment of harmless pleasures- into somebody more intact. The easiest, most fundamentally human way to say it is that I have put on weight. I exist more now than I did four months ago. I will leave Italy noticeably bigger than when I arrived here. And I will leave with the hope and the expansion of one person- the magnification of one life- is indeed an act of worth in this world. Even if that life, just this one time, happens to be nobody’s but my own.”

I thought that was one of the more powerful quotes in the book so far. I absolutely loved this quote ‘you must grab onto the ankles of that happiness and not let go until it drags you face-first out of the dirt’ it gave me such a great visual and helped me understand her sentiment. I also agree that sometimes happiness comes from the little things in life. I think many of us get overwhelmed by assuming that we need to do all of these huge and crazy changes to be happy, but sometimes happiness comes from a small decision to just pursue something that you enjoy- even if it has no practical purpose.

For me, my glimmer of happiness was starting Oh She Glows. On October 31, 2008, I started Oh She Glows. It was one of the most difficult times of my life and I was struggling with my career and graduate school. I was depressed and I cried in bed so many nights. The blog was my glimmer of hope each day- a distraction from the unhappiness that I felt with my career choice. It was something so simple as writing a few words each day and hoping for that connection with others to help guide me though.

Little did I know that something as simple as writing a blog would have been the thing that gave me the courage, confidence, and desire to seek out happiness, not just for a few moments every day, but for my entire day. Sometimes, these little glimmers of happiness can be the seeds for amazing change and transformation in our lives.

I also loved her analogy about ‘putting on weight’. When Elizabeth went through her divorce she lost about 25-30 pounds and was skeletal. Putting on weight was not just a representation that she was getting healthier, but it was a metaphor for the growth that was happening on the inside of her as well. I thought it was so interesting because so many women denote weight gain with a negative emotion or loss of control, but sometimes weight gain represents a time in your life when you are enjoying the pleasures of life and just…happy.

I appreciate hearing your own thoughts on this quote…Do you have any ‘glimmers of hope’ in your life right now? Have you ever experienced any small pleasurable activity that got you though a difficult time, like the blog did for me? Are there things in your life that you could do to create these small bits of happiness in your day?

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tanyadaily July 19, 2010

I get them all the time!


Sarah July 19, 2010

My glimmer of hope often comes from the love from my family and friends especially my mother. Through the ups and the downs, my mother (as the rest of my family and friends) have provided wisdom and hope that the tough times are only temporary. My mother is a firm believer in tough love too which forces me to face the truth even when I want to hide behind my fears and negativity. Without those people in my life, I honestly do not know where I’d find those glimmers of hope. Hopefully one day I can find a glimmer of hope within me :)


Jennifer@ knackfornutrition July 19, 2010

I feel the same way about my blog. I started it at a time when everything seemed to be changing around me. My blog provided a constant and a way for me to interpret and analyze all that was going on around me. 7 months later, as I am about to embark on my last semester of college, I realize how much my little website means to me. I have taken a leap of faith with it by purchasing my domain and trying to get serious with it. I have no idea what is going to come after December, but I do know I will be there to blog about it. :)


Amy @, a.musing July 19, 2010

I talked about it in my most recent blog post on Friday ( – how satisfying your soul doesn’t have to take an enormous amount of time. I also believe in Hemingway’s quote, “Never mistake motion for action.” There’s a difference between being busy and going round and round in circles, and actually taking action steps that move you in the direction of your dreams, even if that dream is simply happiness. Taking those steps is what gives me hope (and it gives me a lot of it too!). It gives me courage and strength and faith in myself. Knowing that I’m actually “going somewhere” and not just on a merry-go-round of responsibility and monotony for the rest of my life. Giving myself permission to live my life the way I feel guided to is something I’m still working on but that has made such a huge difference for me so far. Sometimes, I can’t believe I ever wanted to “call it quits” on life (I woudn’t have, but I really wanted to!). Life is just too wonderful… and, of course, it’s always what you make of it, cliché as that sounds.


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 19, 2010

Wow this is soooo true!

” I also believe in Hemingway’s quote, “Never mistake motion for action.” There’s a difference between being busy and going round and round in circles, and actually taking action steps that move you in the direction of your dreams, even if that dream is simply happiness.”


Tina July 19, 2010

I would say blogging has been a glimmer of hope for me too. It originally started as something adult to do besides my regular day to day interactions as a stay at home mom. Now it is leading to passions that I didn’t even know I had.


Lauren M. July 19, 2010

In addition to the glimmers of happiness I posted earlier, I would like to add the GINORMOUS salad that I am currently eating as yet another glimmer of happiness. ;)


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 19, 2010

hahaha yesssss


traviesa July 19, 2010

I’ve struggled with bad depression almost my whole life. A few years ago, it seemed like I lost everything: my grandparents, my job, my apartment, my husband, and even my sense of freedom.

I retreated deep within myself, cried every day for years, and seriously wondered if there was even a point to going on. Stuck in a horrible cycle of wanting to eat to drown the pain, and not feeling good enough/too fat to eat, I once again made friends with bulimia (which I haven’t done now for probably 3-4 months).

I’m really not sure what happened, but at the beginning of this year things started looking up for me, if only slightly. Even though bad things still happen often, and I feel like I wish I could sink back into the half-life of my depression, I’ve managed to stay afloat.

One thing that really helps me has been hoopdance and hooping. It sounds strange and almost silly, but it really helps me to focus and center myself and feel good about myself at the same time. Never before have I been able to just live in the moment, but hooping does just that for me. I’m not sure I’ll ever go a day without thinking or feeling my depression at least a little bit, but knowing I can and will enjoy a moment of peace if I just pick up my hoop is enough to keep going.

After nearly 6 years of having no desire to do anything, I’ve finally found passion in certain things (hooping!) and actually have hobbies now. I actually want to live and do things, and now have a list of things I want to get into: belly dancing, yoga, etc. Just thinking of these things makes me want to keep going.


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 19, 2010

So happy to hear this, thanks for sharing!


Lindsay @ Summit Sandwiches July 19, 2010

Honestly, blogging has become a huge glimmer of hope for me. I’m currently doing AmeriCorps service in a rather rough city, and constantly dealing with the crime and violence can really get me down. So it’s been wonderful to have this escape to air out my feelings and write about something I truly love: delicious food and healthy living. The blog has definitely helped me out on days when I’ve felt a little blue.


sarah beth July 19, 2010

During the past five years, I have gone through times of hardship and have had low points. I knew things were not right because the little things that usually made me happy, just weren’t doing it for me. I tried everything that usually made my soul float: singing, nature walks, friend hang outs…When none of these things did it, I created my Happiness Book. I created a journal in which I wrote down absolutely anything and everything that made me smile/happy. Even if it was something silly, I wrote it down. Eventually, I started to recognize the little things in life again. Now, when feeling down, I read it for the best mood lifter. :)


Jocelyn @ Peace Love Nutrition July 19, 2010

I read Eat Pray Love this past year while I was traveling throughout India- it’s such an amazing and inspiring book. I creased the pages that I felt inspired by and there were so many! I love when she says in there that some people are totally content where they are and others have this itch to learn more and travel. I can totally relate to that! I have this strong desire to see what’s out there and to learn everything I can. She’s such an inspiration and I cant’ wait to see the movie!

Speaking of inspirations- you are mine also. I started blogging about a year ago when I started reading your blog. I dont’ remember how I found it but I could completely relate to your experience and I wanted to help and inspire people just like you did.

Thank You Angela- you’re and angel : )


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 19, 2010

Thank you that is so kind of you to say that! I love that quote too. I def. have the itch to travel and see the world.


Sarah July 19, 2010

I love this post! I definitely can relate to many parts of what you wrote. First, my glimmer of hope last summer after being laid off was starting my blog. It gave me a project and a way to connect and contribute to people which was something I really missed about being employed. Now, it’s a fun project where I get to be creative and share a passion that I have. I also found the quote about weight interesting. Something I heard long ago was a quote that went to the effect of saying “why do women concede power over their bodies and let society dictate how much space they take up in the world.” It’s a strong statement but always pops up into my mind. I get to decide how large my presence is in the world, physically and abstractly, and it’s not for others to decide. Happiness contributes to feeling confident to own this for me.


Emmanuelle July 19, 2010

Another wonderful and inspiring post Angela :-)
Glimmers of hope can be anything, for me it’s my boyfriend’s love, yoga, and I have to say the wonderful blogging community around the world.

As I am shifting my priorities and learning to define what I want and listen to myself, these glimmers of hope are my inspiration to keep going. I’ve learned so far that I don’t want to adapt and adjust to a “normal” life, it just doesn’t work for me. I know that at some point I will let go of my fear of the unknown, and jut take a leap of faith. I’m not in the place I want to be right now, but I’m working towards it, and the yoga teacher training I will be starting in September is the next step :-)


Maya July 19, 2010

I am all over those raw cookies. YUM.

I really like that passage from Eat, Pray, Love. I think we often feel that prioritizing personal happiness is selfish, but I agree with the perspective that it is our obligation to find beauty in the world and be happy.


Shamima Z. July 19, 2010

I loved Eat, Pray and Love and am currently reading the sequel Committed. One thing I have learned in life is you really do have to balance the practical while ensuring you are living your dreams and are happy. Life is so unpredictable. My father passed away at the age of 54 and that was a life lesson for me. It’s great to read inspiring books and to take what you can from it. I can’t say I am doing everything I want to do because of practical reasons but I can say that I always try to maintain a balance. I work for a non-profit organization for developing countries and this also keeps me mindful of all the opportunities available to me and all that I am grateful for!!


Lori July 19, 2010

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed that book. I mean, it gave me inspiration and hope and even a little culture. I was sad when the book ended. I even read it again, just to keep the uplifting feelings with me. I can’t wait to see the movie. I love how well you put the weight issue into perspective with her gaining back a glow- a life of her own. :)

Those cookies, well, they look amazing and they just may be made tonight! ;) Thanks so much for the recipe!


Cami July 19, 2010

Continuing from my story I shared with you yesterday… I do have glimmers of hope in my life right now, so I am glad you brought that up today! One of them is (again, very similar to yours) starting my blog. I have received a great response from friends and family and friends of friends and family. I had business cards made with my websites, and I decided to start offering some small services on the side that do not require a certification ( I also just help others get motivated to make the healthy change or give them menu ideas just for fun.

This is definitely my way of fulfilling my dream career for now. The response and encouragement that I have received is my glimmer of hope that one day I can be happy and successful following my dream career. Your story is also very inspirational to me since it seems so similar. I always enjoy reading your encouraging and inspiring thoughts.


Emily @ For Sweets Sake July 19, 2010

First of all, those cookies look delic! I’ll have to try them soon!

I love how blogging has been a glimmer of hope for so many people! I’m hoping it will do the same for me. I’ve had a lot of stress with joining the working world after graduation, not enjoying my work, adjusting to the fiance’s military lifestyle and I’m hoping my blog can start turning around my self image and hopefully bring a glimmer of hope into my life :) I love reading your blog every day. It always brings a smile to my face!


Faith @ lovelyascharged July 19, 2010

My blog came about as well at a time when I think I needed it the most; I was on the tail end of a relapse. Half of me wanted to commit 100% to becoming a healthy, happy woman and the other half was deathly scared to let go of two years worth of coping mechanisms – I was afraid to find out who I was beyond my eating disorder. I think it really helped me make the decision to kick all the insecurity and the disorder out of my life and embrace a balanced lifestyle. I’ve grown so much over these six months and I feel like I’ve done a complete 180 with my outlook and attitudes – I can’t wait to see where the blog sees me through next!


Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA July 19, 2010

I’ve been going through one of the hardest times of my life lately – the end of a five year relationship (not my choice, either), a long illness, and career struggles. But for the past several weeks this is exactly what I’ve been focusing on – trying to find the glimmers of happiness in my own life. Like Elizabeth Gilbert, I get happiness from studying foreign languages. It’s fun and challenging and it can really suck you in. I also get joy out of blogging and I have definitely been putting more time and thought into my posts in the last few weeks. Another joy is just learning – I got gift subscriptions to Wired and Fast Company magazines, and I love learning and reading about topics that I wouldn’t normally look into.


Stacey July 19, 2010


I’ve read your blog for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve ever commented. I’ve started making healthy changes to my life from reading your blog. I started adding spinach to my morning smoothies months ago and I made my first batch of Kale Chips yesterday (which may or may not have lead to three batches in one day…).

I have to say that your recent posts have sparked something inside of me. I have definitely been emotional the past few days. I feel like I’m still trying to find my spark. I know I haven’t been happy with my career or certain aspects of my life for a while now, but I dont even know where to begin. I have been on this one path for so long, I honestly feel like nothing sparks my interests or passion anymore. Reading your blog and knowing about your struggles (and success!) definitely gives me some hope that maybe one day I’ll also be able to break out and find my way.

Thank you for sharing your story and being an inspiration


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 19, 2010

Hi Stacey, Thank you for your comment. It really touches me that you have found inspiration through my writing. I wish you only happiness and success in your future plans, whatever you may decide. Just let your heart speak and make sure to listen!


Lisa (bakebikeblog) July 19, 2010

I really enjoyed this post – and hearing what everyone else had to say. When you mentioned “The blog was my glimmer of hope each day- a distraction from the unhappiness that I felt with my career choice. It was something so simple as writing a few words each day and hoping for that connection with others to help guide me though.” >> This really rang tru to me :)


michelle s July 19, 2010

running has made me so happy this summer. i love seeing progress and feeling so strong when i run a race. The last race i sprinted across the finish line and i was on a high for hours…. funny how much i love it. i would have never imagined this new passion at age 36 after having two kids. So it makes me feel excited about what else the future holds… rather than lamenting my age like i was a year ago. :-)


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 19, 2010

That is great…age really is just a number, right?!


Jodie July 19, 2010

i have to try that recipe.


Stacey@ July 19, 2010

Those are like Larabars in a cookie, but even better and chunkier. I really have to get that book now. Another sign today that I must read this book is, we are selling the DVD of it at work. I opened up the box and there it was.

Someone is telling me that this book is very important for me to read, maybe life changing?


Rachel July 19, 2010

I have so many glimmers of hope in my life:
– My 1 year old daughter – her smile, her laugh, her pride, watching her discover new things, when she wraps her arms around me, when she lights up when she sees my face. She is my world and nothing else in life really matters than her health, happiness and safety. It puts a lot in perspective for me

– Simple things. I am surrounded by beauty and make sure I take the time to enjoy it all. I love the hot sun these days, driving with my windows down, being healthy enough to get out and work out…my life has really changed once I started to really be grateful for the little things in life


Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter July 19, 2010

Italy was so fun, India was okay, then Bali was incredible. So hold on through India!


Brittany Tomren July 19, 2010

So I pretty much spend about 7 and a half of my 8 hour day at work on your blog and CANNOTTT stop talking about it. Girl, you make the day so much better!! I just read your races page and that pumped me up to go on my own now. Also I live in the okanagan (B.C) and was wondering if you ship glow products here?>


Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin July 19, 2010

This raw cookie recipe is exactly what I was looking for. Yesterday I ran into an old high school teacher who told she she has cancer and has turned to a raw food diet to help her get better. I spent all last night looking for raw cookie recipes and these are perfect! :)

That’s too funny! I posted that exact quote from EPL on my blog a week or two ago because I was so struck by it. A few years ago when I was struggling with a bout of depression, working at a summer camp was my source of happiness. It felt awesome to have a purpose and spend all day playing with kids.


Liz July 19, 2010

Glimmers of happiness? I am sitting in my den typing this while my 2 year old dances and “sings” to the Wiggles while holding his stuffed bear. Need I say more? I think having children put many things into perspective for me. It is the little things, moments, that are to be treasured most. These are the things we remember. Before we had children, my husband and I did some traveling. It was wonderful, exciting and interesting, but does not nearly make my heart swell as much as when my four year old climbs into bed with us early in the morning to snuggle.

By the way, to all who feel that you must travel now before children, please do not feel discouraged if your circumstances do not permit you to do so at this time. Is it easier to do without children – oh yes – but once my children are a bit older, we fully plan on taking them on some adventures.


Laura July 19, 2010

I underlined this very section when I was reading (and re-reading) Eat, Pray, Love. What a powerful message! This passage reminds me of something my counselor said to me when I was in treatment for an eating disorder. I was telling her how mad I was that I no longer fit into my size 0 jeans. And she interrupted me and said, “Why would anyone ever want to be a zero?” As in “Why would anyone not want to take up space in this world?” That one comment resonated so deeply with me that as I continued to gain wait I saw it as a positive — I suddenly understood myself as DESERVING of taking up space. As women we continually diminish ourselves, in our relationships, at work and through our bodies. We preface our beliefs by saying, “This might be stupid, but…” or “This is a dumb question, but…” or even, “I think that…” Only when we acknowledge that we are deserving of space, an opinion and/or true pleasure can we open ourselves up to our true potential. For me true pleasure is a new book, a bowl of full fat ice cream eaten in slow, grateful bites and the sister-friends who make me laugh until I cry. Thank you Angela for reminding me of taking up space and pleasures and to always be kind to myself.


SP July 19, 2010

I went through some pretty dark times when I broke up with my boyfriend and he’d starting seeing someone, and I just couldn’t find it in myself to find my faith. What really helped me out was: Doing an insane amount of physical activity (running, pilates, yoga, dance, you name it, I took the class), cooking for myself, reading food blogs, solving other peoples’ problems, traveling to a different country, reading.
I did all of the above, and I felt the surge of hope every time I was absorbed in something.


Heather McClees July 19, 2010

Hi Everyone ! I love reading all of your posts. I went through a severe depression at 19 when I went off to college, lost my long term boyfriend, two best friends and my parents got divorced. I remember my glimmer of hope was learning how to like being alone. Now it is the number one thing favorite thing about myself. I can feel comfortable with just being me and learning the things I like to do, without the need for the companionship of others all the time.
My father recently passed away in May and I felt that depression starting to creep back in. At 25, it is hard to lose your father, especially when I consider all of the personal things my dad and I struggled with. My glimmer of hope through it all was my blog. I started the blog because I have always had a passion for health due to my own personal journey with health, and my desire to help others. At 19, I began having an intense passion for recipe creation but never knew what to do with it. Last year, I started sharing my recipes with readers through my blog, Millie’s Kitchen ( The day after my daddy died this May, I thought about what I wanted out of life and how it is so short. As a result, I threw myself into concentrating on writing for the blog and now my glimmer of hope is that I’ll one day write my own recipe book. The last meal I cooked for my dad was his favorite and he told me it was the best spaghetti he’d ever had. I’ll never forget that, or how much it meant.

Great responses you all:) Happy posting and I LOVE this recipe. I’ve got one of my own called Cookie Dough Coins that I love on the blog!

Heart and Soul,



Maria July 19, 2010

I am struggling with several things. First, I am in recovery from a severe case of anorexia, and it is hard break free of the horrible grasp of the sickness. Second, I am lonely. I don’t have friends, never have had, but I am hoping that this is going to change the more I learn to open up and let others in. Anorexia, in addition to all its other horrors, causes you to shut down completely, to revert to your own little twisted world.

My third, and perhaps biggest, concern is to do with the fact that I have been at university for four years, studying energy technology, and am only one year away from getting my Master’s in Science (Technology). And the concern that I have here is that I have recently realized that none of the jobs that this education has prepared me for seem the right ones for me. I do not want to sit in front of a computer for eight hours a day, be stressed out, and have no time for the things I actually want to do. I have no idea what I should do. My dream job would be something more creative, more free, but I am exhausted from having studied this long (this education programme has not been easy, I can guarantee you; it has been an excruciating amount of work) and don’t know if I have the energy to start studying again. All of this makes me scared to think about graduating, it makes me scared that I will have to spend my whole life doing something I have no interest in doing.

Thank you for this blog. It is such an inspiration.


Wei-Wei July 20, 2010

I don’t know what my glimmer of happiness is. Maybe it’s finding something, or someone, that I love and that accepts me. I really don’t know. I hope I find it soon.



Sarah July 20, 2010

I read this post with tears in my eyes, and identified with so many of the responses. I have had Chronic Lyme Disease since August of 1999 and it has destroyed me life in so many ways; in fact I’m going through a relapse right now. I married an awful man who made me feel guilty about my illness; thankfully I had the courage to leave him. There are times that I want it all to end, and I truly mean that. To my core sometimes its all too much, and I cannot envision living the rest of my life this way, especially since I am only 32. But I try to hold onto tiny things that get me through each moment (forget each day), like a vase of my favorite flowers….I guess I don’t have the answers, but that this is a continuous quest for everyone.

I love this blog and I’m so happy I found it!!


Suzanne July 21, 2010

Hi Alison,

I happened to have stumbled onto your blog a couple of days ago and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. It has not been until reaching my thirties that I’ve found my “happy place” – realizing what is most important in my life finding the balance between love, friends, career and self. Lately a lot of this has been also attributed to a self-commitment to exercise and healthy eating – and subsequently feeling great! Your raw cookie recipe above sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it. No excuses, since I appear to have everything I need in my pantry! I read “Eat, Pray, Love” a little while ago and was too inspired by Elizabeth’s journey. Please keep up your wonderful entries and I look forward to reading more :)



Tanya Kummerow July 21, 2010

I love what you said about pursuing something that you enjoy, even if it has no practical purpose. For me, everything I consider must have a practicality…but sometimes we just need to do things for ourselves without a reason other than making ourselves happy!


Bekah July 21, 2010

When I was reading this book I would see a quote that I liked and then write a memo in my blackberry, like “EPL: page 117 bottom paragraph” just so I’d remember how much I liked it!

Love the reliving these quotes in your posts!


Jazz July 23, 2010

Made these yest, and threw in some coffee beans… fantastic!


Becky Seling February 17, 2013

Hi. Hope this isn’t a repeat but wondering how many carbs? Thank you!


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