What I Ate After The Try-A-Tri


Good evening!

Being in the bakery the day after a race always make for a looooong day. It felt like it was midnight by 1pm….never a good sign. My left bicep is very sore from yesterday- It was the arm I was lugging the huge garbage bag full of gear with! Moral of the story: Do not haul huge garbage bags of gear around all day.

Other than that, I just have mild muscle soreness in my glutes from biking. Nothing too major! Eric says he doesn’t have any sore muscles in particular, just overall stiffness.

What I ate after the try-a-tri:

Surprisingly, I was much hungrier after the try-a-tri (which was about 1 hour in duration) as compared to my half marathon last weekend (which was 1 hour 55 mins). I would have assumed longer duration = more hunger, but that just wasn’t the case. I am convinced that the open-water swim accounted for the surge in my hunger. I think it really took a lot out of my body energy wise!

Immediately after the race, I had a banana and an apple and a bite of Eric’s Glo Bar.

IMG 1431b thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

When we got home, the first thing I did was make lunch! The first thing Eric did was nap for 2 hours. You can see where our priorities are! :biggrin:

For me, FOOD trumps sleep 99% of the time.

For Eric, SLEEP trumps food 99% of the time.

It is amazing we can even speak to each other, I know.

I am a strong believer in listening to my body, and this is especially true for my post-race meals.

When I went to make lunch around 12:30, my body was craving veggies. I realized that what my body was trying to get was MORE WATER!

During the race, I did not bring my Camelbak because I just had too much gear to carry. As a result, the only water I had during the race was a few sips in between the bike and run legs. Needless to say, I was very dehydrated and my body was craving foods with a high water content!

I made a huge juice composed of beets, carrots, lemon, and an apple:

IMG 8789b thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri 


IMG 8786 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

Then I made a salad composed of 1 English cucumber, 1 tomato, 1 yellow pepper, and 1 small avocado. I served it over a bed of about 3/4 cup of couscous. I drizzled my better than bottled balsamic vinaigrette dressing over top.

IMG 8775 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

Mmmmm, this was AMAZING.

 IMG 8776 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

Along with the salad, I had two pieces of whole wheat toast slathered in Earth Balance.

IMG 8777 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri 

That was Lunch #1.

Lunch #2 happened a couple hours later.

I had an Ezekiel wrap filled with approx. 3/4 cup lentils, handful of mixed greens, and 1/4 cup hummus.

 IMG 8799 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

I know I said I was sick of wraps, but post-race hunger works in mysterious ways! :biggrin:

IMG 8800 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

I also had several Medjool dates and a handful of dried apricots (not shown).

IMG 8813 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

Late afternoon, I had a Liberate Glo Bar:

IMG 8681 thumb1   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

As well as a few handfuls of red hot blues chips.

IMG 8808 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

IMG 8810 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

For dinner, I could not bring myself to cook. I think I would have collapsed! I asked Eric if he wanted to go out for dinner to celebrate our race, and he agreed that it was a great idea.

We were both craving Mexican food in a major way, so the decision was an easy one.

Our appetizer- nacho chips and salsa, which we split.

IMG 1495 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

The chips were so salty and delicious. I always crave salty food after a race!

IMG 1501 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri  IMG 1502 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

I ordered the vegetarian fajitas and Eric ordered the chicken fajitas.

IMG 1498 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri


We were quite possibly the hungriest people in the entire restaurant and were so happy when our food arrived.

My sides for the fajitas were Pico de gallo, lettuce, and, guacamole. I always ask them to hold the cheese and sour cream and just bring me oodles of guacamole…muahuhaa. :devil: I have a slight obsession with guacamole.

 IMG 1497 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

To my delight, the veggies were sprinkled with a salty seasoning and they were cooked in tons of olive oil. I don’t think I have ever tasted a better stir-fry!

 IMG 1499 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

I proceeded to eat 5 fajitas…Eric had 6.

IMG 1500 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri  

Afterward, we rolled out of the restaurant and somehow fastened our seatbelts around our bulging food babies!

However, we were not finished!

A couple hours later Eric and I settled onto the couch and we dug into my chocolate stash that was hiding away in my dresser.

IMG 8821 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri 

 IMG 8819 thumb   What I Ate After The Try A Tri

After a few squares of chocolate, the next thing I knew I was asleep and I had a bad dream that I was watching Chronicles of Riddick.

This actually turned out to be REAL- my husband obviously took advantage of his sleeping wife and threw on a GUY FLICK. :lol:

I had to force myself back to sleep (to make the movie go away) and the next thing I knew the credits were rolling and Eric was carrying me up the stairs to bed. :biggrin:

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Jayme June 7, 2010

Hi Angela!

Congrats to you both on such an amazing accomplishment! And wow, your meals look so delish :) I rarely post but love reading your blog daily and I’m not even a Vegan! I had to comment this evening because I FINALLY but the bullet and made the banana soft serve. OMG!!! It’s incredible! I threw in a scoop of some Teddie’s peanut butter and it was outstanding. I can’t believe I waited this long to try it. I’ve been following the South Beach diet for a few weeks now and this dessert is going to keep keep me motivated and on track. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.


AngelaOSG June 7, 2010

The banana soft serve comes from Gena over at choosingraw.com…she is a genius! It is life changing.


Nicole @ Making Good Choices June 7, 2010

mmm I love when I am so hungry and can dive into chips and salsa. Just something about Mexican that just hits the spot! Still so inspired by your tri-at-tri!


Sana June 7, 2010

It makes sense, we sweat out a lot of salt when we workout so our body craves salt like no other!

It is SUPER CUTE that Eric carries you to bed :)!


VeggieGirl June 7, 2010

Theo chocolate is AMAZING!


Jocelyn June 7, 2010

hahaha..love the ending ;)

Looks like you refuled with some amazing foods! Do I detect a mexacli rosas outing!? I’m gonna go there for my bday! I do every year :D

Glad you two are not too sore…you must feel great to know that you BOTH achieved this!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) June 7, 2010

Those were some legit veggies in the fajitas!! I’ve only ever gotten peppers and onions, no BROC!! Sweet stuff :)


Bridget June 7, 2010

Ahhh post workout hunger. It certainly is an interesting specimen that can sneak up at strange times.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen fajitas with that many veggies! Lucky girl!


Maria @ a healthier Maria June 7, 2010

haha this post made me laugh. I love that you ate 5 fajitas. I also made your tomato/avocado/cucumber/homemade dressing salad not too long ago & LOVED it. It is the perfect combination!


Krystina June 7, 2010

You are both super cute. Congrats on the Try-A-Tri!


Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) June 7, 2010

That juice is so pretty! I think your post-race eats are kind of modest, actually! :D Those veggie fajitas looks delish, too. YUMM



AngelaOSG June 7, 2010

Modest, really? I think the pictures must be deceiving b/c I probably had between 3,500-4,000 calories yesterday! =)


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is June 7, 2010

I want that juice because it is HOT PINK!


Callie June 7, 2010

I’m with Eric – after both of my triathlons I enjoyed a nice two hour nap! :)

So now the big question is…will you two be doing another triathlon anytime soon???


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 7, 2010

haha we have been asked this a lot in the past day. RIght now we are just enjoying our post-race glow and I will be addressing this Q in a future post! :)


Liz June 7, 2010

I really think you guys are amazing, plus what a cool thing to do TOGETHER!! I’m so proud of your efforts and accomplishments in the try-a-tri. YOU GUYS ROCKED IT! GO ERIC for pulling it out at the finish!!! Get it girl!!!! Also, you’ve officially inspired me to try this interesting mix of broc/carrot/snap pea fajitas…I always think *GROSS* when I ask what a restaurant serves in their veggie version. Next time – I’ll give it a shot.


Jae June 7, 2010

haha this post makes me laugh :)
I love how you had the endurance to go do the try a tri (hopefully one day my fitness-y spirit/endurance will be as great as yours!) and I loved how you ate—-something about your writing in this post was just like ‘oh and afterrr I had this I also had that!’
Im still laughing ^^. thank you for making me smile today.


Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter June 7, 2010

Awww that’s so great that he carried you up to bet. Open-water swims take so much out of me. I always have to have a nap after I have swam in the lake during the middle of the day.


Caroline June 7, 2010

Awesome post! I love seeing what you ate after such an intense event! Congrats on finishing! I think your choice of veggie fajitas sounds amazing for post race fuel. :)


mm June 7, 2010

Congratulations on your race!! I am always STARVING after a good swim. The salad you had for Lunch #1 looks delicious – I just might make it for dinner tonight! :) I actually like Chronicles of Riddick too.


TiaMarie June 7, 2010

I was a competitive swimmer for quite a few years, and after a swim practice or meet I was always STARVING! Everything you ate looked delish!

I am a guac fanatic as well! I always ask for extra when I go out. :]


Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries June 7, 2010

I cannot imagine how exhausted you guys must have been! But I’m with you, food > sleep! Fajitas with guacamole are one of my favorite dinners :)


Stacey@http://stacey-healthylife.blogspot.com/ June 7, 2010

The good food after makes all the hard work worth it. :)


Lindsay (goodiesgalore) June 7, 2010

He really carried you to bed???? That’s a DREAM of mine but my boyfriend would probably blow his back out.


Jil @ Peace, Love & Munchies June 7, 2010

Mmmm – those fajitas look awesome – and I love guac…it hasn’t been in my life enough lately!


Jessica @ The Process of Healing June 7, 2010

Awwwww you and Eric are PRECIOUS!!!! I hope I find someone who “gets me” like that one day.
And wow that stir fry looks amazing! And i’m SO with you on the guac!


theemptynutjar June 7, 2010

i luv u and eric
u are both so cool


Jenn @ LiveWellFitNow June 7, 2010

The body + hunger is a very oh so mysterious thing! :)


Lynn June 7, 2010

Hey! Congratulations on the tri!

Come check out my blog :) I’m new haha!


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman June 7, 2010

Isn’t it amazing how many calories you use up doing all that exercise? You two totally deserved to feast!


Lisa (bakebikeblog) June 7, 2010

What wonderful post race eats Angela!!!!


Ashley June 7, 2010

hahahaah cracking up at this post!!!! Rolling out of the restaurant..digging in the chocolate stash…multiple lunches…ahhh those days are kind of fun! Definitely have had a few of those days…and not always after a race! hehe I bet it was so awesome that you were going through all of post-race hunger together. :) Also, I love salads with ALL veg and no lettuce sometimes..YUM and toast + butter just really hits the spot sometimes!!!


Allison June 7, 2010

Congrats! What a delightful yummy spread following your Tri :]

I noticed you have a reusable straw – any recommendations there are far as type or location to purchase at?



Angela (Oh She Glows) June 7, 2010

The glass straws I have are by Glass Dharma. I like the big ones (largest diametre)


Ilana June 7, 2010

I have a chocolate stash in my dresser drawer too! Never know when an emergency will arise…

I love you guys! I think it’s amazing how supportive and connected the two of you are – I hope my future hubs and I are the same!


Stacy (StacyGrowsHealthy) June 7, 2010

I am really impressed by your post race healthy choices. I don’t think I will have the discipline to prepare so many healthy things after a tough race!

Those fajitas look super tasty!


Angie June 7, 2010

Beautiful juice!


Kristina June 7, 2010

your juices always look BEAUTIFUL and delicious… Jason brought me the most amazing juice the other day, and I realized I really need to use our juicer more. So tasty.

you guys are so cute, nap vs food thing :) and you two are just awesome in general, I still think it is so super cool that you did this together. :)


Amber K June 7, 2010

Oooh, I wish my fave Mexican restaurant had veggie fajitas. I wonder if they do, but just don’t include it in the menu, because that looks fabulous!


Heather June 7, 2010

mmmmmm…fajitas! i wish i had a local place that had a variety of veggie fajitas…most of them are just mushroom-based and that’s it. i bet you guys were STARVED!


Marina June 7, 2010

your salads always look so appetizing, how do you do it :))
And that mexican food, yummy! I adore avocados and guacamole, but its not very popular in our mexican restaurants, which is pretty weird.
Chocolate with mint…love to try that!
Congrats once more!


jassy June 7, 2010

eric’s so sweet:)

you both deserve the celebration…way to go!;)


alyne June 7, 2010

Ahahahaha, that was the best post ever.
Am smiling to self in conference room right now :)
I love that you eat!
it’s great :D


Jen June 7, 2010

I must be part guy…Chronicles of Riddick is one of my favourite movies and I couldn’t imagine falling asleep for it, lol. BUT…you did just kick some major butt try-a-tri style, so I forgive you, lol. You and Eric are awesome; I love that you guys did this together. Rest up and eat up!


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 8, 2010

hahah to be fair, I have never actually WATCHED the entire movie, so who knows I might like it if I watched the whole thing. ;p


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