Food Intolerances and Allergies: Do You Suffer From Them?


Good afternoon!

I am chuggin along in the bakery! Today is another very busy day as I prepare for the launch of the new gluten-free and raw Glo bar tonight at 9pm. It is going to be fun! This bar has been a very long time in the making (I tested over 23 trials!), and I am so excited to share it with you. Because the bars are so time intensive, there will be a limited amount available for pre-order tonight. At 9pm EST I will be linking to the bars from OSG.

Last night I heard back from the race director of the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon + 5k! I was surprised at how quickly she got back to me as well as how serious she took the matter. She said that they will be investigating this with the Toronto Police with whom they work closely on all safety and security issues. She is going to get back to me in the near future. I hope that next year’s race will be improved upon regarding the safety of all female runners! No one should have to feel scared or violated during a race.

After several hours of work this morning, it was 2pm before I knew it and I still hadn’t had lunch yet! I threw together the quickest lunch I could with the ingredients I had on hand.

IMG 8385 thumb   Food Intolerances and Allergies: Do You Suffer From Them?

I took some leftover Navy Beans and mix 2 tablespoons of sweet BBQ sauce for a mock ‘baked bean’ effect.

IMG 8367 thumb   Food Intolerances and Allergies: Do You Suffer From Them?

Then I defrosted about 2 cups of mixed veggies

IMG 83692 thumb   Food Intolerances and Allergies: Do You Suffer From Them?

And I threw together a super quick dried cherry and sunflower seed spinach salad topped with my better than bottled balsamic vinaigrette. We are all out of veggies so it was all I had, but it was quite fun!

IMG 8375 thumb   Food Intolerances and Allergies: Do You Suffer From Them?

I am currently suffering from food baby syndrome. Beans + high-fibre veggies = :ermm:

IMG 8378 thumb   Food Intolerances and Allergies: Do You Suffer From Them?

I discovered that Navy Beans are probably one of my least favourite beans. They just don’t have the flavour that other beans do like black beans or kidney beans! That is why I have been eating them with BBQ sauce.

IMG 8379 thumb   Food Intolerances and Allergies: Do You Suffer From Them?

The Dairy Question

I am always asked what prompted me to go off dairy and decide to become a vegan. While there are many factors that went into the decision (see here for the latest segment in my road to health), one of the reasons that I experimented without dairy was because I have sensitivity to dairy (this is different from an actual allergy to dairy, which I don’t have).

Ever since I was a baby I could not have dairy. It would upset my stomach so much and I would cry and cry and cry when I had milk. As a child and teenager I suffered from really bad stomach pains whenever I ate dairy- especially ice cream, that one was the worst for me!- I would be doubled over in pain when I ate ice cream. I finally decided to see how I fared without dairy. Lactose free dairy products did not seem to help much. Lo and behold, my stomach problems were greatly reduced when I stopped eating dairy.

My stomach is also sensitive to other things like soy (which is why you don’t see me eating tofu much), beans (although I still eat them because I love them!), and high-fibre foods.

What about you, do you have problems digesting certain foods or certain combinations of food?  Any intolerances or allergies? How did you adapt to it?

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Heather (Heather's Dish) June 1, 2010

i would be seriously upset if i was allergic to dairy…i’m so thankful to not have any food issues (other than mental stuff) and the ability to eat whatever I want. although sometimes that can be a blessing and a curse!


Camille June 1, 2010

I am slightly lactose intolerant. I can handle dairy, but only in very small doses.
My body also doesn’t like to artificial sweetener Sorbital. When I went off it, suspecting it was what was making me sick, my symptoms cleared up literally in about 24 hours. Crazy!


Heather @ Side of Sneakers June 1, 2010

I used to have a lot of stomach trouble with cheese, milk, and fried foods- I cut back on those things and it made a huge difference. I’ve only recently stopped almost completely eating dairy, and it’s been great so far!


Allison June 1, 2010

I don’t have any food allergies, but now that I’ve been vegan for a few years I am super sensitive to dairy if I eat it accidentally (which very rarely happens). I’m also pretty sensitive to refined sugar since I don’t have much of that in my diet either.

Excited for the new Glo bars!! Congrats, I know you worked really hard to get those right!


Jessica @ How Sweet June 1, 2010

I have no problem digesting anything… thank goodness!


Susan June 1, 2010

Timely post for me! I just finished a month with almost no dairy (only eating one serving of hard cheese a day, which is a DRASTIC decrease for me). And I’m surprised to discover that I noticed no change. I don’t know what I was expecting! :P I think I’ll still keep the dairy to a minimum, as giant bowl of cottage cheese and yogurt did make me feel kinda puffed out and slow, but it was a valuable experiment for me.

Oddly enough, I can’t digest pineapple AT ALL. My body violently rejects it. I also have a mild intolerance to avocado and kiwi. I also can’t handle certain raw veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. I’ve had allergy tests, blood tests and an ultrasound done and there isn’t anything we can pinpoint it to. It’s not IBS because it doesn’t affect my bowel, it makes me vomit. Aaaaanyways, so now I just avoid those foods.


Emily June 2, 2010

Hi Susan,

I have recently been diagnosed with a condition called Fructose Malabsorption, which means my body does not have the enzyme to digest Fructose and Fructans. Amongst the foods I cannot eat are onion, apple, pears, wheat (this isn’t the same as gluten intolerance as i can still have oats just not products containing wheat), most tropical fruits, cabbage, cauliflower, large quantities of broccoli, garlic (amongst other things). I am not allergic to dairy however cannot eat most yoghurts because of the fruit syrup content or inulin. Also I’m from Australia and we use cane sugar as our primary sweetener where as in the US and Canada High Fructose Corn Syrup is used in a lot of processed foods and soft drinks, and is a definite problem.

Given the information you have given it might be worth reading a bit more to see if you feel like you fit the symptoms. I’m not a dietician but feel the pain of anyone suffering frustrating digestive, mood and energy problems as i did for many years.

Please find below the Wikipedia link for Fructose Mal,

I hope this helps.


Cassie June 1, 2010

after dealing with stomach issues for AGES and my doctor saying it was just IBS and to live with it..I went to a Naturopath and we discovered by body lacks the digestive enzymes for DAIRY and REFINED sugar. I feel your pain!
Do you find eating a lot of raw veggies bothers you?


Jess June 1, 2010

Interesting! I have personally been struggling with stomach issues – it seems that almost everything upsets my stomach/digestive system. I also did the allergy testing, blood tests, ultrasound…. nothing. Doctors keep telling me “it’s just stress” – maybe I should see a Naturopath too!! Thanks for mentioning that!


Cassie June 1, 2010

Try it for sure! That’s what they were telling me for years, and when my symptoms worsened slightly it went from “you have anxiety, deal with it” to “you have IBS, deal with it.” I really have faith in Naturopaths now! I have eliminated dairy/sugar for about 2-3 weeks already my symptoms are improving muchly :)


Jess June 1, 2010

Oh that is awesome! I am definitely going to check it out. :)
Thank you!!


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 2, 2010

What type of test did the natropath do for that? Sounds interesting!

Eating lots of raw veggies does bother my stomach at times


Cassie June 2, 2010

She just pricked my ear lobe and sent the blood to a lab for testing! I got the results in about 3 weeks


Kara @ MyWellnest June 1, 2010

I do not have any food allergies, but I’ve always had an aversion to milk & most dairy products.


Bethany @ More Fruit Please June 1, 2010

No food issues, thankfully. I try to keep my dairy intake to a minimum though. I’ve also cut soda out of my life and have noticed huge improvements in how I feel and how my skin looks.

I’m glad that you reported the issue of the creepy man. Hopefully it was a very innocent matter, but it’s not right that you have to question your own safety during an event.


Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday June 1, 2010

I have a dairy intolerance. It makes me break out!


Rachel @ Suburban Yogini June 1, 2010

I am lactose intolerant and have spent most of my life not eating dairy so it is no biggie for me. It explains why I never found it that hard to become vegan (although I do eat eggs now and occassionally fish – so I am not anything really – a dairy free pescatarian??? :))

I am also very sensitive to onions, garlic, lettuce, cukes and capsicum (only when it’s raw though). I could never be a raw vegan. I’d be burping all the time ;)


Katie June 1, 2010

Large quantities of dairy products are rough for me. Sometimes it’s not an immediate stomach ache but I feel like they digest slowly? I’ve avoided dairy in the days preceding my long runs and for this week before I run a marathon. It seems like it’s working, no bad need-to-stop-and-walk-ASAP type of stomach problems lately. I don’t know if I will cut it out entirely (a bit of yogurt or a slice of cheese has a different effect than cream sauce or ice cream!) but definitely reduce it.


Sarah June 1, 2010

I don’t think this an allergy but onions really upset my stomach which is depressing because I love onions especially grilled onions so sometimes (ie last night) I tempt fate and eat them. And then I pay the price (today)…it may or may not been worth it ;) The cherries on your salad are such a fantastic idea!

I’m glad that the lady in charge of the race responded so quickly to you! I agree that no one should feel uncomfortable during a race from spectators.


Lindsay @ Summit Sandwiches June 1, 2010

I’m mildly lactose intolerance, so while I can eat dairy products without fear of severe pain or anything like that, they don’t always agree with my stomach (i.e. I get gassy! lol). I handle yogurt and eggs the best of all dairy. I’ve been trying to reduce my dairy consumption over the past few months, and I do feel better overall. But I will never become a vegan or give up dairy completely. I just love my ice cream and cheese and fro yo way too much for that to ever happen. The most I can do is to reduce consumption, so that’s what I’m doing. I eat dairy in moderation, and that’s what works for me!


Shelly June 1, 2010

My stomach gets really un-happy with me when I eat fried (or otherwise greasy) food. Other than that, I don’t really have food sensitivities, fortunately.
As for navy beans- I am a big fan of them and other white beans (cannellini and great northern, to be specific) because I think they take on the flavors of whatever you cook them with. I particularly like to stew white beans and Kale together and I also like to add diced green chiles, cumin, and cayenne to make white bean chili!


Christina June 1, 2010

I’m allergic and intollerant to dairy and I’m also sensitive to soy. It was hard when I was younger because the dairy-free products were not very good but thankfully they have greatly improved! While I don’t make these products a staple in my life I do like that I can have things like dairy free butter, cheese and ice cream.


claire June 1, 2010

I feel ya on the dairy sensitivity…it was kind of easy for me to cut it out since I’ve never been a super cheese fan. It was just hard to give up greek yogurt since I loved the texture and amount of protein that meant long staying power. I grew up drinking a lot of milk and then in my late teens and early 20′s I felt sick after drinking it or having it in cereal. I don’t miss it all now and can’t imagine drinking a glass since I love almond milk so much!


Robyn June 1, 2010

I eat dairy but I continue to be impressed and thankful to live in the time that we do, where there are so many dairy-free options that are readily available! To find both almond milk and rice milk at the local grocery story is something you wouldn’t find even 10 years.


Jil @ Peace, Love & Munchies June 1, 2010

I’ve had “tummy issues” most of my life…even as a kid. Foods, esp. high fiber ones, really effect me – I am careful not to eat them in excess when I am out and about because more than likely…I will end up miserable, doubled over and feeling self-conscious. Though my tummy has been sensitive – oddly enough dairy has not been a big issue for me.


Emmanuelle June 1, 2010

I have one allergy that I know of, and it’s kiwi. Funny thing is, kiwi was one of the first fruit I started eating as a teenager, when I had no idea what fruit and veggies were ;-)
And a few years later, my allergy broke out unfortunately.

I love dairy but I found that if I eat too much of the stuff it just ruins my bowel’s mood (let’s leave it at this). I cut down dairy to max one serving a day, if at all, and things seem to be a bit better. I also found out that eating dairy at breakfast or lunch is ok, but at dinner it’s a no-go, so I do my best to avoid this.

i don’t have IBS but my bowel is definitely sensitive, I still need to work out what food / food combinations trigger my pains.


amy June 1, 2010

I just found out about 6 months ago I’m very lactose intolerant so it made my quest to give up dairy easy. I get bad bloating, gas and tummy aches from dairy. I’ve fallen in love with almond milk. I’m also sensitive to wheat so I have branched out to more grains instead of all the wheat bread i did. I’ve learned to like the gluten free brown rice wraps and quinoa, kasha etc.. I still occasionally have a sandwich on my fav ezekiel bread. I heard that some people that are wheat sensitive can handle spelt so I thought about giving spelt bread a try. I do alot of sandwiches and wraps for lunch.


Lily June 1, 2010

Oh goodness, I know the feeling that you speak of! Intolerance sucks. I’m glad you’ve found other options that work for you.
I’m intolerant to avocados. It is awful, I LOVE guacamole so! Sometimes I eat it even though I know it will give me stomach cramps.
One of my brothers is allergic to nuts, eggs, chocolate, and seafood. We used to think he was also allergic to wheat, but that turned out to just be an intolerance. I’m very glad you’ve highlighted that there is a difference between being allergic to something or intolerant to it. A lot of people say they are allergic, but they actually mean intolerant.
I witnessed my brother have an allergic reaction when I was 15 and he was 11. He always asks at restaurants and cookouts if what he’s eating has been cooked in nut oils. He asked our cousin, who was grilling, and our cousin said there were no nuts involved. My brother took one bite of a bratwurst and within seconds, he broke out into hives, said “I don’t feel well”, and then started gasping as his airways closed. Just thinking about it I start tearing up, it was SO scary. It was 10 years ago and he is happy and healthy now, my parents raced him to the hospital and he has carried an epipen with him ever since. Our cousin really didn’t realize the oil he was using to cook with was peanut based. I come from a very large family (4 brothers, 2 sisters) and no one has allergies besides him.


Marcia June 1, 2010

Just getting caught up on your news…

Wahoo! NEW PR!! I KNEW you could do it. Great job Angela, you should be SO proud.


Samantha June 1, 2010

I hate my allergies. I have gone to an allergy dr for years and have been on allergy shots, which never really did anything so it was a waste of my time in my opinion. According to the blood work my primary dr and my allergy dr did, I’m allergic to dairy, soy, wheat, tree nuts, shellfish, eggs, and most fish. Also, my body believes that the raw fruits and vegetables that I eat are pet dander, which I am allergic to, so for the most part my foods have to always be cooked. Another thing that sucks is being allergic to strawberries and all melons. When it comes to be summer and everyone is eating watermelons like crazy, I can never enjoy them! I never really adapted until recently when I finally moved out of my parents house. They would always say that I am over reacting, that the foods I have been eating my entire life I was allergic to and I’m not dead so it’s not a big deal. Now that I live on my own without my parents, I noticed that once I cut out most of the foods I’m allergic to, I feel better and look better. I have more energy because I’m not in constant pain or having problems breathing. It is a pain sometimes to try and avoid all my allergies, for the most part none of them are severe, so I still drink almond milk (even though I’m technically allergic to almonds) and I can have some products that contain soy. It’s basically just picking and choosing based on what I am really allergic to or not so much and how it makes me feel. Its all about listening to my body and how it reacts to the things I eat!!!


Amber K June 1, 2010

I am intolerant of whey. Not all dairy, but if it has whey it in, I’m toast.

I can eat beans and cruciferous veggies, but too much and again, no good!

I can’t eat fried food or citrus as my stomach will burn like crazy.

No fun! But luckily, there are a lot of other really yummy foods I can eat.


Michal June 1, 2010

My body reacts poorly to apples if I eat too many or I eat them alone, so I limit them and always have a cracker or such thing with it. No clue why. I also react poorly to black tea, but I drink it anyways – though I also try to limit my caffeine.
My tolerance for refined sugar has gone way down in the last few months. I’m actually quite fine with that, since I love eating healthy anyway :-)


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman June 1, 2010

Garlic kills me. I double over in pain if I eat it. Just about everyone I tell this to remarks that there’s no such thing as a garlic allergy–that I’m just a faker or insane. It’s actually kind of annoying considering how much my stomach hurts when I accidentally have some.


Vanessa June 1, 2010

Me too! And same with my cousin. In our mid-20s we started having issues with garlic.

Cetain soy products, dairy, and oils can also be tricky for me too.


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 2, 2010

Garlic is another one for me!


Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin June 1, 2010

I’m allergic to peanuts and nuts (except almonds) and, to put it less than eloquently, it SUCKS lol! It’s really hard for me to eat out at restaurants or at friends’ houses and I can pretty much forget about ever getting to enjoy desserts while eating out. :( I guess the upside is that it forces me to be more healthy!


Christa June 1, 2010

After many years of doctors telling me I had ulcers (at 16 years old?!!), when I was 24 a new doctor finally sent me to a specialist who diagnosed me with Celiac Disease after putting me on an ulcer diet of all the carbs I could eat, I thought I was going to die. That was 9 years ago, and I’ve felt SO much better since! Don’t get me wrong, it’s far from easy, but now that I know how to properly fuel my body, I find the gf life to be the best thing I have had to do. Makes me eat much cleaner. Plus gf options are far better (almost too good!) now more than ever. Including the Glo Bars! I’m counting the minutes until they are available tonight! :)


Amanda @ Organic Eats June 1, 2010

I don’t have any major allergies or intolerances – and I consider myself very lucky! However, my husband doesn’t tolerate high fiber foods well at all.


Lauren June 1, 2010

I hear ya! I stopped eating meat and most dairy when I was a child because it hurt my stomach so bad. I didn’t even realize I was labeling myself as a vegan/vegetarian at that age, I just couldn’t eat the stuff!
Since I completely and officially cut out all dairy I have seen such a huge improvement in my digestive track. It’s amazing.


Hallie June 1, 2010

I think I do have some of these issues, but my problem is that since I’m omnivore, I’m not sure what it is that makes me feel yucky…I don’t consume much dairy except yogurt, but I have no idea if it’s the wheat, dairy, soy, nuts, high-fiber veggies, or meat that I eat on an almost daily basis. I also don’t know how to go about figuring this out.


Carmen June 1, 2010

I have some issues also and I have no idea what it is. So, today in fact, I started a food journal. Keeping track of what I am eating and how I feel each day. Hopefully, this will help me figure out which foods are causing me problems. Reading all of the comments has helped me a lot because I never suspected foods like avocado.


Leah June 1, 2010

When I was younger I was allergic to EVERYTHING! Wheat, eggs, dairy and lots of other random things. The eggs were the worst, if I ate anything that had so much as touched an egg, I would have a migraine for days. My brother had the same allergies, but for him it just caused insomnia, and extreme whining. We had to cut out everything all at once and it was HARD! Especially because back then there werent many alternatives. Fortunately, we both grew out of our allergies. These days Im ok with just about everything, but I have to be careful about eggs. I can eat them, but if I go too crazy the migraines come back.


Charlotte June 1, 2010

I recently took an allergy test due to what the doctors thought was arthritis in my foot. I found out that I am intolerant to all dairy, sheep’s cheese, black pepper, cherries and gaur gum, to name the hardest ones to deal with. Luckily my husband and family have been really there for me in taking these foods out of my diet and getting in the habit of reading labels. I eat healthier, feel great and my symptoms of arthritis are gone, so I can not complain. However I can not really eat out right now and that sucks!


Breanne June 1, 2010

I have Celiac so I’m forced to be gluten free & i’m allergic to dairy. I have to eat acidic fruits in small quantities…No soy. And I’m getting tested for eggs, corn, beans…hahaha and I don’t really eat meat (as a choice/I don’t like cooking raw meat). :) But yep, food allergies, and intolerances rule most of my trips to the grocery store!
At least I’m not allergic to nuts!!! hahah I live off nuts, nut butter, nut based bars! When can we order the GF bars!??? :) I’m from Ontario and have been anxious awaiting to be able to order them!!!


Mary June 1, 2010

I have a really hard time with dairy too. it makes my stomach hurt something awful. I Love cheese though so much that I dont know how i’d fair without it. I’ve been debating it though…
do you have any tips for someone who wants to trial vegan for a while?


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 2, 2010

my advice is to start slow and don’t try and cut everythough out at once. Try one thing a week and start slow :)


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg June 1, 2010

I don’t have any food intolerances or allergies that I know of…but I’d love to get tested one day! I always read articles that say that SO many people have food allergies they just aren’t aware of. Interesting!


christina cadden June 1, 2010

That salad looks so good. Well all that food looks good!


Sam June 1, 2010

I am allergic to mangoes because the oils on the skin are in the same family as poison ivy, to which I am also allergic. I haven’t touched any part of a mango in 10 years so it’s very possible that I’m not allergic to the actual fruit inside and just don’t know it.

Otherwise I seem to have a relatively steel-esque stomach, which is fortunate as I love to eat a wide variety of foods.


Pure2raw twins June 1, 2010

I suffered from dairy and peanut issues when I was young too, but never would want to admit it because I loved those foods. But as I got older I could not take feeling sick anymore, so decided my health was more important. I wanted to live life again, so cutting certain foods out of my diet was the best thing I could do for myself. I am still healing but much better.


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