Happy Mother’s Day!

[Source] Laaaate night last night! We didn’t get to bed until after 2am. Luckily I was able to sleep in until 9am though. I did manage to have some water before bed so I wasn’t too dehydrated this morning. I started off my morning with a wonderful chat with OSGMOM! Wish I could be with […]


Sunday Health Links

Hello! I created a new Before + After page that documents pictures of my road to health from high school all the way to 2010! I have been meaning to put this together for ages now. I hope you enjoy.   Here are some health stories I enjoyed over the past week. Eric and I […]


Delicious Vegan Chili

Good evening! Brrrrr…..it is FREEZING outside again today! The winds were super high (40-50 km/hr) and it was just blistery outside. I think it only got to 5C today. Eric and I bundled up and braved the cold for a quick bike ride. It sure looked nice outside though… We both had to wear two […]