Happy 1.5 Years, Boo.

Saturday morning + May 1st = Awesome. Last night Eric and I got our swim on. The great thing about having a workout buddy is that when the other person wants to workout, you feel guilt-tripped motivated to go as well. I just took it easy with my laps and continued to practice bilateral breathing. […]


1,000 Words: An Unexpected Turn Of Events

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Bad To The Bone

Goooooood evening! So yes. We got caught in a torrential downpour on our bike ride today! The heavens just opened up and it was beautiful. We knew we were getting soaked one way or another so we just had fun with it. I felt like a kid again. On another note, swimming seems to have […]


Veggie Power

Good morning! Eric and I are knee deep in transferring OSG to a new host today! After a lot of research we decided to go with a Virtual Private Server with Dreamhost. We are hoping that everything is finished by the end of today. Depending on how long it takes to sync the domain name […]


1,000 Words: Cookies

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Barking Bike Legs

Jacket recovered nicely. :) My bike and helmet are dirty though! The blog transfer process had a lot of down time today as we waited for all the files and images to transfer so I decided to get some other work done. I finished another Foodthinkers juice article and I also made a lot of […]


Are You An Athlete?

Good morning :) Hopefully you can see this post!!!! Last night, Eric and I were up until 1am working on the blog transfer. He finally fixed the error message we were getting on the home page, so hopefully everything is good to go now! The website seems to load a lot faster now, what about […]


1,000 Words: Banff, Alberta

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Off The Charts

  Apparently I had a good workout today? :) But first, delicious FUEL. You know, this is all still quite new to me. This whole fueling for a workout thing. Prior to 2008, I rarely paid attention to fueling properly for my workouts. I was hungry and I had no stamina. I often worked out […]


In The Raw

Today marks the first day that I am shooting in RAW with our Canon 30D! So far it isn’t as scary as I thought. I have a lot to learn though. Anyone else shoot in RAW? :) I have Adobe Lightroom, but I just need to figure out how to use it…   This morning […]


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