Grilled Cashew Butter and Blueberry Sandwich

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack. My fingers had such a nice break yesterday! :) I hadn’t done a Wordless Wednesday since last September. I think it is a nice change every once and a while.  I also loved seeing how your comments changed when I just posted pictures as opposed to pictures and words. Many of you commented […]


1,000 Words: Athens, Greece

1,000 words is a new series that will feature wordless photography posts ranging from food to nature to our travels and anything in between. Enjoy! :)           Comments (55) | Share on Facebook | Tweet | Pin It | Snapchat | Google+


Crazy Cravings

Oh, romaine, one of my favourite veggies. So versatile. The little black dress of vegetables, no doubt. Was it ever beautiful outside today. I only wished I could have gone outside to enjoy it. I did make lots of progress with my orders today so I am feeling happy about that. I hope to be […]