My Breakfast Story


HAPPY FRIDAY! My muscles have been feeling a bit tight this week! It is no doubt due to being back to work baking + hunching at my desk! I tell you, I didn’t have one twinge of muscle pain while on vacation, even with all the running I did! I think Florida is good for […]


Glo Bars Are Officially For Sale In A Store!


Drumroll please :mrgreen: I am happy to say that you can now find my Glo bars in a storefront location… Ambrosia Natural Foods in Thornhill, Ontario!   Ambrosia is one of the most popular and largest health food stores in Ontario and I could not be more proud to have my Glo Bars in Ambrosia! […]


What Do You Think About?


Let the weekend begin! Not going to lie, I started the weekend off by celebrating with some wine. :) Thank you for your congrats on my Glo Bars hitting Ambrosia! I couldn’t be happier to have your support. :) Also, great discussion going on in My Breakfast Story– it is really inspiring to read about […]