Spring Forward With Healthy Changes


Good evening!

Hope you are having a hoppy day ;)

The Easter Bunny found us last night and we came out to this…

IMG 3607 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes


IMG 3610 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

My breakfast was a huge fruit bowl, cereal, and an English muffin.

IMG 3613 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

Split with Eric…

IMG 3623 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

and some handfuls of cereal (not photographed).

Eric has made a couple healthy switches to his diet recently. He now eats Nature’s Path Raisin Bran instead of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran. He also drinks skim milk and occasionally almond milk instead of 2% (which he swore he would never drink that ‘water’!). He is discovering that he actually likes the taste of these foreign health foods. He can surprise me with flowers or clean up the kitchen for me, but nothing pleases me more than seeing him make healthy changes to his diet on his own free will! He used to suffer from really bad migraines and he hasn’t had any for over a year. Now who is to really know what caused them, but I would like to think that some of the healthier food choices had something to do with it.

My mother in law has made a lot of healthy changes to her diet (and dropped several pant sizes)and my sister in law has recently lost 30 pounds. I love witnessing positive changes in other’s lives. Kudos to all of you who are working hard to make changes to your own diet and health…it is hard work, but it is also what I consider FUN work because the rewards are immense.

IMG 3618 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

As you can see, the Nature’s Path (below left) doesn’t have 1) glucose-fructose (aka glucose-fructose is what Canada calls HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!) or 2) hydrogenated vegetable oil like Kellogg’s Raisin Bran (below right). Eric says that Nature’s Path tastes better anyways!

IMG 36192 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy ChangesIMG 36172 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes 

However today he had a big Irish Easter breakfast! ;) 

IMG 3630 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes 

Then it was time to go outside…and play in the warm sun!

IMG 3644 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

I’m like a plant after a long winter… :mrgreen:

IMG 36702 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

My niece had an Easter egg hunt!

IMG 3641 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

IMG 3654 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

She did well! I’m sure the parents had a lively drive home. ;)

IMG 3643 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

My healthy hottie…

IMG 3694 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

BENNY! Golden’s are the happiest dogs, aren’t they? Eric and I have a special voice that we use just for this breed. It goes like this…’Ahhhhhh DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH.’ lol.

IMG 36872 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

Then we flew a Tinkerbell kite…what more could you ask for? ;)

Is he grabbing her butt?!

IMG 3683 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

A late lunch was enjoyed…an Ezekiel wrap (officially obsessed!!), curry stir fry, olive oil, lentils. I must apologize dear Ezekiel wraps for I judged you prematurely. They are awesome. I actually now love how chewy they are!

IMG 3420 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

With tomato paste of course.

IMG 3419 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

And dinner was leftover curried stir-fry with an Amy’s veggie burger crumbled in.

With a bunny spoon OSGMOM got me while in Florida…

IMG 3382 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

Steam, steam, steam.

IMG 3386 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

IMG 3387 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes 

As much as we enjoyed the restaurants and cafes we went to while on vacation, I am really happy to be back cooking my meals in my kitchen! Not only does it save a TON of money, but it is really satisfying to create healthy meals that are quick and easy.

I have also been munching on these dark chocolate rounds all day too…I think I had about 5434 of them today. ;) Hey, it’s Easter!

 IMG 9897 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes IMG 9898 thumb   Spring Forward With Healthy Changes

They are green tea dark chocolates from Teavana…I may or may not have bought 3 tins of them!

Today’s question- Do you avoid High fructose Corn Syrup (or its’ other names such as glucose-fructose here in Canada)? Have you given up any products or brands because they contained HFCS?

I’m off to unpack (again!), finish laundry, and wish my family a Happy Easter.


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Justine April 4, 2010

I recently switched up my diet a few months back by trying to incorporate more organic foods/ones that contain fewer chemicals in my daily eats, and I ended up dropping a ton of my staples because I found they contained HFCS: Special K Protein Plus, Pepperidge Farm Bread and Yoplait yogurt, among others. Fortunately, I like the non-HFCS foods I replaced them with (like whole wheat potato bread) even better!


Chloe (Naturally Frugal) April 4, 2010

I think it’s great that your healthy lifestyle is rubbing off on others. It seems that leading by example, instead of telling someone what to do, is the best way to get someone to incorporate healthy changes into their lifestyle.
Hope you had a great holiday!


Angela (Oh She Glows) April 4, 2010

I totally agree with that…whenever I asked Eric in the past to try certain things he resisted, but once I stopped and just did my own thing, he did it on his own.


Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin April 4, 2010

I don’t think I’ve ever really paid attention to glucose-fructose content before. Oops! :S

Luckily I eat very few processed foods, so hopefully I haven’t been consuming too much!

Also congrats to Eric for making some healthy changes! :)


Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin April 4, 2010

Honestly, I don’t really look for HFCS on labels, but I focus on having whole foods most of the time, so with my “treats” I don’t pay too much attention to it, but I probably should!


Megan (The Runner's Kitchen) April 4, 2010

My mom is very overweight and I worry about her. Hopefully some of my healthy habits will rub off on her. It’s a fine line between encouraging a healthy change and nagging. So happy to see that your fam is getting healthier!


Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday April 4, 2010

Nothing is better than Easter chocolate, yum!


Kelly April 4, 2010

I actually do avoid HFCS because I find it bothers my stomach, and there is so much press around about how bad it is for you, I figure why risk it?

Kuddos to your husband and his family for making some healthy changes. I really love to watch people make positive changes, but it’s so hard to get them to do it (obviously it has to be their own decision).


Robyn April 4, 2010

Wow! I really did not know that glucose-fructose was a different name for HFCS! I’m always hearing about how bad that stuff is for you!

Thanks for this post – it was an eye-opener!


Allison @ Food For Healing April 4, 2010

i try to eat more whole foods, that way I know i am eating natural ingredients. Plus more organic, less processed and packaged. Its the way to go!


Sana April 4, 2010

That is great! As amazing as it it to see changes in the blog world, the ones close to your heart are even more special!


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg April 4, 2010

Oh my goodness, that bunny spoon is SO cute!! I love witnessing healthy changes in those around me. My parents are eating so many meat-free meals as a result of my going vegetarian, and it makes me so happy!


blair April 4, 2010

I definitely avoid products that contain HFCS. With so much bad press surrounding it and the vast array of products available these days, I don’t feel like I’m missing out by choosing a brand that doesn’t contain HFCS. Just the other day in fact, I was going to steal a dab of my roommate’s bbq sauce but when I saw that the FIRST ingredient listed was HFCS, I said no thank you!


Jennifer April 4, 2010

I, too, get excited when people make positive changes for their health! I was extremely excited when a co-worker told me recently that had been reading my blog, and had begun making healthier choices which led to loosing 9 pounds! I had no idea the impact of this magnitude would ensue from this experience :)

I do avoid HFCS, but it seems to be in almost EVERYTHING!!! I recently discovered, like Blair above, that the bbq sauce I was using had HFCS listed as the FIRST ingredient! Ketchup is also a friend I gave up.

I know the makers of HFCS are campaigning for people to trust that HFCS are “really not that bad,” but so many of our foods are already processed and loaded with sugar. Why add more??? I know that the sweeter a food is, the more our brains want. Food is not something I personally want to crave simply because it is loaded with sugar. I would much rather crave food because I am hungry and my body needs (deserves) nutritious fuel.


Lauren April 4, 2010

I don’t actively scout out high fructose corn syrup (or glucose-fructose…thanks for that info. Didn’t even know they were the same thing! Sneaky Canadians) because I’m pretty sure most of the food I eat just doesn’t have it. I focus on whole foods with minimal additives, so hopefully I don’t take in too much HFCS. The information about it is controversial, but better safe than sorry!
I’m happy you had a fun Easter with the fam, and its great that your healthy habits are rubbing off on everyone.


One Healthy Apple April 4, 2010

I try to not buy too many packaged products and when I do, I read the labels because there is way too much stuff added in our products these days.

When my husband and I met, he ate chocolate chip cookies for breakfast! Let’s say things have changed immensely!


Megan @ The Ugly Nutrition Truth April 4, 2010

I try not to eat any processed foods, but I recently found out that some of the varieties of bread at Subway have high fructose corn syrup in them!! Definitely changed my opinion of Subway – I find myself second guessing any decisions to go there!


Rachel April 4, 2010

I love that they call it glucose-fructose over there. What a silly sounding word!

I try to stick to whole foods entirely, and eat the majority (90%) of my meals at home. There’s just too many good reasons!

Thanks for a great post.


Heather (Heather's Dish) April 4, 2010

i really try to never eat things that have HFCS in it, but there are times where i know that if i don’t eat something then i’ll freak out and binge. that’s about the only time i’ll knowingly eat anything with it.

p.s. i LOVE the picture of you with the sparkles on your sunglasses. too cute!


Vee April 4, 2010

Hi Angela – Do you happen to have the recipe on hand for the curry stirfry. It looks yummy!


maria April 4, 2010

I do try to avoid HFCS and hydrogenated oils when possible. I always read labels and see what ingredients companies are using and choose the healthiest (within our budget).


rebecca lustig April 4, 2010

Ive been hfcs free (to an extent– i’m flexible) for over a year now. my body has thanked me :)

Glad you had a good Easter!!


Samantha April 4, 2010

I love easter because of all the pretty colors!!! :)


Nicole Ross April 4, 2010

I stay away from HFCS. Too much bad press. I’ve really been looking at labels lately and see how much of this junk is in our food. Stay away from the middles of the grocery aisle, that’s what I learned! Processed food is just terrible.


Carole April 4, 2010

I have just recently started reading your blog, and am learning more and more each time I stop by! I had NO idea that glucose-fructose was HFCS in disguise – I just figured it was some other type of non-natural sugar product hiding in our food. Sneaky sneaky Canadian manufacturers!


Kate April 4, 2010

Oh yes! I don’t eat the stuff anymore and you know what’s funny? I notice if I do eat it and on occasion (think G2 after hot yoga) I break out!!! Really bad, too! That’s another incentive to stay away. But my mood is seriously much better when I eat whole, nutritious foods. :)


Staceyhttp://stacey-healthylife.blogspot.com/ April 4, 2010

How fun, congratulations to your husband. It’s so much better when both partners embrace a healthy life style. And you can also live longer together

I agree that it’s so nice to cook at home and eat what you specifically want, the way you want it.


Kristin (Cook, Bake and Nibble) April 4, 2010

How fun! Happy Easter, Angela!

I will email you soon, when I am back in Canada!



Jessica @ The Process of Healing April 4, 2010

The bunny spoon is too cute! and yes, I try to avoid things with HFCS. It’s hard though because SO many things have it in them that I would have never though!
Yay for Eric! I love seeing the ones I love make changes like that too :)


Lizzie April 4, 2010

In the US they’re running commercials to try and counteract the HFC bad press . . . .ummm, think I’ll just stick to keeping processed foods to a minimum :) The one phrase I keep reading and hearing is “Don’t eat something your grandma wouldn’t recognise” (or something like that). That can be hard sometimes, but if we’re mindful of the choices we can make then that’s got to count for something! Happy Easter . . . I have got to find some of that Ezekiel bread and wraps!!


Jenny April 4, 2010

I try to eat cleanly, but they’re hard to avoid- especially on days like this!


Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter April 4, 2010

I love the feeling when you see people making healthier choices. My dad scarfed down 3 fatty scones with about 3 T of butter on each. I brought this to his attention and the next day I saw him eat *gasp* an apple.
My mom has officially switched to greek yogurt in replace of mayo in my dad’s favorite casserole. He liked it :)

Leading by example is definitely the way to go!


Deva (Voracious Vorilee) April 4, 2010

I don’t buy a lot of pre-made foods, so I don’t actively avoid HFCS, but if I see that a product includes it (like bread or cereal), I’ll try to find a substitute. The same for hydrogenated oils.


Kelly April 4, 2010

Can’t say I necessarily avoid it, but I can’t really think of any of my food choices that would contain HFCS.


MB April 4, 2010


I avoid HFCS as much as possible. It’s so hard to completely avoid it because it seems like it’s in EVERYTHING. It is so bad for us it should be outlawed.


John April 4, 2010

I try to avoid all forms of sugar now. I don’t buy pre-made products much these days either so easier to avoid them.

Certainly looks like he’s grabbing her butt :-)


Carbzilla April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! I do avoid HFCS because I feel like it’s an easy thing to avoid (if you read labels) and one better thing I can do for my body. Glad someone else had chocolate this Easter – I absolutely fell on my face diet-wise this weekend but tomorrow is another day!!!


Sarah April 4, 2010

I’ve made some major changes in my diet in the past couple of years, and while I won’t say I’ve completely cut out HFCS, I have drastically cut it back. It’s crazy how many things it’s in! And I’ve noticed the same thing about my hubby’s eating habits. As long as I was making suggestions, he would have none of it, but the past few months, I’ve really left him alone about it, and the past couple of days, he’s had a lot of veggies and even two meatless meals this week and went with me to the gym the other day! It’s funny how resistant he was when it was my suggestion, but now that I’m leaving him alone, he’s doing it on his own.


Katie April 4, 2010

Do you have a recipe for that curry stir fry? It looks great!


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is April 4, 2010

Looks like a wonderful day! I don’t eat too many processed items so yes I do avoid it – but still have some in moderation. :)


jessica April 4, 2010

I avoid HFCS and have switched to the organic versions of products that contain HFCS that I cannot live without, such as ketchup. Heinz’s organic ketchup is a million times better than the HFCS version – it’s amazing the difference in taste between products with processed ingredient vs. their organic counterparts!


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